heavy duty tripod for astrophotography

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1. SLIK Pro 700 DX Tripod – (Best Tripod for the Money)

Why we love it:

  • No Dodgy or Wobbly Parts
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Offers universal compatability
✅ Sturdy Build Quality❌ A bit heavy
✅ Extremely Stable
✅ Great for Long Exposure Astrophotography

Silk Pro 700DX tripod classifies as a true bang for the buck product. It is a sturdy, long-lasting, and great Astrophotography tracker tripod. The good thing about this budget tripod is that it does not have loose parts, so you can be carefree while installing your expensive camera on top of it.

The max height of 74.8 inches makes it the most dependable one on the market. The high-quality default head can be classified as one of the best tripod head for astrophotography. Furthermore, with multiple locks, you will be worry-free while using this tripod for Astrophotography. The included carry bag makes this tripod easily portable, but for some people, the weight of this tripod can be an issue.

Despite that, all the features of this device make it the best tripod for DSLR Astrophotography because you will not have to worry about knocking your DSLR over accidentally with this professional tripod. So, it’s worth spending money on.

So, I recommend that you should keep the result in-mind and ignore the weight of this feature-loaded beast, and give yourself a bit of exercise.Check Price on AmazonRead Less

2. MACTREM Professional Camera Tripod

Why we love it:

  • Easy to configure right out of the box
  • The compact size makes it portable
  • Ball head for smoother pans
✅ Budget friendly tripod❌ Compatibility issues with some cameras
✅ Very Lightweight❌ Bad Customer Support
✅ Comes with Hidden hooks & Wedges

Anyone who doesn’t want to dig deep in their pockets to get an accessory for their camera should consider this Tripod. It is a sturdy product with a lot of features and an affordable price. For your stargazing adventures, this is the finest budget tripod. It might not have the best tripod head for Astrophotography, but if you consider the price, it can do an OK job.

The easy to adjust and sturdy build quality, and a smooth ball head of this tripod can help you capture some awesome visuals. But the ball head might not go well with heavyweight DSLR cameras. However, being an inexpensive tripod, this can be a worthy add-on for lightweight cameras. The owner of a lightweight DSLR can use this tripod for Astrophotography with ease.Check Price on AmazonRead Less

3. MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic Lightweight

Why we love it:

  • Recessed hook for attaching extra weight
  • Comes with an anti-rotation system
  • The ball head is smooth & solid
✅ Can hold any Weight❌ Plastic Locking Mechanism can break
✅ Replaceable Ball heads
✅ Folds up neatly

MeFoto is one of the best tripod brands out there, and it offers a lot of unique options. This road trip classic tripod is for those people who prefer lightweight over features. This might not be the most budget-friendly tripod, but considering the features and sleek design it offers, it’s worth the money. Furthermore, with the customization option such as removable ball heads, you can easily configure it according to your needs.

This tripod offers the option to add extra weight with a recessed hook, so you can place a bulky camera on top of this tripod. Furthermore, the folding mechanism of this product is very neat and quick. For Astrophotography enthusiasts, the cool colorful design of this tripod might not be a selling point, but it will surely stand out from others in-day time. You can pair these tripods with Best Mounts for Astrophotography.Check Price on AmazonRead Less

4. Peak Design Travel Tripod for Astrophotography

Why we love it:

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Material
  • Very compact in size
  • Can be used with mobiles
✅ Quick to Setup❌ Very Expensive
✅ Water & Impact Resistant Material❌ Can be Unstable
✅ Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Peak design took the compactness of this tripod to another level. There is very limited competition for this tripod when it comes to compact designs. The innovative looking sleek design, and carbon fiber material makes it very lightweight. When you will first see this stand from afar, it will look like a mini tripod.

The price of this stand might be a downer for some of you, but the lifetime warranty, water-resistant, Arca compatible plate, and sturdy overall build quality make it one of the best tripods under 1000$. The main selling point of this tripod is that it an affordable professional tripod. Considering all this it can be considered a great travel tripod for Astrophotography.

Yes, the affordability statement about this tripod brand can be a bit misleading, but it comes with all the necessary attachments for any device. It is compatible with nearly every photography device on the market. So, if you don’t own a DSLR, and still want to capture steady photos of the starry Milky way with your mobile. I think that this will fit all your needs.Check Price on AmazonRead Less

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5. Endurax 66″ Video Camera Tripod

Why we love it:

  • Comes with a Universal Mounting Plate
  • Compatible with every camera.
  • Great for still photos & stationary videos
✅ Budget-Friendly with Quality❌ Most of it is Plastic
✅ Hook for Adding Weight❌ Not for Heavy Cameras
✅ Very Sturdy

Some Astrophotography enthusiasts often ask me about the cheapest DSLR tripod that they can get. When it comes to Tripods this is one the best tripod for DSLR under 50$. It’s one of the most efficient tripod for the money, but there is always an issue of build quality.

But with this tripod, you still get a sturdy build quality even with plastic parts. Furthermore, it is a feature-rich tripod that has the attachments to fit any camera that you want. This Aluminum-plastic mix of this tripod makes it sturdy enough to be considered a heavy-duty mini tripod for Astrophotography.

Moreover, the universal mounting plate of this product can serve as a perfect Astrophotography tripod mount on any device. Another plus point that you can consider is the free carrying bag that it comes with. So, if you think about it, all the features of these products seem too good to be true at this price.Check Price on AmazonRead Less

6. Neewer Professional 61 inches

Why we love it:

  • Hidden Spikes in the Feet for Stability
  • Slim Aluminum Alloy Design
  • Feels Professional
✅ Beefy Build Quality❌ Mediocre Head Quality
✅ Quick Release Plate
✅ Fluid Movement

If you are one of those people who prefer the professional feel of a product then this is a perfect match for you. Even though it is a budget-friendly product Neewer Professional tripod has a lot to offer. The rubber feet of this product is very stable and provides you with the most accurate shots.

It does have some plastic parts, which we wish that it didn’t have, but that is not a huge factor for not choosing this tripod. Overall, this tripod can help to easily track Astrophotography for longer intervals.

The slim aluminum design of this stand makes it very lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, I can safely say that this is another affordable professional tripod for Astrophotography enthusiasts.Check Price on AmazonRead Less

7. Neewer Carbon Fiber 66 inches

Why we love it:

  • Practical Hybrid 2-in-1 Monopod Design
  • Portable Easy to carry bag included
  • Made with high-density carbon fiber
✅ Can be used for Low-Angle Shooting❌ Loose Rubber Feet
✅ Great Storage Case❌ Heavy even with carbon fiber
✅ Smooth and Durable head

This is the only carbon fiber tripod that you can get in this price range. Which makes it a very reliable option, and the monopod design is another surprise for stargazers.

With the option to use it invertedly, you can take some mesmerizing shots from different angles. Furthermore, It will be very easy to carry on your hikes because of the lightweight that it offers. And with the 360-degree adjustable dial, you can consider this one of the best tripods for DSLR Astrophotography.

The only drawback that I found in this tripod is its rubber feet, and it’s also a bit heavy even with the carbon fiber material. Nevertheless, for us stargazers, this tripod is still an optimal choice for Astrophotography. But I do recommend pairing this tripod with night vision binoculars for stargazing to enhance your experience even further.Check Price on AmazonRead Less

8. Torjim 60” Camera Tripod

Why we love it:

  • Cheapest Tripod So far
  • Comes with a Bluetooth remote
  • Feels like a feather
✅ High Quality Plastic Material❌ Average overall quality
✅ Looks Decent
✅ Freely tilting mounting plate

People who are searching for dirt cheap tripods should opt for this stand. The attractive budget-friendly price of this tripod might raise a  lot of questions about its durability. However, I can assure you that, you will definitely get the bang for the buck with this tripod for Astrophotography.

Moreover, even if the overall build quality is low, it can still hold an ample amount of weight. And with the rubber feet that it comes with, you can keep it sturdy, and take the most attractive shots of the Milky way galaxy.Check Price on AmazonRead Less


Astronomical Imaging offers the most unique dopamine effect that everyone should experience once in their lifetime. You always get a new feeling while trying to capture the perfect shooting star or a Milky way shot. So, keeping all of this in mind I wrote this guide to help you find the best tripod for Astrophotography, and for your convenience, I included multiple tripod brands that are budget-friendly as well. Furthermore, for you newly converted Astrophotography enthusiasts.

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