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In this post, we will discuss the Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica. Choosing the right purse or wallet, is quite difficult especially when it comes to designers. It is no news that Hermes bags are actually some of the top luxurious bags in the world with their prices flying out of the roof. Inspiration can be from anywhere, and when it’s Hermes, the brains behind the designs are intertwined with the sources of nature; it can be from ships, the seas or even animals. Putting together the roots of its long history and up-to-the-minute fashion, Hermes designs is full of luxurious products. This can be said of the Hermes Dogon Wallet which comes with the iconic “Clou de Selle” tab closure.

Hermes bags are a sign that you are certainly going places, I mean, unless you come from a royal family or something. For those of us who don’t have the pedigree of being born into luxury, then we all work hard for what we have. And if you do have a job well done! You deserve to splurge on something for yourself like a Hermes bag!

Hermes Dogon Wallet Replica

Hermes Dogon Wallet

The ultimate reference guide to choosing the perfect wallet from Hermes.

authentic hermes dogon compact interiorauthentic hermes dogon duo interior

Since Hermes started its vogue through saddle making, which were in a way became part of its identity, the “Clou de Selle” mark refers a long time ago in which a  small nail was used to make handmade saddles. If you want a classic,  that would also make a statement and make heads turn in a crowd, then the Dogon wallet is the best option.

STEP 1: Hermes Dogon Size and Style

If you do not know what exactly it is that you are getting, the blame is on you! The capacity of the Hermes Dogon Style is mindblowing. It actually stores as much as 14 credit cards, if you decide to store more than one in each opening. Also, your ID cards, license and even your travel cards; you name it!

The Dogon Compact wallet has two credit card slots, one purse with a zipper and two extra compartments, the Dogon duo has 5 credit card slots, a removable zipper purse, two extra compartments and a bill slot. Imagine all this space in one wallet? All this storage? Amazing

Though the design looks basic, the prominent closure in the centre front is the eye-candy, it takes all the attention. Needless to say, the impeccable craftsmanship of this brand is what we are looking for.

Here’s our way of letting you decide the perfect Hermes Dogon Wallet, just for you! 

fig 1: Hermes Dogon Duo Wallet also called as hermes dogon clutch

authentic hermes dogon duo orange exterior

authentic hermes dogon duo orange interior

fig 2. Hermes Dogon Compact wallet

authentic hermes dogon compact wallet exterior

authentic hermes dogon compact wallet interior

fig 3: Hermes Dogon Long Wallet, also called as hermes dogon recto-verso

hermes dogon recto verso authentic exterior

hermes dogon recto verso authentic interior

hermes dogon recto verso authentic back

The items that we do not sell and are currently unavailable include: Hermes Dogon Key holder, Hermes Dogon Keycase, Hermes Dogon Purse and the Hermes Dogon Bag.

Items, 1, 2 and 3 are readily available.


When buying designer wallets or even bags off the internet from a seller, choose those with which you find credible and reliable reviews and testimonials from their other clients, as well as seeing through the pictures they post.

The hermes brand is well known for fashion, a high quality line of accessories and clothing; It’s Dogon wallet is no exception to this luxurious life.  Before spending a ridiculous amount of money on such an item, it is important to know how to choose the right one for you. Keep in mind that it is not difficult to know the right wallet for you and we want the best for you.

Here are things to watch out for when choosing a wallet:


There are always stamps on every Hermes bag; inspect them. The authentic Hermes may have the word HERMES spelled out in capital letters with PARIS in a smaller sized capital letters under it followed by ‘Created IN France’. Do endeavour to look out for peelings and uneven shaped words. It is important to know that the Hermes logo is usually on the outside of the wallet and is very clear.


Always endeavour to check the hardware on the wallet you want to purchase. If the wallet has a round metal fastener, the words HERMES must be engraved on it. This is a prime component of the fastener. PARIS which is the location of manufacturing needs to be around the bottom of the circle. An authentic hermes wallet will have engraved words on the fastener; laser engraved logos on the hardware.

Also, look out for tarnished plaques as authentic as Hermes hardware will not tarnish in any way.


Do all Hermes Dogon wallets have a stamp number you might ask? Well yes! Search for the stamp. Authentic Hermes have a date stamp for identification to point out their originality. There is a little letter inside a square attached to the leather which might be either on the strap or the opening. The year signifies the year the bag was made.

The use of this date stamp is to know exactly what it is that you are purchasing.


If you want to make a purchase of authentic HERMES DOGON WALLET, you can get it off ebay, but most of them are second hand and as fairly use. You will be cheated! 

When people buy from sites like ebay, there is a high chance of paying for a fake for the same price of an authentic. These sellers often make copies of the wallets into fakes and since they cannot be tracked, you will be delivered the fake products.


Buying the authentic item actually cost above 2000 usd, but our price is only 186 USD. Why not buy from directly? We offer great replicas for a very low price that won’t cut through your pockets.


The Hermes Dogon wallet comes in colours like black, pink, red, purple, grey, green, etoupe orange, gold, blue atoll, taupe, rose candy, etain, brown, blue electric; the list is endless.

The Hermes Dogos vs Hermes Bearn

The Hermes Bearn is another wallet off the popular Hermes wallet collection.  It is a long wallet with a basic exterior design with a the logo ‘H’ in silver colour.

A Hermes Bearn has space for 5 credit card slots inside and 2 additional pockets on the outside. The usual signature ‘Hermes Paris’ is printed out clearly in the centre.
A functional wallet for your designer bag, it comes in a wide range of over 50 colours available; it’s amazing.

hermes bearn wallet replica


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Do you need more information about hermes dogon wallet review? Watch these videos and get to know more about it.

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There are so many celebrities who carry the hermes dogon wallet, you can’t be wrong to have one. Browse the category and select one for yourself.



The Details



Dogon bifold coin wallet

Hermès Paris is a luxury brand more than a century old, founded by Thierry Hermès in Paris. Nowadays, the creative director of the house is Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, distinguished for collaborating with many renowned brands. Crafted from pure leather, this Dogon bifold coin wallet from Hermès Vintage features a foldover top, gold-tone hardware and multiple card slots. Circa 2000. Please note that vintage items are not new and therefore might have minor imperfections.

Designer Style ID: HER750

Made in France

leather 100%

Designer Backstory

Emile-Maurice Hermès, grandson of founder Thierry Hermès, summed up the philosophy of his family’s celebrated firm in the 1920s as “Leather, sport, and a tradition of refined elegance.” Passed down over generations, the House of Hermès has been committed to quality in design and production for more than 160 years. At the dawn of the 21st century, the name Hermès continues to represent the ultimate in French luxury.

How to Spot a Fake Hermes Bracelet

January 8, 2019

We’re all familiar with the Hermes brand, they’re the brains behind the famous Birkin Bag, a sleek holdall that offered plenty of room. Aside from the luxurious handbag, the brand is also well-known for their signature Clic Clac H Enamel Bracelets.

These Clic Clac H Enamel Bracelets, because of their impeccably simplistic and easy design, are easy for counterfeiters to replicate. This really makes you wonder whether the Hermes bracelets you came across were actually real or not.

Remember when you came across a private seller who was selling their used bracelet, or when your aunt returned from a trip to Macau, saying that she bought a ‘Hermes’ bracelet during her trip, and when you met a friend sporting what they thought was an original.

In so many of these instances, you can sense it isn’t the real deal but just can’t put your finger on it. However, there are no dead giveaways, so we’ll tell you how to spot a fake Hermes bracelet. 

Quality Control

As a luxury brand, Hermes takes strict measures in terms of quality; so, everything, down to the last tiny detail, needs to be perfect. From the packaging to the intricately molded corners, you need to focus on the details, because that’s where counterfeiters fail to meet the standard. Don’t look for clues in plain sight, but the subtle hints that we’ll explain.

Check the Clasp Screw

At first glance, the foremost thing to check is the screw on the clasp. All authentic Hermes Clic Clac H bracelets have a slot screw, which is used in high-end jewelry for being subtle and classy. On the other hand, counterfeit bracelets will have a Philips screw because they’re cheaper and easier to find.

Focus on the Letter H

For starters, look at the Letter ‘H’. The letter ‘H’ on Hermes Clic Clac bracelets always has the same proportions. The metal on the sides of the ‘H’ shouldn’t be smaller than the legs of the ‘H’. If it’s enough to add another leg, it’s a fake. You won’t need to break out a ruler for this one, and just a close-up focus is good enough to tell.

Look at the Packaging

This is where you’ll need to pay some extra attention, and it’s important that you get a chance to see its packaging in the first place. Since fake and authentic bracelets come in a bright orange box, it’s a little difficult to determine whether you’re looking at the real thing. However, the original shade of orange comes closest to Pantone 165 C.

The color of the font on the original packaging is actually a dark chocolatey brown, which many counterfeiters may mistake for black. Originally, the bag that the box comes in is supposed to have a slightly grainy texture, indicating the use of high-quality paper. A fake bag will be made of smooth paper, which would probably be lighter too.

In addition, the border on the box will be uneven for most counterfeit bracelets, because original Hermes’ packaging shows an even border on all sides.

Are there Extras?

Make sure to check the inside of the box; counterfeiters have a habit of adding extra stuff like a card. Comparatively, authentic Hermes bracelets never come with a card to prove legitimacy so be careful. 

Feel Along the Edges of the Enamel

Authentic Hermes Enamel bracelets are made with an eye for even the smallest details, so it’ll pay off to take a closer look at the enamel. Originally, the enamel and metal part of these bracelets are made separately and attached together.

Hence, you’ll find that originals have enamel that’s rounded from the edges and sides. Comparatively, fake bracelets have sharp edges and the enamel flushes into the metal part, which makes it a fake.

Check the Weight and Dimensions from the Website

Original Hermes bracelets are made from palladium or permabrass and feel heavier while wearing. Counterfeits are often lighter so check the original website for the weight and dimensions to make sure that you’re looking at an original.

In addition, original bracelets are designed to fit on the hand ergonomically, so they have an oval shape rather than circular. On the other hand, counterfeit bracelets are mostly circular in shape.

Where was it Made (Austria vs. France)

Initially, the enamel for Hermes bracelets was Austria-manufactured so they had a ‘Made in Austria’ stamp. The new Hermes enamel bracelets are produced in France from sometime around 2010, so they’re marked as ‘Made in France’. Only vintage pieces should have the ‘Made in Austria’ stamp, so if you see a bracelet listed as vintage but it has a contemporary stamp, it’s not the real thing.

Hermes Engraved on the Interior

Check inside the hinge to see the brand name written in upper case letters. Under the brand name, you’ll see a letter that represents the year in which the bracelet was produced. For more detail on the dating, we’ve added some extra information.

The Date Coding

There’s a special date code, marked by circles or squares, and a letter that corresponds the year in which the bracelet was produced. However, this system stopped in 2015, so the brand will be using a new system of dating their timeless bracelets. If it was made from 1946 to 1970, there will be a letter. Bracelets made from 1971 to 1996 have a letter marking and a circle, and if they’re made from 1997 till 2015, the letter is engraved with a square.

To conclude, the Hermes Clic Clac Enamel bracelets are truly a staple of timeless elegance, and they’re simply a must have that suit any occasion. However, if you’re paying the price of an original, it’s important that you get an authentic product. Keeping an eye out for these signs will help you spot a fake bracelet that doesn’t have the same finish and aesthetic as the original. Always make sure to purchase your bracelet from an authentic seller, and be wary of people selling second-hand bracelets.

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