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Certain milestones must be achieved before becoming a helicopter pilot. For instance, a commercial helicopter pilot must first pass all exams to obtain a private pilot license. Pilots must pass written and flight exams to obtain a pilot’s license, log the required amount of flight time and gain relative experience according to job specifications. If you want to pursue a career as a helicopter pilot, follow these five steps:

  1. Schedule a medical exam
  2. Earn a degree or attend flight school
  3. Secure financial aid
  4. Obtain the proper licenses
  5. Update your resume

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Helicopter Pilot School

1. Schedule a medical exam

Before enrolling in school or a flight training program, pilot candidates will need to pass a medical exam to determine that their mental and physical health will not interfere with flying. The exam must be performed by a Federal Aviation Administration-approved physician. Doctors will check for health problems that may interfere with obtaining a license, such as:

  • Heart problems
  • Psychological disorders
  • History of drug abuse
  • Lapses in consciousness
  • Hearing conditions or issues
  • Vision impairments or issues, including color vision

2. Earn a degree or attend a flight school

Unless you plan to fly a helicopter for personal enjoyment, you may consider obtaining a degree. Most helicopter pilot employers require an associate or bachelor’s degree in math, physics or aeronautical engineering. Some universities that offer aviation programs also provide the process to obtain licenses.

Attending a flight school may be a shorter route to licensing since the program focuses specifically on what it takes to become a pilot. This includes adequate flight time and exam preparation for written, oral and flight exams. Student pilots study helicopter controls and practice take-off and landing maneuvers. Pilots first learn with the use of simulators then with an instructor beside them. Eventually, solo flights take place when the instructor decides the student is ready.

3. Secure financial aid

Some flight schools and private companies offer loans, such as the Career Training Loan, for those interested in becoming pilots. Some industry groups may offer training, education or scholarship opportunities. In lieu of school, candidates may choose to enter the military, where training and licensing are offered in exchange for service. If you are a pilot with a fixed-wing license, you can apply for a rotorcraft license as an add-on, which may reduce the requirement for flight hours.

4. Obtain the proper licenses

Helicopter pilots earn a private license first, then go on to earn a commercial license. Some pilots may aspire to become an Airline Transport Pilot, the highest achievement recognized by the FAA. For all licensing, practice exams are available on the FAA website. Age requirements dictate that while a 16-year-old can earn a certification, individuals must be 17 before they can qualify for a private license. Licensing requires accumulating daytime and nighttime flight hours, as well as dual and solo trips.

Private license

To obtain a private license, pilots must:

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Pass an FAA written test
  • Log 40 hours of flight time

The 40 hours of flight time includes:

  • 10 solo hours of flight
  • Three hours of dual (with instructor) cross-country flying
  • Three hours dual nighttime flying
  • Three hours solo cross-country flying
  • One 75-nautical-mile cross-country flight
  • Three solo takeoffs and landings

Once pilots have their private helicopter license, they can expand job opportunities by taking their education and training to the next level to obtain a commercial helicopter pilot license.

Commercial license

To obtain a commercial helicopter license, candidates must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a private pilot license
  • Hold FAA medical certificate
  • Complete ground instruction
  • Pass FAA written, oral and practical tests
  • Complete 20 hours of dual flight training
  • Complete one dual cross-country flight
  • Complete one solo cross-country flight
  • Have 10 hours of instrument training
  • Have 10 hours of solo flight training
  • Complete 100 hours as pilot-in-command
  • Take private license exam

The commercial pilot’s exam contains 30-50 questions and applicants must earn a grade of at least 70% to pass. The flight exam requires answering questions like identifying the functions and parts of aircraft as well as performing maneuvers, such as handling a crisis or explaining simple points of procedure. Flight exams consist of planning and executing a short flight with the instructor beside the student pilot. If errors are made, the instructor may ask the pilot to start the exam over or retake part of the test.

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Top 10 Luxury Helicopters in the World

Most people have heard of personal and charter jets, but luxury helicopters are the genuine gems. Not only are these aircraft comparatively less expensive, but helicopters can approach places that bulky jets can’t. Having a private or commercial helicopter is expedient, more environment friendly, and a symbol of status. Celebrities including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Donald Trump own a luxury helicopter, and this slot market has grown considerably in recent years due to demand from the rich.

They are well-appointed with all the newest technology, and interior seating marks that are designed in fine Italian leather upholstery.

Therefore the list of top 10 luxury helicopters is given below:

1. Augusta Westland AW119 Ke Koala:

luxury helicopters

The Koala is chiefly used by law enforcement, but it can easily provide accommodation to a group of corporate directors traveling on business. It has a VIP services quite adequately, with premium leather upholstery and seating for about 6 passengers and 2 operators. The Koala reaches a top speed of 166 mph (267 km/h) and a range of 618 miles (995 km). Price ranges from $1.8 to $3 million.

2. Eurocopter Hermès EC 135:

luxury helicopters

Though this brand of luxury helicopters is not suitable for long distant trips, is has a class apart built. The typical EC 135 will cost you a mere $4.2 million, but the one with the interior design from the best in class designer will cost you up to $6 million. The top speed is 178 mph, but the range is just 395 miles.

3. Augusta Westland AW109 Grand Versace VIP:

luxury helicopters

Augusta Westland teamed up with the Italian fashion house Versace to produce a super luxury interior for this fancier version of the AW109. The top speed is about 177 mph and a range of 599 miles. The mere difference is that all 599 of those miles will be more luxurious for the VIP passengers. Hence, will cost you $6.3 million price tag and the helicopter is fully covered in Versace leather, design and exterior.

4. Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC 145:

luxury helicopters

If you’re a Mercedes fan, now you can fly your preferred brand helicopter too. A regular EC 145 costs about $5.5 million, so the Mercedes version is going to cost anywhere around $7 million. But it’s totally worth it. No other Mercedes can go 153 mph while flying 17,000 feet above the ground. It has all the luxury of the famous German sports.

5. Eurocopter EC 175:

luxury helicopters

The EC 175 made its wonderful first appearance at the Paris Air Show in 2009. The chief feature of the EC 175 is that it can hold 16 passengers contentedly inside. The top speed reaches 178 mph (286 km/h), with a range of 345 miles (555 km). It costs whooping $7.9 million.

6. Eurocopter EC 155:

luxury helicopters

This is a luxurious chopper. Its top speed is an impressive 200 mph with a range of 533 miles. It can seat as many as 13 passengers; this spacious EC 155 aircraft will cost you $10 million.

7. Sikorsky S-76C:

luxury helicopters

The Sikorsky S-76C is more generally known as Black Hawk. The massive interior is large sufficient to fit up to a dozen passengers, but the seating occupies 4 passengers in Black Hawk model. It reaches a top speed of 178 mph (286 km/h) and has a range of 473 miles (761 km). It would cost you a $12.95 million.

8. Augusta Westland AW139:

luxury helicopters

The AW139 is appropriate for law enforcement, armed patrol and firefighters. It has a capacity to seat 8 passengers. The AW139 can reach an unbelievable top speed of 193 mph (310 km/h), with a range of 573 miles (922 km). It carries a beautiful interior costing you a hefty $14.5 million.

9. Bell 525 Relentless:

luxury helicopters

Like the Gulfstream 650 jet, the Bell 525 Relentless helicopter isn’t on the market currently. This chopper is going to cost $15 million. They predicted that the seating will be for 16, a top speed of 162 mph, and a range of 460 miles. This bright yellow Relentless with amazing seating will cost you a fortune.

10. Sikorsky S-92 VIP Configuration:

luxury helicopters

The S-92 can safely accommodate 9 passengers in its extensive interior cabin. The prices vary exponentially if you plan on decking the interiors with gold or crystal. The top speed of the S-92 is around 194 mph (312 km/h), with a range of 594 miles (956 km). The prices range from $17 million to $32 million.
Helicopter charter can be the most stress-free travel familiarity you will ever have. Which includes being able to travel outside of airports to reach vital meetings or even other flights in a different airport. Though rich class can afford these luxury helicopters, they are worth the investment.

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