Gerber knife kit

Finding the best Gerber knife kit or gerber knives can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top gerber survival kit options in the category.

Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision.

Joseph Gerber had no delusions of grandeur when he started Gerber Legendary Blades. The company was made to craft and distribute cute little cutlery sets that were to be given out as gifts. It was never meant to become a household name in affordable knives. Now, more than 75 years later, it is synonymous with blades that show up in the market with a price tag great for any budget. As the years have gone on, the company has never stopped growing, never stopped innovating, and never fell behind the curve when it came to turning out knives that you’d be happy to have on your hip – even if some of their blades are meant for less than greatness.

Though Gerber has expanded and diversified, it’s still their knives that make the biggest impact. They’re perfect for everyday carry due to their lower cost and ability to be lost without costing hundreds of dollars. Gerber prides itself on creating lightweight cutters from materials that are good enough to last for years, with some capable of becoming heirloom pieces.


Best Gerber Knives

Gerber has been a household name in the knife and outdoor industry since 1939. Their reputation of quality, innovation and design has helped propel (pun intended) them to the front of the knife making pack. With such a rich history and wide range of products, it is no wonder why Gerber knives have been a top choice for knife enthusiasts and the like for nearly a century.

Gerber knife kit

Check out our top 7 Gerber knives below and read a review from one of our beloved customers after each break down.

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1. StrongArm

Gerber StrongArm

Gerber’s history of making military grade survival knives started in 1968. The Gerber StrongArm fixed blade knife is a modern take on early Gerber survival knives. Its rugged design features a full-tang 420 stainless-steel blade with a robust injection molded rubberized handle. What sets this knife apart from other fixed blade knives of this size is its included modular sheath system. The sheath allows the knife to be carried on body in a variety of ways or attached to a MOLLE ready pack or vest. The Gerber StrongArm is an amazing fixed blade knife for work, combat or camping. Check out our in-depth review to see how it ranked on everything from versatility to ergonomics.

  • 9.75” Overall Length
  • 4.875” Blade Length
  • 420 Stainless-Steel Blade
  • Rubber Handle
  • Modular Sheath System

Baldemar G. says…

“This is the only knife I take with me when I go camping, and I’ve never felt like I need anything else. It’s strong, sharp, and it carries awesome because of its well thought out sheath. Love this knife.”

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2. Empower

Gerber Empower

Gerber Empower was designed as a lightweight automatic folding knife. It features an anodized aluminum frame with Gerber’s Armor Grip stainless steel insert for added grip and durability. This knife has an amazing automatic action that fires with precision and consistency time after time. For added safety, Empower features a thumb safety switch that locks the firing button when locked. A CPM-S30V blade gives this knife a strong cutting edge and amazing versatility.

  • 8.40″ Overall Length
  • 3.25” Blade Length
  • CPM-S30V Blade
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Handle
  • Plunge Lock with Safety Switch

“For the money this Auto is hard to beat. It has excellent ergonomics, excellent action, and solid lockup. If you need an auto that you can trust, this will serve you faithfully.”

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3. 06 Auto

Gerber 06 Auto

Easily one of the most popular automatic folding knives, the Gerber 06 Auto features a snappy action and robust construction meant for heavy use and everyday tasks alike. The 06 Auto is built like a tank with its ergonomically designed aluminum handle and drop point CPM-S30V blade. It has a built-in thumb safety for added security when it’s not being used, and a stainless-steel pommel strike point. The 06 Auto is built for anyone who demands the most from their gear.

  • 8.60” Overall Length
  • 3.70” Blade Length
  • CPM-S30V Blade
  • Aluminum Handle
  • Plunge Lock with Safety Switch

“This is a rock solid knife!!! Firing was a little slow at first but simply needed some break in time!! Feels really good in the hand. I would definitely recommend!!!”

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4. Covert

Gerber Auto Covert

Designed as an everyday carry tactical knife, the Gerber Covert Auto features a slim profile and solid construction that gives it a great feel in hand. This knife features a spear point CPM-S30V blade that’s great for both simple tasks and self-defense. The Covert Auto has a snappy push-button automatic action with a safety switch for fast deployment and secure carry. Its aluminum handle features grip enhancing grooves and stainless-steel liners for added strength and rigidity when used. A deep-carry pocket clip helps this knife sit low in the pocket to remain less conspicuous than other knives of a similar size.

  • 8.70” Overall Length
  • 3.78” Blade Length
  • CPM-S30V Blade
  • Aluminum Handle
  • Plunge Lock with Safety Switch

“Knife is well made and has great balance. Love the dark grey with the black blade. This is my new EDC. Gerber is always my go to brand.”

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5. Propel

Gerber Propel Knife

The Gerber Propel is an amazing all-around automatic folding knife. It was designed as a lightweight tactical knife, but its size and construction make it an amazing everyday knife. The Propel features a durable textured G-10 handle for ample grip in all conditions. Its push-button automatic action makes it easy to deploy quickly with one hand when speed matters most, while its black oxide coated CPM-S30V blade retains a wicked sharp edge without corroding easily.

  • 8.50” Overall Length
  • 3.50” Blade Length
  • CPM-S30V
  • G-10 Handle
  • Plunge Lock with Safety Switch

“If you ever had second thoughts, pull the trigger. I know its tanto, I know it has serrations. Twice the pain in the ass to sharpen but trust me it is completely worth it. I absolutely love the G-10. The fit and finish on the blade is okay, wasn’t perfect. The handle ergonomics and feel really surpassed my expectations. Not big and bulky/sleek/ but not light and wimpy.”

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6. Ghostrike

Gerber Ghostrike Knife

The Gerber Ghostrike is designed to practically disappear when you don’t need it and still be ready for anything when the need arises. The Ghostrike’s slim profile makes it great for carrying on a waistband for everyday carry or tactical use. It features a full tang 420 stainless steel blade with a ceramic coating for wear protection and minimal reflection. This knife has a rubberized grip and a skeletonized handle for great control while in use. An ambidextrous carry sheath is included allowing for either left or right-handed carry.

  • 6.875” Overall Length
  • 3.25” Blade Length
  • 420 Stainless Blade
  • Rubber Handle
  • Molded Plastic Sheath

“This is possibly one of the best products Gerber has produced. The knife is strong, lightweight and thin, it’s very comfortable to carry no matter which carry option you choose you forget you have it on. The sheath is maybe the best sheath on any fixed blade I’ve seen, horizontal and vertical without an additional tech-lok system and the blade can go in any way.”

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7. FlatIron

FlatIron knife

Taking inspiration from traditional straight-blade razors and meat cleavers, the Gerber FlatIron is a stylish everyday carry folding knife. Its unique cleaver shaped blade makes it great for daily cutting tasks like opening packages or cutting food. The knife features a stainless-steel frame and a textured G-10 handle making it both comfortable and grippy while used. FlatIron has a rock-solid frame lock that keeps the knife secure during heavier tasks. If looks are your thing and you need a knife for light tasks, the Gerber FlatIron is a great inexpensive option.

  • 8.375” Overall Length
  • 3.50” Blade Length
  • 7Cr17MoV Blade
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Handle
  • Frame Lock

“I love this knife! I’ve been carrying this knife everyday for over 6 months! It’s great for any task you can throw at it! It was very stiff at the beginning but it finally loosened up. I would love to see a premium steel version with a flipper!”

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8. Fastball

Fastball knife

The Gerber Fastball is a change of pace from typical Gerber knives. This unique folding knife features a handsome Wharncliffe style blade with a large flipper tab. Aircraft aluminum handle help shave weight from the knife while helping it retain rigidity and strength. Fastball was designed to be a durable knife for everyday carry. Premium blade steel and incredible ergonomics make the Gerber Fastball a truly incredible pocketknife.

  • 7.10” Overall Length
  • 3.00” Blade Length
  • CPM-S30V Blade
  • Aircraft Aluminum Handle
  • Liner Lock

“I received my fastball and was surprised at the level of fit and finish/build this knife has to offer for the price. Perfect centering, great materials, and it looks beautiful. Gerber hit a home run with this fastball (no pun intended) glad to see more USA products from them. Only thing I would change about it is a deep carry clip. But the fact it can be reversed for lefties is a nice touch.”

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Whether you’re looking for your next reliable everyday knife or your next beater blade, Gerber has got it. Gerber’s commitment to making excellent and affordable products has helped them maintain status as a household name.

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