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In the market for the Hermes Lindy 26? When you hear the brand Hermes, the chances are you will automatically think of the most famous styles; Birkin, Constance or Kelly. Whilst these are the epitome of luxury and exude stature and class, there are so many more bag styles to the Hermes brand all of which are stunning in their own right. Check out the hermes bag.

Hermes Lindy 26


Hermès 101: Hermès Lindy Bag


Hermès 101 Class is back in session! Our subject of the day is the Hermès Lindy. The Lindy is one of H’s most unique bags, with a whimsical flair and casual edge. In recent years, the bag has developed a following of its own. If you’re curious about the hype, PurseBop is here to inform you on all the details of the Lindy bag!

What to Expect from this Reference Guide: 

I. Is it Worth it? Reasons to Buy
II. History
III. Features
IV. Materials
V. Sizes
VI. Prices
VII. Collector Testimonial
VIII. Instagram Eye Candy




Is the Lindy Worth it? Reasons to Buy

When we think Hermès, we think of the classic trifecta: BirkinKelly, and Constance. But the aura of exclusivity surrounding the legendary H trio has the potential to blind us from other lovely H beauties. The Lindy is one of these bags. Since its debut, the Lindy has established itself as a modern Hermès classic.

The main thing going for the Lindy is that it’s a serious departure from previous Hermès styles! Unlike the structured, boxy, and classic silhouettes the French maison is known for, the Lindy is casual and somewhat slouchy—youthful and even whimsical. It’s an Hermès staple for the modern world, an emblem of an ever-changing brand.

Reasons to Consider the Hermès Lindy Bag:

  • Seriously unique – Simply put, no other Hermès bags look like the Lindy. That’s why it made such a splash on the runway!
  • Perfectly versatile – One of the most exciting aspects of the Lindy is that it can be carried two ways, depending on how stuffed it is. When the bag is relatively empty, it bends in the center and can be carried by its top handles. When it’s fuller, toting it over the shoulder is easiest.
  • Ideal for traveling – Especially in the larger sizes, the bag is functional, easy to tote around, and spacious—perfect for a carry-on.
  • Casual and cute – If you’re a bit tired of structured, professional bags, this is the ideal on-the-go bag for some easygoing no-fuss fun.
  • Plenty of room – With 4 pockets in total and a large central compartment, the Lindy is seriously spacious.
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Photo courtesy: Hermès





First designed in 2006, the Lindy made its debut on the Hermès Spring/Summer 2007 runway (in mostly pastel colors!). Since then, it has become an Hermès boutique staple, available in a large range of colors and sizes.

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  • 2 tubular top handles
  • Attached shoulder strap
  • 2 separate sides, each with its own zipper pull
  • Classic Hermès twisting lock in center
  • Large interior with 2 pockets
  • 2 exterior pockets
  • 5 base studs on the bottom

Hermes Lindy Bag: Everything You Need to Know Guide!

January 30, 2019

Since it first made its debut in 2007, the Hermes Lindy has become a modern style staple, a more casual and young side of the iconic French fashion house.

The Lindy features a cube-like shape that transforms depending on how full the bag is. If it’s relatively empty, say if you’re only carrying your daily essentials, it folds in on itself in the middle for a slouchy profile. If it has more stuff in it, the bag fills out more and takes on a more geometric shape.

The bag features two tubular top handles and a shoulder strap attached to the handles.

The large roomy interior has two pockets and one main compartment that zips up along the sides with two separate pulls and closes at the front with a classic Hermes twisting lock. There are also two exterior pockets and base metal studs that help protect your handbag.

The Hermes Lindy is available in three sizes, 26, 30 and 34, and all three come in an assortment of colors. Depending on the style, the bag is crafted in either Swift and Epsom calfskin or Taurillon Clemence leather with palladium or gold plated hardware.

Below we have compiled a reference guide for your viewing pleasure in our Everything You Need to Know Guide for the Hermes Lindy bag.

Hermes Lindy Bag

Where to Purchase

You can purchase the Lindy at Hermes boutiques or directly through the brand’s website.

Available Styles

Lindy 26 Bag

$7,550 (USD)

Lindy 30 Bag

$8,200 (USD) and up



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