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In the market for the Hermes Kelly Bracelet? You have noticed them on the arms of the world’s most glamorous women, circling their slender wrists, just above perfectly manicured hands, sometimes alone, sometimes in softly clanking stacks, but always a statement piece. Undoubtedly, I’m referring to the beautiful Hermès bracelets that all women love. No matter how they are worn, Hermès bracelets offer glamorous and chic flare to your arm. So what is the hermes kelly bracelet price?

Hermes Kelly Bracelet

Hermes Bracelet arm candies

As the brand’s iconic bracelet, Hermès Collier de Chien or the CDC is the most popular among all. It has never stopped being the ‘it’ accessory since it was introduced in 1940. Refer to our previous article All about The Hermès Collier de Chien (Part One) about its history, design, materials, sizes and all the non-exotic leather types used on the CDC.

The CDC is also made of exotic leathers, famously crocodile, alligator, ostrich and lizard skins. With their unique markings and textures absent in calfskin, the exotic leather CDC has long been sought-after despite its premium price. Essentially all the exotic skin CDCs by Hermes are rare, fabulous and are the epitome of luxury.

Image result for Alligator Skin CDCAlligator Skin CDC
Image result for Lizard Skin CDCLizard Skin CDC
Related imageOstrich Skin CDC
Related imageCrocodile Skin CDC

It will cost you from USD $1,150 for a calfskin CDC. Price starts lowest from USD $1,900 for exotic leather. USD $4,300 will buy you a solid silver CDC bracelet. And a to-die-for CDC in white gold with diamonds will set you back USD $113,200.

In Singapore, it costs at least SGD $1,100 for a calfskin CDC and be ready to pay from SGD $2,500 for exotic skins.

Hermès (Kelly Dog) Extrême

Image result for Hermès (Kelly Dog) ExtrêmeHermès

This hard to find bracelet has a wide 5cm band width, featuring the Kelly turn lock closure with dog collar details and six small studs similar to those of the CDC. It’s one of the biggest and more masculine Hermès bracelets.


The Kelly Dog Extrême is available in S and L sizes and in different leathers, colours and hardware, from palladium to gold and permabrass.

Kelly Dog Extrême and Collier de Chien – depop

Kelly Dog Extrême and Collier de Chien
Image result for Kelly Dog and Kelly Dog ExtrêmeKelly Dog and Kelly Dog Extrême

As mentioned above, this bracelet is rarely available, though it is seen slightly more often now, probably because, as Bagaholicboy conjectured in one of his blog posts, either that Hermès since increased production, or that most might find this too hefty, or because of both reasons.

It costs from USD $970 or SGD $850 and a bit of luck to find and own a Hermès Kelly Dog Extrême.

Hermès Micro Rivale

This tiny bracelet measures no more than 2cm x 1cm in size and comes in 3 colours: Black, Souffle, and Grey in either gold or palladium hardware.



The Micro Rivale is available in 4 sizes (XS, S, M and L) and is priced at USD $480 on Hermès online store and sells from SGD $600-$800 in Singapore.

Hermes bracelets. | There are numerous ways to take this look and create it for less! Use old belts w/ similar metals, wrap and go!fauxionista

Hermès Rivale Double Tour


The Rivale Double Tour, as shown in its name, is a double-loop bracelet (it goes around the wrist twice), which is different from and much larger than the Micro Rivale.


The Rivale bracelet is available in many colours (purple, orange, brown, red, grey, blue and black) with either gold or silver palladium hardware.


The Rivale Double Tour bracelet is priced USD $560 on Hermès online store and sells in Singapore at the price range of SGD $700-800.



Hermès Micro Kelly



The Micro Kelly features the signature Kelly turn lock and gold plated or palladium plated hardware. It is available in 4 sizes: XS, S, L, M. Girls with a penchant for petite accessories will find this bracelet a must-have.

From left to right: Micro Rivale and Micro Kelly – deluxemall

From left to right: Micro Rivale and Micro Kelly – deluxemall

The Micro Kelly bracelet is available in mostly pastel colours: sulphur, bamboo, rose sakura, clay, chalk, mallard and black. This bracelet is quite a rare find in Singapore. Prices start from SGD $500. It is priced USD $480 on Hermès online store.



Hermès Kelly Double Tour

Kelly Double Tour with Rose Gold Hardware – Hermès

Kelly Double Tour with Rose Gold Hardware – Hermès

The Kelly Double Tour Bracelet comes in 4 different sizes (XS, S, M and L).  It comes in calfskin and exotic lizard skin. The hardware can be silver, palladium or gold plated.



Each season, there will be different colours, so getting the exact colour you want might sometimes be a real challenge.

From left to right: Micro Rivale, Micro Kelly, and Kelly Double Tour –deluxemall

From left to right: Micro Rivale, Micro Kelly, and Kelly Double Tour – deluxemall

Those with regular calfskin leathers will be priced at SGD $700 each, while the ones in exotic lizard will start selling from SGD $1,100. The Kelly Double Tour is priced USD $510 on Hermès online store.




Hermès Pavane

Image result for Hermès PavaneHermès

As one of the bigger Hermès bracelets, the Pavane looks great on your wrist either alone or in stacking. You will probably spot it on men’s wrists more often than other Hermès bracelets.

Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet (black leather, Palladium hardware) & Silver Miansai anchor bracelet.silkpathdiary

The Pavane bracelet is made of calfskin leather with gold or palladium plated hardware. Popular colours are bold ones such as red, brown, black and white. It comes in 3 sizes: S, M, and L.



You can purchase one from Hermès online store at the price of USD $390. However, if your wanted colour is not available, your next Pavane bracelet might be selling in local boutiques from SGD $600.

Possibly because of its bulky size, the Pavane is much less favoured than its ‘cousin’, the Hermès Baby Pavane.

Hermès Baby Pavane



The Hermès Baby Pavane features palladium or gold plated hardware and is originally designed as a double-loop bracelet. However, because of its slender design, fashionistas are wearing it as a triple and even quadruple tour bracelet.

Hermes Herbag & Kelly Dog Bracelet@madame_m__



Hermès Behapi Simple Tour

Image result for Hermès Behapi Simple TourHermès

Why should you ‘be happy’ to own a Hermès Behapi bracelet? Because this Hermès leather bracelet is reversible! You can either wear it as it’s shown above, in bamboo green, or flip it and wear it in turquoise. It feels like you’ve got two bracelets for the price of one!

The Hermès Behapi Simple Tour features an elegant H buckle in gold or palladium on calfskin. It comes in XS, S, M, and L size. Size S is 1″ (2.54cm) longer than size SX, and so on.




It sells USD $290 on Hermè and SGD $450 from Singapore resellers.

Hermès Behapi Double Tour


This Behapi Double Tour bracelet still makes you happy that it also multitasks as two different colour bracelets. The only difference is that you can wrap it over your wrist twice.




The Behapi Double Tour bracelet is easier to find than the Simple Tour one. Its prices start from SGD $450. You can purchase it on Hermè at USD $315.

Hermès Hapi 3


The Hermès Hapi 3 is among the most loved Hermès bracelets. It looks like the extra long version of the Hermès Hapi Double Tour. You can wrap it around your wrist several times. This bracelet comes in 3 sizes: PM (24.5″ or 62cm long), MM (25.5″ or 65cm long) and GM (27″ or 68.5cm long).

It costs USD $315 on Hermès online store and SGD $450 in Singapore local boutiques. The good news is that thanks to its popularity, you will have a higher chance of getting the one you want.




Take a cue from a blogger, snobessentials, you can make over the look of a Hermès Hapi 3MM by adorning it with a pack of the Hermès Medor Scarf rings. She got the idea from her adored CDC (Collier de Chien) cuffs. In the photo below is her ‘lighter, more obtainable, and far more personal’ Hermès CDC lookalike.

Hapi 3MM Leather Bracelet and Hermès Medor Scarf rings – snobessentials

Hapi 3MM Leather Bracelet and Hermès Medor Scarf rings – snobessentials
Hermès Medor Scarf rings to loop on the Hapi 3MM Leather Bracelet – purseblog

Hermès Medor Scarf rings to loop on the Hapi 3MM Leather Bracelet – purseblog

Hermès Clic Clac H

Hermès Clic Clac H

Hermès Clic Clac H

How many of us got the Clic Clac H bracelet in our first little orange box? Along with the cherished leather Collier de Chien bracelet, the Clic Clac H bracelet is another renowned and iconic accessory piece created by Hermès.

Unlike other popular Hermès bracelets, the Clic Clac H is not made of leather. It has kept its signature styling since inception. The front features the iconic “H” designed as a clasp that swivels open or close, the back is a hinge stamped Hermès in the inside, and the two sides have a color enamel set into the metal. Clic Clac bracelets are gold plated or palladium plated.

There are three primary thicknesses. Narrow is 0.5″ (1.27cm) thick. Wide is 1″ (2.54cm) thick, and Extra/Mega Wide is 1.5″ (3.8cm) thick.


The narrow one has a dainty appeal whereas the extra wide H bracelet is very striking and bold.

Clic Clac H has only two sizes: PM (2.25″ diameter, 7.5″ circumference) and GM (2.5″ diameter, 8″ circumference).



Hermès maintains a group of classic enamel colours and introduces and retires colors each season. Each color has its own unique appeal. As a result, some Hermès fans catch the so-called ‘Clic Clac H fever’ where they become collectors of many different colour Clic Clac bracelets.


hermes kelly watchPatricialacob

A new enamel Clic Clac H will cost you USD $660 and SGD $1,200. This bracelet can be stacked and worn with almost any other bracelet and will only enhance the beauty.

Image result for Patricialacob

Hermes Kelly Dog, Hermes Hermes Kelly Double Tour, Hermes Cap Cod with Double Tour Strap All in Barenia Leather.  love this.

Hermès bracelets, just like anything else created by Hermès, epitomize glamour, timeless beauty and a little of magic. Some of them, like the CDC, have truly stood the test of time as the statement accessory over decades. Each Hermès bracelet has been building up a history and, hopefully, an exciting future on the wrist of a fashionable woman with great taste and impeccable style.

Since Hermès changes the production every season, some colours or designs will either no longer be available or be added. If you heart is set on finding a particularly rare bracelet, check and call local boutiques regularly. Note that now the rose gold hardware is gradually rolled out, so keep an eye on that!

In the meantime, check out the gorgeous Hermès bracelets currently available online on HauteRobe! Creatively mix and match them and add glamour and edginess to your look!


As many of you know, I love Hermes bangles, particularly the printed enamel bracelets. The printed enamel designs are beautiful and timeless, and I like that they’re not particularly popular right now. Whether you choose an enamel, the Clic Clac, or a leather variety, a Hermes bracelet will jazz up your outfit (and camouflage your Target dress!) no matter your personal style. They look good on everyone!

Sizing, however, is not the easiest thing to navigate and is one of the number one questions I receive. It can be particularly challenging since the sizing varies by style. To make things even more confusing, Hermes recently converted their sizing of their leather bracelets (more on that below.)

I have put together my recommendations, based off my own personal purchases.  Of course there are more bracelets available than what I have listed, but these are the popular styles and should give you a strong frame of reference. Especially if you’re going to buy second hand, you’ll want to figure your size out before buying. As always, I recommend going into a Hermes store and  trying on the bracelets you’re interested in; then when you see a good deal on a bracelet in my stories you can pounce!

I hope this guide helps to demystify Hermes sizing. If you have additional comments, feel free to contact me. I will continue to update as I have bracelet sizing tips. Enjoy!

Hermes Enamel Bracelet and Hermes Pink Scarf

Thrift & Tell Hermes Bracelet Sizing Guide


This bangle is hands down my favorite. It comes in three sizes: 62mm, 65mm, and 70mm. The size 65 is the most common size you will find. The real kicker with this style is that you have to get the enamel bangle over your hand. It does not hinge, so you really want to consider your hand instead of your wrist. I wear a size 65, but I am short and have small hands. I can fit into the size 62, but it’s tighter over my hand. If you’re very short or very thin, the 62 may be your best option. If you have larger hands or particularly tall, you may want to take the size 70. If you’re curvier you will likely want the 70. There is no perfect science here, so again, a store try on will be beneficial! I saw a woman online using pantyhose over her hand to shove a snug Hermes bangle over her hand; don’t do this. A trip to the ER is not T&T!


A bracelet should sit snugly on the wrist and not slide up and down. It should wrap around it, but not feel tight. To measure your bracelet size, hold out your hand with your thumb outstretched and aligned with your other fingers. Using a measuring tape or even a strip of paper, measure your hand circumference. Refer to the chart to discover your bracelet size. Go ahead, give yourself a hand! Measure your hand circumference thumb included

62mm- 7.2 inches

65mm- 7.5 inches

70mm- 8.6 inches


This hinged H bracelet comes in two sizes: PM and GM. I take the size PM. The good news is that this bangle hinges so you don’t have to worry about getting the bangle over your hand. Sizing is more a matter of the size of your wrist. I accidentally got a GM once and kept it because I loved the colors but it felt big and fell down my hand. If you tend to be curvier or have larger wrists, the GM will be a better fit. Men should take the GM.


This bracelet opens and closes directly on the forearm like a cuff. Therefore, you only need to measure your wrist circumference when choosing your bracelet. A properly fitted watch strap can serve as your guide. However, you can also use a measuring tape. The chart below indicates which Hermès sizes correspond to measurements.

PM- 6.2 inches

GM- 7.1 inches

Thrift & Tell Hermes Bracelet Sizing Guide


As if sizing could not get confusing enough, Hermes recently changed their leather sizing terminology and added additional sizes in some styles. I called a few stores to clarify sizing, but if you have additional comments, please feel free to contact me with additional input! In general, it seems that the equivalents are below. This will be particularly helpful when shopping consignment, as many consignment pieces will be in the old XS to L sizing.

T1= XS

T2= S

T3= M

T4= L

Thrift & Tell Hermes Bracelet Sizing Guide


This chunky, fabulous bracelet, which originated as a bespoke dog collar, comes in T1,T2 and T3. It used to only come in a PM and GM Size. In speaking with the sales associate at Hermes, the old PM is between a T1 and a T2. If you are more petite and like a closer fit, you should order the T1. If you have a slightly larger wrist and or like a roomier fit, you should order the T2.   However if you’re fuller figured or like a roomier fit, the T3 may be a better option. Men should take the T3 (or the old GM). The good news with the CDC is that there are there are several openings for the prong which allows you to size this bracelet to get the right fit.


This bracelet opens and closes directly on the wrist. Therefore, you only need to measure your wrist circumference when choosing your bracelet. A properly fitted watch strap can serve as your guide, just like a measuring tape. The chart below indicates which Hermès sizes correspond to measurements.

T1- 6.1 inches

T2– 6.7 inches

T3– 7.1 inches


This comes in T1-T4 (it used to be XS-L.) I take the T1/XS but honestly felt in between sizes. The T2/S was too big and spun around my wrist, so I went with the T1/XS.

HERMES WEBSITE SIZING GUIDE: For Hermes Rivale Double Tour, Hapi, and Kelly Double Tour (I dont agree that they fit the same)

This bracelet opens and closes directly on the wrist. Therefore, you only need to measure your wrist circumference when choosing your bracelet. A properly fitted watch strap can serve as your guide, just like a measuring tape. The chart below indicates which Hermès sizes correspond to measurements.

T1– 5.7 inch

T2– 6.1 inches

T3– 6.5 inches

T4– 6.9 inches

Thrift & Tell Hermes Bracelet Sizing Guide

Thrift & Tell Hermes Bracelet Sizing Guide


This comes in T1-T4 (it used to be XS-L.) What is funny is you would think the sizing for this is the same as the Rivale as they’re both leather with hardware. (The Hermes website also suggests sizing is the same). However, the Kelly Double Tour runs small. The T1/S Double Tour would not even close for me, so I wear a size T2/S.



I tried this style on recently and found the sizing was similar to that of the Kelly Double Tour. I fit into the T2/S.


T&T Hermes Hapi Bracelet

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My favorite spots to find great deals on Hermes pieces is on Fashionphile and The RealReal. I trust both sites and they stand by their authentication process.

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