hairstyles for medium length natural hair

In the post, you can have a quick look at professional natural hairstyles for medium length hair. Are you a natural hair babe with short or medium length hair? If yes, then we’ve got a variety of beautiful black natural hairstyles, black natural hairstyles for medium length hair and black natural hairstyles for short hair, protective hairstyles for medium length natural hair, black natural curly hairstyles for medium length hair, hairstyles for medium length natural curly hair and hairstyles for medium length natural black hair . Go right ahead and take a look and after you’re done, make a pick!

Hairstyles For Medium Length Natural Hair

Twisted A Low Bun – Medium Length Hairstyles For Natural Curly Hair

Why don’t you try flat twist hairstyles to replace your regular styles? You want to get easy natural hairstyles, opt for twisted a low bun. It does need to be elaborate, wild or crazy. All the things you have to do is simply twist the sides of natural locks and tie it into a feminine bun.

7+ Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair That Will Turn Heads
twisted low bun

This hairstyle is great for ladies who have frizzy hair. Make your twist hairstyle into a beautiful bun, everyone will never stop looking at you. Look at your low side bun from the back. It is so excellent and as a work of art.

Moreover, the flat twist looks stunning and elegant among protective hairstyles if it is done right. Essentially, this coiffure helps to reduce the tangling and hair breakage by hiding the hair ends.

Double Buns Hairdo

You have a plan to go out with your friends at the weekend. Which hairstyle do you rock? We recommend double buns hair as this hairdo is cute and more playful than most. It is also secure for active girls.

The steps to create this hairdo is so easy. Let’s follow:

– Step 1: Part your natural tresses into two sections, and pull them into high pigtails.

7+ Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair That Will Turn Heads
Double Buns

– Step 2: Tease lightly the first pigtail and wrap it into a bun. Then use hairpins to hold it in the right place. Continue doing with another pigtail.

– Step 3: Make the bun a little wider so that it looks as natural as possible.

Cute natural hairstyles for medium length hair can help you look younger than your age. Think you will give lovable double buns a try? Don’t hesitate.

5-Minute Beach Waves 

Being feminine hairstyles for medium length natural hair, beach waves appear in many celeb’s hairstyle collections. Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, and so on. This gorgeous hair looks great on laddies as it suits almost face shapes, hair colors (hair white, brown, etc.), and ages.

If God blessed you a natural wavy, rock this hairstyle. And the best part, it only takes a few minutes to create. The whole process is simple.

7+ Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair That Will Turn Heads
Beach Waves

– The first thing you have to do is split the natural tresses into two equal parts, left and right. Take the first part, and further split it into three smaller sections.

– You start with the back section and spray water on it from the top to the bottom. Make sure that the hair strands are damp, not really soaking wet. Add a few drops of hair wax to help for the curls to stay in place.

– Now start twisting this hair until you reach the end. Hold it, use a blow dryer for a few seconds until the section is dry. Clip at the bottom of the hair and let it cool. You just do the same with the left sections.

– When you’ve finished, remove the clip. Slowly pat the hair out and run your fingers through it. Done. Quick natural hairstyles for medium length hair offer you the best results.

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Smoking-Hot Medium Layered Curly Hair

This shoulder-length hairstyle curly hair with layers is born for all face-framing. It is the best because it helps your hair look thicker. Consult a trained hairdresser and they will customize and create beautiful hair for you. They are comfortable for cutting your dry curly hair and curl by curl as well.

7+ Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair That Will Turn Heads
Smoking-Hot Medium Layered Curly Hair

This layered hairstyle is gentle, fluffy, feminine and graceful. It is a reason why many brides also choose this hair for their important occasions. The bridesmaid wedding hairstyles for medium length natural curly hair is a combination of classic with modern style. Another special feature is that the layer curls retain their natural features.

If you feel risky to do with your real hair, try it with a wig or hair topper instead.

Curly Half Up Half Down

Curly Half Up Half Down has been a versatile and fantastic option for every girl. It is a perfect one to wear at a party, event, wedding, and so on. How to style this hair?

If you have straight hair, the first step is to curl all your hair. If your hair is slightly curly, you can pass this step. After curling, run your fingers through the hair to loosen the curls up a bit.

7+ Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair That Will Turn Heads
Curly Half Up Half Down

Next, pick up little curls on one side and clip them at the back of your head. You can overlap them. On the other side of your head, take a section hair in the front and divide it in half. Twist or braid them, then clip this at the back of your head too. And again clip some curls up.

Continue clipping the ends of curls to your head. Loop them around your fingers and secure them wherever you think they look nice.

You can add accessories such as beads or hair clips on the hair to make it be more excellent.

Lustrous Shoulder Length Curls

You are looking for a perfect companion for your slim and oval face, the Lustrous shoulder-length curl is the best. You are a 25-years-old girl or a 50-years-old lady, it also works well. The hair is easy looking with a shoulder-length layer cut.

7+ Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair That Will Turn Heads
Lustrous Shoulder Length Curls

To create this over 50 African American natural layered hairstyles, keep the front side part short and flicker and longer in the back parts. Your hairstyle will be never out of date. Plus, add some bright highlights that help give you a youthful look.

Bantu Knots – chic natural hairstyles for medium length hair

Bantu knots are protective hairstyles for medium length natural hair that is preferred by black women. From straight to curly hair, it works well with all hair texture. Although its name is Bantu knots, it is not actually knotted. Instead, the hair is coiled buns. If your hair is medium length 4c hair, try this hairstyle to hide the curls and offer a cool look.

7+ Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair That Will Turn Heads
Bantu Knots

To create Bantu knots, you should shampoo and condition your hair. Dry and detangle it if necessary. Then brush it out with a comb or your fingers. Next, you divide the hair into many small parts. The width of knots depending on how long your hair is and the look you want. At the base of your scalp, twist the hair section for a few small turns to create a short spring-like coil. Then wrap the left hair of the section around this coil. Secure the coil in place. Repeat the process with the rest of your hair.

We think the black curly natural hairstyles are easy to braid and twist styles for you.

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Wash And Go Hairstyles For Medium Length

Wash and go is considered as one of the natural-looking hairstyles now. It is for ladies who love naturalness. Use styling products such as gel to set your curls in natural states.

So before creating this style, your hair was freshly washed and deep conditioned. Then you applied your leave-in.

Note: Choose a type of gel that does not leave your hair feeling hard and too dry.

7+ Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair That Will Turn Heads
Wash And Go Hairstyles For Medium Length

Start at back, you section your hair into small sections. Next, apply a generous amount of gel to your hair. Make sure that it is enough for covering entire hair,  and run your fingers through the hair. Cover as many strands as possible with the gel and add more if necessary. Sometimes when you are running fingers through the hair, you can come across a few tangles. So when this happens, use an afro comb to smooth it out. Keep doing until the hair at the back area is done, use a stretchy band to keep your hair fully stretched. Continue the process on the rest of your hair and it may take 2 hours to complete. Leave the hair overnight take all hair bands down in the morning. That’s all.

Last But Not Least

Magic is not out of your hand anymore. With these above natural hairstyles for medium length hair,  you can have your own magical things. More importantly, not only your natural hair, you can apply them for styling wigs as they are human hairpieces.

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10 Simple Natural Hairstyles for Beginners!

If you follow natural hair Youtube or Instagram pages it feels like you’re always seeing tutorials for styles like this…

intricate cornrows

Absolutely gorgeous! But not a great option for the morning you slept in, or for someone new to natural hair. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned stylist, everyone needs some go-to styles that are cute but more realistic and easy to accomplish with a low budget and minimal work. Here are 10 hairstyles that you can totally do by yourself. Watch the tutorials and then give them a try!

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1. Low or High Bun

The bun is a great option for natural hair because it can be installed in a matter of minutes, it protects your ends from damage and the environment, and it’s a classy look that never gets old. This style works on medium length hair or longer. Here’s a simple tutorial.

2. Space Buns

These buns are so cute, and something different (but still simple) if you’re getting tired of your daily hairstyles. This style works on medium length hair or longer.

3. Fauxhawk

This style is unbelievably cute, and you’ll be shocked at how easy it is. All you’ll need is a few pins! For the specific look in this tutorial you’ll need long hair, but the same concept can be accomplished with much shorter hair.

4. High Puff

Tried and true, the high puff is a simple but elegant style that works well on all hair lengths and all curly hair textures. Here are two tutorials: one for short hair, and one for longer hair.

5. Classic Afro

This is a stunning style also looks great on any hair length. Give this easy tutorial a try!

6. Twist-out

The twist-out will NEVER go out of style. It’s timeless. It’s gorgeous. It’s classy. It’s fun. It works for any occasion. It’s versatile (check out these styles that start with a twist-out!) Do yourself a favor and master the twist-out, because it’s worth it.

7. Extensions and Clip-ins

Don’t be intimidated by extensions or clip-ins. They’re not as hard as they look to install, and allow you to accomplish a versatility of styles (no matter your hair length!) Here is a short video that shows a cute, simple style with clip-ins.

8. Wash N’ Go

Ah, the elusive wash n’ go… While it’s never as simple as just washing and going, this style is relatively simple to pull off. Watch this tutorial for some tips!

9. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots aren’t nearly as difficult as they look. You can rock them as is, or unravel the knots (like in this video tutorial) for a gorgeous twist-out effect. Bantu knots work on hair of any length! The shorter your hair, the smaller your knots will be (and the more knots you’ll end up making.)

10. Finger Coils

Finger coils make our list of easy natural hairstyles because they are simple to install. However, be warned- this style does take a LONG time to install. Find a friend (or a couple) to help you out if your arms are getting tired. This style works on any hair length.

Finally, a bonus… here’s a video of NaturAll Club’s Founder and CEO, Muhga Eltigani (PictureMeNatural on Youtube), sharing the easiest of all hairstyle tutorials!

We hope these hair tutorials are helpful, whether you’re new to natural hair or if you’ve already tried some of these styles. Here’s a challenge for you: this week, try one style you’ve never tried before!

Black natural hairstyles for medium length hair

. Natural curls with flat twist

Curls with flat twist

If you are not keen on wearing the full updo, you can simply pull your hair away from your face. This interesting hairstyle can work both as an everyday look and the special event one. By the way, dividing your hair into sections has a lot of appeal and dimension.

2. Double buns on natural hair

Double buns

In case you love the playful hairstyle and are planning on going out with friends, you can gather your natural hair into double buns. It is quite easy and quick, and you can decorate your double buns with different hairpins, beads, and other stuff to make it more unique and memorable.

3. Chunky flat twist updo

Chunky flat twist updo

In case you have been using the flat twists for creating the twist-out hairstyles with texture, you can also try something new with this chunky flat twist. It is chic and would go well for a special occasion. It will definitely attract the eye of everyone in the room.

4. Skinny side braids

Skinny side braids

While the curls are outright gorgeous, the curls combined with braids will give a double effect. A couple of side braids will help to pull your naturally curly hair away from the face and add some charm to your look. It will perfectly suit for the night out in town with your friends. This hairstyle is versatile and it takes not so long to style it.

5. Half-up double buns

Half-up double buns

This hairstyle is definitely something new. It is good for keeping your hair away from your face while also showing the volume and beauty of your natural hair. This style is perfect for casual outings when you would like your hair to look fun and cute without a lot of effort

6. The bun with curly bangs

Bun with curly bangs

Attractive, fresh and trendy – this hairdo will make you the center of attention. The lovely bangs will help to emphasize the beauty of your eyes and add some softness to your general look, in contrast to the rather severe look of complete pull back. It is one of the most interesting black natural curly hairstyles for medium hair, which definitely reflects the spirit of Africa.

7. Natural frohawk

Natural frohawk

This is one of the edgiest updos for natural hair. It will perfectly show your texture and add some unique African glamour to your image. Besides, it is really easy to style, and it visually makes your face look slim. You can also decorate it with side braids or shaved out patterns if you wish.

8. Messy half-updo

Messy half updo

For the most rebellious girls, there is a messy semi-updo option, which will definitely make everyone talk about you. Making a half-up ponytail will leave a lot of room to demonstrate the volume and texture of your curly hair. This look will help you pump it up when you feel like regular curls look slightly flat on you.

9. Twin Dutch braid buns

Twin Dutch braid buns

While this hairdo looks elite and classy, it can also look cool and edgy, depending on which style you choose to combine with it. Either way, the braid buns look absolutely cute on middle length natural hair, and everyone will admire your ability to make creative hairstyles.

10. Natural curls updo

Natural curls updo with a hair wrap

with a hair wrap There is no woman who would not suit this lovely hairstyle. Headwrap always makes you look on point, and this look can be used for the days when you feel like your natural hair is not cooperative enough, or when you are out of time. By the way, the wrap also protects your hair from breakage and is suitable for almost every occasion.

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