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Life gets better as we get older. It may sound trite, but it’s true. As the pressures and insecurities of youth fade, we can finally relax, comfortable in our own skin, and enjoy the simple pleasures and joys of daily life.

But it’s silly to deny that as we move into the “back nine” of our lives, we might slow down a bit. Perhaps it’s not quite as easy to open that jar of pickles as it used to be. Or, we may find ourselves squinting when checking out a new novel.

Fortunately, there are many products that can help us with the more challenging aspects of aging. Following are some great products at Amazon that make life easier after you turn 50 — and even before you cross that magic mark.

We recommend you compare prices around the web before you buy. Also, note that although prices you see here will almost always be accurate, they do sometimes differ slightly from what you’ll see when you check Amazon.

1. Bed assist bar

If something like arthritis, back pain or even hip surgery has made getting out of bed a bit more challenging, the Medline Bed Assist Bar provides added stability.

It works on either side of twin- to queen-sized beds, has height-adjustable legs and even includes a handy pocket for storage.Prime $29.99

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2. Sock aid

The Vive Sock Aid “opens the sock and positions it to easily glide on the foot” all without needing to bend, twist or reach over, the manufacturer says.

It also boasts an adjustable cord length, slip-resistant cuff and comfort-grip handles.Prime $16.99 29% off $11.99

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3. Suction shower grab bar

Slipping in the shower becomes a greater concern as we grow older. But the Suction Shower Grab Bar from Carex Health Brands offers added stability each time you enter and exit the bathtub or shower.

It has dual-locking suction cups that securely mount to smooth, flat surfaces.Prime $15.84

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4. Wireless RF item locator

The Findkey Wireless RF Item Locator makes it easy to locate keys, remote controls and other objects that tend to go missing.

Simply attach one of the four included receivers to an item and press the corresponding color-coded button on the remote control to track it.Prime $16.98 6% off $15.98

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5. Universal handle

If you have arthritis or weakened hand strength, you know that gripping ordinary items — like pens, forks and toothbrushes — can be difficult. The Maddak Universal Built-Up Handle creates a larger gripping surface on tough-to-grasp objects.

It’s dishwasher safe and features an ergonomic, soft-ribbed design. It also comes in a four-pack.Prime $18.99

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6. Button hook dressing aid

The OXO Good Grips Button Hook Dressing Aid “assists with pulling a button through a buttonhole in a quick, easy manner,” according to the manufacturer.

The dressing aid is ideal for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, limited finger or hand strength, or painful, swollen joints.$8.95

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7. Rotating reacher grabber

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8. LED-lighted page magnifier

The MagniPros 3X Large Ultra Bright LED Page Magnifier boasts 12 dimmable LED lights that the manufacturer says will last for more than 100,000 hours.

Plus, the magnifier has an ergonomic, lightweight design and up to 300% magnification.Prime $29.95 33% off $19.95

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9. Can and jar opener

Who hasn’t found themselves grappling to open a jar with an exceptionally stubborn lid? The EZ Off Jar Opener helps remove caps and lids of all sizes.

You can even install it discreetly under a cupboard or cabinet.Prime $19.99 27% off $14.65

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10. Rechargeable LED book light

The LEDGLE Rechargeable LED Book Light features a flexible design that drapes around the neck and bendable arms.

Lightweight and portable, this hands-free light can even be used for night jogging and biking.Prime $13.99

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11. Universal big button TV remote

In simpler times, the remote did three things: Changed the channel, adjusted the volume and turned the TV on and off. Today’s remotes look like something that would be at home on the “Star Trek” Starship Enterprise.

If you — or your parents — want simple, stress-free viewing, check out the Universal Big Button TV Remote offered by This lightweight, compact “EasyMote” simplifies your experience by allowing you to operate your TV and cable box with just six oversized backlit buttons.Prime $15.95

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12. Electronic pill organizer

Keeping track of a daily prescription drug routine can be challenging at any age.

The Mini Bluetooth Electronic Pill Organizer and App from Memo Box allows you to set audio and visual pill reminder alerts on both the device itself and your smartphone.Sold Out

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13. Garden kneeler

Although it might not feel like it in the middle of February, spring is right around the corner!

The Abco Tech Garden Kneeler and Seat comes with a soft foam padding that shelters your knees and back from wear and tear. The product also comes with an attachable tool pouch.Sold Out

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14. Automotive standing aid

The Stander CarCaddie Automotive Standing Aid and Adjustable Safety Vehicle Support Handle will help you or a loved one get into and out of any vehicle more easily.

This device features a nonslip car bar grip whose strap buckles around the frame of an open car window.Prime $13.00

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15. Folding step stool

This Folding Step Stool from Handy Laundry features a textured surface and anti-skid foot pads to help you reach even the highest cupboard.

It has a 9-inch maximum standing height and folds away for storage.

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