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Today, we will be discussing the best gifts for mom on birthday, best gifts for mom birthday, gifts for mom birthday from daughter, good gifts for mom birthday, and the best gifts for mom on birthday. Like so many women, my mom is my best friend. She’s been there for me through some rough times and has always continued to support me (and the crazy way I live my life). I know that I could show her a bit more.

The year is almost over, and that can only mean one thing: another birthday for your mom. Whether you call her ‘mom’, ‘ma’, or ‘mother’ (I don’t know why some people find this weird), she’s part of your family and hopefully your best friend. While the recent holiday season might have burned your pockets empty (because you spent all your money buying gifts), there are plenty of inexpensive gifts for mom that you can get to show her how much you love her. Birthday gifts for moms can be tough to come up with because they want something special, which is exactly what I’ve written about — the best gifts for mom birthdays. Not only will it help you provide one

appreciation, so I went searching for some heartwarming gifts that moms will totally adore in order to give her the thanks she deserves.

Even though I still live with my mom, we have a relationship much closer to roommates than mother and daughter. We go out for happy hour, watch a million tv shows together, and sometimes even hang out on the weekends. My mom has done so much for me and I think that she’s earned some serious gratitude for that. And the best way to do that is give her a present that will cause some tears (and not sad tears so much as happy, sentimental tears).

Feel the same way about your mother? Definitely give this list a look so that the the next time your mom does something great for you — or if you’re simply feeling an overwhelming sense of love and thankfulness for her — you can give her a super thoughtful gift that she’ll love. After all, moms should be recognized for all of the things they do for their kids each and every day.

1. A Necklace To Show Her How Important She Is

Mama Bear Necklace, $22, Amazon

This necklace is adorable and so sweet, making it a great gift from a son or daughter to show her how strong you think she is.

2. A Family Tree Bracelet So She Can Carry Her Kids Wherever She Goes

Family Tree Jewelry

Get this beautiful handmade customizable bracelet for an ultra-thoughtful present. Not only is it so pretty, it also can feature either just your initials or the first initial of each of her kids stamped onto the hearts. That way, she can bring you all along wherever she goes.

3. A Pretty Painted Jewelry Bowl For All Her Sparkly Things

Image result for Pretty Painted Jewelry Bowl For All Her Sparkly Things

Cherry Blossom Branch Jewelry Bowl

Now every time your mom takes off a piece of jewelry and places it inside of this beautiful cherry blossom bowl, she’ll immediately think of you.

4. A Coffee Mug That Tells Her What You Really Think


It Takes Someone Strong Mug

“It takes someone strong to make someone strong,” this lovely mug reads above a beautifully colorful bouquet. After all, is there really anyone stronger than a mother?

5. A Collection Of Letters That You’ve Been Writing For Years

After you get this book by Lea Redmond, hold onto it for a few years and write your mom letters thanking her, sharing big moments, and recording memories for when you gift it in the future. It’ll bring your mom to tears when you someday present it to her and she finally starts to open them.

6. A Cutting Board With A Sentimental Message

Recipe for a Special Mom Cutting Board, $21, Amazon

If your mom loves to cook, give her a gift that she’ll use over and over again. Whenever she makes something fun in the kitchen, she’ll smile from the lovely message engraved into the wood.

7. Remind Your Mom How Much You Love Her

Remember I Love You Bracelet

This “Remember I Love You Mom” bracelet makes a great gift if you’re moving away from home, whether you’re off to college or moving to another city. You can tell your mom how much you love her and she’ll remember each time she wears her engraved bracelet.

8. A Meaningful Print For Her Wall

Image result for Meaningful Print For Her Wall

Mom Quote Chalkboard Wall Art Print

If your mom loves to have sentimental prints and pillows sprinkled around her house, give her a new one that she’ll truly appreciate. “Mom, I am so

blessed with all you do — your love and kindness will guide me through” this heartwarming poster reads. “Forever thankful to have you as a mom, you are the most wonderful one.”

9. A Jewelry Box That’ll Make Her Tear Up Whenever She Opens It

Need Gifts For Indian Mom? Browse This Priceless Guide First

Infinite Memories

Whether it’s your mom or your partner’s, she deserves something special. A personalised experience gift or a stunning piece of jewellery…you need to choose the gifts for Indian mom as per her personality and taste. Because apart from being your mom, she is an individual too! Therefore a gift for her should be an exclusive gesture saying, “this is just for you, Mom!”

So is your mom a music lover or fashionista? Is she a born traveller or loves to decorate? Let us make your life easier with a list of gift options for all kinds of mothers! Read on:

1. For the artistic mom


Does your mother have an artistic inclination? Then how about getting her something in those lines? Think paintings, sculptures, artefacts…take a look at some more ideas on gifts for Indian mom who have a creative streak:

  • Take her out on an art exhibition of her favourite painter.
  • Antique gift decorative, wooden, brass or bronze artefacts.
  • Handicrafts, paper, bamboo, cane items.
  • Handloom sarees and suits.
  • Candles and fragrance

2. For the Masterchef mom

Embassy Catering

Your mom-in-law has been complaining about how the broken juicer slows her down in the kitchen. Well, this is your chance! Most moms around the globe just love to cook and feed their kids (lucky for us!!). So why not going for some foodie gifts for Indian mom to surprise her on her birthday? Here are a few ideas:

  • A kitchen appliance that she’s been wanting for long.
  • Cook her favourite dish and enjoy a fun dinner together…just the two of you! Learn if you can’t cook!
  • Treat her with a scrumptious dinner at her favourite restaurant. Or you could gift her dinner coupons for two!
  • Go for an elaborate Sunday brunch buffet, eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow!
  • Even watching her favourite cookery show together could be a fun gift, if that’s what makes her smile!

3. For the fashionista mom

Image Courtesy: Lakme India

Chiffon sareesdesigner shoesfusion jewellery and a whole palette of lips and eye shades…does that sound like your mom-in-law? Well, you have some hard work to do, my friend! Impressing your style savvy mother in law may sound like a tough task. But we do have some ideas that might be just perfect gifts for Indian mom who loves fashion:

  • A timeless Kanjeevaram silk saree for the wedding events. You can also go for georgette, chiffon or satin sarees in her favourite shades for regular use.
  • Lakme makeup kit with all the essential products.
  • Bangles, anklets, earrings and other pieces of contemporary jewellery designs.
  • Designer bags, sunglasses and shoes.
  • And if you’re not too sure about her taste, just gift her shopping coupons!

4. For the musical mom

Here are some ‘melodious’ ideas for getting gifts for Indian mom who is an ardent music lover:

  • An IPod with all her favourite songs saved in it.
  • Take her to a musical concert of her favourite musician.
  • If you too can sing or play any instrument, organise a small house concert and surprise her with musical performances on your homey Sangeet.
  • A karaoke system.

5. For the fitness freak mom 

Camera Crew

Not all moms love to cook oily and buttery foods! Let’s give it up for the health and fitness conscious moms. Take a look at some ideas before buying gifts for Indian mom who says “health first”:

  • Organic food and health basket.
  • Fit-bit or running shoes.
  • Fat-free sweet basket.
  • Gym or Yoga membership coupons.
  • Books on health and fitness.
  • Take her out for a salad lunch to her favourite eating joint.

6. For the Sanskaari mom

We Don't Say Cheese

Traditional gifts are one of the most popular gifts for Indian mom. If your mom-in-law loves her Puja and Satsang, here are some ways to impress her:

  • Religious idols like Laxmi, Ganesh or Buddha.
  • Gold bangles, Kada, kumkum and sindoor.
  • Gold coins or gold jewellery set.
  • Om, holy cross or Allah pendants.
  • Accompany her to a Satsang and she will always bless you!

7. For the traveller mom

If your mom is always on a roll and loves to travel, we have some excellent ideas. Take note of some travel-friendly gifts for Indian mom:

  • Leather duffel bag, knapsack or a satchel.
  • Personalised passport holder with an engraved name.
  • A camera, a video camera or a great camera phone with GPS.
  • Holiday package on her birthday or anniversary.
  • A travel diary for her travel stories and pictures.

8. For the “need a break” mom 

Planning a wedding obviously takes a toll on the mothers; especially if they’re working moms. So here are some gifts for Indian mom that would give them a relaxing “me” time!

  • Mani-Pedi appointment in a parlour. Or you can also get an in- house appointment.
  • A long relaxed spa day.
  • Book a bed & breakfast for her to get a stress free and undisturbed sleep.

Gifts for Indian mom don’t necessarily have to be traditional or what the “books” say. Know your mom and mom-in-law and select the gifts accordingly. We know buying gifts for women is a tricky job anyway! So take cues from here. And if you still can’t decide, a gift card or a handmade gift can never go wrong. Also plant saplings, flower pots and “gift a smile” cards are nice ways to go. It’s not about how much you spend on a gift, but how much thought you’ve put into it. Gift your mom with smiles and happy experiences because those are never too much!

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