Gold rings for men

In this buying guide, we will outline the best Gold Rings For Men, rose gold rings for men, 2 gram gold ring for gents, and gold rings for mens with price. Rings, like any other type of jewellery, come in various styles, such as signet, wedding and even rings for your pinky (little) finger. Guys will also occasionally need to think about engagement rings. Naturally, they come in various colours and materials too. The most common you’ll find will be made from either silver or gold, but some high-end brands opt for other precious metals such as white, rose or yellow gold, and even platinum. For us, we’re more fans of silver rings – we don’t fancy looking like a New York City diamond dealer – but there are certain situations when adding a splash of gold will elevate your style game.

Choosing which finger to wear a ring on can be as arduous a task as deciding where to get a tattoo. Some people will tell you there are a certain set of rules to follow when it comes to ring-wearing: your ring finger should be reserved solely for a wedding ring, for example. And signet rings are traditionally worn on the little finger. Pish to rules though, simply measure up your fingers, try a few on and go for whichever finger feels comfortable.

Gold Rings For Men

Best Rings for Men in 2021

By John JonesDecember 31, 2020

While it’s almost a given that a guy has to wear a stack of bracelets on one wrist or another these days, now that we’ve all gotten used to wearing more (and more) jewelry, the stacking phenomenon is now moving up onto our fingers. Grab a couple of rings of varying widths, and fill up as many fingers as your keyboard can handle. Simple rings that might otherwise be interpreted as wedding bands lend themselves to this trend, but avoid wearing them on your left ring finger if you’re putting yourself out in the dating pool.

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While chunky rings are in, the rock-and-roll die-hard rings of the 1990s are being reinterpreted; now as likely to be in gold as silver, and eschewing the hardcore motorcycle aesthetic. If that’s too much for you, the classic signet ring is making a comeback: It’s a perfect prototypical statement to pair with a wedding band; often making a connection to one’s school or heritage. Since we seem to be living in uncertain times, it’s also a natural that jewelry connected to cryptic beliefs like horoscopes would be making an appearance. Of course like so many things, non-gender-specific styles are extremely popular, so don’t be surprised if the women in your life start raiding your jewelry tray, and vice-versa. Here are a few of our selections for men’s rings that are as great for giving as they are for getting. 

Kay Jewelers Black Silicone Men’s Wedding Band

For the active man, about the only thing better than wearing a silicone ring is not wearing one at all (which may not be an option in some relationships), or going for a tattoo to prove your love. It’s much more comfortable than a traditional ring when lifting weights, and you don’t have to worry about losing it in the locker room (even if you do, at forty bucks it’s not so hard to replace). It’s also much safer for guys in “heavy lifting” kinds of careers where getting a ring off in a hurry after an injury could mean the difference between keeping and losing a finger. 


The Monotype Knuckle Ring/Touch Tool 

Bringing a bit of practicality to the accessories world, wear this as a piece of contemporary jewelry: it’s a modern take on brass knuckles, but the only thing you’ll be knocking out is germs. Swing the ring out to use as a touch tool when facing something that may seem particularly yucky; i.e., buttons on an ATM or gas pump. While copper and copper alloys are antimicrobial, don’t necessarily rely on a tool like this to protect you from germs; i.e., coronavirus, because, inevitably, the point you use to touch the object will still end up touching your skin. At least it looks cool! 


Legacy for Men by Simone I. Smith Textured Ring

This stainless steel ring adds some sleek style to your fingers without watching a lot of cash flow through them. A steel ring is a great option if your job or interests are active enough that you know your jewelry will take some abuse, yet this design still looks cool enough to wear casually or dressed up. 


Martine Ali Anchor Silver Chain Ring

Like a bracelet for your finger, this ring is inspired by industrial equipment for a look that is chunky and masculine. It’s a great piece to pair with a similar bracelet (don’t be too “matchy-matchy”) or to stack with solid rings. 


Zales Enchanted Disney Snake Scales Ring

Whether you’re an Enchanted Kingdom super-fan, a herpetologist (a zoologist who studies reptiles and amphibians), or snakeskin is a symbol of your individuality; this diamond snake ring is inspired by Disney’s Aladdin bad guy Jafar in his cobra incarnation. It’s sterling silver with black rhodium plate with some (small) diamonds. Unfortunately it’s only available in lucky size 10, but can easily be resized. 


Alexander McQueen Skull Stack Ring

Stacking rings with the appeal of a puzzle, a bad-assed design theme, and haute couture allure are all combined in this Alexander McQueen skull ring. McQueen was the British fashion designer particularly renown for his work for the house of Givenchy; as well as the subject of one of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most visited exhibitions ever. The three bands are made in Italy of plated brass. 


Ōura Heritage Smart Ring

Smart watches? Why bother. Do some deep biohacking with this electronic wonder that tracks your heart rate, body temperature, and more; helping build good sleep and activity habits. The ring communicates with an app on your smartphone to provide data and insights. The battery lasts around a week, and you can wear it pretty much all the time; even in the shower or when swimming. Oh, and hey, it looks pretty great, too! 


Title Of Work Mixed Metal Ring 053

Designer Jonathan Meizler brings a sense of the unexpected to all his work. This ring mixes 18K gold with an open-ended sterling band. It’s oxidized for a dark finish that lightens up and builds a patina as you wear it, making it truly your own. All title of work rings are made in the brand’s New York City Lower East Side atelier. 


Tracee Nichols Oxidized Sterling Silver Roman Signet Ring

If your family doesn’t have a signet of its own, Tracee Nichols’ Roman Soldier signifies courage, strength, and power. In oxidized sterling silver with black diamonds, the ring features the silhouette of a proud centurion, making a statement that is both modern — with a rock-and-roll, denim and leather sort of aesthetic — and antique — perfect when paired with a three-piece suit or a tuxedo. 


Reinstein Ross Half Round Band

While in some ways this minimalistic ring is completely traditional, its soft, apricot gold finish is anything but. It’s a great ring to stack and pair with other styles, yet is powerful enough to wear on its own as a wedding band or as a colorful mix with other rings. 


Eva Fehren The Hero Signet Ring

In 18 karat palladium white gold, this simple, yet bold design is part of Eva Fehren’s XX/XY collection. She compares it to slipping on her husband’s denim jacket, but we couldn’t help but notice that the shape is reminiscent of Superman’s “shield” logo. 


Foundræ Earth Wide Band

While this collection includes rings for the elements of fire, water, and air; since we’re heading into Capricorn territory, we highlighted this one for earth; reflecting stability, loyalty, the ability to manifest, to create; as well as nesting and grounding. (It’s also appropriate for those born under Taurus and Virgo.) The ring’s Masonic-like motifs are elegant while mysterious. While shopping on the site, be sure to check out Foundrae’s All Rise medallion: the sale raises funds for racial and gender equity, and celebs like Noah Centineo and Michael Ealy are already fans. 


David Yurman Petrvs Horse Signet Ring

In an ultimate combination of old and new, David Yurman presents a classic signet ring in the brand’s signature clean, modern style, subtly accented with an equine motif carved from precious lapis lazuli. The ring is inspired by ancient artifacts, yet has a distinctively 21st-century feel. The ultimate in elegance, this ring looks as at home with a three-piece pinstripe suit as it does with a pair of broken-in Levi’s and a white t-shirt.


A Brief History of Men’s Rings

old mens signet ring

Ancient rings were similar to modern-day signet rings but would be pressed into wax or ink to stamp one’s seal of approval.

Men have worn rings since the Egyptian times when they were used as personal identification and as a signature. Egyptians believed rings had supernatural powers and symbolized eternal love. They wore their rings on the left hand’s 4th finger because they believed the vein of love ran through this finger to the head.

These ancient rings were similar to modern-day signet rings and would be pressed into wax or ink to stamp one’s seal of approval. It was actually illegal for seal-makers to keep an impression of a ring they sold to avoid identity theft.

Fast forward to the 8th century BC and Roman men wore rings made from silver, gold, bronze, iron, and jet. These sometimes had precious stones or jewels set in them, although they were initially a plain iron hoop. When a Roman woman accepted a ring, it became a legally binding agreement whereby she was bound to be obedient to her husband.mens rings roman

Three examples of Roman rings

Interestingly, the ring you wore showed your social class. Only the upper classes could wear gold rings while other citizens could wear silver or bronze and slaves weren’t permitted to wear rings at all.

Ever wonder where the term “keyring” came from? Roman clothing had no pockets so people would often wear a finger-ring and hang their house keys from it.

Medieval and Renaissance Britain had many uses for rings, including signets for identification, rings with merchant’s marks, rings for political identification, and rings, which demonstrated professional rank. Much like the Roman Empire, rings also denoted social class and your job type.

Most Popular Styles of Men’s Rings

Men’s Signet Rings

mens signet ring

A signet ring – note the flat top featuring an intricate design.

The word signet comes from the Latin word “signum,” which means “mark” or “sign.” A signet ring has a flat top surface featuring a personal or family crest design. The idea is that when the wearer presses the ring into liquid sealing wax, it leaves an impression. Ancient Greeks created signet rings out of marble, limestone, and ivory and used them for identification purposes.

Throughout the centuries, the signet ring evolved. During World War II, US Air Force Personnel obtained signet rings containing a hidden compartment that held a compass or message.

Nowadays, signet rings tend to be a fashion accessory.

How to Wear a Signet Ring

Traditions of the placement of signet rings vary depending on the country. In England, men wore a signet ring on the little finger of the non-dominant hand. The French wore it on the right finger of the left hand. Men in Switzerland traditionally wore a signet on the right finger of the right hand and in the Middle East, a signet ring is worn on the middle finger or the thumb.

Types of Signet Rings

  • Round – rounded bevel in a variety of sizes
  • Oxford – square bevel with rounded corners, similar to a seat cushion
  • Straight Oval – a broad oval, the most common and traditional type
  • Bulbous Oval – large, heavy signet rings with a classic look
  • Octagon – 8 sided, very unique and geometric, the most modern style

When to Wear a Signet Ring

Traditional signet ring etiquette is dependent on whether the man is married. If a married man wore a signet ring on the left ring finger, it was interpreted as a wedding ring.

Men’s Wedding Rings

mens wedding rings

In 16th and 17th century Europe, men would sometimes wear Gimmel rings made of two interlocking circles. The groom and bride would wear one ring each while engaged. During the wedding ceremony, the groom would put his band on the bride’s finger, thus completing the circles.

Because of the wars and conflicts in the early 20th century, men began wearing a wedding band as a way of remembering their spouses back home.

How To Wear a Wedding Ring 

Wedding rings are always worn on the ring finger but the hand it’s worn on varies from culture to culture. In many cultures, the wedding band is worn on the right hand because it is used for oaths and vows. Other cultures wear a wedding ring on the left hand because it’s believed the vein of love runs through this finger. Wedding bands are also worn on the left-hand because it’s the less dominant hand for most.

The placement of the “ring” finger is also credited to using this finger the least.

When To Wear a Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are worn when a man is married. Not wearing a wedding band when married is often seen as improper or suspicious. Couples often pick out matching wedding bands to signify their love and dedication to each other.

Men’s Pinky Rings

best mens rings pinky ring

Pinky rings came into popularity in 18th century England. In the Victorian Era, men and women wore pinky rings to indicate they were uninterested in marriage. In the 20th century, men made pinky rings a fashion statement – they were an expression of freedom and style. Wealthy American men followed the British tradition of wearing a signet ring on their pinky.

Franklin Roosevelt famously wore a pinky signet ring.

Pinky rings became associated with organized crime in the US and they would often indicate the wearer’s affiliation with the Mafia – giving it a negative connotation.

How to Wear a Pinky Ring

Traditionally, the pinky ring was worn on the left-hand pinky finger. However, this rule is not set in stone – Winston Churchill famously wore his signet ring on the right-hand pinky finger.

When to Wear a Pinky Ring

Pinky rings can be worn for any occasion but are often considered more formal. A pinky ring is an expression of style and comes in a wide range of shapes and styles. Signet rings are typically worn as pinky rings too.

Men’s Thumb Rings

mens thumb ring

Thumb rings date back to the Egyptian era. They believed that thumb rings would ward off evil spirits and avoid disease.

Another use of thumb rings – protection during archery. When drawing a bow using a thumb draw, the thumb is hooked around the bowstring and, over time, can cut into your thumb. The thumb ring protects the inner pad of the archer’s thumb.

Traditionally, women would wear their deceased husband’s thumb ring as a way of preserving their memory. Thumb rings also signify freedom. It’s believed that having a ring on your thumb means you are a strong and independent individual. The larger the thumb ring – the more independent the wearer.

Today, thumb rings are worn to signify freedom and sexual preference.

How to Wear a Thumb Ring

A thumb ring is an excellent option for men who want to wear more than one ring due to the distance between the thumb and the other fingers.

When to Wear a Thumb Ring

Thumb rings can be worn in any situation but are often frowned upon in job interviews. They’re particularly an easy way to express your freedom and individuality. Often a thumb ring will include a large gemstone such as a diamond or ruby. Men usually have their birthstone in their thumb rings.

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