hermes kelly double tour bracelet

Here for the Hermes Kelly Double Tour Bracelet? Our team has researched and reviewed the hermes kelly double tour bracelet size to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying the kelly double tour bracelet gold spec.

The Kelly Double Tour Bracelet is one of the most beautiful and exclusive pieces from Hermes. Most hermes kelly double tour bracelet size are made from 18k gold with a few occasional models made from platinum or white gold. In addition, there exists a handful of individually designed Kelly bracelets that are only available to pick by special request.

Hermes Kelly Double Tour Bracelet

Best Men’s Bracelets


Tanner Goods’ Single Wrap bracelet is a valuable addition to any guy’s wardrobe, offering a premium leather construction that’s helped to make the brands exceptionally-crafted belts so popular. This single-wrap variant is the perfect minimalistic accessory to tie together any incomplete outfit, offering wearers a stylish, understated accent that’s sure to garner a compliment or two.



Tres Cuervos’ Flint bracelet is a unique take on the timeless accessory, boasting a rustic silhouette that’s secured by two magnetized .22 caliber bullet casings. Not only does this give the peripheral a look all its own, but it also provides the Flint with an interesting persona that straddles the line between style and fashionable functionality.



Maritime Supply’s Brass Anchor bracelet is full of nautical inspiration, and thanks to its unique brass detailing, it’s a definitive addition to any sea lover’s outfit. It might seem a bit outlandish, but a true fan-of-the-sea will appreciate Maritime’s attention to detail, including the company’s re-designed metal beam, 3mm twisted cotton rope, and a handcrafted anchor to tie it all together.



Craighill’s Uniform Square Cuff bracelet is a great-looking variant that ties together any outfit with ease, thanks to a 3/16-inch square bar made from solid cartridge brass, and stylish, square-cut ends that create a perfect, open-ended clasp section. As minimalistic as the Square Cuff is, it’s sure to make a big statement if it’s accompanied by a selection of complimentary wrist adornments.



BRZN’s Recycled Bullet Casing bracelet is a tactical-looking variant that’s been outfitted with a menagerie of purposeful materials. The peripheral boasts a paracord, camo, wire, and bullet-imbued silhouette that’s been made using recycled materials. Each example is hand-made in Chicago, and thanks to the bracelet’s flexible, comfortable orientation, it’s the perfect accessory for any guy who’s trying to take his wardrobe to the next level. Better yet, they’re made to acquire a unique patina over their lifetime, meaning that each bespoke offering is personalized, depending on what type of lifestyle you lead.



Caputo & Co.’s Craftman Leather bracelet might look like a simplistic variant at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find the opportunity to appreciate its interesting construction. It’s made using a great-looking vegetable-dyed leather, a durable nylon-waxed cord, and tasteful brass hardware, offering wearers a handsome, clasp-secured variant for use alongside a variety of different outfits.



Caputo & Co. is making its second appearance on our list with the Hand-Knotted Double Wrap bracelet; an attractive offering that transcends the realm of traditional wristwear. Aside from its premium construction and handsome-looking traits, this waxed-nylon peripheral was made in partnership with Comunidades de la Tierra, a non-profit organization that focuses on helping at-risk youth and communities in Guatemala. An interesting combination of vachetta leather and brass hardware offers wearers a stylish accessory that’s equally as attractive when it comes to moral direction.



Miansai’s Nexus Sterling bracelet is a testament to timeless design, offering wearers a detail-focused accessory that’s as sleek as they come. It’s crafted using a woven, Italian-sourced beige leather, and secures around the wrist via a polished sterling silver button that provides a perfect accent to the silhouette. To make the Nexus even more attractive, it’s undeniably discreet, adding the perfect touch to any outfit, without becoming overbearing.



Miansai’s Trice bracelet is an attractive accessory for every occasion, boasting a tri-layer silhouette that’s complemented by genuine woven Italian leather. At the clasp, a sterling silver hook closure and sleeve accent provide an aura of subtle character that’s unmatched by the Trice’s competitors. Better yet, each variant is available with personalized monogram print, ensuring that your favorite peripheral is also one-of-a-kind.



Cause And Effect’s Silver ID Cuff bracelet is a durable, rugged accessory that’s been crafted using a great-looking hammered silver. Its distressed texture provides a handsome accent to any guy’s heritage wardrobe, and thanks to its adjustable nature, it’s not difficult to pair it with a variety of different wrist sizes/outfit styles. Each example is made using sterling silver attributes and features a flattened top that’s not often seen in men’s wristwear.



Eleventy’s Multi-Bead bracelet is a simple variant that references the wristwear styles of old, fostering an undeniable charm, and promoting a confident aura that’s palpable by everyone in the room. It boasts a specialized T-bar fastener and a logo charm that adds a perfect touch of bespoke style, resulting in one of Italy’s finest wrist adornments.



Mikia’s Yellow Beaded bracelet is associated with pure, unadulterated positivity, and thanks to its lightweight demeanor, it’s on a mission to enrich your life without any of the cumbersome baggage associated with other wrist accessories. It boasts a strong central cord, as well as unique gold rings, roundels, and hints of red and green throughout. The result? An uplifting accessory that’s proven to make you feel better about your day, while looking the part.



LHN Jewelry’s Carpe Diem ID bracelet is a positivity-inducing accessory that’s aimed to help you “Seize the Day.” As cliche as it sounds, this solid-brass variant has both the style, and the poise to catapult your mood into another dimension, offering wearers a traditional style piece that only gets better with age.



Miansai’s Turner Rope bracelet is a modern variant that isn’t short on style. Sure, it might look like a classic, beaded accessory, but thanks to its elevated style principle, nautical rope, and sterling silver adornments, this handmade peripheral has found a way to transcend the boundaries of everyday wristwear. Better yet, a specialized black rhodium-plated finish gives the bracelet an aura of luxurious value, making it a viable candidate for high-end outfits.



Silver Piston’s Link Chain bracelet is an exercise in dashing detail, offering an attractive sterling silver construction, sterling rings, and an intuitive toggle clasp that makes donning and doffing inherently easy. Each example is crafted using durable 12-gauge metal and features a unique dual-link silhouette that sets it apart from other offerings.


kelly double tour bracelet gold spec

hermes birkin bag for sale

Consignment (you get paid once the bag is sold)
Consignment on new bags can offer better returns. Currently Lilac Blue London pays 30% premium for a bag left on consignment. So a 35cm Birkin at the time of writing, which costs €8200 in Paris, will fetch €10,660, or £9,550. If you bought the bag in mainland Europe, that is a profit of £2,200. If the bag is extremely sought after, or a limited edition, you may be able to get more. We ask people to be aware that the market is highly competitive, and that the higher the price of the bag, the longer it will take to sell. If you are realistic with the price, the bag will sell within 2 months. Lilac Blue London offers great customer service and will pay you quickly, but the bag must be absolute perfect, and left with us. Any deviation from this will impact on the time it takes to sell.

Becoming a professional seller
Here is another thought: perhaps you would like to sell bags regularly…

If you would like to become a professional reseller, you can receive higher returns, but have to be ready to wait longer for the bag to sell, and you have to provide at least 3 bags. Essentially you become a professional investor. You can expect to be contacted once a month with updates on sales, and you can command up to 35% profit (that 35cm Birkin that cost you €8200 will now fetch €11,070. That’s €2,870 or £2,570 profit, more than you will get on almost any other investment, including gold.) You have to leave the bags for up to 6 months with us. So it’s an amazing return on your investment, but you must be prepared to wait for your money. If the bag does not sell after 6 months you can take it back and we will give you the photos to help you sell it elsewhere.

Birkin bag | Hermès | Hermès USA

Pre-loved bags
If you have a used bag to sell….

We only buy a few pre-loved bags to keep as stock. Mostly we sell them on consignment. This means you will receive the funds when the bag is sold. You will want to know what price you can fetch, and this is not a simple question. The age, condition, and accessories that you have kept with the bag all have a major part to play. If you have a Birkin or Kelly, and you have the lock and key, dustbag, orange box, and the receipt, and the bag is in a very good condition, you can expect to receive the price that you originally paid for the bag. You might expect more, but bear in mind that every brand of handbag apart from Hermes and Chanel devalues by 50% or more the moment you walk out the boutique. Unlike other companies, Lilac Blue will set a price that you will receive for the bag, and we will add our margin to it (from 10% – 30%). This allows us to negotiate the price with customers, rather than having to contact you every time we have an offer on it.

Other companies you might like to try in the UK, are Designer Exchange, who will buy for cash, and Rewind Vintage. Then there is Vestiaire Collective, a large online portal for luxury goods which operates in a similar fashion to eBay. You will have to do your own photographs and communicate with potential buyers, which is not a great experience. We do not recommend eBay. In the US, the company Rebag will come to collect your bag and will buy it from you. There are more companies opening in Europe later this year so we can expect this second hand luxury goods market to become more buoyant.

The best pre-loved bags to sell:
Small Hermes Kelly in Crocodile
Hermes Birkin 30cm in classic Hermes colours
Any Pink Birkin or Kelly
Lizard Birkin or Kelly

Bags shown here are a 35cm Etoupe Birkin in Togo leather, a 30cm Black Birkin in Epsom leather, a 35cm Black Kelly in Lizard and a 25cm Bourgogne Kelly in Shiny Crocodile.

Once upon a time, the Hermès Birkin could arguably have been called the rarest handbag in the world. Urban myths abounded about how to buy and who was allowed to buy; rumors of wait lists were taken as gospel; and the lucky few able to acquire a bag guarded their insider status as if it were a state secret.

Then the fashion resale market took off.

On almost any given day, Privé Porter in Miami has a rotating lineup of nearly 80 of the newest Hermès Birkin bags, in pristine condition and all accessible with the click of a mouse or a tap on a mobile device.

In barely five years, Privé Porter, tucked away in the palm-tree-lined confines of southern Florida, has sold more than $60 million worth of the bags, the company said, to anyone who wants and can afford one, the vast majority of those sales taking place on Instagram.

The digitally native company is part of the booming resale ecosystem, which has seen a growing number of heavily funded and highly trafficked businesses bringing luxury wares to the web, among them the $10,000-plus marquee bags of the 182-year-old Hermès empire. And Privé Porter is not alone.

Another digital player, the market-disrupting e-commerce consignment website the RealReal, has more than 300 Birkin bags available for purchase, including a shiny midnight-hued crocodile Birkin and a blindingly bright red Birkin.

StockX, the resale site known largely for its system of selling the buzziest sneakers as if they are stocks, has expanded its offerings to handbags, including the most coveted Hermès bags; it currently has 235 up for grabs.

Together with assorted other resale players, like Rebag, LePrix, Baghunter and Vestiaire Collective, along with Hermès-specific sellers like Jane Finds, such sites have made it easier than ever for consumers to find what were once almost mythical accessories.

Luca Solca, a senior analyst for luxury goods at Bernstein, an investment research and management company, estimates that there are now more than a million Birkins in the market.

It sounds awfully good. But what does it really mean for an accessory whose image and allure is grounded largely in exclusivity and carefully measured supply, in an industry where perception plays an outsize role, not to mention for the people seduced by such rarity? Does it risk dilution and, even worse, devaluation of both value and allure?

The Hermes Birkin bag is considered to be one of the most elusive handbags in the world.  The way this French Company keeps its brand high is essential though solemn secrecy. This included everything from the way a person would get on in a particular color and leather to what particular size or hardware types are used at a given period of time.  The most mystifying thing about the Hermes Birkin is it pricing structure.

Overall we have found that many things contribute to Birkin prices.  First of all, we have found that Hermes Birkin bags pricing varies amongst the leather offerings, even before the company looks at exotics types. 

There is also a lot of variation in the international markets of the Birkins.  Currency and locations are factors that greatly affect what you pay, it is extremely important to take note of especially for the brand’s super high-end clientele.   

The Hermes company frequently update their pricing, making it especially important to know that last year’s pricing may not be what the bags are priced today.

Pop culture plays its part in the inflation of the Hermes Birkin bags.  With A-list celebrities and media outlets boasting about how much this elite status handbag cost, largely to draw attention and readership looking to discover some insight into the wealthy lifestyle.  The bag is perceived to have an extreme price tag but it is somewhat realistic pricing. 

For example, I recently came across an article from Fortune that claimed a Hermes Birkin bag which is priced of $223,000 was a good investment.  I’m still trying to figure out who this would be a great investment for at any time.

If you are looking for a small bag? The Hermes Constance bags is likely a better choice.  This bag comes in five different styles and and a host of colors.  It is substantially cheaper then the Birken 25 but is somewhat comparable in size.  I think most people would love the Constance at an additional style in the Hermes collection.

United States Hermes Birkin Bag Prices


Hermes Birkin Bag Price List

Handbag StyleNew PriceOld PriceIncreased By
Hermes Epsom Sellier Kelly 28 Bag$10,700.00 $10,400.00 2.9%
Hermes Togo Retourne Kelly 25 Bag$9,350.00 $8,400.00 11.3%
Hermes Togo Birkin 25 Bag$9,850.00 $9,400.00 4.80%
Hermes Epsom Constance 24 Bag$10,300.00 $9,650.00 6.7%
Hermes Alligator Medor 23 Clutch Bag$22,900.00 $20,600.00 11.2%
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Evelyne III GM Bag$3,825.00 $3,750.00 2%
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Lindy 30 Bag$8,200.00 $7,800.00 5.1%
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Lindy 34 Bag$8,700.00 $8,250.00 5.5%
Hermes Negonda Calfskin Garden Party 36 Bag$3,750.00 $3,675.00 2%
Hermes Halzan Mini Bag$4,825.00 $4,600.00 4.9%
Hermes Toolbox 26 Bag$8,800.00 $8,650.001.7%

Hermès Birkin Bag Sizes

The Hermès Birkins bags include the size in its name.  By remembering its name, you will always know which size is which.  Side note, the size is in centimeters and refers to the length of the bag.  We have converted to inches below.

Birkin SizeDimensions (CM)Dimensions (IN)
Birkin 2525 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm9.8in X 7.8in X 5.11in
Birkin 3030 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in
Birkin 3535 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm13.7in X 9.8in X 7in
Birkin 4040 cm x 30 cm x 21 cm15.7in X 11.8in X 8.26in

As a mission to Foxytotes, we set out to create an accurate Hermes Birkin price list for three of the most common leather Clemence, Togo, and Epsom in the United States.  Just a side notes,  we will be updating this post regularly to add addition markets such as Eurozone Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, and a few others.

Hermes Togo Kelly 32 BagTBD
Hermes Epsom Sellier Kelly 28 Bag$10,700.00 (USD)
Hermes Box Sellier Kelly 28 Bag$12,500.00 (USD)
Hermes Togo Retourne Kelly 25 Bag$9,350.00 (USD)
Hermes Epsom Kelly Mini BagTBD
Hermes Kelly Epsom Long Wallet$3,650.00 (USD)
Hermes So Kelly 22 BagTBD

Hermes Leather Garden Party Medium Bag$3,750
Hermes Canvas Garden Party Small Bag$3,550
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Lindy 30 Bag$8,200
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Lindy 34 Bag$8,700

If you are looking for more Hermes Birkin bags for sale, we have a lot of new and used bags from various trusted sites around the internet. Get the Hermes Birkin handbag you have always dreamed of. Compare and shop right here at foxytotes.

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