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How fast is a cruise ship, which is the fastest cruise ship in the world? Read all about the cruise ship speed (average/top cruising speed) which is generally measured in knots, but also in mph/kph. This page is integrated with our surveys on ship dimensions, ship propulsion/engines, power and our cruise tracker (current positions).

fastest transatlantic crossing by plane

Fastest Transatlantic Crossing

Cunard Line’s Transatlantic liner RMS Queen Mary 2 (QM2) weighs almost 151,500 tons, with a cruising speed of 29 knots (33,5 mph / 54 kph). This unique vessel is the only currently operational Atlantic Ocean liner crossing weekly the huge distance between Southampton (Great Britain’s maritime capital) and NYC New York USA (world’s financial capital). The below photo shows an engine room telegraph (aka engine order telegraph or Chadburn). This device was used on older ships and submarines for communication between Navigation Bridge and Engine Room, where crew powered the vessel at certain (fixed) speeds.

Cruise Ship Speed - CruiseMapper

QM2’s Transatlantic crossing distance is almost 3,000 nautical miles, or ~3,400 statutes/normal miles (5,500 km), and this is done in less than 7 days. The world’s most famous ocean liner (maybe after RMS Titanic) has an exterior deck space of 14,200 m2 for passengers to enjoy the “fastest sea ride” ever, and, of course, transparent windscreens to shield them at the high speeds.

The world’s second-fastest cruise ship is MS Voyager (last named Costa Voyager), now owned and operated by a Chinese company. Liner’s service speed is 28 Kn (32 mph – 51,5 kph). But there’s a trick – this vessel weights just 24,400 tons. In comparison, the world’s largest cruise ships – Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-Class (nearly 225,300 tons each) cruise with an average speed of 20 knots (23 mph / 37 kph) and can go with “top speed” 22,5 Kn (26 mph / 42 kph).

The world’s third-fastest cruise ship is P&O Oriana (now Piano Land). In 1997, it won the “Golden Cockerel” award for being the company’s fastest vessel – accomplishing a maximum cruising speed of 26,2 Kn (31 mph / 50 kph).

Cruising Speed

By definition, the term “cruising speed” signifies the speed for any vehicle (could be cars, ships, aircraft) and it’s usually about a speed somewhat below the maximum (as specified by the manufacturer) that is comfortable, but also economical.

Generally, modern cruise ships don’t have to be fast – it’s not necessary at all. Instead, the new cruisers’ demand is for big vessels (as tonnage and passenger capacity), stable and safe (related to propulsion and generators), comfortable, regular as departures, excitingly thrilling as to onboard activities and amenities, and also alluringly tempting as itineraries. And the latest trend is cruise ships also must be more and more fuel-efficient.

For bigger ships, the optimum cruising speed is 20-22 Kn (23 mph / 37 kph). Bigger passenger ships have a large draft (the “invisible” part of the vessel, beneath the waterline), which causes huge resistance and hampers “fast and furious at sea” performances. In return for it, drafts of 23-30 ft (7-9 m) allow smooth rides when traveling even with 25-27 mph (over 40 kph). The vessel’s close to top speed cruising is generally used when avoiding storms (especially during the Caribbean summers), during tests, and sometimes when assisting other vessels.

The speed of cruise ships is measured in knots (Kn), 1 knot is 1 nautical mile per hour. Cruise help – for the “normal” speed values, multiply knots by 1,15  (mph), or 1,852 (kph). Below, you may compare the average passenger ship speed in the huge fleets of several big cruise ship companies and lines.

The knot is a nautical term, meaning cruising one hour the distance of one nautical mile. And one nautical mile (by the contemporary world standards) equals 1,15 statue (or “land”) miles (6,080 “modern” feet) or 1,852 kilometers. So, to convert the speed values of ships (and riverboats, and of whatever floats) simply multiply knots by the above constants. Worldwide, the knot speed measuring is also used in meteorology and air navigation.

crossing the atlantic by motor yacht

Cruise ship speed (knots to mph/kph conversion)

Speed in KNSpeed in MPHSpeed in KPH

Speed of Cruise Ships in Knots (Kn), Miles per hour (mph) and Kilometres per hour (kph)

The cruise ship top speed is 2-3 knots higher than its service speed, and it’s required rarely – in cases of emergencies (to avoid storms or on rescue operations) and during tests. The average speed of cruise ships is about 20-24 knots. But if you really need the details – well, enjoy the data from our table!

Ship nameYear BuiltSpeed in KnotsSpeed in KilometersSpeed in Miles
AIDAaura200320 kn37 kph23 mph
AIDAbella200822 kn41 kph25 mph
AIDAblu201022 kn41 kph25 mph
AIDAcara199620 kn37 kph23 mph
AIDAdiva200722 kn41 kph25 mph
AIDAluna200922 kn41 kph25 mph
AIDAmar201221 kn39 kph24 mph
AIDAmira199920 kn37 kph23 mph
AIDAnova201823 kn43 kph26 mph
AIDAperla201722 kn41 kph25 mph
AIDAprima201622 kn41 kph25 mph
AIDAsol201121 kn39 kph24 mph
AIDAstella201321 kn39 kph24 mph
AIDAvita200221 kn39 kph24 mph
American Glory200213 kn24 kph15 mph
American Spirit200414 kn26 kph16 mph
American Star200714 kn26 kph16 mph
American Harmony / Song / Jazz / Melody2019+12 kn22 kph14 mph
Queen of the West199512 kn22 kph14 mph
Arosa ships (riverboats)12 kn22 kph14 mph
Azamara Journey200018 kn33 kph21 mph
Azamara Pursuit200118 kn33 kph21 mph
Azamara Quest200018 kn33 kph21 mph
Grand Celebration198719 kn35 kph22 mph
Grand Classica199120 kn37 kph23 mph
Carnival Breeze201223 kn43 kph26 mph
Carnival Conquest200223 kn43 kph26 mph
Carnival Dream200923 kn43 kph26 mph
Carnival Ecstasy199121 kn39 kph24 mph
Carnival Elation199821 kn39 kph24 mph
Carnival Fantasy199021 kn39 kph24 mph
Carnival Fascination199421 kn39 kph24 mph
Carnival Freedom200722 kn41 kph25 mph
Carnival Glory200323 kn43 kph26 mph
Carnival Horizon201823 kn43 kph26 mph
Carnival Imagination199521 kn39 kph24 mph
Carnival Inspiration199621 kn39 kph24 mph
Carnival Legend200222 kn41 kph25 mph
Carnival Liberty200523 kn43 kph26 mph
Carnival Magic201123 kn43 kph26 mph
Carnival Miracle200422 kn41 kph25 mph
Carnival Paradise199821 kn39 kph24 mph
Carnival Pride200122 kn41 kph25 mph
Carnival Sensation199322 kn41 kph25 mph
Carnival Spirit200122 kn41 kph25 mph
Carnival Splendor200821 kn39 kph24 mph
Carnival Sunshine199623 kn43 kph26 mph
Carnival Triumph199921 kn39 kph24 mph
Carnival Valor200422 kn41 kph25 mph
Carnival Victory200023 kn43 kph26 mph
Carnival Vista201623 kn43 kph26 mph
Celebrity Constellation200224 kn44 kph28 mph
Celebrity Eclipse201024 kn44 kph28 mph
Celebrity Edge201822 kn41 kph25 mph
Celebrity Equinox200924 kn44 kph28 mph
Celebrity Infinity200124 kn44 kph28 mph
Celebrity Millennium200024 kn44 kph28 mph
Celebrity Reflection201224 kn44 kph28 mph
Celebrity Silhouette201122 kn41 kph25 mph
Celebrity Solstice200824 kn44 kph28 mph
Celebrity Summit200124 kn44 kph28 mph
Celebrity Xpedition200117 kn31 kph20 mph
Celebrity Xperience200211 kn20 kph13 mph
Celebrity Xploration200710 kn19 kph12 mph
Celestyal Crystal198021 kn39 kph24 mph
Celestyal Majesty199221 kn39 kph24 mph
Celestyal Nefeli199219 kn35 kph22 mph
Celestyal Olympia198221 kn39 kph24 mph
Louis Aura196820 kn37 kph23 mph
L’Austral201116 kn30 kph18 mph
Le Boreal201016 kn30 kph18 mph
Le Bougainville201918 kn33 kph21 mph
Le Champlain201818 kn33 kph21 mph
Le Laperouse201818 kn33 kph21 mph
Le Lyrial201516 kn30 kph18 mph
Le Ponant199114 kn26 kph16 mph
Le Soleal201316 kn30 kph18 mph
Costa Atlantica200022 kn41 kph25 mph
Costa Deliziosa201024 kn44 kph28 mph
Costa Diadema201422 kn41 kph25 mph
Costa Fascinosa201222 kn41 kph25 mph
Costa Favolosa201122 kn41 kph25 mph
Costa Fortuna200320 kn37 kph23 mph
Costa Luminosa200923 kn43 kph26 mph
Costa Magica200420 kn37 kph23 mph
Costa Mediterranea200324 kn44 kph28 mph
Costa neoRiviera199920 kn37 kph23 mph
Costa neoRomantica199319 kn35 kph22 mph
Costa Pacifica200923 kn43 kph26 mph
Costa Serena200720 kn37 kph23 mph
Costa Smeralda201923 kn43 kph26 mph
Costa Venezia201923 kn43 kph26 mph
Costa Victoria199623 kn43 kph26 mph
Astor198718 kn33 kph21 mph
Astoria194819 kn35 kph22 mph
Columbus198922 kn41 kph25 mph
Magellan198521 kn39 kph24 mph
Marco Polo196521 kn39 kph24 mph
Crystal Esprit199116 kn30 kph18 mph
Crystal Serenity200322 kn41 kph25 mph
Crystal Symphony199521 kn39 kph24 mph
Queen Elizabeth201024 kn44 kph28 mph
Queen Mary 2200430 kn56 kph35 mph
Queen Victoria200724 kn44 kph28 mph
Disney Dream201022 kn41 kph25 mph
Disney Fantasy201222 kn41 kph25 mph
Disney Magic199822 kn41 kph25 mph
Disney Wonder199922 kn41 kph25 mph
Genting Dream201623 kn43 kph26 mph
World Dream201724 kn44 kph28 mph
Balmoral198823 kn43 kph26 mph
Black Watch197219 kn35 kph22 mph
Boudicca197319 kn35 kph22 mph
Braemar199319 kn35 kph22 mph
Hanseatic Inspiration201916 kn30 kph18 mph
Hanseatic Nature201916 kn30 kph18 mph
MS Bremen199016 kn30 kph18 mph
ms Europa199921 kn39 kph24 mph
ms Europa 2201321 kn39 kph24 mph
ms Amsterdam200025 kn46 kph29 mph
ms Eurodam200822 kn41 kph25 mph
ms Koningsdam201624 kn44 kph28 mph
ms Maasdam199322 kn41 kph25 mph
ms Nieuw Amsterdam201024 kn44 kph28 mph
ms Nieuw Statendam201824 kn44 kph28 mph
ms Noordam200624 kn44 kph28 mph
ms Oosterdam200324 kn44 kph28 mph
ms Prinsendam198822 kn41 kph25 mph
ms Rotterdam199725 kn46 kph29 mph
ms Veendam199621 kn39 kph24 mph
ms Volendam199923 kn43 kph26 mph
ms Westerdam200422 kn41 kph25 mph
ms Zaandam200023 kn43 kph26 mph
ms Zuiderdam200224 kn44 kph28 mph
MS Finnmarken200218 kn33 kph21 mph
MS Fram200716 kn30 kph18 mph
MS Fridtjof Nansen202013 kn24 kph15 mph
MS Kong Harald199318 kn33 kph21 mph
MS Lofoten196417 kn31 kph20 mph
MS Midnatsol200318 kn33 kph21 mph
MS Nordkapp199615 kn28 kph17 mph
MS Nordlys199415 kn28 kph17 mph
MS Nordnorge199719 kn35 kph22 mph
MS Nordstjernen195615 kn28 kph17 mph
MS Polarlys199616 kn30 kph18 mph
MS Richard With199315 kn28 kph17 mph
MS Roald Amundsen201913 kn24 kph15 mph
MS Spitsbergen200917 kn31 kph20 mph
MS Trollfjord200217 kn31 kph20 mph
MS Vesteralen198317 kn31 kph20 mph
50 Let Pobedy icebreaker200721 kn39 kph24 mph
Akademik Ioffe icebreaker198915 kn28 kph17 mph
Polaris icebreaker201617 kn31 kph20 mph
Rossiya icebreaker198521 kn39 kph24 mph
Sankt Peterburg icebreaker200917 kn31 kph20 mph
Sevmorput icebreaker198821 kn39 kph24 mph
Sovetskiy Soyuz icebreaker199021 kn39 kph24 mph
Viktor Chernomyrdin icebreaker201817 kn31 kph20 mph
Vitus Bering icebreaker201215 kn28 kph17 mph
Vladivostok icebreaker201517 kn31 kph20 mph
Yamal icebreaker199222 kn41 kph25 mph
National Geographic Endeavour196614 kn26 kph16 mph
National Geographic Endeavour II200512 kn22 kph14 mph
National Geographic Explorer198218 kn33 kph21 mph
National Geographic Islander199514 kn26 kph16 mph
National Geographic Orion200315 kn28 kph17 mph
National Geographic Quest201712 kn22 kph14 mph
National Geographic Sea Bird198210 kn19 kph12 mph
National Geographic Sea Lion198210 kn19 kph12 mph
Marella Celebration198421 kn39 kph24 mph
Marella Discovery199624 kn44 kph28 mph
Marella Discovery 2199524 kn44 kph28 mph
Marella Dream198620 kn37 kph23 mph
Marella Explorer199622 kn41 kph25 mph
Marella Explorer 2199722 kn41 kph25 mph
Thomson Spirit198321 kn39 kph24 mph
MSC Armonia200121 kn39 kph24 mph
MSC Bellissima201923 kn43 kph26 mph
MSC Divina201224 kn44 kph28 mph
MSC Fantasia200823 kn43 kph26 mph
MSC Lirica200322 kn41 kph25 mph
MSC Magnifica201023 kn43 kph26 mph
MSC Meraviglia201723 kn43 kph26 mph
MSC Musica200623 kn43 kph26 mph
MSC Opera200422 kn41 kph25 mph
MSC Orchestra200723 kn43 kph26 mph
MSC Poesia200823 kn43 kph26 mph
MSC Preziosa201323 kn43 kph26 mph
MSC Seaside201721 kn39 kph24 mph
MSC Seaview201821 kn39 kph24 mph
MSC Sinfonia200221 kn39 kph24 mph
MSC Splendida200923 kn43 kph26 mph
Norwegian Bliss201823 kn43 kph26 mph
Norwegian Breakaway201322 kn41 kph25 mph
Norwegian Dawn200225 kn46 kph29 mph
Norwegian Epic201023 kn43 kph26 mph
Norwegian Escape201523 kn43 kph26 mph
Norwegian Gem200724 kn44 kph28 mph
Norwegian Getaway201422 kn41 kph25 mph
Norwegian Jade200625 kn46 kph29 mph
Norwegian Jewel200525 kn46 kph29 mph
Norwegian Joy201723 kn43 kph26 mph
Norwegian Pearl200625 kn46 kph29 mph
Norwegian Sky199923 kn43 kph26 mph
Norwegian Spirit199824 kn44 kph28 mph
Norwegian Star200125 kn46 kph29 mph
Norwegian Sun200123 kn43 kph26 mph
Pride of America200522 kn41 kph25 mph
Oceania Insignia199818 kn33 kph21 mph
Oceania Marina201120 kn37 kph23 mph
Oceania Nautica200018 kn33 kph21 mph
Oceania Regatta199818 kn33 kph21 mph
Oceania Riviera201220 kn37 kph23 mph
Oceania Sirena199920 kn37 kph23 mph
Arcadia200522 kn41 kph25 mph
Aurora200024 kn44 kph28 mph
Azura201024 kn44 kph28 mph
Britannia201522 kn41 kph25 mph
Oceana200021 kn39 kph24 mph
Oriana199526 kn48 kph30 mph
Pacific Aria199420 kn37 kph23 mph
Pacific Dawn199120 kn37 kph23 mph
Pacific Eden199322 kn41 kph25 mph
Pacific Explorer199723 kn43 kph26 mph
Pacific Jewel199023 kn43 kph26 mph
Ventura200824 kn44 kph28 mph
Albatros197319 kn35 kph22 mph
Amadea199121 kn39 kph24 mph
Artania198422 kn41 kph25 mph
MS Deutschland199819 kn35 kph22 mph
Caribbean Princess200421 kn39 kph24 mph
Coral Princess200222 kn41 kph25 mph
Crown Princess200623 kn43 kph26 mph
Diamond Princess200423 kn43 kph26 mph
Emerald Princess200722 kn41 kph25 mph
Golden Princess200124 kn44 kph28 mph
Grand Princess199824 kn44 kph28 mph
Island Princess200321 kn39 kph24 mph
Majestic Princess201723 kn43 kph26 mph
Pacific Princess199918 kn33 kph21 mph
Regal Princess201423 kn43 kph26 mph
Royal Princess201322 kn41 kph25 mph
Ruby Princess200823 kn43 kph26 mph
Sapphire Princess200422 kn41 kph25 mph
Sea Princess199822 kn41 kph25 mph
Sky Princess201923 kn43 kph26 mph
Star Princess200224 kn44 kph28 mph
Sun Princess199522 kn41 kph25 mph
Pullmantur Horizon199022 kn41 kph25 mph
Pullmantur Monarch199122 kn41 kph25 mph
Pullmantur Sovereign198722 kn41 kph25 mph
Pullmantur Zenith199221 kn39 kph24 mph
Island Sky199212 kn22 kph14 mph
MV Sea Spirit199115 kn28 kph17 mph
Ocean Adventurer197513 kn24 kph15 mph
Ocean Atlantic198615 kn28 kph17 mph
Ocean Diamond197416 kn30 kph18 mph
Ocean Endeavour198216 kn30 kph18 mph
Ocean Nova199212 kn22 kph14 mph
Seven Seas Explorer201622 kn41 kph25 mph
Seven Seas Mariner200121 kn39 kph24 mph
Seven Seas Navigator199918 kn33 kph21 mph
Seven Seas Voyager200320 kn37 kph23 mph
MS Victory I200112 kn22 kph14 mph
MS Victory II200413 kn24 kph15 mph
Adventure Of The Seas200123 kn43 kph26 mph
Allure Of The Seas201023 kn43 kph26 mph
Anthem of the Seas201522 kn41 kph25 mph
Brilliance Of The Seas200225 kn46 kph29 mph
Empress Of The Seas199020 kn37 kph23 mph
Enchantment Of The Seas199722 kn41 kph25 mph
Explorer Of The Seas200024 kn44 kph28 mph
Freedom Of The Seas200622 kn41 kph25 mph
Grandeur Of The Seas199622 kn41 kph25 mph
Harmony Of The Seas201623 kn43 kph26 mph
Independence Of The Seas200823 kn43 kph26 mph
Jewel Of The Seas200425 kn46 kph29 mph
Liberty Of The Seas200722 kn41 kph25 mph
Majesty Of The Seas199222 kn41 kph25 mph
Mariner Of The Seas200324 kn44 kph28 mph
Navigator Of The Seas200222 kn41 kph25 mph
Oasis Of The Seas200923 kn43 kph26 mph
Ovation Of The Seas201622 kn41 kph25 mph
Quantum Of The Seas201422 kn41 kph25 mph
Radiance Of The Seas200125 kn46 kph29 mph
Rhapsody Of The Seas199722 kn41 kph25 mph
Serenade Of The Seas200325 kn46 kph29 mph
Spectrum Of The Seas201922 kn41 kph25 mph
Symphony Of The Seas201822 kn41 kph25 mph
Vision Of The Seas199822 kn41 kph25 mph
Voyager Of The Seas199924 kn44 kph28 mph
Saga Pearl II198120 kn37 kph23 mph
Saga Sapphire198121 kn39 kph24 mph
Scenic Eclipse201917 kn31 kph20 mph
Seabourn Encore201619 kn35 kph22 mph
Seabourn Odyssey200921 kn39 kph24 mph
Seabourn Ovation201819 kn35 kph22 mph
Seabourn Quest201119 kn35 kph22 mph
Seabourn Sojourn201019 kn35 kph22 mph
SeaDream I198418 kn33 kph21 mph
SeaDream II198518 kn33 kph21 mph
Silver Cloud199418 kn33 kph21 mph
Silver Discoverer198918 kn33 kph21 mph
Silver Explorer198915 kn28 kph17 mph
Silver Galapagos199018 kn33 kph21 mph
Silver Muse201720 kn37 kph23 mph
Silver Shadow200021 kn39 kph24 mph
Silver Spirit200920 kn37 kph23 mph
Silver Whisper200121 kn39 kph24 mph
Silver Wind199517 kn31 kph20 mph
Aegean Paradise199022 kn41 kph25 mph
Aranui 3200215 kn28 kph17 mph
Aranui 5201515 kn28 kph17 mph
Asuka 2199022 kn41 kph25 mph
Caledonian Sky199117 kn31 kph20 mph
Chinese Taishan200027 kn50 kph31 mph
Club Med 2199216 kn30 kph18 mph
Flying Clipper201820 kn37 kph23 mph
Funchal196116 kn30 kph18 mph
Golden Iris197719 kn35 kph22 mph
Greg Mortimer201916 kn30 kph18 mph
Hebridean Princess196415 kn28 kph17 mph
Hebridean Sky199117 kn31 kph20 mph
Knyaz Vladimir197123 kn43 kph26 mph
MS Berlin198018 kn33 kph21 mph
MS Birka Stockholm200421 kn39 kph24 mph
MS Delphin197522 kn41 kph25 mph
MS Hamburg199718 kn33 kph21 mph
ms The World200219 kn35 kph22 mph
mv Aegean Odyssey197318 kn33 kph21 mph
MV Glory Sea200130 kn56 kph35 mph
MV Hans Hansson196011 kn20 kph13 mph
MV Hondius201915 kn28 kph17 mph
mv Minerva199613 kn24 kph15 mph
MV Ortelius198914 kn26 kph16 mph
MV Plancius197612 kn22 kph14 mph
MV Polar Pioneer198514 kn26 kph16 mph
MV Reef Endeavour199613 kn24 kph15 mph
MV Stella Australis201013 kn24 kph15 mph
MV Ushuaia197012 kn22 kph14 mph
MV Ventus Australis201813 kn24 kph15 mph
Ocean Dream198121 kn39 kph24 mph
Ocean Gala198218 kn33 kph21 mph
Ocean Majesty196620 kn37 kph23 mph
Ocean Star Pacific197121 kn39 kph24 mph
Orient Queen198917 kn31 kph20 mph
Pacific Venus199821 kn39 kph24 mph
Paul Gauguin199718 kn33 kph21 mph
Pearl Mist201417 kn31 kph20 mph
PS Waverley194718 kn33 kph21 mph
RCGS Resolute199115 kn28 kph17 mph
RMS St Helena198914 kn26 kph16 mph
Royal Clipper200014 kn26 kph16 mph
Sea Cloud193114 kn26 kph16 mph
Sea Cloud II200013 kn24 kph15 mph
Sea Endurance199211 kn20 kph13 mph
SkySea Golden Era199522 kn41 kph25 mph
Spirit of Enderby198412 kn22 kph14 mph
Star Clipper199212 kn22 kph14 mph
Star Flyer199112 kn22 kph14 mph
Vidanta Alegria199021 kn39 kph24 mph
Star Pisces199022 kn41 kph25 mph
SuperStar Aquarius199321 kn39 kph24 mph
SuperStar Gemini199221 kn39 kph24 mph
SuperStar Libra198820 kn37 kph23 mph
SuperStar Virgo199924 kn44 kph28 mph
Mein Schiff 1201821 kn39 kph24 mph
Mein Schiff 2201921 kn39 kph24 mph
Mein Schiff 3201422 kn41 kph25 mph
Mein Schiff 4201522 kn41 kph25 mph
Mein Schiff 5201622 kn41 kph25 mph
Mein Schiff 6201722 kn41 kph25 mph
Viking Ocean ships (Jupiter, Orion, Sea, Star, Sun, Tellus, Venus)201920 kn37 kph23 mph
Virgin Voyages ships (Scarlet Lady)202022 kn41 kph25 mph
Star Breeze198916 kn30 kph18 mph
Star Legend199219 kn35 kph22 mph
Star Pride198819 kn35 kph22 mph
Wind Spirit198813 kn24 kph15 mph
Wind Star198613 kn24 kph15 mph
Wind Surf199015 kn28 kph17 mph

Eight Types of Private Jets: Which One Is for You?


Privacy, time savings and unparalleled comfort are just some of the perks of flying via a private jet.
Cozy sleeping areas, contemporary showers, lavishly appointed board rooms, and plush seats with an abundance of legroom – these are the additional features you can enjoy depending on the private aircraft you are using.

Whether you are planning to buy your own business jet, or you wish to charter one, it is best to know which type will suit your needs and preferences to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable travel, every time.

1. Very Light Jets 


HondaJet Elite

The smallest type of private jet, Very Light Jets (VLJs) are cost-effective to operate and maintain in contrast with standard light jets. These are ideal for short-haul distances or up to a maximum of three hours of flight time.

Also known as Compact Light Jets, these can use shorter runways and fly into areas that are often inaccessible to commercial airlines. These jets typically accommodate four to seven passengers and carry a reasonable amount of luggage, but they have no room for a cabin attendant.

Popular types of VLJs include Embraer Phenom 100, Eclipse 500 and HondaJet HA-420.

AircraftEmbraer Phenom 100Eclipse 500HondaJet HA-420
Passenger Capacity4 to 7 people45 to 6 people
Range1,211 nautical miles1,294 nautical miles1,223 nautical miles
Baggage Capacity70 ft316 ft366 ft3
FacilitiesEnclosed rear lavatoryLeather seatingRear lavatory
Small forward galleyWork/dining tableFoldable table
Complimentary snacks and refreshmentsLED upper lightingOptional cabin management system

2. Small Light Jets


Cessna Citation CJ2

Offering better passenger capacity, small light jets can comfortably seat up to eight people, making it widely popular among business travelers. These jets also have a higher average flight distance, ranging from 1,400 to 2,500 nautical miles with a maximum speed of 500 miles per hour. These capabilities make them ideal for two- to three-hour flights, even for intracontinental routes.

Like their smaller counterparts, small light jets can access small airports and runways, giving business travelers more flexibility and freedom to use less busier airports instead of crowded commercial airports.

Although most small light jets do not have room for a cabin attendant, they can be outfitted with a lavatory, unlike most VLJs. Hawker 400 XP, Cessna Citation CJ2 and Dassault Falcon 10 are some of the popular jets in this class.

AircraftHawker 400 XPCessna Citation CJ2Dassault Falcon 10
Passenger Capacity6 to 8 people6 to 8 people6 to 8 people
Range1,400 nautical miles1,530 nautical miles1,520 nautical miles
Baggage Capacity53 ft374 ft341 ft3
FacilitiesEnclosed lavatoryLeather interiorExecutive seating with fold-down center
Galley and refreshment barPrivate lavatoryRear bench seat
Rear luggage sectionGalley and refreshment barLavatory

3. Super Light Jets


Embraer Phenom 300

Super light jets offer enhanced size, range and comfort compared with the small light jet class. With a more spacious cabin and luggage compartment, super light jets can accommodate an average of eight passengers in guaranteed comfort.

Though larger in size, super light jets can easily navigate short runways at private airstrips and small airports, so travelers who want to avoid the crowds at major airports can have alternative options for departure and arrival.

Notable aircraft in the super light jet class include Gulfstream G100, which can up seat up to nine people, and Embraer Phenom 300, which can carry a maximum of 11 passengers.

AircraftGulfstream G100Embraer Phenom 300Citation XLS
Passenger Capacity7 people6 to 8 people8 people
Range2,550 nautical miles1,692 nautical miles1,687 nautical miles
Baggage Capacity64 ft374 ft380 ft3
FacilitiesFull enclosed lavatory Executive seating with fold-out tableRefreshment center
Mini galleyRefreshment centerInflight conference room
Power outletsLavatoryLavatory and sink

4. Midsize Cabin Jets


Gulfstream G150

Mid-size private jets are the optimum choice for travelers who require longer flight capacity. With an average range of 2,200 nautical miles – or around five hours of non-stop travel – mid-size jets can easily manage short-haul and long-haul flights, ensuring transcontinental capacity.

Because it comes with a bigger cabin, it is ideal for passengers who want more headroom, full standing capacity and additional space for luggage. Mid-size jets also offer more stylish interiors and can provide utmost comfort and convenience for five to 10 passengers.

Mid-size jets generally have enough room for two pilots, a flight attendant, a service galley and an on-board lavatory, while some can even be outfitted with an enclosed shower and fold-out divans. Equipped with Wi-Fi and phone capabilities, mid-size jets are perfect for those who prefer to stay connected and productive during flights.

Mid-size private jets can still use smaller airports and are more cost-efficient to operate in comparison with heavy jets. If you are eyeing a mid-size private jet for your next travel, take a look at Gulfstream 150, Cessna Citation Latitude and Learjet 60.

AircraftGulfstream G150Cessna Citation LatitudeLearjet 60
Passenger Capacity7 people7 to 9 people7 to 8 people
Range2,760 nautical miles2,700 nautical miles2,250 nautical miles
Baggage Capacity80 ft3127 ft355 ft3
FacilitiesFully enclosed lavatory Spacious lavatory and baggage compartmentBusiness-class leather seating
Fully galleyExpanded refreshment centerRear modern lavatory
Entertainment systemStand-up flat-floor cabinExecutive fold out tables

5. Super Midsize Cabin Jets


Cessna Citation Sovereign

Larger cabin space and greater flying capacity are the upgrades that super mid-size cabin jets hold over standard mid-size private jets. The super mid-size cabin jet class can fly up to seven hours, covering an average of 3,500 miles.

Super mid-size jets feature spacious standing and walking room and have ample space for an enclosed lavatory and service galley. Featuring enhanced avionics that enable a quieter operation, super mid-size jets provide a higher level of comfort for travelers while delivering greater speed and range.

Gulfstream 200, Cessna Citation Sovereign and Bombardier Challenge 350 are premier choices in this class.

AircraftGulfstream G200Cessna Citation SovereignBombardier Challenger 350
Passenger Capacity8 to 10 people9 to 12 people10 people
Range3,130 nautical miles2,620 nautical miles3,200 nautical miles
Baggage Capacity150 ft3135 ft3106 ft3
FacilitiesForward full-service galleyRefreshment centerFully enclosed rear lavatory
Read enclosed lavatoryPrivate lavatory with vanityRefreshment center
Versatile cabin layoutsCenterline closetDivan layout or double-club seating options

6. Heavy Jets


Bombardier Challenger 605

First-class seats, more spacious legroom, and pull-out tabletops are just a few of the upgrades that heavy jets present to elite travelers. Boasting significantly larger cabin sizes, heavy jets envelop 10 passengers or more in a high level of aviation comfort and elegance, with all the privacy and exclusivity available in private travel.

Standard heavy jets can easily accommodate two flight attendants to manage full in-flight catering, while still having more than enough space for entertainment facilities, enclosed bathrooms and dedicated sleeping areas. In-flight productivity is guaranteed with convenient Wi-Fi and phone capabilities.

These king-size private jets pack in power too, with a superior flying capacity of up to nine hours non-stop and a range of 4,000 miles. Bombardier Challenger 605, Gulfstream 450 and Dassault Falcon 900 are a few top-of-the-line models in this class.

AircraftBombardier Challenger 605Gulfstream 350Dassault Falcon 900
Passenger Capacity9 to 12 people14 to 16 people12 to 19 people
Range3,834 nautical miles3,680 nautical miles3,590 nautical miles
Baggage Capacity115 ft3169 ft3127 ft3
FacilitiesExecutive layout with divan option availableEnclosed lavatorySpacious customizable cabin
Full-service galleyEntertainment centerFull-sized galley
Rear enclosed lavatoryFull-sized galleyFull vanity rear lavatory

 7. Ultra-Long-Range Heavy Jets


Bombardier Global 6000

If you are looking for something even better than heavy jets, then the ultra-long-range heavy jet class is probably the right choice for you. Renowned for offering the best in private travel, ultra-long-range jets provide generous cabin space with different areas dedicated to dining, work, entertainment and relaxation.

Complete with enclosed bathrooms, lie-flat beds, full-service galley and a roomy luggage area, this segment of private jets is designed to offer the highest levels of comfort and extravagance for the most discerning travelers.

With lavishly appointed interiors and ultramodern amenities, these jets ensure a relaxing and enjoyable trip, comfortably accommodating an average of 14 to 17 passengers. Capable of flying distances of 6,000 to 6,500 miles, ultra-long-range jets are the optimum choices for long-haul travels.

If you are looking to invest in an ultra-long-range jet, these are the top models you can explore: Gulfstream V, Dassault Falcon 7X and Bombardier Global 6000.

AircraftGulfstream VDassault Falcon 7XBombardier Global 6000
Passenger Capacity16 to 19 people12 to 16 people8 to 19 people
Range6,250 nautical miles5,950 nautical miles5,890 nautical miles
Baggage Capacity226 ft3140 ft3195 ft3
FacilitiesUp to four living spaces Three spacious lounge areasPrivate stateroom
Full-sized galley Forward/rear lavatoriesFull-service galley
Separate lavatories for passenger and crewRefreshment centerSeparate crew area

8. Executive Liners/Bizliners

Airbus ACJ320 photo by Comlux Aviation Group

The crème de le crème of private air travel, executive liners, or bizliners, are commercial aircraft modified for business travel or private use. Featuring a high level of customization, these are the most expensive private jets in the market.

From opulent and bespoke interiors, to spacious private suites, en-suite shower and on-board cocktail lounge, this aircraft class takes elite travel on a whole new level. Even with all these exclusive amenities, bizliners offer plenty of space for dining areas, conference rooms, overhead storage compartments, walk-in cupboards and full-service galleys manned by flight attendants.

As these private jets can navigate higher altitudes, they can operate in most weather conditions and cover great distances, making them the ideal choice for intercontinental flights or trips that last up to 10 hours or more without a stopover.

Depending on how the aircraft is customized, it can seat around 19 to 48 passengers in first-class comfort and pure elegance. Both Airbus and Boeing offer wide-body and narrow-body bizliners, such as Airbus ACJ380, Airbus ACJ319, Boeing B747-8 and Boeing BBJ.

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