funny things to buy on aliexpress

Today, we discuss top Funny Things To Buy On Aliexpress. On AliExpress, one can find almost anything. But there’s also a bunch of really unique stuff. Here’s a list of the most disgusting, disturbing, funny and weird products on AliExpress. Let’s get straight to the best awesome things to buy in aliexpress, cheapest things on aliexpress and how to buy from aliexpress .

funny things to buy on aliexpress

15. Squishy Vomiting Egg Yolk

Vomiting Egg

Quickly back to things that de-stress people. A vomiting yolk. A squishy egg yolk i can understand, people like to squish things when they are stressed, but a squishy egg that throws up some sticky gloop? I can only imagine that stressing me out even more.

Get yours here: Vomitive Egg Yolks

14. LED Luminous Eyelashes

Get the LED Look

I wasn’t sure if these should make my list because im unsure if anyone other than me would find these LED eyelashes as weird as i do. If you don’t then please don’t fret there are way weirder things further down the list. They make my weird list because i find it odd that we now stick LED lights to our faces and not just around the edges of our flat screen TV’s.

Get these and other types here Luminous Lashes

13. Smart Motion Sensor Toilet Seat Night Light

Smart PIR Motion Sensor Toilet Seat Night Light 8 Colours aliexpress
LED Toilet Lights

This battery powered little gadget allows you to see what your poop looks like under blue light, or red light, or purple light, 8 different colours to be exact. Im of the opinion that things we attach to the toilet rim this way are unhygienic, especially so if your little children like to spray pee all over the rim like mine do. If you didn’t have to use your hands to operate the colour changing button it wouldn’t be so bad.

12. Pimple Popping Popper

pimple popper from aliexpress
Pimple Popper

I will never understand those people who get a kick out of squeezing pimples. My mother is one of those people and she makes me feel ill with this obsession of hers. More and more im seeing these pop up in stores (excuse the pun) in all kinds of forms. Its an odd toy, and a weird habit.

11. Wooden Thumb Piano

Weird Piano

This weird looking little thing is actually pretty smart and chances are you have seen one being played on the internet somewhere, if you haven’t seen one being played check out the video below. Check out how many of these Thumb pianos have sold with an average rating of 4.9 out 5. Impressive.

10. Imitation Grass Flip Flops

Grass flip flops from aliexpress

OK so we are into the top 10. This is where it starts to get really weird. At 10 we have these grass flip flops. I don’t know about you but i would get some awkward stares where i live if i wore those around town. Apparently they give you that chilled out barefoot feeling of walking on real grass wherever you go. Odd if you ask me but i will admit a lot of people seem to be wearing them judging by reviews on the net.

9. Suture Training Kit 

Medical Suture Training Kit
Medical Suture Training Kit

Had no idea these existed until now. The fact they are available to the general public is a bit odd too. I mean would you let your friend stitch your child’s leg wound knowing her sole experience was from using one of these Suture training kits? No me neither. Having said that its probably a good idea to get one of these in case a zombie apocalypse presents itself.

Think you’ll need one of these?: Stitch your mates kit

awesome things to buy in aliexpress

8. Inflatable Travel Pillow

Chilling at the office

Probably more stupid than weird but here it is, the inflatable travel pillow for people who don’t care what they look like. I mean look at her in the image, she looks silly and frankly doesn’t look too comfortable sat in that forward position. We take enough crap with us on planes as it is, we don’t need anymore. The 88 people who placed an order with this particular seller obviously don’t think the way i do. Want a similar item that makes you look less stupid? Click this link

If you’d like one of these: Stupid travel pillow

7. Life-size Replica Skull

life size skull aliexpress
Replica Skull From AliExpress

Looks like my mother in law this one. Not much more needs to be said about this. They are just weird and that’s it. And you are weird if you own one. And your friends are weird if they say it looks cool on your desk or wherever you keep the ugly thing.

Are you weird? Get yours: Life size skull

6. Donald Trump Toilet Brush

Come on own up……how many of you have one of these weird trump toilet brushes? or bog brushes as they are known in northern England. While its one of the oddest things i have seen i’ll admit i do find it funny. In Fact i find anything to do with Donald Trump funny, love him or hate him you gotta admit he is interesting. Want his face on toilet roll too? Click this: Donald Trump Loo Roll

Want one? Donald Trump Bog Brush

5. Silicone Rubber Lip Trainer

Facial Slimmer From AliExpress

Just wear this for 3 minutes per day for a healthy and simple way to not only lift your facial skin but to also get rid of eye wrinkles and sagging skin around your cheeks. It’s main purpose is to slim your face apparently and the other stuff is a bonus. The picture says it all really. You could look worse though, check this horrendous face lift belt out.

Want to look a fool? Lip Trainer

4. Scrotum Pendant ?

For stretching testicles?

(NSFW) Im not going to pretend to know what this does nor am i going to google it because im afraid of what i might see. I am an open minded person but hairy testicles isn’t an image i want to subject my eyes to. OK so my guess is this gadget helps you stretch out your……. erm balls? Like……it makes them hang lower or something? Apparently they come in different sizes too and this particular seller has sold 48 and has many happy reviews so they must do what they are meant to do. If you know exactly how these work then feel free to comment below.

Want your scrotum stretched? Scrotum stretcher

3. Bum Hole Cleaner

Enema Kit From AliEpress

(NSFW) One of the more weird things i have come across is this erm…..bum hole washer thingy. Im trying to keep this article clean and by doing so i need to avoid saying things like anus and vagina. Anyway i think this attaches to your shower hose enabling you to easily flush out your erm….bum. I don’t know why they used what is supposed to be a sexy looking model because i don’t feel there is anything sexy about hosing out your rectum.

Flush that butt: Bum Flusher

2. love Doll

Brad the Love Doll

(NSFW) This is Brad say hello. The seller didn’t name him Brad, i did on account that she looks like a bloke. Seriously what kind of weirdo wants one of these odd looking love dolls. I mean i can almost understand why some people would want/need one but some of them look hideous like this one. I will admit though that some of them are weirdly real, like scary real. Some look a little young too which is weird in itself. If you don’t like Brad you could try an elf instead.

Would you like a relationship with Brad?

1. Silicon Baby Doll

Female Silicon Baby From AliExpress

I deliberated over what would be number 1 for a while. And I decided on this freaky looking thing in the end. I honestly can’t look at it for too long otherwise my mind starts to think its being possessed. Its the most scary thing i have ever seen and is definitely worthy of number 1 spot. If i didn’t know better i would guess it was the love child of Donald Trump and Susan Boyle. Believe it or not people have bought this female doll.

funny things to buy on aliexpress

Do you always buy something you really need? I don’t.

I didn’t really need that notebook I bought a year ago that still gathers dust on the shelf, its pages blank. Neither did I need that extra size mug that happened to weight too much when filled with coffee.

But hey! Sometimes we all feel like buying useless stuff only because we enjoy the process of shopping. Guess they call it ‘shopping therapy’ or something.

However, as a seller, one should really focus on useful products that could help customers in a certain way. You don’t sell goods – you sell solutions, remember? Though emotional component that stimulates impulse purchases can work too.

Even though one could expect sellers to focus solely on useful stuff, in fact, you can find really strange things on AliExpress that people actually buy!

5 Tips to how to buy from aliexpress and Avoid Frauds or Scams

1. Buying From AliExpress: Buyer Protections

Buying online comes with inherent risks. Unlike doing your shopping in a physical store, you can’t see the item prior to purchase.

This removes a significant part of the buying process. You can’t feel a product to test for build quality or check an electronic item to make sure all the features work as described.

If you’re buying a well-known brand, you can read online reviews or even head to shop to negate the problem.

But is AliExpress safe to use for purchases? After all, many of the cheap white-label Chinese products on AliExpress are not available in stores; you’re on your own. Normally, you will be making your decision solely based on the description and a few photos. It’s vital, therefore, that the site has a robust buyer protection policy.

Luckily, it does. The company offers two important guarantees:

  1. A full refund if you don’t receive your order: if the item does not show up, or even if it does not arrive within the timescale the seller specifies, you can apply for a full refund. You will get a full refund within 15 days.
  2. A full or partial refund if the item is not as described: if your purchase differs significantly from what you expected, you have two options. You can either return the item for a full refund or keep the item and receive a partial refund.

2. Resolving Disputes

aliexpress dispute process

Unfortunately, as with other eCommerce sites, getting a refund for a missing, defective, or incorrect item is not as simple as merely clicking a “Refund” button. There’s an entire dispute process you need to work through.

On AliExpress, the dispute process involves three steps:

First, you need to contact the seller and raise your issue directly with them. If you’re raising a dispute either before the order has been completed, or more than 15 days after completion, this is the only option open to you.

If you’re still in the pre-completion stage and the seller refuses to cooperate, you have to wait until the order is closed and raise the issue with AliExpress. Sadly, if you’re beyond the 15-day mark and the seller refuses to cooperate, you’re out of options.

Second, if you’re within the 15-day period and you’re not happy with the seller’s response, you can open a dispute ticket. This makes the process formal.

Third, if you’re unhappy with the formal discussions, you can escalate the issue to AliExpress. It will then act as a mediator between you and the seller to reach a resolution.

3. Finding A Reputable Seller: The Feedback Page

aliexpress seller feedback

The easiest way to avoid using the refund and dispute channels is to find a reputable seller. It makes ordering from AliExpress much less worrisome. If thousands of satisfied customers have used the seller in the past, you’re far less likely to run into problems.

The most obvious way to check a seller is to look at their history. On any seller’s page, click the Feedback tab for a complete breakdown. To safely buy cheap tech from Chinese sites, checking seller feedback is essential.

Each seller has a Positive Feedback percentage and Feedback Score. The Feedback Score is the sum of all ratings, converted into points. Four- and five-star ratings are worth one point, three stars are worth zero, and one- and two-star ratings deduct one point.

Further down the page, you can see star ratings sub-divided into Item as DescribedCommunication, and Shipping Speed. For each sub-category, you can see whether the seller in question is above or below the site average.

Lastly, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see a historical look at their scores along with buyer comments.

4. Check Seller Guarantees

aliexpress seller guarantees

Sellers can also offer buyers specific safeguards. As a general rule, the more guarantees provided, the more confident you can be in your purchase. Again, it helps to make AliExpress a more reliable store.

Sellers offer guarantees on a per-item basis. Just because they offer lots of assurances on one product doesn’t mean the same assurances are replicated across their entire catalog. Make sure you do thorough research before you commit.

There are four different guarantees sellers can offer:

  1. On-Time Delivery. The seller promises to provide a full refund if your purchase does not arrive by a pre-agreed time.
  2. Returns and Refund. The seller promises to offer a full refund if the product is not as described
  3. Domestic Returns. The seller has a warehouse in your country. You can send returns to it without needing to worry about shipping costs or customs fees.
  4. Guaranteed Genuine. If you’re buying a big-ticket electronic item, this is one to look out for. It means the item has been verified as genuine by AliExpress itself.

To see which guarantees are provided for an individual item, check for the Buyer Protection information in the Quick Info part of the product page, or click the Seller Guarantees tab below the product image.

5. Be A Smart Shopper To Avoid Fraud

No matter how much security the site puts in place, you always need to take some responsibility for your own actions.

AliExpress offers some helpful hints to make sure you avoid fraudulent sales. Most of them are common sense, but it’s still prudent to recap some of them:

  • If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Sorry, but you’re not going to get the latest iPhone for $10. You’re probably buying an iPhone keyring instead. Check the small print.
  • Never send money to a seller’s bank account. If a seller wants you to send money directly to them rather than through AliExpress, do not proceed. Sending money outside of AliExpress means the site will not cover you under its buyer protection policies.
  • Do not confirm delivery before receiving the order. Never say you’ve received an item before it’s in your possession and you’ve thoroughly checked it for problems.

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