Fall ceiling light price

Finding the Fall ceiling light price options can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top lights in the category.

Our team has researched and reviewed these led ceiling lights to help you come up with a better decision.

Fall ceiling light price

Do you know the designer ceiling lights will add beauty to the interior of your place? You can also find specially designed ceiling lights for a particular room like bedrooms, hotel or restaurants, dining rooms, living rooms, pubs or clubs, etc.

The main purpose of this ceiling light fixtures is to provide task, ambient or accent lighting. One can easily gets confused with the types, styles, sizes, material, and lighting effects of the ceiling lights available in the market.

So, to clear your confusion, you have to keep 3 main things in your mind before purchasing this ceiling lights, to grab the best and most suited one.

Type – There are 2 main types of ceiling lights available – Mounted on the ceiling (Flush lights, recessed lights, LED indirect lighting, semi-flush lights, & utility lighting), and hanging ceiling lights (pendant lights, chandeliers, inverted pendant lights, track and rail lighting, & island lighting). So, choose them wisely.

Material – The ceiling lights are made with glass, crystals, fabric, and metal in which you have to choose as per your requirement. 

Ceiling Height – For low height of the ceiling, you have to choose ceiling lights with short lengths and vice versa.

Best Ceiling Lights in India: Reviews

Ceiling lights not only provide lighting for the room but also used to decorate the room. To make your buying process simply and easy, we came up with 10 best top-rated ceiling lights in India, after having a thorough research and analysis.

Take a look at these products and select the best and most suited one.

1. Discount LED Ceiling Light

Discount ceiling light

This Discount4product Crystal ceiling light is a luxurious and unique glass chandelier light for the home decoration. The amazing k9 crystal modern with rain drop chandelier lighting will make this as gorgeous ceiling light fixture and enhance your home interior.

This ceiling light comes with flush mount ceiling and makes it suitable for bedroom, hallway, kitchen, & living room. This chandelier light fixture will become the center point of focus for the room but make sure to adjust the height properly.

It is made with crystal k9 so as to brighten up your room with its amazing decorative lights. The size of top plate is 35 cm in diameter and all beads and 30 mm drops are made with glass. There are a lot of crystal droplets (which are put into rows) used to decorated in the plate and when once illuminated, it gives an amazing array of the sparkle that dazzles your room.

This ceiling light requires 3 LED bulbs in which you can install it before assembly. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of this modern chandelier pendant lamp.

However, its assembly is quite easy with the installation instructions provided along with the product. The package includes all the necessary components used to install it directly into the standard ceiling fixture.

Product Information:

  • Diameter – 35 cm
  • Height – 1.8 feet
  • Warranty – Not mentioned
  • Ceiling Mount – Flush Mount
  • Hanging Ceiling Light Fixture – Chandelier
  • Material – Crystal
  • Number of LED lights – 3
  • Type of Bulb – LED
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Color – Warm White (or yellow)

Things we liked:

  • Suitable for hallways, living room, bedroom & kitchen.
  • Easy to install with its installation instructions.
  • Made with k9 crystals which make the chandelier lighting as gorgeous.
  • Looks attractive with 3 LED lightings.
  • After sales service is good.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Glass is a delicate material. So, careful for its installation.
  • High maintenance.
  • A little bit pricey product.

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2. Crysta World Crystal Glass Ceiling Lamp Chandelier

Crysta World Crystal Glass Ceiling Lamp

This Crystal World Crystal Glass Ceiling Lamp Chandelier looks so attractive and beautiful either with lights or without lights. This homemade glass with premium quality superior design will give a new look to that place.

This chandelier is made with 61 strings crystal bead and bottom 54 crystal ball (30 mm), octagonal glass bead (8 mm) and stainless steel mirror plate to make your home fashionable, look bright, and spacious with this elegant design.

It comes with a height of 25 cm and width of 57 cm in which you have to put a 4 hole frame in the ceiling to attach this chandelier. The 4 LED white light (included in the pack) has to be installed in the chandelier.

DIY installation, in which you can easily assemble this ceiling light with some installation instruction manual provided with this pack.

Product Information:

  • Diameter – 30 mm
  • Octagonal Glass Bead – 8mm
  • Height – 25 cm
  • Width – 57 cm
  • Type of Bulb – LED
  • Number of LED Lights – 4
  • Color – White
  • Material – Glass Bead & Crystal Chandelier
  • Weight of the Chandelier – 1.9 kg

Things we liked:

  • Made with high quality material that lasts longer.
  • Looks attractive and beautiful with crystal ball and octagonal glass bead.
  • Stainless steel mirror plate with fine finishing.
  • 4 LED lights to make the room bright.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Do it your installation. So, careful while installing this glass chandelier.
  • Bulb quality is not up to the mark.

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3. Signature Metal LED Round Panel Light

Signature metal light

Our next best ceiling light is from Signature enterprise with LED round panel light in white color. This panel light is generally made from the die cast aluminum with powder coated white finish.

The power consumption for this light is 12W and luminous intensity is 105 lumens per watt will help to save your light and electricity bill as well. The anti-glare diffuser, LED chip (smd 2835) and white color light source will won’t affect your eyes and makes it lighten up brighter. All these lights are durable in which you can fix it into pop, false ceiling or recessed ceiling.

Do it yourself installation in which you can easily install it through clip, which is provided with the package. You can install the 10 piece of LED panel lights are suitable for personal (home) and professional places. This type of ceiling lights will make the source of lighting invisible to others. It comes with 2 years warranty only if this product is bought from registered dealer.

Product Information:

  • Power Consumption – 12W
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Number of Bulbs – 10 piece
  • Type of Bulb – LED
  • Voltage Specifications – 230V
  • Luminous Intensity – 105 lm/w
  • Beam Angle – 120 degree
  • Size – 15.24 cm
  • Diameter – 4 inch
  • Body Color – White
  • Product Size – 7 X 7 inches
  • Cutting Size – 6 X 6 inches
  • Temperature – 6000 to 6500 k
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Luminous Flux – 1350 lm

Things we liked:

  • The LED bulb requires 12W power to operate.
  • It brightens the room with its 105 lumens and cool white color.
  • Consume less energy and made with thermoplastic material (outer part).
  • It guarantees for about 50,000 hrs of lighting for lifetime.
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty from the date of invoice.
  • Every light comes with 2 springs in which you can fix it easily on the ceiling.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Poor customer service.
  • Quality of the bulbs are not up to the mark.

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4. Signature Enterprise Double Color LED Light

Signature Enterprise Double Color LED light

This is another best product from Signature Enterprise. This double color LED panel ceiling light are colorful and decorative lights that gets shifts the light colors and provide a 3D effects. This LED ceiling lights are suitable for bedroom and living room.

One can easily use this ceiling light in which the first switch will produce white color and the second one produce blue color light whereas the third switch will produce both white and blue color lights. So, you can get a enough lighting (bright) and colorful light in your room. The lights comes with adapter to brighten up the room.

You can fix this pack of 4 LED lights easily on the POP ceiling / false ceiling with 2 clip on the ceiling pop hole. These LED comes with a slim panel, lightweight, and beautiful appearance to the room. You have to take proper care to avoid it from fallen off and break while fixing them.

Product Information:

  • Product Size – 4 X 4 inches
  • Cutting Size – 2.5 X 2.5 inches
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Color – Blue & White
  • Type of Bulb – LED
  • Number of Bulbs – 4
  • Diameter – 2.5 cm
  • Shape – Round
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Power Consumption – 6W (3W blue color & 3W white color)

Things we liked:

  • 2 colored lights with 3D effect that makes your room look attractive.
  • Comes with slim panel round shaped LED lights.
  • Easy to use and worth buying.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Fits on POP / false ceiling

Things we didn’t like:

  • Have to consult an electrician for fixing these lights.
  • Need to work on the quality of LED bulbs.

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5. Groeien Pendant Ceiling Lamp

Groeien light industrial lamp

This Groeien is a light industrial looking pendant (of 3 different sizes) in which the light fixture will provide the antique and classy look. The fixture of this ceiling lamp has hard wired which won’t made with plastic or glass but made with iron metal.

It is suitable for places like kitchen island, staircase, dining room, hallway, stairwell, bar restaurant, entryway, and other relaxing places. The ceiling lamp require 3 40W E26 Edison bulbs (3 bulbs are not included in this package) in which the maximum power consumption of about 60W for each light.

The iron cage with black finish will bring rustic and antique atmosphere to that place. One can easily adjust the height of every pendant and you can trim as per your requirement. Although, it is a DIY installation but not provided the user installation instruction manual for its fixing.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 10 X 10 X10 cm
  • Weight – 200 grams
  • Material – Iron metal
  • Number of Lights – 3
  • Light Emitting Color – Warm White
  • Color – Black
  • Type of the Bulb – Edison Bulbs
  • Length of the Chord – 1 feet
  • Size of the Cone – 26H X 13W and upper part is 4 cm

Things we liked:

  • It is a beautiful hanging fitting (for decoration) but not for wall fitting.
  • Easy to install and worth buying.
  • The iron metal will give a rustic and antique industrial look to this light fixture.
  • Adds luxurious look with classy finished lights to enhance the look of the room.

Things we didn’t like:

  • DIY installation without Installation instruction manual.
  • Should provide attachment to fix on the hook in roof.
  • The wire length or the quality of the product is not up to the mark.

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6. SL Light Hanging Ceiling Pendant Light

SL Light Hanging Ceiling Pendant Light

This ceiling light is manufactured by Imperial brand which produces quality brand lighting products that are meant for indoor or outdoor wall decorative, garden, pathway lighting, architectural and industrial applications. This ceiling pendant light is made with high quality and certified electrical components which provide long lasting performance.

This ceiling light is suitable for home in places like living room, bedroom, over the dining table, bar counter, hotels, restaurants, malls, pubs, entryway, etc. Although, it is easy to install but the two bulbs (E26/E27) are not included in this package.

One can easily adjust the height of this hanging light as per their requirement with the help of string. It resembles like an antique metal cycle shape in black color in which you have to fix the bulb in both the cycle types to emit the bright light.

It is easy to install (DIY installation) but you have POP ceiling to install this ceiling lights properly.

Product Information:

  • Material – Metal
  • Number of Bulbs – 2
  • Color of the Hanging – Black
  • Type of the Bulb – Edison Bulbs
  • Light Emitting Color – Warm Yellow
  • Weight – 948 grams
  • Height of Cycle – 29 cm
  • Width of Cycle – 42 cm

Things we liked:

  • Value for money.
  • Looks attractive with black finish metal antique cycle shape and suits for every room.
  • High quality products that give long lasting performance.
  • Height can be adjusted as needed.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Bulbs are not provided along with this pack.

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7. US DZIRE Hanging Ceiling Lights

US DZIRE celing light

The wooden hanging lamp consists of 1 canopy, 2 screws, 1 holder, 1 bulb (40W, golden yellow light), 4 grip and cotton wire to adjust up and down, as per your requirement. It is made with finest quality HDF wood which is strong, durable and lightweight.

This hanging lamp looks attractive with stylish design and colors in which a single lamp can cover a medium sized area and lasts longer. They used B22 holder type but you can use E27 type bulb or 360 degree distribution bulb for best results. This beautiful design with elegant look will make you to mount anywhere like in your home, restaurant, office, cafe, hotel, resort, etc. to upgrade your ceiling and look attractive.

Never ever wash the lamp with water, you have to clean with a wet cloth. One can easily assemble the lamp with the help of assembly process video link or text diagram provided with lamps.

Product Information:

  • Cord Length – 60 cm
  • Total Lamp Height with Wire – 78 cm
  • Lamp Height – 18 cm
  • Lamp Length – 33 cm
  • Width of Lamp – 33 cm
  • Number of Bulb – 1
  • Weight – 449 grams
  • Material – Wood
  • Type of Bulb – Incandescent, LED, CFL, Filament LED, B22 Bulb
  • Color – Natural Wood Teak

Things we liked:

  • Strong, durable, lightweight, and long lasting with its HDF wood material.
  • Easy to install and value for money.
  • Attractive look with stylish design and suitable to hang everywhere.
  • Height can be adjusted as per the user requirement.

Things we didn’t like:

  • A little bit difficulty in installation and have to call Electrician for its installation.
  • Bulb quality is not up to the mark.

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