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Exposed Acne Treatment is the only acne treatment that combines maximum strength DHA with the latest topical treatment. DHA is considered to be an anti-inflammatory, skin healing ingredient by dermatologists which has been shown to promote cell-turnover, minimize hyperpigmentation, increase collagen synthesis and slow down skin aging. The combination of both ingredients in Exposed Acne Treatment will help you look your best for years to come.

The Exposed Skin Care Basic Acne Treatment Kit combines the essential treatments to clear your skin and restore its health, natural balance. Each kit is designed to last 60 days and includes:

Exposed Acne Treatment

• A gentle yet effective facial cleanser

• Penetrates pores to control blackheads and whiteheads

• Prevents new acne blemishes and whiteheads

• Controls acne and blackheads, rebalances your skin while you sleep

PLUS: Free Membership & Derm-X Cloth



Expanded Kit

$59.95 (save 50%)


When you choose the Expanded Acne Treatment Kit, you will receive the essentials of the Basic Kit (Facial Cleanser, Clearing Tonic, Acne Treatment Serum and the Clear Pore Serum) plus the Exposed Moisture Complex.

• an oil-free gel moisturizer that hydrates skin without clogging pores.

The Expanded Kit is ideal for those with dry or combination skin. With the combination of scientifically proven acne fighting ingredients, & natural extracts the entire product line of Exposed Skin Care is the best choice to combat current and future acne breakouts.

Each kit includes a Free Membership so you’re never without clear skin and always enjoy extra savings.


Ultimate Kit

$94.95 (save 53%)


If you’re looking for the most complete way to clear your skin, the Ultimate Kit is an incredible value. You’ll enjoy everything in our Expanded Kit plus these four great products:

• Clears away pore clogging, acne causing dry and dead skin cells

• Removes impurities and absorbs excess oil

• Oil-free gel that locks in moisture and rebalances your skin.

• Designed to balance your body from the inside


Thousands of Five Star Reviews

“Because of the Healthy, Natural ingredients, my skin has been pimple free from the first month of use. Love that these Acne Treatment Products are without chemicals that eventually cause your skin to look horrible. This is the best acne product for clear skin and the most consistent results I’ve ever had. I love it.“

– Barbra Sanders,  Sacramento CA

“I bought the ‘Basic Kit’ for my son and his skin has improved a HUGE amount in just a few months. The combination of Science and Nature is blended perfectly, absolutely the best acne treatment on the market. Not just the products but the service I received was always amazing.“

– Stephanie Wright, Seattle WA

“Love the Exposed Acne Treatment Products – While using the Expanded Kit daily, my pores have never looked smaller and my breakouts are a thing of the past. My skin has never looked or felt this good!”

– Becky Jones, Coeurd’Alene ID

 “My skin has never looked better and I’ve tried several other products. With no help from dermatologists in the past, the Basic Acne Treatment Kit has eliminated my blackheads and maintained a glow I never knew my skin had. Thank you Exposed Skin Care, this is life changing!”

– Clair Bryant, Memphis TN

exposed skin care vs proactive

What Is Hormonal Imbalance?

The hormonal imbalance that results in jawline acne is thought to be caused by a relative increase in androgen levels, explained Dr. Yang. Androgens are male hormones which can result in increased oil gland production and clogging of pores.

Some women with jawline breakouts may find they have an underlying condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with irregular periods, ovarian cysts, weight gain, facial hair, and/or thinning of the hair on their heads. Other women might have imbalances from going on or off of hormonal therapies such as birth control pills or other hormonal shifts such as pregnancy or menopause.

Stress, poor sleep habits, and diet can also contribute to hormonal imbalances and acne flare-ups.

Help for Breakouts

“While breakouts can be frustrating for many women, regardless of their age, we have a wide spectrum of treatments that work,” said Dr. Yang.

Those treatments include everything from over-the-counter acne washes and creams to topical and oral prescriptions medications that treat the causes of acne. Additionally for patients with hormonal acne, there are FDA approved oral contraceptives for acne that contain less acne causing progesterone components such as norgestimate, norethindrone acetate or drospinone. The Pill can help by regulating hormones and menstrual periods, clearing up skin within three to six months according to some research, but could also have side effects, including increasing the risk of heart disease, blood clots and stroke in women who smoke. Another option is a prescription diuretic called spironolactone, which can block the effects of androgen in women.

Retinoids, a drug derivative of Vitamin A, can also help, explained Dr. Yang. Retinoid creams can attack acne by decreasing oil gland production and regulating the way the skin sheds from the hair follicle, unclogging pores. In severe cases, retinoids can be taken in pill form, known as isotretinoin or Accutane. This medication should only be used when acne is severe and should never be used in women who are trying to become pregnant.

Chemical peels and light-based treatments can also be helpful, but often are not covered by insurance.

Other Factors

“Acne is mostly a problem in developed countries, so we need to be mindful of environmental factors that may play into breakouts,” said Dr. Yang.

Diet, sleep patterns, medications and pollution could all play a role, she explained.  Cosmetics also can be a culprit. The American Academy of Dermatology reminds women to check the ingredients in their hair and skin products. Look for one of these terms on the label, to ensure it is less likely to cause acne:

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Oil-free
  • Won’t clog pores

“Any of these things could tip the balance enough to cause a problem,” said Dr. Yang. “Learn what causes your flare-ups and avoid them as much as possible.”

best clean and clear products for acne

Luckily, some of the most effective acne-fighting must-haves can be found at the nearest drugstore, so they won’t leave your wallet feeling too light. From cleansers to spot treatments, read on for some of the best cost-effective ways to tackle acne head-on for a clearer complexion.

Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers

If you’re the type that can’t resist the urge to pop blemishes, stick these sponge-like covers on pimples to stop yourself from picking at them. Bonus: The pads work to absorb and clear the spot at the same time.

Bioré Pore-Unclogging Scrub

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Bioré Pore-Unclogging Scrub

Clogged pores are a common—and preventable—cause of breakouts. Use Bioré’s deep-cleansing scrub two or three times a week to lift dirt and oil from your skin for a squeaky-clean, blemish-free complexion.

Image result for neutrogena rapid clear stubborn acne daily leave-on mask 2 oz (pack of 3)

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Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Leave On Mask

For spots that just wont quit, try applying Neutrogena’s full-face treatment to get rid of the pimples you currently have and prevent the ones you can’t see yet from reaching the skin’s surface.

<p>Avène Cleanance Expert </p>

Avène Cleanance Expert

Packed with alternative ingredients to salicylic and glycolic acid, Avène’s moisturizer is anti-inflammatory and won’t cause any further irritation to your skin.

Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment

Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment

Battle blemishes naturally with Burt’s Bees spot treatment. Its main ingredient, tea tree oil, is a powerful acne fighter that quickly clears up isolated pimples.

<p>Differin Acne Treatment </p>

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Differin Acne Treatment

This cult-favorite treatment is the only prescription-grade retinoid acne treatment you can get without making a visit to your dermatologist’s office. The formula minimizes and prevents blemishes while improving skin tone and texture. Apply a thin layer of it over your entire face between cleansing and moisturizing.

<p>Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes  </p>

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Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes

Quickly take of your day’s makeup while clearing your pores, too. These wipes are charcoal-infused so they’re like a detox for your complexion.

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