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Fashion is not just a statement of style, it’s a way of life. It mirrors our personality and it influences to a great extent, how we are addressed. Without a doubt, it is of utmost importance that we get it right at all times. In order to help you be at your best at all times, we bring you different types of handbag brands in India. So, whether you’re searching for top handbag brands in India, best handbag brands in India, best college bag brands in India or best bean bag brands in India, discover them all and more, only on Nairacloset! Nairacloset gives you the best information on fashion items and products with the best guide on where to get them.

best college bag brands in India

handbag brands in India

Handbags are woman’s best friends and no ensemble of hers is complete without a matching handbag. It’s important to find a handbag that’s not just stylish, but also practical since handbags are your best friends when it comes to travelling, shopping, running errands or pretty much every routine in life. While buying a handbag its important to not just look at its material and design but also the compartments it has to offer, the comfort of carrying it around and the closure mechanism it has to offer.

Here we have shortlisted the top 10 hand bags for women you might want to consider before making a purchase.


ESBEDA - Checks Synthetic Fabric Handbag

Esbeda is an Indian brand by Intouch Leather House India launched as one of the premiere fashion handbags brands in the market in early 2006. In a very short time, the brand picked up and its first store in North Mumbai became one of the most sought after destinations for hand bag shopping in the city.

They have stylish designs, appealing to everyone from the young to the office goers and their signature prints have made a splash in the market season after season. With office bags, party bags, clutches, bridal wear and all kinds of bags on offer, they are definitely one of the first brands that come to the mind when it comes to stylish handbags anytime, anyday.


Pavers England

Image result for Tote bag

Started as a home-based business in the United Kingdom in 1928, Pavers England is one of the most sought after shoe brand around the world, with a focus on design and comfort. It also has the distinction of being one of the few retailers in the world to have its own home shopping satellite channel, PaversShoes.TV. Besides fabulous shoes, Pavers also has a range of high quality handbags with drool-worthy designs sold across its network of 160 stores across the world, 40 of which are in South Asia.

Their handbags reflect the company’s core value of being a trustworthy brand. They use high quality materials and there are no compromises made when it comes to style. They have bags for every occasion including a trip to the beach or an office soiree. We love this colourful tote bag by Pavers England with leather details and a long shoulder strap.



Guess Purse Satchel Silver Charms

An American brand known for its clothing, Guess is associated with high fashion and style. With a range of accessories on offer in addition to clothing, it has established a strong foothold in the market for its handbags. Their handbags are a combination of style and class, with options in abundance for casual and party wear. Their designs are youngish, and have a nice stylish appeal. We love this shimmery tote in rose gold with a large logo on the bag.





Started in 1978, as a hobby by Dilip Kapur, Hidesign is one of the most reputed Indian bag brands that has stood the test of time over years. With a unique product, rooted in Indian-ness, Hidesign bags were originally available in small boutiques in San Francisco and London, until they were launched at department stores in London, California and Australia in 1900s. Hidesign launched its first exclusive boutique in India in 1998 and has quickly grown to 84 exclusive stores and a distribution network in 23 countries that has placed its product in over 2000 stores across the globe.




Nine West Fresh Perspective Satchel

Founded in 1977, by Jerome Fisher and Vince Camuto as a women’s fashion footwear brand, Nine West is a renowned fashion shoe brand in India. Besides shoes, it is well known for its fabulously designed handbags ideal for all occasions be it business or casual wear. Each collection of theirs is innovative and reflects a high fashion style that is loved by trendsetters.

We love their grey Fresh Perspective satchel bag for its gorgeous detailing, innovative design and practical approach.


Michael Kors

Michael Kors Hamilton Large Vanilla

Michael Kors is a world renowned American designer, known for his luxury accessories, including a range of fabulous handbags that have caught the fancy of the urban Indian. Their designs are at par with international designer brands like Tory Burch and Burberry, and quality is uncompromised. A mush sought after brand, unfortunately it also has a lot of fake copies of its designs floating around in the market. So its important to buy an original Michael Kors from the store itself to avoid being duped.

We love the Michael Kors signature MK branded Hamilton tote that comes a small handle and a long strap.



Image result for caprese hilda grey riveted quilted handbag

Inspired by a pristine little island off the Italian shores, Caprese is truly inspired by the Italian’s love for fashion and style. Endorsed by Alia Bhatt, Caprese’s designs are made keeping in mind today’s urban woman who reflects the tomorrows. It has a confident aesthetic sense that suits all occasions and is a testament of style.


We love their pale blue Hilda Satchel that has an innovative texture and is designed to go from day to night effortlessly.

Just like wearing the right dress for an occasion is an important part, carrying the right accessories for that occasion also helps complete the look. Luxury handbags are the highlights of every occasion and event. The broad spectrum of their high-end design and colours blend into the various needs of both classic and modern fashionistas. If you’re looking for the top luxury handbag brand, then you are in the right place.

At times, it gets difficult to pick a handbag for your sense of style due to endless luxury handbag brands in the market. To make this search easier, we’ve brought 10 top luxury handbag brands list for you to flaunt your fashion game.

10 Best Luxury Handbag Brands In India

1. Baggit

Baggit is one of the most popular handbag brands founded in 1990 by Nina Lekhi. It is the most recognized luxury handbag brand that manufactures the best quality handbags at affordable prices. You can find faux leather, canvas and other materials that give a stylish twist to your otherwise monotonous handbags. A dash of vibrant colours, a pinch of class and a style that suits you well is what the Baggit luxury handbags are about. Their chic design, different sizes, abstract prints and affordable prices of luxury handbags make it the most bought in India. Looking for luxury handbags that suit different occasions, Baggit is your one-stop shop.


Rs. 1000 onwards

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2. Lavie

Lavie is a lifestyle brand established in 2010 that caters to every need of a woman in the handbag and shoes segment. You can find plethora of styles from their luxury handbags like slings, clutches, totes, hobos, baguettes and more. Match your summer dress with a beautiful and colourful luxury sling bag and re-define your style quotient with the amazing collection of Lavie handbags. Brighten up your day with colour blocked Lavie luxury handbags to a party and flaunt your style game. Step out in style with Lavie luxury handbags each time.


Rs. 1000 onwards

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3. Caprese

Accessorize your favourite outfits with the exquisite collection of Caprese luxury handbags. Keep your cards and cash organized in peppy hues of Caprese sling bags or hobos. It offers eye-catching shades like olive green, burgundy, gold and others to suits different moods and occasions. Wear that glamorous look with a range of Caprese luxury handbags in eye-popping trendy and chic designs. You can find a Caprese handbag that completes your outfit whether you are going out for a business event or a casual lunch with your friends. Caprese offers luxury handbags that are fit for every occasion!


Rs. 1550 onwards

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4. Hidesign

Hidesign is a renowned global fashion brand founded in 1978 by Dilip Kapur. This is one of the best handbag brands that offer high quality and stylish leather luxury handbags. The innovative designs by Hidesign works well for fashion forward people who are inclined towards genuine leather products. Sturdy, long lasting, durable and trendsetter are some of the qualities of the Hidesign luxury handbags. Choose a messenger bag, clutch, sling and more in attractive colours from this brand.


Rs. 4000 onwards

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5. Da Milano

Da Milano has an experience of more than six decades in manufacturing leather goods. Handbags from this brand are sturdy and created with a technological aspect to provide comfort along with style. With its increasing global reach, there are new collections of luxury handbags that are created with latest designs, trends and demands in the market. You can choose vibrant colours and designs from this brand to suit your personality. The brand offers different styles of  luxury handbags ranging from baguettes, slings to bucket bags.


Rs. 4000 onwards

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6. Esbeda

Esbeda is a leading handbag brand for women which entered the market with a retail showroom in 2006 in Mumbai. The brand offers a broad collection of handbags to suit various occasions. From bridal to formal, you can find a suitable handbag from this brand. You can find checked, solid and printed handbags of all sizes (small, medium, large). A splash of vibrant colours from Esbeda handbags enables you to make a bold style statement each time you step out.


Rs. 1000 onwards

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7. Lino Perros

Lino Perros was established in the year 1999 and has come a long way to become a premium handbag brand in India. Its high-quality and exclusive designs are complete heart-stealers, specially for those who love to flaunt the classic lady-like charm. This brand is also one of the most recognized brands among college students as the brand diligently caters to that segment by offering affordable handbags that are both durable and stylish. You can find clutches, sling, cross body bags, satchels, hobos and more in both luxury and affordable ranges at Lino Perros.

lino PerrosPrice:

Rs. 800 onwards

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8. The House of Tara

The House of Tara was founded in 2012 that is known to break the cliche traditional designs of handbags. Since its inception, The House of Tara has took the industry by storm with unique designs. Wish to own funky styles, the House of Tara provides ample opportunity to choose pop-designed, casual and stylish handbags. Also, its unique designs make the brand a good choice for gifting purposes. Next time you wish to gift a handbag, The House of Tara is your answer. You can find cotton canvas cross body bags, backpacks, handbag, shoulder bags and more from this brand.

The House of TaraPrice:

Rs. 800 onwards

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9. Ladida

Ladida is the most authentic brand that does not use animal leather to manufacture handbags. It uses faux leather and synthetic material to create some designer handbags that are bound to make you stand out in the crowd. The appropriate and spectacular colour combinations with a unique blend of classy designs make it the most premium brand for handbags. Buy a messenger bag, hobo, bucket, satchel or a sling bag from this brand for your casual look. Explore a sensational selection of leather, canvas and jute women’s handbag that help put the fun factor back in your style game.


Rs. 800 onwards

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10. Peperone

Peperone was established in 2010 and has shown pioneering success in the fashion accessories industry. It manufactures and designs fabric bags, men’s wallet, women’s handbags and more. The range of luxury handbags from this brand provide extreme comfort, progressive styles and exquisite colour combinations. It is an affordable brand that develops some class and luxury handbags for daily use. It is popular among the college students who likes to keep it classy yet stylish. Buy a medium, large or small satchel to nail your complete outdoorsy look.


Rs. 500 onwards


best handbags for women

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Think about the way you carry your favorite bag on the daily—do you typically grab it and arrange it on your arm (or shoulder) the same way, no matter what? According to body language experts, it’s not a totally random decision. Instead, we’re revealing a lot about our


personality whenever we’ve got a bag in hand. Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., has made a living out of talking about this exact kind of stuff, exposing hidden messages in how we move and coauthoring a dozen books (her latest is Conscious Loving Ever After). She talked fashion with us, diving into some of the most common positions to carry a bag.Image result for jessica alba black white outfit purse style

Way #1: Worn over one shoulder with the wearer keeping the bag close to her body

You’re practical and driven by utilitarian motives. “It points to the wearer prioritizing her freedom of movement over the display elements. She’s not a peacock, just getting things done,” Hendricks explained. The read is true of this carry style in general, but especially so if, like Jessica Alba, you tend to use bags of the smaller variety.

jaime king white dress sneakers style

__Way #2: Worn over one shoulder with the bag swinging freely __

“The way [Jaime King‘s] bag is swinging and open indicates a priority on ease and functionality over display.” Keeping it buckled, closed, and situated at the front of her body might allow passerby to better check out the brand/shape/fabric/color, but it wouldn’t be as practical.

gigi hadid black jeans boots yellow crossbody bag

Way #3: Worn cross-body with the bag in front of the body

Placing your accessory in front of your person, à la Gigi Hadid, is almost a form of armament. “This style of bag-wearing often indicates a more cautious personality, someone who is reticent or shy. Her downward gaze and slightly folded up body posture support the suggestion of a slightly defensive personality.” Per Hendricks, it’s not uncommon to see celebs holding their purses like this as a way to avoid contact with paparazzi photogs.

kendall jenner high waisted jeans off shoulder top black boots

Way #4: Worn cross-body with the bag behind the body

Pair the carry with Kendall Jenner‘s wide stride and loose limbs and you find “an urban warrior with a clear goal. The bag is incidental to her independent self-image, flung on for its functionality.” Clearly—we can’t even get a proper view of it to identify the brand or style.

emmy rossum dior top handle bag style

Way #5: Worn in crook of elbow

“Bags worn like this often indicate a priority on status and position,” Hendricks said after checking out this pic of Emmy Rossum. “You’re basically de-operationalizing one of your arms in order to carry something of that size, telling everyone you don’t need to use both arms as you move around in the world. This harkens back to the times when women’s packages were carried for them.” This manner of carrying best shows off the brand specifics of the bag you’re carrying, signaling your status to “those in the know” who can properly identify it. So, while your grandparents might not know Rossum’s bag is Dior, fashion lovers do.

diane kruger black white thakoon dress chanel tote

Way #6: Held in hand

Some bags are so tiny there’s no other option, but what if, like Diane Kruger‘s Chanel tote, various straps give you multiple ways to carry it? “Her bag is so heavy she needs to adjust her weight to carry it and is leaning to the side. This is equivalent to carrying a briefcase and communicates the importance of the woman’s job,” Hendricks said. We know she’s an actress who gets to wear beautiful dresses (like this Thakoon stunner), but by carrying her bag like this, she’s subconsciously working to remind us she’s more than someone who simply carries a minaudière on the red carpet.

Kim Kardashian West in Balmain, June 2015
PHOTO: Getty Images

Way #7: Going bag-less

“Not carrying a bag indicates a level of status where others handle the every-day issues such as money and schedules. This personality is the most self-assured of the group, relying on staff so that she can simply be.” Translation: Moguls like Kim Kardashian West have so


much going on they don’t even need a bag.

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