Festool track saw kit

Buying the Festool track saw kit and best track saw can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top festool track saw for sale in the category.

Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision. 

Festool track saw kit

Festool TS 55 REQ

Street Price: $615 with 55″ guide rail
Cutting Capacity: 115⁄16″ @ 90°; 17⁄16″ @ 45°
Weight: 9.92 lbs. / Bevel Tilt Range: -1° to 47°
Speed Range: 2,000 to 5,200 rpm
Web/Phone: www.festoolusa.com / 888-337-8600


I’m no newbie to Festool’s TS 55 track saw; it’s been a reliable companion in my shop for years, and it has a proven pedigree of success with both pro woodworkers and tradespeople. Still, I found it interesting to test it against five other competitors. In terms of features, the “55” is fully appointed: it has a riving knife, it tips to -1° or up to 47° for beveling, and the plastic green splinterguard provides a zero-clearance slot around the leading edge of the blade to help ensure clean cuts. Blade changes are as easy as flipping a lever, plunging the tool and unscrewing the arbor bolt. Simple, and a task you may need to do in order to replace it with one of many available blade options.

When put to task, Festool’s motor electronics kept blade speed consistent, regardless of the cutting load. Plunging action is smooth. Two textured adjuster knobs on the base control cams so you can snug the saw up on the rail’s channel for zero side-to-side play. (All of these saws have a similar feature.) Once adjusted, the base glides easily along.

This particular test saw left very tiny chips along the rail side when cutting melamine, even with the splinterguard in place. A shallow scoring cut first, though, reduced those chip-outs. When I switched to birch ply, the TS 55 surpassed all other saws here, cutting it with no evidence of splintering on either the rail side or waste side of the cut. On both melamine and plywood, dust extraction was exceptionally effective.

For $615, you get the saw, a Systainer® carry case, a pair of clamps to anchor the rail to a workpiece, a stop block and a 55″ guide rail. The TS 55 doesn’t lead the pack on depth capacities at either 90° or 45°, but it’s a pleasure to use.

Festool’s unique green plastic splinter- guard helps minimize cutting defects by supporting stock right where the blade exits up and out of the cut.
Festool’s unique green plastic splinter- guard helps minimize cutting defects by supporting stock right where the blade exits up and out of the cut.
 An included sticker gives you the option of inch markings on the updated TS 55.
An included sticker gives you the option of inch markings on the updated TS

Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw Review

Festool TS 55 REQ splinter guard

Having Used the TS 55 EQ for five years now, I was excited when Pro Tool Reviews asked me to test the new Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw. I am still more than happy with my TS 55 EQ, so it was interesting to find out how this iconic design could be improved. To give some background, Festool invented the track saw more than 40 years ago. While DeWalt, Makita and Grizzly now offer similar products, Festool is still the benchmark by which track saws are measured. Retrofit rail systems, such as EZ Track, are also available for garden-variety sidewinder saws; however, they are not all that cheap, so I would only resort to this scheme if I owned a compatible saw and had minimal need of a track saw. While DeWalt’s saw is comparably priced to the $585 TS 55 REQ, the others are cheaper. Festool also makes a bigger saw, the TS 75 EQ that fits the same track. While the 55 will cut to a depth of 1-15/16” (50 mm) when mounted on the guide rail, the 75 will handle 2-3/4” (70 mm).

Track saws are of interest to trim carpenters and installation crews who can use them in the field in lieu of a table saw. Besides the accurate cutting of sheet goods, they allow precise, error free cutting of flooring for ductwork or repair. Small shops love track saws for breaking down sheet goods. They are much cheaper than a panel saw or a sliding table saw and do not take up any floor space when not in use.

A good amount of Internet argument surrounds the question of a Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw replacing a table saw. It will, but it will never make some cuts as fat as a well set up table saw can. To really achieve table saw functionally, Festool envisions you also owning their Multi Function Table/3 (MFT/3), which costs $625. The MFT is a very solid portable workbench that has a miter gauge rail combination to facilitate 90°, angled or compound crosscuts. A friend who runs a custom cabinet operation in Asheville, North Carolina is using three MFT/3 tables in the shop for breaking down sheet goods. The track saw will also replace an edge jointer, for it leaves square, straight, glue-ready cuts.

Festool TS 55 REQ accessories
Festool TS 55 REQ kit

Besides the Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw and the 55” (1400mm) track that comes standard with it, Festool included the Parallel Guide Extension Set (P00108) and Guide Rail Accessory Kit (497657) in the review package. The $325 Guide Rail Set attaches to the track and allows serial ripping of sheet goods up to 25-15/16” (1650 mm) wide. The $200 Accessory Kit includes:

  • Angle Unit: A protractor that attaches to the track and facilitates cutting angles
  • Limit Stop: Attaches to track and stops progress of saw at a specific place
  • Guide Rail Connector Set: Joins two guide rails together for longer cuts
  • Two Clamps: Holds rail to work more securely
  • Deflector: Attaches to rear of rail and manages smooth passage of hose and wire as a cut progresses
  • Extra 1400 mm Splinter Guard: Replacement Splinter Guard for rail
  • Systainer Box: To house all of the above

Using the Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw

Since I do not own one of Festool’s Multifunction Tables, I have only used my TS 55 EQ on sawhorses and seldom use it off the track. I often use it as a jointer, and the Rail Connector Set in the Accessory Kit allows jointing two tracks together for really long straight edges. Being able to inline rip one edge of rough sawn boards really speeds conventional milling at the table saw and planer. Something you cannot do with a table saw is joint the long edge on an 8’ sheet. You end up stuck with whatever the plywood mill was turning out that day. The track makes it simple to make an 1/8” truing cut. With the aid of a set of horses it is a superb tool for cutting a stack of sheet goods. By placing 1/4” strips between sheets you can cut one or two sheets at a time because blade adjustment is so precise. While many simply score the horses on the last cut, I place strips on them as well.

I really appreciated the Deflector as it minimized the hose and cord hanging up on the edge of the rail. Festool’s approved method of blind cutting, such as a cutout for a register, is to place down the track on a layout line. There are index marks, one on the side of the housing and another on the viewing window/splitter. The rear line on the housing is aligned with the start of the cutout. The Limit Stop is now attached to the rail, tight against the back of the base. The saw is started and plunged through the floor. The cut progresses forward until the stop line comes even with the mark on the splinter guard. I doubt many working trim carpenters bother with the stop, but it makes the operation really safe because a kickback is nearly impossible!

Festool TS 55 REQ close up

The Limit Stop prevents the saw from kicking back when starting a blind cut.

In long cuts on sheet goods you can simply lay the track on the work and have no fear of it moving during the cut; however, the two screw clamps in the Accessory Kit assure that the track is rock solid in situations where there is minimal contact area for the rubber on the bottom of the track to grip. They slip into a channel in the extrusion and lock against the bottom of the workpiece. The Angle Unit works well for aligning the track to a specific angle from an edge and this is another situation where clamps are good.

Festool TS 55 REQ cutting
Festool TS 55 REQ rear

The Parallel Guide Extension Set allows serial ripping of sheet goods and along with the MFT/3 is necessary to make the Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw truly replace a table saw. There are two short and two long bars in the set. A short bar is attached to a long bar to form left and right pairs. The pairs can remain together for life. The long bar allows exact parallel ripping of widths between 7-7/8” (190mm) and 25-15/16″ (650mm). The stop on each bar is set to the desired width of the rip in millimeters and placed against a trued edge. The rail is now clamped to the workpiece, and the saw does its magic again, again and again with unvarying accuracy. For ripping widths from zero to 9” (230 mm) the rail and attached bars are reversed. The stops need to be reversed as well. The scales on both the short and long bars need to be calibrated on the first use and checked periodically. For the short bar the 2.2 mm width of the blade must be allowed for. Once adjusted, the Parallel Guide Set works as advertised and makes quick work of serial ripping set widths.

Festool TS 55 REQ track

The stop on each rail can be set to the nearest millimeter to facilitate very accurate ripping with the TS 55 REQ.

Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw vs. TS 55 EQ

Festool claims a number of improvements in the REQ over the EQ. I found the new depth stop to be a definite improvement. It has dual scales: one for on-track depths and one for using the saw alone. On the TS 55 EQ you had to add 5 mm to the depth when employing the rail, and depth was to the nearest millimeter. While the old saw had a micro adjuster for depth it was only intended to adjust for blade diameter reduction after sharpening, and it required a hex key. The new one is tool-less and is intended for more than just accounting for the blade diameter. It allows depths between the millimeters for the flooring contractor who may not be not cutting all the way though the flooring at 19 mm, but is scoring concrete at 20 mm. Speaking of millimeters, I have long wondered why Festool does not offer their tools to the North American Market with scales in inches instead of millimeters. I am pleased to say that the new TS 55 REQ comes with a scale in inches that can be applied over the millimeter scale.

Festool TS 55 REQ vs EQ

The plastic splinter guard on the track itself prevents splintering on the left side of a cut, and the plastic splinter guard on the right side of the saw prevents it on the right side of the cut. The splinter guards, be they on the rail or the saw, are consumables and need occasional replacement. The Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw comes with both a plastic viewing window and a splinter guard. Splinter guard replacements come in a pack of five. I only use the viewing window when the knob that holds the splinter guard on the right side of the saw prevents working close to an edge.

Festool TS 55 REQ splinter guard

The edge of the TS 55 EQ’s housing could not snug an edge, such as a wall, because there was a bulge for the dust pickup port. The port has been streamlined on the TS 55 REQ. As mentioned in the previous point, the splinter guard knob has to be removed and the plastic viewing window substituted. Closer cutting was an improvement mostly for the European market who do ceilings and wall panels that are trimmed shy of the adjoining wall. This so-called “false joint” gives the illusion that the ceiling or panel is floating.

Festool TS 55 REQ riving knife

The riving knife on the REQ is also completely redesigned. It now pops out the minute you start lowering the blade and can be placed right in the kerf. The blade is now also put in the kerf and the track can now be tweaked to continue a long cut if you only have one track.

While the TS 55 EQ went from 90° to 45°, the new saw goes from -1° to 47°. This allows an inclusive angle of 87°, so that outside corners meet flush in a miter such as boxing steel beams with wood. The claimed improvement in dust control (now listed as 98% from 92% on the TS 55 EQ) is from taking the riving knife completely out of the dust channel, as well as streamlining the channel itself. The plastic viewing window has two positions, as does the splinter guard. The higher efficiency is only achieved with the window/guard in the low position.

The Final Plunge

I think that the TS 55 REQ offers significant improvements over the TS 55 EQ. The only perplexing feature that has not changed from the older saw is that in order to attach or un-attach the power cord you must often tilt the saw from 90°. I suppose we can’t have everything. Many times I hear people say Festool represents the pinnacle of woodworking tools. Apparently they don’t see that as sufficient reason to sit on their laurels. With improvements like these I can’t wait to see what’s next. As long as you can afford the price, this top tier German tool has my recommendation.

Best Tool Boxes Reviews

1. Dewalt Tool Box

dealt tool box

First on our list is one of the top-rated and best-reviewed toolboxes. Dewalt is a renowned company in the industry and the Dewalt Tool Box DWST08204 Extra Large Tough System is from a series of carrying cases from the house of Dewalt. The company has a wide range of carrying and storage products from storage to portability.

Top Features:

  • Highly robust built foam-based box with a very large interior storage space and superior durability
  • The vertical internal storage is great for placing hand tools
  • It has a removable tray for hand tools and other misc objects
  • Comes with side latches that let you stack one module over the other thus giving you clear shelf function and also segregation possibility as well.
  • The side handles are smooth and make the carrying it around very easy and let you place a lot of such boxes on the Metal carrier easily
  • Made out of IP65 Integrated water seal outside and inside which will give you greater protection against any moisture or weather ailments.
  • Anti-rust metal latches that are weather friendly
  • Can store up weights till the capacity of 110 lbs easily
  • Has a central locking mechanism which is built to facilitate its stacking on the ToughSystem stacking family
  • Foldable brackets which enable tailored configurations for the metal carriers
  • The foam box wall is about 4 mm in thickness thus gives it a robust quality even if used as a single unit.
  • The vertical compartments are easily interchangeable for the box to be used as one large unit or shelved too.
  • The box is also available in different models and the ToughSystem family is a large suite of storage and movement utilities


  • Though it is portable with the latches and handles, the 110 lbs might not exactly be portable enough for a regular day job toolbox

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2. Jegs Tool Box 

jegs tool box

A toolbox that is straight out from the 80’s model, the JEGS 81400 Black is a 3 drawer professional toolbox. You can have this for your truck, for garage work, for your home usage, car repair, trucks or trailers. A highly reviewed and received product, it is a decent box to store away your utilities easily and for a long time.

Top Features:

  • Has 3 drawers of convenience for storing spanners, screwdrivers, wrenches and other flat long tools
  • The box is entirely made out of high quality 16 gauge steel
  • The drawers can be extended out fully, removed and replaced
  • Glide system of the drawers is ball-bearing based thus it promises smoother movement from a point to another
  • Can be locked and carried too. Includes 2 keys as well in the package.
  • The latches are strong, hold firmly and are rust-resistant in nature
  • Has a black powder coat finish
  • Dimensions of the box are about 20.5 inches in length, 12 inches in height and 9 inches in breadth
  • Very portable thanks to the meagre 17 lbs weight
  • The handles come with JEGS comfort grip handles which are great for lifting and carrying without causing hand bristles


  • Though touted as non-rustic, the outer layer might end up losing the paint if not taken care of and end up causing some rust.

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3. Plano Molding Tool Box

Plano tool box

Much like the heavy foam built grade of the Dewalt, the Plano 823-003 contractor-grade PO series is a 22 inches large Tool Box with black handles and latches. The grey graphite box comes with all there is much like the Jegs box mentioned above but with a robust build, looks and large capacity.

Top Features:

  • Highly reviewed and rated box to store and arrange a wide range of tools
  • Moulded plastic heavy foam built box
  • Sized at 22 inches length, by 13.5 inches height and a 12.5 inches breadth.
  • Plano modelling moulded with high-quality foam and durable build quality
  • Includes two lift-out trays. These trays facilitate deep storage compartments which can let you either store a lot of small tools, a couple of large tools or adjust both large and small tools.
  • The fold-down handle will let you take the toolbox with you wherever you go with great ease.
  • Includes two stove away organizers that will stay in their place securely without any movement or disorganizing.
  • The handles and the latches are reinforced for better durability and strength.
  • Extra deep construction and the easy access to that is an add on feature
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase which is a fresh and promising addition to such storage products.


  • None too specific to mention

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4. Stalwart Tool Box 

Stalwart 75

Yet another 22 inches large tool storage box, the Stalwart 75-MJ5051B is a contractor-grade toolbox that comes with a really cool and comfortable and heavy-duty handle that makes the box a highly portable make and build.

Top Features:

  • The heavy-duty build quality of the Stalwart box makes it a great professional-grade toolbox and not just another “for the attic” toolbox
  • It comes with a highly unique cantilevered tray that increases your ability and the reach you need to access the tools stored and also you can easily see through what you need and when.
  • Has a clear-top lid that makes it easier to access the top shelf without needing to open the whole box.
  • The shelves on the top have about 15 removable divisions and 3 parts that are permanently dividable. This increases the stability and avoids any tipping of the box as a whole.
  • The box has a whole dimension of 22 inches length, 10 inches height, 12 inches width exterior. For the interior, it has a total usable 18.75 inches length, 2.25 inches height (compartmentally), and about 9 inches in width
  • Comes with support legs that remove the chance of tipping over
  • The handle is very comfortable to hold near the grip area and the entirety is made out of stainless steel
  • The overall build material is Polypropylene and Stainless Steel
  • Highly portable and has a great value for money


  • None too specific to mention about

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5. Akro-Mils Tool Box 

akro tool box

Next up we have the Akro Mils ProBox, a 14 inches large plastic built toolbox. This red coloured box gives you the vintage feel on as to a professional 70’s toolman. Also, Akro Mills comes with a fantastic 60 years history into building affordable storage equipment.

Top Features:

  • Comes with very large storage space and a total of 14 inches in length
  • Has a quite large removable tray for you to store smaller equipment or tools
  • The box has a very strong steel latch to it. The padlock’s eye is large enough to shut the box close for the better
  • Loaded boxes can be carried around with great ease and comfort as the handle has a very comfortable and highly secure grip to it
  • The outer layer of the box is chemical resistant and as the product is made in the USA, you can rest assured of the quality
  • Affordable pricing and very good  storage capacity


  • Could have had a bit more compartments or shelves for the price

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6. Craftsman Toolbox 

Craftsman toolbox

Yet another red coloured toolbox chest, the Craftsman is a metal chest that comes with 3 drawers. Very sturdy in build, the chest comes with great reviews and ratings to it.

Top Features:

  • Plenty of storage space but has a compact structure to it.
  • The hinges are tight and sturdy in it that can withstand any rough handling
  • The lid might seem a bit chintzy after a while but it does the job
  • The drawers are piano styled and can be pilled out with great ease
  • All while they have a great locking mechanism to them as well.
  • The box’s handle has a rough handle which makes it easier to hang it by just about anything.


  • The paint job on the metal surface could have been a bit better.

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7. Keter Tool Box 

keter tool box

Finally on our list is the Keter Pro Classic toolbox. This toolbox has a robust plastic built body with compact shut case shelves out of durable and rugged quality in total.

Top Features: 

  • Decent 18.99 inches Length whereas 10.24 inches in width and 9.84 inches in height.
  • Made out of high-quality rugged polypropylene resins which promises greater shelf life
  • The interior utility tray is removable and retractable
  • The lid is made out of metal and the stopper can hold the lid still intact while you are working.
  • The padlock has separate storage space for quick access of tools
  • The lid organizers are present on both sides of the handlebar where you can store small tools or spare parts etc.,


  • None too specific to mention

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8. Stanley STST19410 One-Latch Toolbox

Stanley Toolbox

The next one in our list is from Stanley, a 19-inches large plastic built toolbox. It comes with black handles and a latch that makes it easy to carry and store your utilities easily.

Top Features:

  • Designed with a robust structure with large interior storage space and superior durability.
  • With its extra-wide soft-grip handle, you can easily lift and carry it around to your workplace.
  • It has a removable tray that provides enough space for larger tools to be stored underneath.
  • Sized at 19-inches length, by 9 inches height and 10.25 inches width.
  • Organizers on top lid for small parts storage and convenience to use.
  • It is a one-hand operation latch that allows opening while other hand is occupied and also shuts automatically.
  • Affordable pricing and good storage capacity.
  • It has a black powder coat finish and offers a limited lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects.
  • It is durable, versatile, and secure that gives the mobile craftsman the versatility they need for the workplace.
  • Made out of high-quality plastic that ensures greater shelf life.


  • It would have a bit more space/shelves for proper storage.
  • Could improve the design of the latch locking system.

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