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The video sharing site YouTube is one of the most popular internet destinations. Owned by Google, the site was founded in 2005. Today, it’s one of the top places for web users to upload, share, and view video clips online. 

Here’s a rundown of the ten fun videos in youtube

Fun Videos In Youtube

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The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

Honey Badger Don't Care

This ordinary nature video got a fantastic voice-over narration by a guy named Randall, and the internet could not get enough of it. The “Honey Badger Don’t Care” meme was everywhere in 2011, inspiring parodies, t-shirts, and other products based on the hilariously bad-tempered creature. Before there was ​Grumpy Cat, Honey Badger ruled the web.

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Ultimate Dog Tease

Ultimate Dog Tease

The “Ultimate Dog Tease” 2011 clip by Andrew Grantham features a cute little doggy who really loves food and cannot believe his owner is being so stingy with said food. Oh, and, the dog can talk. There’s a reason why this video has been viewed 200 million times.  

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FailArmy’s Ultimate Fails Compilation 2013

FailArmy Logo

FailArmy has one of the most addictive YouTube channels around. Go back in time to the 2013 “Ultimate Fails” compilation. While every year brings the funny, the 2013 compilation is one of the most viewed humor clips on YouTube. Filled with hilarious (and often painful-looking!) fails, this is 33 minutes of pure laughter.

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Charlie Bit My Finger

Charlie Bit Me

In May of 2007, a British father uploaded a clip of his two young sons, Harry, age 3, and Charlie, age 1. In the video, a teething Charlie bites his brother’s finger, causing Harry to cry. Maybe it’s the adorable British accent, or maybe it’s the devilish but cherubic smile Charlie gives after chomping down on Harry’s finger, but the clip is undeniably cute and funny.

The clip quickly went viral and became one of the Top 25 Viral Kid Videos ever uploaded. With more than 850 million views, it remains one of the most watched videos on all of YouTube that is not a professional music video.

The boys’ internet fame brought real-life fame as well. Thanks to their father’s continued uploads on their own channel, the family could afford to buy a larger house thanks to sales of “Charlie Bit My Finger” t-shirts, mugs, calendars, and more.05of 10



What’s funnier than seeing a man get hit in the junk? Apparently, not much, according to the 280 million people who have watched this video of a dad getting accidentally kicked in the crotch by his toddler daughter. The best part is listening to the mom, who is filming the scene, as she giggles behind the camera.06of 10

NFL Bad Lip Readings

NFL Bad Lip Reading
 Via YouTube/BadLipReading

Bad Lip Readings are always funny stuff, and the 2015 and 2016 NFL edits are the best of the best!  The simple act of taking clips from athlete interviews and dubbing them over with ridiculously-weird subtitles is a surefire way to get someone laughing.07of 10

The Sneezing Baby Panda

sneezing baby panda
 Courtesy: jimvwmoss

The internet loves animals. So the fact that this clip ranks in the top 10 most popular YouTube humor clips ever should come as no surprise. The clip is only 17 seconds long, but it’s guaranteed to lighten your mood. In the video, a mother panda is chewing away on a snack while her baby naps on the ground next to her. Suddenly the baby sneezes and surprises everyone watching.08of 10

Evolution of Dance

Evolution of Dance

In six minutes, comedian Judson Laipply performs a medley of dance moves spanning the decades. Laipply covers everything from Elvis’s “You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hounddog” to disco, heavy metal, the Robot, the Moonwalk, the Hammer Dance, and more. With more than 300 million views this remains one of the top-viewed videos on YouTube. It’s nearly impossible not to smile when watching it.09of 10

I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon)

I Just Had Sex

This is a fake music video created by comedy hip-hop group, ​The Lonely Island. In case you’ve forgotten, these were the same funny guys who brought you hit song spoofs like “D*ck In A Box” and “Mother Lover.”

The song features R&B singer Akon, performing with The Lonely Island members Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone. You can also catch cameo appearances by celebrities Akiva Schaffer, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, and John McEnroe.

This sketch appeared on “Saturday Night Live” as a digital short in 2011. As the title suggests, the song is about some dorky guys who are very excited because they finally got to have sex.10of 10

Tootin’ Bathtub Baby Cousins

Bathtub Baby Cousins

As hard as it may be to believe, this completely silly video about “tooting” in the tub has received more than 265 million hits since it was uploaded. It was created by Flowgo, a group that specializes in “Cute Toons, Funny Videos, and Big Smiles.” It features an animated bathtub with two babies in it; the babies faces are real photographs of infants, and they’re “singing” along with a jingle about passing gas in a bathtub.

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