Gucci Red Disco Bag


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Gucci Red Disco Bag

Gucci’s vivid red ‘Soho Disco’ bag adds a bold pop of color to your outfit while remaining versatile enough for everyday use. This small textured-leather camera style is embossed with the iconic interlocking ‘GG’ monogram and trimmed with a tassel. The lined interior has just enough space for your cell phone, wallet and a few cosmetics. Use the adjustable shoulder strap to wear it cross-body.

  • The Most Famous Gucci Bags Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet For 2019


The Most Famous Gucci Bags Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet For 2019

The Most Famous Gucci Bags Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet For 2019


Popular Gucci Bags

Gucci GG Marmont

($1,100 – $2,700@ Neiman Marcus + 6% cash back by signing up at Extrabux(What is Extrabux?)

The Gucci GG Marmont is the must-have bag of the season – and possibly, a classic for years to come. Its arrival with this status is not without substantial history backing its timeless, yet modern design. The distinctive GG design buckle is the most iconic symbol of the Italian house since the 70s. Kudos to Creative Director, Alessandro Michele for not only bringing Gucci to new heights since his arrival, but also making its signature logo cool again. 

Gucci GG Marmont

Each GG Marmont design melds functionality with femininity in a wide variety of colors and materials, all featuring brass chain shoulder straps whose coloring and size works well with each bag. The GG Marmont comes in a variety of styles including flap, top handle, tote, backpack and belt bags. There is one for every type of personality: Timeless black, mystic white, hibiscus red, intense pink, fresh yellow, peacock, and dark emerald. That’s not all – choose from supple calf leather, plush velvet, and crocodile leather.

Gucci GG Marmont

With sophisticated elements of chevron quilting, gold hardware, covetable styles, and a myriad of colours and materials, it’s no wonder the Gucci GG Marmont is rising up the ranks of our must-haves list. Gucci Marmont is another celebrity favorite one of the reasons being it adapts effortlessly to different styles. It’s no wonder the Gucci GG Marmont is rising up the ranks of our must-haves list.

Gucci GG Marmont

The Gucci Soho Disco


Gucci’s Soho Disco bag was first introduced into the world of high fashion and it has been one of the brand’s hottest bags ever since. Launched in 2014, the piece has been carried by many an A-lister, such as Emma Roberts, Selena Gomez and Amber Heard, which is always a guarantee of an iconic bag in the making. It became a gateway Gucci gem with its central logo, cross-body strap and swinging tassel.

The Gucci Soho Disco

During the making of the Soho Disco bag, Gucci revisited its 1970s archives, hence explaining the vintage vibe of the elegant pebbled calfskin leather crossbody. Not only does the piece currently come in those aforementioned classic colours – black, red, beige, and white – it easily fits in your everyday items.

The Gucci Soho Disco

The Gucci Soho Disco bag is perfect for nearly anyone’s aesthetic. You can wear the bag to a baseball game, to run errands, or to a wedding rehearsal dinner. It can seamlessly be dressed up or down, which is a hard balance to strike for a handbag. Upon its release, it was an instant hit, but time has proven it’s not just another it-bag – it’s a Gucci classic. Disco bag is being phased out after Holiday 2018, but the Soho Disco Bag itself will continue being produced in other colorways.

The Gucci Soho Disco

Gucci Dionysus

($780- $2650)

Gucci Dionysus was one of the “10 hottest ‘it’ bags of the moment”, and its momentum in the bag world hasn’t slowed down since.  Whether you’re a Gucci girl or not, we’ve all noticed the influx of Gucci adorned shoulders on the streets, on the pages of our favorite blogs and favorite Instagram feeds. The Dionysus was introduced in the Fall/Winter 2015 collection under the creative direction of newly appointed head accessories designer, Alessandro Michele.

Gucci Dionysus bags

Gucci Dionysus is inspired and named after the Greek God of Parties Dionysus. In Greek mythology, Dionysus was able to ride a cheetah. So, the metal clasp with two cheetah heads is great symbolic details. Gucci Dionysus was the reason for reviving the dated GG print and making it popular again. 

Gucci Dionysus

Gucci describes the Dionysus as a “structured top handle bag”. The bag features a bold, sliding chain allowing it to be worn in multiple ways as either a top handle or shoulder bag.  The execution of the interior of this bag adds to its wearability.  The inside of the bag is divided into three compartments, two open and one zippered. There is also a pocket under the flap. While the Dionysus was created with the intent of re-engaging consumers with its new look, it is still a very functional and non-fussy bag.

Gucci Dionysus

Recent collections have included embroideries of bees, birds, flowers, and other symbols, and comes in 4 sizes – supper mini, mini, small, medium. This bag is versatile and can dress any outfit up during any season. 

Gucci Dionysus

The Dionysus is one of the brand’s famous and iconic styles, so it’s something you should definitely have in your collection if you like Gucci. A taupe or black shade is ideal, so check this one out too as it’s still trending for 2019.

Gucci Dionysus

Gucci  Sylvie


Inspired by the equestrian culture, Gucci Sylvie drew its materials from the bellyband fixing the saddle to the horse belly. Originating from the 1950s, the red and green Web ribbon suffered from left out in the cold, but It’s obvious that Alessandro Michele has brought it back to life again. The Gucci Sylvie bag is a classic model with a top handle that features a nylon web embedded under the Gucci signature leather, and decorated with iconic leather flames.

Gucci  Sylvie bags

Originating from Latin, Sylvie means forest in France, and it symbolizes a kind of the women, beautiful,rich, and smart.  It made its debut in 2016’s Spring Summer Show, and to this year, more members joined the Sylvie collection and any of them is popular with men and women.

Gucci  Sylvie bag

Thanks for overall looking and smooth leather, Gucci Sylvie sets off a vintage feel. Its classic shape and simple lines, Nylon Web with metal chain and buckle closure, practicality, and fashion, vintage and modern style show completely female mild and tough traits. The design for different sizes and colors echoes to female diversified self-expression. Embroidered patterns and animal studs show infinite energies.

Gucci  Sylvie bag

Gucci Sylvie is popular globally after it was launched. It can match with clothes in sweet style, business style, leisure style or cool boyish style. The Sylvie has been known as the perfect bag for the sophisticated lady who wants to add a little edge to her feminine style. Whether you are a mature, naive, rational or emotional girl, you can select one or more for yourself.

Gucci  Sylvie

One thing that we know for sure, is that any Gucci bag that has been released the fashion house recently is bound to turn heads. I hope this list has narrowed down your wish list and that you have decided on your next bag.

UPDATE: An Ode to the Gucci Soho Disco Bag

This classic Gucci bag is slowly being phased out and we aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet.

Purseonals Gucci Disco Bag

Update 7/15/19: We heard from the team at Gucci that while the red colorway of the Disco bag is being phased out after Holiday 2018, but the Soho Disco Bag itself will continue being produced in other colorways.

Gucci has evolved into one of my favorite handbag brands over the last few years. I recently purchased my first Gucci bag, a small camera bag from the Marmont collection. I’m over the moon with my purchase, but I will admit I was seriously tempted by another bag at the boutique, the Gucci Soho Disco Bag. I’ve been eyeing this pretty little number for years, and the Soho Disco bag just so happens to be the handbag that really put Gucci on my shopping radar. I have admired Gucci bags for years, but when the Soho Disco bag hit its peak popularity around 2015, I felt myself becoming a Gucciholic. While shopping for my Marmont bag, the sales associate told me that the Soho Disco is slowly being phased out and is on its way to being discontinued(see update). I know rumors have swirled that this bag would be discontinued eventually, but I always hung on to the hope that it was untrue. This is one of Gucci’s biggest handbag hits ever and the bag I believe to be the driving force behind the current popularity of camera bags.

Back in the bag’s top heyday, there were many color options available, but today you have limited color options of black, rose beige, or red. My sales associate informed me that they were not planning on releasing any additional colors, so if you have your heart set on another hue, your best bet is the resale market. The price of the Soho Disco currently sits at $1,190, which a pretty great bargain for a bag of this size from a premier designer such as Gucci. With measurements of 8″W x 6″H x 2.5″D, the Soho Disco has a deceptively large interior—you can fit quite a bit inside! The adjustable strap allows you to wear the bag on the shoulder or as a traditional crossbody, which I always appreciate. There’s nothing worse than a crossbody with a too-short strap, am I right?

The interior is lined with cotton linen, making is casual and lightweight. Suede or leather interiors are considered more luxurious, but I’m a big fan of a simple cotton lining. Less maintenance and weight is always a good thing in my book, especially since no one else sees the lining of my bags (especially when they’re zipped!). Speaking of zipped, the top zip closure is perfect for securing your belongings, and especially great if you live in a city and are worried about theft. I love the tassel feature on the handbag, it gives the design a little something extra. The interlocking G’s are embossed into the leather, which is a great detail if you’re not into flashy hardware on your bags. I am a big fan of logos and monograms, and the prominent logo on the Soho Disco has always appealed to me greatly, in fact, I think it’s probably my favorite feature of the bag.

The Gucci Soho Disco bag is perfect for nearly anyone’s aesthetic. You can wear the bag to a baseball game, to run errands, or to a wedding rehearsal dinner. It can seamlessly be dressed up or down, which is a hard balance to strike for a handbag. I quite literally can’t think of an occasion that the Gucci Soho Disco bag would not be appropriate, which in my grade book gives this bag an A+. Upon its release, it was an instant hit, but time has proven it’s not just another it-bag – it’s a Gucci classic. If this bag has caught your eye, I recommend picking it up sooner rather than later.

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Buy Now ($1,190)


Gucci Soho Disco Bag Reference Guide


Presenting the Gucci Soho Disco Bag. The bag first came out in 2012 and has been one of Gucci’s hottest bags ever since. The Soho is a compact shoulder bag which features an embossed interlocking G. It comes with a leather tassel zipper pull and has an adjustable shoulder strap. The interior is made of cotton linen lining and includes a phone and open pockets. The bag is lightweight and easy to carry. This is perfect for everyday use as it can fit just the right amount of necessities. It comes in a variety of colors like Black, Beige and Red. Even celebrities are in love with this bag. Selena Gomez, Naomi Watts, Emma Roberts and Amy Adams have all been spotted carrying the Soho Disco Bag.
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Style, Price & Size

Gucci Soho Disco Bag$980.00 (USD)8″ W x 6″ H x 2.7″ D


Gucci Rose Beige Soho Disco Bag
Gucci Black Soho Disco Bag
Gucci Off-White Soho Disco Bag
Gucci Red Soho Disco Bag
Gucci Blue/Red/White Soho Disco Bag
Gucci Red/Blue/White Soho Disco Bag
Gucci Beige Soho Disco Bag 2

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Gucci Beige Soho Disco Bag 3

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Gucci Beige Soho Disco Bag 4

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Gucci Red Soho Disco Bag 2


Gucci Black Soho Disco Bag 2

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Gucci Black Soho Disco Bag 3

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