hermes clic clac bracelet

A Hermes Clic Clac Bracelet is the most recognizable fashion bracelet in the designer world. These beautiful bracelets are trendy and classic and also HIGHLY counterfeited. So, here are some super easy tips on how to authenticate these coveted bangles. So what are the hermes clic clac bracelet sizes and the hermes clic clac price?

Hermes Clic Clac Bracelet




Tip 1- Proportion of the H



fake authentic Hermes bracelet H bangle letter authentication authenticate

Observe the space on the sides of the H. If you can stick another leg of the H in that space, it’s a fake! This is a very common error among some counterfeit H enamel bracelets.



Tip 2- Look at the edges of the enamel



how to authenticate hermes enamel clic clac h bracelet plastic

Another common error on replicas is the edge of the enamel (colored part of the bracelet). The enamel and metal part of the Hermes clic clac bracelet are made separately and then later attached. The enamel usually has a rounded edge and not a sharp edge. If the enamel’s edge is flush to the rest of the bracelet or is sharp, it’s a fake.

Some enamel on H bracelets are more rounded than others, but it should never have a sharp edge.



Tip 3- Screw on the clasp



screw head on hermes clic clac h enamel bracelet

This one’s a dead giveaway. Many very poor fakes will have a phillips (x) screw instead of the appropriate slot (-) screw. In general, high-end designers do not use phillips screws on jewelry and handbags.



Tip 4- NO card



fake replica orange authenticity card with bracelet

Isn’t it weird how counterfeiters will sometimes add extra accessories? A Hermes clic clac bracelet NEVER comes with a plastic authenticity card. If you see this accessory, avoid the bracelet!



Tip 5- Alignment on box



hermes box packaging accessory authenticate authentication

Yet, another easy easy tip that we’re delighted to share with you! The difference in quality oftentimes even shows when looking at their packaging. Hermes will never produce a misaligned box for their bags or accessories. See how obviously askew the border is on the fake box?

These tips cover some very common errors that counterfeiters make. They will definitely help you in avoiding A LOT of fakes, and may often let you know instantly when someone is wearing a replica.

However, for a full authentication, many more details are observed, sometimes even the tiny hole in the clasp! Stamping is also another major aspect of authentication, but given the many many variants of authentic and replica versions of stamping, it is much too complicated for a blog post. This is why we have always believed in the combination of an expert and software.

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Hopefully this simple-to-follow guide will save a lot of people a lot of money from nasty fakes!

Designer Backstory

Emile-Maurice Hermès, grandson of founder Thierry Hermès, summed up the philosophy of his family’s celebrated firm in the 1920s as “Leather, sport, and a tradition of refined elegance.” Passed down over generations, the House of Hermès has been committed to quality in design and production for more than 160 years. At the dawn of the 21st century, the name Hermès continues to represent the ultimate in French luxury.

7 Key Points to Spot a Fake Hermès Clic Clac H Bracelet

Possibly the most popular accessory from Hermès and a worldwide famed bracelet, the Clic Clac H earned its moniker following the sound it makes when fastened or unfastened. The Clic Clac H bracelet for women comes in three variations and can be worn solo or stacked in varied colours.

How to spot a fake Hermès Clic Clac

Unlike most of the bracelets from Hermès, the Clic Clac H is not made of leather. Instead, it is made using either gold-plated or palladium-plated metal and highlighted by enamel. The design is minimal, which means it is easy to forge. So, how can one tell a real one from a fake? Let us guide you.

Here are seven easy steps to spot a fake Hermès Clic Clac H bracelet:

1. The gap

How to spot a fake Hermès Clic Clac

The first tell-tale sign to identify a fake Clic Clac H is the gap between the ‘H’ and the enamel. If another leg of the ‘H’ can fit into the gap, then it is likely a counterfeited one. 

2. Enamel 

How to spot a fake Hermès Clic Clac

Instead of pouring resin, a solid piece of enamel is laid into the metal frame of the bracelet. The enamel is also set in such a way that the edges are slightly rounded. Any sign of sharpness or unevenness should be a cause of alarm.

3. Hallmark engravings

How to spot a fake Hermès Clic Clac

The bracelets made circa 2010 or later should have ‘MADE IN FRANCE’ on one side of the hinge. On the other side, ‘Hermès’ should be engraved in all caps and accompanied by a letter or symbol to signify as the date stamp.

Note: Since 2015, Hermès has been using a new type of markings.

4. Packaging box

How to spot a fake Hermès Clic Clac

It is easy for a fake one to arrive in an orange box. Always keep in mind that the original box is closest to a Pantone 165 C and the font is not in black but dark chocolate brown. Hermès bracelets also do not come with an authenticity card.

5. Screw & Clasp

The hinge of the bracelet is designed to operate with a little tension, meaning that it should be easy to open and close but must not feel loose. To help the ‘H’ swivel, Hermès uses flathead screws for narrow and wide bracelets or a star-shaped screw for extra wide ones.

6. Weight

The bracelet should have a little weight. If it is suspiciously lightweight, it is probably a fake one made from low-quality materials.

7. Shape

A quick look at the shape of the Clic Clac H bracelet can tell a lot about its authenticity. An original will have an oval shape to fit the comfort of a wrist while a counterfeit one will likely be circular.

No matter how real a fake Clic Clac H appears to be, it will never come with the essence of luxury. So, keep out for the above alarm signs and make sure you do not end up buying a fake Clic Clac Hermès bracelet.

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