Folding electric tricycle scooter

Finding the best Folding electric tricycle scooter can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top folding electric tricycle scooter reviews in the category.

Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision.

Folding electric tricycle scooter

Folding Electric Tricycle Scooters for the Family

It’s time to get to the good part! Here, we’ll go over our top picks for electric tricycles and, we’ll provide a breakdown of each.

1. Overide Whipper Electric Trike Bike

The most expensive on our list is the Whipper Electric Trike from Overide. It’s a newer and more advanced model that offers excellent stability and smooth riding.

This trike sits low to the ground on 20-inch fat tyres by Kenda Krusade Sport, offering incredible comfort and an effortless way to get on/off. The wheels are alloy with stainless steel spokes, and this combined with the tyres allows for any road or off-road surface, including beaches!

Powering this e-trike is a smooth midrive 250-watt BBS01 Bafang motor – legal for use in Australia on both the road and cycleways.

The battery is a Panasonic lithium-ion 36v 14.5 a/h battery which gives you up to 75km. You can optionally choose to upgrade to a 17.5 a/h battery which will increase this distance even further!

A clear LCD screen has been incorporated to provide you with useful information regarding battery life, speed, trip meter, and more.

Five modes come with Overide’s Whipper Electric Trike, so you can choose to have an easy ride or opt for a lower mode for some light exercise.

The brakes are hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro, and the gears are 3-speed Nexus by Shimano with a silent clutch. Front and rear lights and brake lights have been included which are hardwired into the controller. The brake light remains functional at all times, while the front, rear and LCD lights can be switched on manually.

A new ultra comfort seat from Overide adds to the extreme comfort of the Whipper Electric Trike, and a large rear basket makes it the perfect e-trike for shopping, groceries and even taking your pet along with you.

In our opinion, the Overide Whipper Electric Trike is the best electric trike for all-road surfaces with the thick tyres providing you with fantastic stability on your travels.

2. Overide Fat Wheel Electric Trike Bike 

Another great all-terrain electric trike is the Overide Fat Wheel Electric Trike. Excellent stability comes from the fat tyres, and most importantly, the front hub motor offering all-wheel drive when pedalling.

The Fat Wheel E-Trike is fitted with a 250-watt brushless front hub Bafang motor. This can get you up to 75km distance on pedal-assist or 25km with the hand throttle (all-electric with no pedalling required). The speed is preset to 25km an hour which conforms to Australia’s e-bike rules and policies.

The Samsung 48v 14.5 a/h lithium-ion battery is easily removable so that you can either  swiftly take it inside to charge or leave it in the bike as you charge it. This battery is also lockable for safety purposes, adding an additional layer of security to the design.

An LCD display by Intelligent is centrally mounted on the Fat Wheel Electric Trike and gives you information about the battery level, speedometer, trip meter, odometer, as well as other nifty features such as varying brightness levels for night rides.

To the left of the handlebars are controls with your power button, power level (1-5) button, speed settings, and even a walk mode for added convenience.

For the brakes, you can enjoy safe Tektro Aries disc brakes. It’s also equipped with a super comfortable spring-loaded suspension seat, front suspension forks, and Fat Kenda 24 x 4 (front) and 20 x 4 (rear) tyres.

LED front and rear lights, a bell, and reflectors on the wheels and pedals are included to conform with legal requirements. It comes with everything you need – just don’t forget the helmet!

Overall, the Fat Wheel Electric Trike by Overide is a brilliant machine if you’re looking for stability, comfort, sufficient cargo space, and an e-bike well suited to most terrain types.

3. Progear E-Free 24″ Electric Trike Bike

Commute and ride with ease using Progear’s E-Free 24″ Electric Trike Bike. Fitted with a 250-watt DC brushless front wheel hub drive motor, this e-trike eliminates the difficulties associated with pedalling traditional tricycles – especially concerning uphill struggles.

The pedal assistance system provides a seamless experience through amplifying the pedalling process, as seen in the previously mentioned models.

An included LCD display shows you your speed, trip statistics, current power assist, and battery charge level. The power levels can be adjusted from 1 to 5 – the higher the number, the more assistance provided with your pedalling.

The 36V lithium-ion battery offers excellent battery life and performance so you can keep going throughout the day. This has been neatly tucked in behind the seat discreetly out of the way.

You can change gears swiftly with the Shimano RevoShifter 7-speed easy shift. A simple twist up or down during motion will make a quick upshift or downshift, respectively. This makes for a great travelling experience on streets or in urban settings.

The front alloy V-brakes and reliable rear Disc brakes are robust for a safe, enjoyable journey – regardless of whether it’s a scenic or work ride.

A spacious 59 x 49 cm (LxW) basket is positioned at the rear to hold your belongings, shopping bags, and more. Everything about the Progear’s E-Free 24″ Electric Trike complies with legal road and safety rules, and included with this purchase is a free phone holder where you can place your phone during rides.

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4. Ryder 24″ 7 Speed Electric Trike Bike

For those electric trike lovers who seek flexibility, durability and reliability this Ryder 7 Speed Electric Trike Bike is the right choice to have. A well-balanced electric trike which is suitable for various age brackets, this will surely make kids, adults and the elderly happy while spending time outdoors.

This trike model offers convenience and ease with its design made suitable for travelling and shopping anytime you want with its front and rear basket. This makes it a practical accessory for the rider to use. Just imagine taking out the trike for a trip to your local farmer’s store or grocery.

Furthermore, there are rear disc brakes and throttle for easy management and access. This will surely make our elderly enjoy a sense of independence and better quality of life.

Model Highlights:

  • LED Display
  • Power-250W
  • 7 Speed

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5. Movement Tech 5 Speed DC-Tri Electric Trike Bike

Cruising around town can be extra fun with the Movement Tech 5 Speed DC-Tri Electric Trike BikeThis trike brings extra fun and excitement as you take this trike out for a ride. You can definitely make use of it to run errands and even stroll. This is highly recommended for the elderly because it does not require perfect balance to ride it.

The unique and special design of the Movement Tech 5 Speed DC-Tri electric trike bike can provide riders with low center of gravity for a safer and stable ride for users. With this design, the rider is safe from sustaining tipping over related injuries. This trike is all about safety and smooth bike ride for everyone.


  • Speed: 25 km/hr
  • Power:250w
  • Range: Up to 50kms
  • 5 speed system

These are our top 6 recommended electric trikes.

With the added stability of a third wheel, people with disabilities, the elderly, people needing to carry items or those with balance problems can enjoy electric trikes for their travel needs.

Their safety and ease of use are perfect for anyone needing a cost-effective and convenient way to get from A to B.

Furthermore, the added storage space for each e-trike provides you with the flexibility to shop, ride with a pet, attend outdoor functions, or go on specific trips (such as fishing or biking) with absolute ease.

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