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Gucci women watches

Nov 25, 2019

Explore The Latest Collection Of Gucci Watches

In 1906, Guccio Gucci, the son of an Italian trader, founded the Gucci company in Florence, Italy.  An extraordinary craftsman, Gucci based his newly found business on selling luxury products.

In 1938, Gucci established a boutique in Rome. After his death in 1953, his son, Aldo took over management of the company. Upon doing so, he expanded the business by opening several international franchises.

In 1953, New York saw the opening of its first Gucci store, and many more stores were launched in various parts of Europe.

Finally, in 1972, Gucci became the first fashion house to venture into watchmaking, creating successful iconic watch models which were endowed with contemporary styles, innovation, and craftsmanship.

Gucci, Gucci Watches, Latest Collection

Are Gucci Watches Swiss Watches?

You might be wondering, being a company based originally in Italy, is Gucci considered a Swiss brand? The answer is yes.

Since 1972, Gucci’s watch manufacturing operations have been based in Switzerland, with their assembly atelier situated in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

It is the combination of Swiss manufacturing traditions with Gucci’s unique Italian flair and watchmaking style that has enabled the brand to enjoy over 40 years of success. In fact, the reason why Gucci watches are so popular is due to the company’s ability to design their watches in a way that mesmerizes many.

Today, Gucci wristwatches are considered the exemplars of high-quality watchmaking. In addition, thanks to their attractive patterns, they can make anyone look trendy. They are also known for their precision, fine details, and advanced features.

So if you’re planning to buy the latest timepiece from Gucci but don’t know which one to buy, then have a look at some of their latest models below and choose which one suits you best.

Gucci Grip Watch

Gucci Grip Watch, Gucci Watches, Square Dial, Three WIndow Design, Luxury Watch
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Gucci recently crafted a three-window grip watch for fashion enthusiasts and watch lovers. This beautiful timepiece features a square dial with precise cutouts that display hours, minutes, and date in a scale-like manner.

What is highly unique and creative about this watch is its unusual analogue design which also includes rotating dials. Its clean streamlined design is crafted in such a way that it can fit perfectly around your wrist. Moreover, it is a definite eye-catcher and is highly suitable to be worn on special occasions.

All the four models of Gucci Grip come with a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement and a water-resistance of up to 30-metres. Of the four, one is a model replete in yellow gold that comes with a gold PVD case as well as a bracelet. The case and bracelet are both engraved with Gucci’s signature Interlocking G logo.

Another variant comes in pure steel. Meanwhile, the other two editions of this watch come with striking calf leather straps. Overall, Gucci Grip as is a perfect watch for both men and women who prefer a clean yet eye-catching luxury timepiece.

Gucci Men’s Dive Watch

Gucci Men's Dive Watch, Black Watch, Silver Hands, Black Dial, Automatic Watch, Gucci Watches
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The Gucci Men’s Dive watch is for the stylish yet adventurous man who seeks to explore the deep blue anytime and anywhere in the world. This timepiece features a 45mm stainless steel case and a black dial with silver-tone hands as well as index markers.

The hands of this watch are coated with luminescent material which helps divers read the time easily underwater. Furthermore, it is equipped with an analogue display, uni-directional rotating bezel, quartz movement, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

This watch is water-resistant up to 200-metres and fits comfortably on your wrist underwater. Not many designer watches can handle depths up to 200-metres submerged. This feature alone makes it a favourite luxury timepiece. Hence, if you happen to be in the navy or are engaged in water-related sports, then this is the perfect timepiece for you.

Gucci G-Timeless Ladies Watch

Gucci G-Timeless Ladies Watch, Elegant Watch, Stylish Watch, Automatic Watch, Gucci Watches

This watch shows the craftsmen and designers at Gucci’s persistence to create a true timepiece for ladies.

The Gucci G-timeless ladies watch is a watch that radiates elegance, stylishness, and beauty. As such, it is a highly popular showpiece which never fails to attract the attention of buyers everywhere.

This watch’s curved round bezel with a golden border is highly enticing since it resembles an embedded piece of jewellery. Equally alluring is the watch’s signature house motif of a bee, star, and feline head.

Another unique feature of this watch is its soft and luxurious cream leather strap which makes it comfortable throughout the day. Overall, we can say that thanks to Gucci, ladies have something really special in store.

Gucci G-Timeless Automatic Watch

Gucci G-Timeless Automatic Watch, Gucci Watches, Steel Watch, Silver Watch
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With the G-Timeless Automatic watch, Gucci has once more shown its ability to come up with a striking timepiece for consumers.

The G-Timeless Automatic watch features a stone dial, decorative bees, a recurring House motif as well as new advanced features.

This watch comes with a 38mm case made out of either premium quality steel or 18 kt yellow gold. Also included is a steel bracelet and leather strap. Another feature is a transparent case back which gives the wearer a glimpse of the movement that powers the watch.

The Gucci G Timeless Automatic’s movement is, you guessed it, automatic. As such, wearers can rely on this watch thanks to its remarkable accuracy and preciseness.

Additionally, this watch comes with bracelet and leather strap combinations. Examples are a black onyx stone dial with a black alligator strap and a brown tiger eye stone dial with a brown lizard strap. The best part about these fusions is that they’re interchangeable and are thus customizable.

The G-Timeless Automatic watch comes with a metal chain as well. In addition, it has a sapphire crystal finish coated in anti-reflective material.

With this watch, you have the chance to own a perfect Gucci masterpiece.

Gucci GG 2570 Watch

Gucci GG 2570 Watch, Steel, Silver, Gucci Watches, Luxury Watch
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If you’re looking for a go-to watch with an upscale vibe, then the GG 2570 from Gucci is for you.

This watch features Gucci’s iconic G motif on the chic black dial, a feature whose design reflects the brand’s quality craftsmanship. There are also twelve diamonds in place of time markers which only adds to its magnificence. In addition, the watch uses a Swiss quartz movement to ensure reliability.

Gucci Diamantissima Ladies Watch

Gucci Diamantissima Ladies Watch, Gold Watch, Gucci Watches, Luxury Watch
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When talking about Gucci, people almost never forget to acknowledge its stature in the fashion industry. Thus, it’s only natural to mention the Diamantissima watch when talking about stylish timepieces.

This watch features a diamante pattern, made with Gucci’s famous canvas fabric prints, which is styled with a distinctive crisscross motif. In addition, it also includes a Golden cross-cross pinstripe pattern on the dial which only adds to its uniqueness. Such features give this watch (which is available in either a 32mm or 27mm face size) a Hollywood-like design.

At first, this watch looks like any other watch with its simple and elegant black timepiece that includes a premium black leather band. However, when you look closely,  you can see how beautiful and distinctive it actually is.

Gucci G-Timeless Quartz Timepieces

Gucci G-Timeless Quartz Timepieces, Gucci Watches, Snake Design, Mesh Pattern
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This watch is a recent addition to Gucci’s collection of various quartz watches. It features an all-new design with a snake running through the dial and bracelet thereby making it highly distinct from other models. This model is also the first Gucci watch made through a new technique that uses printed mesh. Hence, it features a mesh-patterned dial and a steel mesh bracelet which gives it a highly incredible look.

Now that you’re familiar with some of Gucci’s best models, let’s explore the reasons which explain why they’re highly recommended.

Why Choose Gucci Watches?

Due to their elaborate designs, Gucci watches instantly provide you with an improved fashion sense. In fact, these stylish, iconic, and distinctively bold watches can be worn anywhere and at anytime.

Apart from look and style, these watches also give you good value for your money. Their material makes them stand out in the field of many other Swiss watches. Not only that, but they’re also available for both men and women in search of a sleek, affordable luxury watch.

How You Can Check If Gucci Watch Is Real?

Many people prefer Gucci due to the brand’s standing in the watch industry. However, even if you’re willing to spend a little more than you usually would for luxury, it’s important to be aware of counterfeit Gucci models. In fact, these replicas which currently pervade the market may cause you to lose money for no real value.

So, here are few tips to check if a Gucci watch is authentic:

  • Check the face of the watch you plan to buy. Gucci watch faces are known for featuring precisely designed numerals
  • Check out the hands of the watch. Almost all Gucci watches use a Swiss quartz movement, which makes their hands tick smoothly.
  • Check the model number on the back. On many fake Gucci watches, there is a crest with the Gucci label which appears larger in size as compared to the crest on genuine Gucci models.
  • Check the watch build material. Original Gucci watches consist of solid materials including stainless steel or gold.

Final Thoughts

A watch is one of those accessories that people love to wear regardless of the occasion – a staple piece, so to speak. As such, choosing the right Gucci watch to fit your daily needs is of great importance.

The watches mentioned above are only some of the best Gucci watches for women and men of whatever profession and style. So go ahead and let your inner fashionista shine.


PUBLISHED: 18-12-2017

Ladies Gucci G-Gucci Diamond Watch YA125409

Ladies’ Gucci G Diamond watch (£730)

With close to 100 years of trade under its confidently styled belt, Gucci is an icon of fashion. The brand’s beginnings were formed during founder Guccio Gucci’s time as a lift boy in London’s Savoy Hotel. The son of a leather craftsman, he was inspired by the luxury leather travel bags and accessories carried by guests.

Upon returning to his hometown of Florence, Italy, he opened his own premium leather goods shop in 1923, and the rest is history. Today, Gucci is not only the biggest Italian fashion house on the planet, but one of the most prestigious brands in the world.

As well as ruling the haute-couture runways, Gucci produces several women’s and men’s timepiece collections, which are just as bold and daring as one would expect from such a name. Roughly split into three distinct categories, Gucci watches can usually be categorised as classic, sport, and high fashion, and are Swiss-made to ensure optimum quality.

We’ve curated pieces from each category to give you an accurate snapshot of what this iconic brand is all about. From everyday watches that can be worn in formal environments, to more ornate pieces that will complement a cocktail dress, we have it covered.


Ladies Gucci G-Frame Diamond Watch YA127504

Ladies’ Gucci G-Frame Diamond watch (£590)

While Gucci is famous for its outlandish and attention-grabbing designs, it can also do understated equally as well. This ladies’ Gucci G-Frame Diamond watch (£590) is both subtle and elegant, and features a slimline stainless steel bracelet and case. The stark black, numberless face is beset with three genuine diamonds and the emblematic Gucci logo.

Mens Gucci G-Timeless Slim Moonphase Watch YA126327

Men’s Gucci G-Timeless Moonphase watch (£1,390)

For a modern spin on the classic dress watch, look no further than the men’s Gucci G-Timeless Moonphase (£1,390). The oil-slick black tortoiseshell leather strap and shiny stainless-steel case hark back to days gone by, while the space-inspired face adds modern appeal. Featuring a smattering of stars, planets, and other galactic symbols, the watch also displays the phases of the moon on a charming central rotating disk.


Ladies Gucci Dive D Watch YA136405

Ladies’ Gucci Dive D watch (£1,195)

Style and performance go hand-in-hand with this beautiful ladies’ Gucci Dive D watch (£1,195). Able to withstand depths of up to 200m, it’s sporty enough to resist an active lifestyle, yet pretty enough to be used as an everyday accessory. The striking mother of pearl dial adds a luxe appeal and features luminescent hands and hour markers to ensure you’re always on time.

Mens Gucci G-Chrono Chronograph Watch YA101331

Men’s Gucci G-Chrono watch (£1,190)

The men’s Gucci G-Chrono (£1,190) demonstrates a bold and masculine design and is fastened with a sturdy ion-plated bracelet. Featuring a harmonious colour scheme of black, red, green, and white, the guilloché Gucci G dial houses two chronograph sub-dials, making it the perfect option for the keen sportsman who appreciates style. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that protects the watch ensures this is a piece that can be enjoyed for decades to come.


Ladies Gucci G-Gucci Diamond Watch YA125409

Ladies’ Gucci G Diamond watch (£730)

From The House Of Gucci—Icons Of The Luxury Fashion Label

Ranked in the latest 2018 Lyst Index—of the global fashion search engine Lyst—as the ‘hottest brand’ in fashion, Gucci is a label that has helped define the evolution of dressing in the 20th century with its signature look. Gucci’s strong design inspirations are also seen across their watches. Take a look at how the legacy of the luxury fashion house has informed the distinctive look of these 10 timepieces from their contemporary collections


The world of high fashion is mesmerising and fascinating in every way. From the glamour of the fashion runways to the sophisticated allure of the flashy boutiques in all the iconic fashion hubs around the globe—designer labels have hypnotic appeal that is hard to ignore. Whether it’s Champs Elysees in Paris, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Oxford Street in London, or Tokyo’s Ginza district, fashion-forward individuals make it a point to visit these streets whenever they travel. Today, while there are new designer and couture labels aplenty, it’s the icons of fashion that still hold maximum clout and the power of influencing trends in fashion. We’re talking about the likes of Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Fendi, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci. These are the names in fashion that have helped define the look of the 20th century—the evolution of which we adorn ourselves with today. The turn of the century and times of war gave rise to fashion staples such as the trench coat—pioneered by Burberry—and a sharp evolution in women’s fashion, including ladies’ pants, which Gabrielle Chanel popularised back in the day. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton started with luggage, which led to people taking great pride in the bags they carried. One such pioneer was Guccio Gucci, the man who founded Gucci, the luxury fashion label, in 1921.

The Dawn Of Iconic Gucci

An Italian immigrant, who worked in hotels in Paris and London, Guccio Gucci was fascinated by the luxurious luggage that the guests in these fine hospitality establishments carried with them. When he returned to Florence, his hometown that was known for its leather craftsmanship, he set up a shop of fine leather goods. Drawing inspiration from styles that were quite the rage across Europe at the time, yet retaining Italian workmanship, truly presented products that were a class apart and grew immensely popular very fast. With the emerging Art Deco movement, it was a turning point in design and fashion, with scope for new ideas and creativity after World War I, and Guccio Gucci kept with the times. However, wartime was unfortunately not over. It was during World War II when heavy restrictions against the use of leather forced Guccio to get creative with materials. That’s when he made handbags with canvas, distinguishing the canvas with a pattern that was a web of diamonds. Called the Diamante, this pattern would eventually connect multiple G-and-G monograms—Guccio Gucci’s initials—and is now famously seen across collections and product lines of the brand; even the watches.

Gucci G-Timeless In Black And Steel

The signature Gucci pattern, seen on this unisex watch, is largely debossed on leather. Called the Guccissima, this is an interpretation of the pattern that came about only much after Guccio Gucci’s time.
₹ 72,000


Ironically, the signature Gucci pattern, seen on this unisex watch, is largely debossed on leather. Called the Guccissima, this is an interpretation of the pattern that came about only much after Guccio’s time. It goes on to show how timeless this pattern truly is, since its relevance has transcended its original purpose. Set in a 38mm steel case that is water resistant to 50m, the dial of this watch replicates the look of the strap. Devoid of hour markers, the dial features only hour and minute hands that run on a quartz movement, and the Gucci name at 12 o’clock, along with the Gucci bee motif. More on the bee motif later.

Gucci Twirl

A reflection of the elegant turn-of-the-century style that Gucci was a part of, this watch represents the hit that Gucci has been with women known for their sartorial choices
₹ 89,600


A similar rendition of the classic Gucci pattern is seen on this ladies’ watch. A reflection of the elegant turn-of-the-century style that Gucci was a part of, this watch represents the hit that Gucci has been with women known for their sartorial choices. The stiff bangle-like bracelet in yellow gold PVD-treated steel seamlessly meets the 23.5mm case, also built from the same material, and water resistant to 30m. The champagne-coloured dial and the rivets on the frame of the case add a nuanced touch to this piece.

Gucci Ghost G-Timeless

More in line with the pattern’s original inspiration, this unisex timepiece features the connected Gs on a canvas-like material, lined with rubber on the strap
₹ 73,600


More in line with the pattern’s original inspiration, this unisex timepiece features the connected Gs on a canvas-like material, lined with rubber on the strap. Also presenting a pop of colour that Gucci significantly used not long after it was established, this watch also reflects inspirations from the world of art and represents modern interpretations of the iconic pattern. The 38mm black PVD-treated steel case is water resistant to 50m.

The Gucci Stripes

The Diamante pattern wasn’t all that made the distinctive canvas bag even a post-war staple for Gucci. Guccio’s original bag design also included a strap with red and green stripes, which has, to date, been an integral part of Gucci’s iconography. Still often used in straps of bags, these stripes are also seen as a design motif on shoes, T-shirts, and watches as well.

Gucci Constance

A perfect throwback to the inspiration that Guccio Gucci drew from luggage, this unisex watch is quite the statement piece. The ‘padlock’ case in Plexiglas is attached to a brown leather strap that is clearly a reference to straps on vintage luggage.
₹ 62,400


A perfect throwback to the inspiration that Guccio Gucci drew from luggage, this unisex watch is quite the statement piece. The mother-of-pearl dial in a yellow gold PVD-treated steel case is fitted within a 40mm outer case in Plexiglas, featuring the red and green stripes and made to look like a padlock. This is attached to a brown leather strap that is clearly a reference to straps on vintage luggage—often secured with a padlock. Water resistant to 30m, this piece certainly is secure.

Gucci G-Timeless In White

Featuring a far more contemporary use of the stripes—on the white nylon strap—this men’s watch even includes the original Gucci Diamante pattern on the dial
₹ 51,900


A far more contemporary use of the stripes—on the white nylon strap—this men’s watch is the epitome of modern sporty style. Set in a 40mm steel case that is water resistant to 50m, the textured white dial even features the original Gucci Diamante pattern. The quartz movement beating within even powers the date display at six o’clock.

Gucci Gets A Handle On Things

Times of war really do change the course of history, even in the smallest ways. With the end of World War II, there was a serious shortage of materials and several restrictions in availability. Among limitations in supplies of the more crucial kind, even the materials that Gucci used to make bags at the time weren’t readily available. At their inventive best, Gucci found a use for pigskin leather in making bags, and bamboo to make their handles. Bamboo was heated to make it malleable and shape it into semi-circles for the handles.

From the Bamboo collection, which emerged around World War II, this modern bag has the signature bamboo handle, and even a strap with red and green stripes, originally designed by Guccio Gucci

Necessity may have been the mother of invention here, but this make-shift idea soon gained immense popularity. From Elizabeth Taylor and Lady Diana to Naomi Watts and Beyoncé, major style icons have favoured the Gucci Bamboo handbags over the years. A strong motif for Gucci, the bamboo was soon adapted for other accessories and even fragrances, and of course, watches.

The Gucci Bamboo collection has been favoured by style icons over the decades, including Lady Diana, who’s seen here carrying a Bamboo leather tote

Gucci Bamboo

A flag-bearer for Gucci’s unique design and trend-setting spirit, these distinctive watches from the Bamboo collection are available in white or black
₹ 67,650


Seen prominently in the bezel on this watch, the bamboo motif here is an extension of the Bamboo collection. A flag-bearer for Gucci’s unique design and trend-setting spirit, these distinctive watches are available in white or black. Housing a quartz movement and water resistant to 30m, the 35mm steel case is fitted with a bracelet that also features elements of bamboo, by way of the links. Another interesting element on the bracelet is the ‘Horsebit’ links, attached to the singular lugs.

Gucci’s Equestrian-Inspired Casual Turn

Aside from the luxury luggage that inspired Guccio Gucci, his stint in the luxury hospitality industry also exposed him to the lifestyles and activities of the English aristocracy. One major aspect of their leisure activities was of the equestrian kind. From riding and racing to polo and other equestrian sports, he took back his fascination for this world when he returned to Italy, incorporating elements of equestrianism in his leather goods. This was taken forward even by his son, Aldo, who most famously included the bit of the horse into what became a Gucci signature—the Gucci loafers.

Guccio Gucci’s inspiration from the equestrian world was taken forward by his son, Aldo, who most famously included the bit of the horse into what became a Gucci signature—the Gucci loafers

Launched in 1953, the loafers soon became a symbol of a leisurely lifestyle. Based on a North American moccasin style, it reflected a breakaway from traditional British formality, and represented the emerging relaxed outlook of the Americans and Italians, among others. This was one of the major steps that led to the more casual dressing of the late 1900s. In 1966, the brand came out with the ‘bit loafer’, featuring a metal strap—in the shape of the bit that is connected to a horse’s reins—across the instep. This gave rise to the Horsebit collection as the Horsebit motif translated to other products as well, for men and women.

Gucci Horsebit

The Horsebit elements seen in this watch are in the form of the frame of the case and the bracelet’s first link attached to the upper lug, as well as the links that clasp the watch onto the wrist
₹ 74,800


The Horsebit elements seen in this watch are in the form of the frame of the case and the bracelet’s first link attached to the upper lug, as well as the links that clasp the watch onto the wrist. This elegant ladies’ timepiece is set in 28mm steel case, water resistant to 30m, and housing a quartz movement behind its mother-of-pearl dial.

The Interlocking Gs Of Gucci

After the death of Guccio Gucci, Aldo was the driving force of the company, and till the ’70s, Gucci was extremely strong. Its iconic status—now as a leading fashion house, in addition to being a leather goods manufacturer—had grown. People wanted more. A part of this rise and catering to the craze was the introduction to the double-G logo. Paolo Gucci, Aldo’s son, is said to have played an instrumental role in creating it. The Gs were introduced into the Diamante pattern, and eventually even translated to the interlocking Gs that we today see in belt buckles and shoes and bags, and even in watches.

Gucci Interlocking

The brand’s interlocking Gs—famously seen on belt buckles and bags—form the structure of the 29mm rose gold PVD-treated steel case of this watch
₹ 73,600


The brand’s interlocking Gs form the structure of the 29mm rose gold PVD-treated steel case of this watch, which is water resistant to 50m. Behind the mother-of-pearl dial is an automatic movement. The singular lugs are fitted with a leather strap in a brown hue seen in several other Gucci leather products as well.

Maximum Gucci

By the time Aldo Gucci’s sons were in the company, in-fighting among the Guccis—especially between Aldo’s family and his brother, Rodolfo—had muddied the waters. Aldo’s appeasements towards Rodolfo even soured the relationship between him and his son, Paolo. Their differences led to Paolo implicating Aldo for tax evasion. With Paolo having cashed out of his Gucci share and Aldo in prison, the company’s control fell into the hands of Maurizio Gucci, Rodolfo’s son, who had ended up with a majority of the share. Internal politics continued between the remaining Guccis, and Maurizio’s spendthrift ways didn’t help. The company hit their lowest at the beginning of the ’90s. Maurizio was eventually murdered, for which his ex-wife was convicted. He was the last Gucci at the helm of the brand and then came the much-needed Tom Ford era.

As creative director, Tom Ford turned the brand around with his fresh insights and slick approach to design and product lines. He brought sexiness into the picture with satin and velvet, and Gucci’s runway collections were a roaring success. By the end of his tenure, the brand was certainly back in the game, giving his successor, Frida Giannini the freedom to take more risks and be more creative. While playing with colour, silhouettes and bold patterns, Giannini saw merit in retaining elements of Gucci’s glorious past under the founder. One of them was in the form of Guccissima, literally meaning ‘maximum Gucci’ in Italian.

The Guccissima

An interpretation of the patterns in Gucci’s iconography, this Guccissima watch plays up a single G on the bezel of the 36mm steel case that is fitted with a slim, structured bracelet
₹ 48,180


A reinterpretation of the Diamante pattern with double-Gs, the Guccissima name was explored in other accessories as well. A product of this is the Guccissima watch, which plays up a single G on the bezel of the 36mm steel case that is fitted with a slim, structured bracelet. Water resistant to 50m, the case houses a quartz movement behind its mother-of-pearl dial.

The Gucci Garden Days

After the Giannini years came the creative genius of Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s current creative director, who took over in 2014. Michele took creativity to another level with a big part of his creativity informed heavily by nature. Now it wasn’t just traditional florals in pretty forms. It’s been an edgy take on flora and fauna, with modern silhouettes, and just the right touches of hipster and bohemian style. One such collection is called the Gucci Garden. This main fashion line comes in limited pieces, but the inspirations have gone beyond.

Inspired by old European symbolism, wherein bees were considered honourable and noble, Gucci’s bee motifs are seen in their bags, as well as in scarves, and men’s sweaters and cardigans

When it came to animals, Michele drew from the mythological significance of certain creatures. His use of snake motifs draw from Greek and Roman art wherein the reptiles represented knowledge. Tigers came from Greek mythology, most famously seen in the buckles of the Dionysus boots, inspired by the Greek god, Dionysus, who rode in a chariot pulled by tigers. These tiger motifs are seen in buckles and clasps even in collections of bags. And then there are bees. Owing to their industrial and cooperative nature, bees have been considered as honourable and noble, and are seen carved in stone in old European buildings, especially in Rome. The bee motif comes from there and is seen in bags, scarves, men’s sweaters and cardigans, and—you guessed it—watches!

Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles

From the Le Marché des Merveilles collection, designed by Gucci’s current creative director, Alessandro Michele himself, these watches are unabashedly resplendent with the motifs of bees, tigers and snakes

Somewhat translating to ‘the wonders market’ in French, the Le Marché des Merveilles is a collection of watches and jewellery for men and women, designed by Alessandro Michele himself. While the collection is unabashedly resplendent with the motifs of butterflies, bees, tigers and snakes, this watch in particular showcases the noble bee in gold, complemented by the gold PVD-treated 38mm steel case that is water resistant to 50m. The canvas-inspired dial and nylon strap present the signature Gucci stripes in red and green.

This unisex watch features a canvas-inspired dial and nylon strap that present the signature Gucci stripes in red and green
₹ 70,400


This dial showcases the noble bee in gold, complemented by the gold PVD-treated 38mm steel case

While Gucci has been in able hands for the last 20-plus years, the brand has stayed relevant through the last couple of decades, and today holds the weight it once did when Guccio Gucci was in charge. Creating edgy styles, yet retaining its icons of the past, Gucci is undoubtedly a favourite of fashion icons even today. Almost 100 years old, it’s still among the hottest brands of the world, as the latest 2018 Lyst Index shows, and it’s hard not to look forward to what comes next from this glorious Italian fashion house.

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