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Does fluorescent lighting make you feel a little…uncomfortable? Here’s how to block fluorescent lights at work. 

If the fluorescent lights in your office cause you discomfort, you may have photophobia, or light sensitivity. You might find yourself blinking excessively or squinting to try to filter out some of that light. Maybe your eyes begin to tear up. You may even get a headache or feel sick to your stomach. Whatever your symptoms, they can be uncomfortable, annoying, and inconvenient, affecting your ability to do your job.

But because fluorescent lighting is so prevalent, it’s pretty hard to avoid. “Those with hypersensitive photoreceptor cells may experience discomfort in locations with harsh fluorescent lighting such as big box stores, schools, and offices or from car headlights and sunlight reflecting off of water,” says Dr. Bradley Katz, neuro-ophthamologist.

Fluorescent Lights Survey

We wanted to better understand how fluorescent lights affect people with migraine and their everyday lives, so we took a survey and have 1688 responses to help paint a picture of what fluorescent lights are like for people with headache and migraine.

  • 33% reported having severe limitations functioning under fluorescent lights
  • 56% responded that bright lights provoke a headache “often” or “very often”
  • 73% responded that bright light is very unpleasant during a headache
  • 85% wears sunglasses to decrease headaches
fluorescent lights survey results

If you work in an office, chances are you’re sitting underneath fluorescent lighting for 8 or more hours a day. Since turning off all the lights isn’t really an option, how can you block fluorescent lights at work?

How to Block Fluorescent Lights at Work

  • Wide Brimmed Hats

While this can help to shade the eyes, it’s probably tough to find an office environment where employees are allowed to wear hats all the time (not to mention hat hair).

  • Physical Barriers

To block fluorescent lights at work, many people try draping fabric over cubicle walls or even rigging up an umbrella. This might make your cubicle look like a million bucks (or not), but it won’t be an option for everyone. Aside from office rules, you and your office mates still need to be able to see.

  • Screen Guards

If the glare on your computer screen exacerbates your problem, using a glare screen or shading device over your monitor could help ease your discomfort at the computer, but it won’t protect your eyes from overhead fluorescents.

  • Dimmers

If you have control over your particular area and sit near a window, this could work well for you. But as adjusting the lighting may also affect those who sit near you, it might not be the most plausible solution.

  • Natural Lighting

Using natural light to reduce your reliance on fluorescent lights can help you get some relief. If you can, try to relocate your desk near a window or skylight. But before you choose a spot, check the conditions at different times of day and from varying angles. At certain hours, you might get some glare off nearby buildings, which can be a problem for some people.

  • Light Sensitivity Glasses
How to block fluorescent lights at work

Much different from sunglasses or even computer glasses, fluorescent light glasses are made specifically for people with photophobia, and can help you block fluorescent lights at work and anywhere else they are found. But instead of blocking all types of light the way sunglasses do, these lenses block only the types of light most commonly associated with photophobia symptoms.

Clinical surveys have shown them to be effective, and over a thousand users have seen results. “I have many patients who have had great success when I’ve recommended light sensitivity glasses over computer glasses. The light sensitivity glasses are better all the way around,” says Dr. Katz. And if you get them from Axon Optics, they’re pretty darn stylish, too.

One customer, John, shares his story about finding relief from the fluorescent lights at his work: “I was getting dizzy and headaches at work on a daily basis. I work at a hospital with all fluorescent lighting and white walls. After realizing that it was the lighting that was causing me a headache, I did some research online after becoming pretty desperate for some relief. I ordered a pair and since then they have worked great. I haven’t had any dizzy spells or nearly as many headaches if any. Highly recommended.”

Frame that Blocks Fluorescent Lights at Work
Axon Optics Bello Light Sensitivity Eyewear

What NOT to Do

  • Sunglasses

While wearing dark glasses indoors can provide some relief, it can also cause your eyes to dark-adapt. This happens when your eyes grow accustomed to dim conditions, actually making them more sensitive to light. As you can imagine, this can cause even greater discomfort. According to Dr. Katz, “We see this dark adaption occurring all the time. For instance, when we come out of the movie cinema in the middle of the day and face the bright sunlight it causes discomfort [even for people without light sensitivity]. Wearing sunglasses inside has a similar effect.”

If you’re tempted to wear sunglasses indoors, opt for light sensitivity eyewear instead; it won’t cause your eyes to dark adapt.

No matter the cause of your photophobia, precision-tinted glasses or contacts from Axon Optics can ease the discomfort of fluorescent and other types of lighting. If you’ve been wondering how to block fluorescent lights at work, they might be your simplest, most convenient option. Since these glasses are non-invasive, there is no risk involved in wearing them all day, every day. Visit our online store to learn more about your options.

Fluorescent Light Glasses

Fluorescent Lights and Migraines

Fluorescent lights can trigger migraines, cause headaches and eyestrain, and worsen other conditions. In fact, studies have shown it can double the rate of office headaches and frequency of migraine attacks. TheraSpecs® fluorescent light glasses provide fast, effective relief for eyes sensitive to this type of light by filtering out the part that worsen these symptoms. They are also a safer alternative to wearing sunglasses for fluorescent light sensitivity because TheraSpecs indoor tinted lenses do not pose additional risk for dark adapting your eyes.

Fluorescent Light Glasses by TheraSpecs

Shop Fluorescent Light Glasses

Protection and relief with TheraSpecs fluorescent light glasses

Research shows that TheraSpecs:

  • Protect you from fluorescent lights
  • Reduce headaches and eyestrain
  • Prevent migraine attacks
  • Relieve painful light sensitivity

Shop All Styles of TheraSpecs

How do TheraSpecs Glasses Protect You from Fluorescent Lights?

Fluorescent lights pulse faster than we can consciously see but the brain still picks up that pulsing. People who are sensitive to this pulsing stimulation can feel sick because of it. TheraSpecs are precision-tinted glasses that block fluorescent lights by filtering out the wavelengths of light where the pulsing is concentrated; they help protect the eyes and brain as well as prevent the headaches, migraines, and other problems that fluorescent lights can cause. Fluorescent lights are particularly high in blue light, which is the part of the light spectrum that TheraSpecs concentrates on filtering. TheraSpecs increase relief by blocking up to 25 times more blue light than other blue light glasses.1 In addition, TheraSpecs are the only glasses with ultra-lightweight, flexible frames designed specifically to protect from fluorescent lighting.

What do Customers Say?

TheraSpecs customers share the experiences they have had in finding relief from fluorescent light migraine attacks, headaches, and eye sensitivity:

TheraSpecs for Fluorescent Light Sensitivity

Dean wearing prescription Conrad TheraSpecs for indoors
TheraSpecs small bug logo

“I was having [vestibular migraine] flare ups from having to do reports on the computers and the fluorescent lights in the office. I ended up getting a set of prescription Conrad TheraSpecs and they help immensely! I just want to thank TheraSpecs for helping people like me out in getting on with our lives…”
-Dean, New Brunswick, Canada

Chelsea wearing indoor TheraSpecs, Classic frame
TheraSpecs small bug logo

“I love them! They changed my life for the better! I was locked to my room for so long due to fluorescent lights being in every hallway. Now every day I adventure further and further down the hall.”
-Chelsea, Minnesota, USA

SK wearing indoor TheraSpecs, custom frame
TheraSpecs small bug logo

“These glasses help me continue to work through my migraines and keep them from being more debilitating. The special lenses also block fluorescent light, allowing me to spend as long as I want in [big box stores] without feeling dizzy…One of the best purchases I made!”
-S.K., USASee more TheraSpecs reviews

Money-back Guaranteed

TheraSpecs fluorescent light filter glasses have brought relief to thousands, but we understand that every brain is different. If they don’t improve your symptoms of fluorescent light sensitivity, you can always return your undamaged non-prescription pair back to us for a refund within 60 days.

Try them and help you or a loved one get out of the dark!

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