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Hair Cutting Style Gents

Long hairstyles for men can oftentimes be difficult to cut, style and pull off, but if you’re one of those guys with long hair who can rock the look, then these cool styles are perfect for you! Long haircuts for men include a variety of styles such as the undercut, man bun (or man ponytail), man braid, or simply letting your long hair flow naturally.

In addition to plenty of choices, men with long hair also have the luxury of not needing to style their hair every day and instead, letting the volume, shine, and length speak for itself. It is important to note that men’s long hairstyles do require extra hair care (i.e. not washing your hair every day and cutting a few inches off the bottom to avoid split ends) common to women’s hair care.

While often selected for its practicality and smart appearance, short hair needn’t be the safe choice. In fact, a cropped cut makes an excellent option for fashion-forward gents who want to stand out while looking sleek. From sharp crew cuts to cool quiffs, today there is an abundance of on-trend and bold new looks. But, with so many choices, deciding which short-haired style to try can be challenging. Thankfully, we can help make your decision much easier with a selection of inspiring cropped cuts. Here is our roundup of the best men’s short hairstyles and haircuts to try right now.

mens haircuts 2020

25 Awesome Hair Designs for Men in 2020 - The Trend Spotter
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1. Short Blowout with Tapered Sides

While opting for a blowout haircut creates a style that appears relaxed and contemporary, partnering it with tapered sides keeps the overall look clean and sharp.

2. Bowl Cut

The classic 1990’s bowl haircut is back and better than ever before. Today, the undercut hairstyle appears edgy and can be worn either neatly combed or a little dishevelled.

3. Bowl Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

For a more contemporary take on the classic bowl cut, try partnering it with side-swept bangs. The combination also tends to be more flattering than the traditional look, which features a horizontal fringe.

4. Buzz Cut with Shaved Design

If a standard buzz cut is a little too plain for your tastes, you should consider having a unique design shaved in.

5. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut, which received its name from the Roman general, Julius Caesar, is perfect for gents who like their short strands to have a sharp edge.

6. Classic Combed Back Style

By just combing back your short strands, you can create a style that appears classic, polished, and perfect for the office.

7. Classic Pompadour

The pompadour is one of the most popular hairstyles of the moment for stylish gents. Although the look may have been made famous for men in the 1950s, it still appears cool and contemporary in 2017.

8. Short Comb-Over

The comb-over hairstyle has long been a top choice for gents thanks to its polished appearance. The look is especially ideal for men with fine hair who need a style to suit their thin locks.

Comb Over

9. Crew Cut

When it comes to short haircuts that are both practical and stylish, nothing beats the crew cut.

Crew Cut

10. Short Curly Quiff

If your locks are curly, you should consider styling your strands into a quiff to show off your natural volume and texture.

Curly Quiff

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