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Are you male and searching for the best hair style men options of 2020, hair style men short, hair style men long, hair style men or male hairstyle? You need not search further, we bring you the best hairstyle for 2020. All you’ve got to do is go right ahead and make a pick!

Well, hello there, handsome!

You’ve become tangled up in length and forgotten how effective a short cut can be for your summer appearance. As the warm season nears it’s time to do away with that rugged caveman look. Time to fix up – time to look sharp. 

Finding the right hairdresser is essential when evolving our hairstyle season-to-season. A good one won’t focus solely on trends – preferring instead to keep you feeling fresh, original and in control of your look – even if we’re scared to admit that this is what we want.

Hair Style Men

What to ask your hairdresser for when you get a short haircut

The first question should always be – do you specialise in men’s hair? There’s a lot of women’s salons around these days that are looking to jump on the expanding male grooming market bandwagon but don’t actually specialise in men’s hair. If there’s a token barber chair in the corner without anyone sitting in it, chances are you’re better off somewhere else.    


Once you have found a talented, knowledgeable and above all honest hairdresser – you should be asking what short cuts best suit your hair type, and it’s useful to have several examples stored on your phone. Remember, something a little more unique to you is better than any celebrity hairdo – it’s better to get people talking about your look in a positive way than how you’re a wannabe.

As any good hairdresser will tell you, we’re not all made for the same style of a short cut – no matter how good it may look on someone else. Like it or not, there are several different hair types from straight and curly to afro and Asian, so you’ll want to choose a cut that is manageable on a daily basis. 

A good barber or hairdresser will also ask you questions about what you wear – daytime, work time, and party time. They’ll approach your overall cut with this in mind to keep you looking good in your threads.  

Maintaining your cut

If, like many of use, you find a barber who has you leaving the house every day feeling like a million dollars, get back and see them once a month. Would you go for more than four weeks without cutting your fingernails? Hair should be considered in the same way, and to stay on top of your short cut’s length – it will need regular, monthly professional care.  

Men’s Short Hairstyle Tips & Tricks

Adam Walmsley – Friends & Family 

  • Keep the contrast in length to a minimum!
  • Having a shape that blends gradually from the back and sides into a slightly longer length on top will increase the longevity and the versatility. Using this as a guide it frees you up to wear a cropped cut, skin-tight or suede soft.
  • Don’t be tied to one type of product, although a decent product can be pricey having 3 or 4 variations in hold and texture helps you dress for any occasion.
  • Stronger hold products such as Davines strong hold wax is a must for creating definition in tightly cropped lengths.
  • For a more relaxed, who gives a f*ck, texture try drying a medium hold paste into your hair from wet. The key is experimenting and don’t always do what it tells you to do on the tin.
  • It’s a given that a short cut needs more upkeep so you’ll need regular trips to your hairdresser but there is a way of squeezing out an extra week of looking sharp.
  • Make sure your hairdresser graduates your hairline around the back and sides as close to a natural finish as is possible. This means no hard lines on the neck! So if you guy asks you if you want a square or V-shapes hairline at the back, run for the hills because he’s not your guy anymore.

Anthony Nader – RAW Hair Salon Sydney

  • Texture and more texture is the secret to keep your short precision hair cut looking fantastic and in shape for longer. Ask your hairstylist to cut more texture into your next haircut, then you can get more leverage and create even more cool hair shapes on top.
  • For the days you want to go that choppy dishevelled look, get yourself a tub a moulding paste and this will make you look campaign worthy.
  • For the days you want to go on the smoother route, go get yourself a bottle of Kiel’s Silk Groom.

Phoenix Thomson – American Crew 

  • Keeping your hair short can often become less than exciting if you don’t keep a little length to work with. My advice for this season is keeping a look versatile, with added length on top.
  • Being able to morph your short look into a more groomed and dapper shape can be as easy as using a product with a high shine and shaping with a comb to create a smoother finish. Try drying American Crew Firm Hold Gel into the hair to give support and finish off with a small amount of American Crew Pomade wiped over the surface to keep the hair in place, and create a high shine result.
  • Short hair does mean more visits to the salon to keep the hairline in shape and any unwanted neck hair at bay. Keeping your appointments to a four-weekly routine will ensure your look is always fresh.

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I’m guessing you’ve landed here for at least one of few reasons. Maybe your hair is your baby—you love it and take care of it. Or maybe, to you, few things are better than relaxing in the salon chair and chatting up your favorite stylist. And perhaps most likely, you love what your hair says about you—or what you think it says about you.

Well, the style you choose just might be more linked to your personality then you’d think. At least, according to two stylist’s observations—and a wife or two, too.

When I first started [cutting hair], guys would say ‘whatever you think.’ Now, they come in with pictures and a whole arsenal of Instagram knowledge.

Read on: Let’s see if these ladies are spot on—or if they’re in need of the 4-1-1 on you and what your hair actually means.

Meet the stylists:
Harlow is a premier designer at Gene Juarez with 10 years of experience. She is a men’s specialist, so not only can you trust her with your hair, you can trust her opinion!

Alicia is a master stylist at Blue Sparrow Salon with a decade of hairstyles under her belt, too. The last two years, she has worked at a barber shop with a focus on men’s styles, so you better believe she’s speaking from experience!

The Man Bun
While the man bun has spurred passionate debate since it started popping up on men’s heads, it’s really quite a simple hairstyle. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it, and rather simply, as “a hairstyle for men in which some or all of the hair is pulled together to form a round shape at the back or on top of the head.”

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal (Splash News via InStyle)
“A guy with this style might have just avoided a haircut for so long that he decided to just grow it out,” says Alicia. “Now, he’s attached to his lengthy locks and wants to rock it.”

The man bun is more practical than a swishing ponytail, which can get in the way, and it adds quite a bit of character to a chiseled face.

What does a man bun say about your personality?
Typically, someone sporting a man bun is “trying to pretend to be carefree…even though their look … is perfectly contrived,” says Harlow.

The man-bun hipster understands women and at least some of the struggles they go through—like taming their locks on a daily basis.

The Buzz Cut
It doesn’t get much easier than buzzing it all off; take a look at the video below to find out what the buzzed look says about those who wear it.

All Bald
If genetics aren’t on your side when it comes to a solid hairline and a full head of hair, that’s okay! You’re not alone: Fifty-three percent of men in their forties have moderate-to-significant hair loss, according to research in the journal Dermatological Surgery. Thirty percent of men are dealing with hair loss by the age of 30.

What really matters is when you choose to officially shave off the last few wisps. Don’t be the guy who waits too long. Choose bald before it chooses you!

What does a bald head say about your personality?
“[The all-bald head shows] you know who you are, and you’re not afraid to embrace it,” says Leah, whose husband has been shaving his head since his early twenties—before they were even married.

“He was always upfront about his hairstyle, or lack thereof,” she says. “It didn’t bother me, I knew it just meant he was confident. And honestly, now the haircutting budget is all mine!”

The Same Ol’ Same Ol’
It might not be something you can point to in a haircut catalog from this decade, but it’s all you and everyone around you has ever known. Call it your signature style! The Jack. The Brandon. The ____. Your hairstyle has been the same for so long, it might as well be named after you.

What does your same ol’ haircut say about your personality?
If you’ve had the same style for years and years, you’re most likely a guy who loves tradition. You’re predictable and dependable. From the same music on your radio station to the exact bang sweep you’ve always had, those around you know you’re not going to change anytime soon.

“There is no reason to shy away from what works for you,” Alicia tells us. But on that same note, don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and try something new. If the new cut doesn’t feel like you, your stylist can return you to ol’ trusty in a few weeks’ time. But, hey, what if you like it?

Mr. Facial Hair
Forget the hair on your head! It’s the facial hair that really matters, right?

You’re the guy who walks into the salon and lets your hair stylist guide the trimming. Your only opinions are in relation to your facial hair. Whether it’s a fancy mustache, tailored goatee, or full beard, your facial hair is your one true love.

What does your facial hair say about your personality?
Facial hair says, “I’m a man’s man, and I know it!” You’re confident in your manliness because, well, look, you can grow so much facial hair that you can spend time styling it, changing it up, and coaxing every little hair into the perfect place.

I share this from experience. My husband is currently transitioning into his full winter look, where his goatee turns into a beard for the colder months. He claims that it’s all about practicality and efficiency. He doesn’t have to shave as often, which cuts down on his morning routine.

“Plus,” he says, “it keeps me warm, and that’s just smart. Beards are smart!” And therefore, he is smart, I presume.

The Fade
There are many types of fades: the crew cut, the flat top, even the Pauly D-esque Temple Fade. At its core, though, the fade “is a men’s haircut that relies on having the hair on the sides and back of the head tapered in length gradually until no more hair is left on the skin.”

Professional fighter Conor McGregor (via GQ)
Harlow has seen an upswing in this style, especially with the hip, 30-something crowd.

“They are loving a good skin fade with varying lengths on top,” she says, “I’ve done less and less of the old Macklemore haircut, which I’m thrilled about because that look is so out.”

Rapper Macklemore, known for his shaved, one-length sides and scissor-cut top (via Rolling Stone)
Alicia gets a lot of requests for the skin fade too. “The guy who requests a skin fade is almost always active-duty military or retired military. But he doesn’t want to ‘look military’—think high-and-tight. He thinks he doesn’t look military with this cut…but he totally does. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing —we love our servicemen, that’s for sure!”

What does the fade say about your personality?
According to our experts, the personality tip off comes from what you do on the top of your head. If you’ve got something fun going on, you’re a spunky, with-the-times kind of guy. You care what others think and want them to know that you know what’s on trend these days.

But if you opt for the more traditional, military-esque look, Alicia says you are probably more disciplined and employ frequent maintenance.

The Pompadour
Inspired by the hair of Madame de Pompadour, an 18th century artist, editor, and mistress of France’s King Louis XV, the pompadour is a style for both women and men. For men, Merriam-Webster defines the cut as “a man’s style of hairdressing in which the hair is combed into a high mound in front.”

Actor Brad Pitt (Jeff Vespa/WireImage via GQ)
Often combined with the fade nowadays, the pompadour is a perfect and trendy choice—if you aren’t afraid of spending a little extra time in front of the mirror, that is.

What does the pompadour say about your personality?
If you’re rockin’ a pomp, Alicia says you just might be “a little full of yourself.”

You love your hair gel or pomade, and rarely, if ever, are you seen without your hair fully styled. A pompadour hair style means you pay attention to detail and want to do things right the first time.

Did we hit the nail on the head (or the pomade) when linking your favorite cut with your personality?
If so, is that how you hoped to portray yourself when you chose your particular style?

As much as hairstyles tip us off to a specific personality, Harlow senses that hair choice speaks more towards your generation than your personality: “Social media has played a huge part in men caring about their appearance. When I first started … , guys would say ‘whatever you think.’ Now, they come in with pictures and a whole arsenal of Instagram knowledge.”

Appearances aren’t everything, but they’re surely noticed by your stylist—and everyone else you encounter. So choose your style wisely.

But most of all, have fun! Hairstyle trends come and go, and of all our physical characteristics, it’s the easiest to change throughout the years. If you’re ready for something fresh, call your hair stylist today and start experimenting!

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