hermes tie price

Why are hermes ties so expensive? What is the Hermes Tie Price? Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a best hermes tie patterns shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying them.

Hermes Tie Price

The Best Ties for Men

Striking colors and luxurious textures make these ties anything but boring.

Ties get a bad rap as a boring, default gift for guys, but giving (or getting) a tie doesn’t have to feel like a lazy letdown. Ties are one of the stand-out statement-making accessories of the men’s fashion world, and now that many of us are conducting our business in video meeting that only show up from the waist up, they’re an even more essential way for him to show off his style. The key to choosing one that won’t require your giftee to feign excitement is simple: don’t choose a ho-hum, blasé tie. Whether it’s a dynamic color, a playful pattern, or a luxe, sophisticated fabric, these ties are sure to please.Azalea Lighthouse Dots Tie

The Tie$25.00SHOP NOW

A punchy plum color and a mix of two different polkadot styles give this tie a fashion-plate feel without being too out of the box for a conservative office. Unlined Houndstooth Wool Grey Tie$25.00SHOP NOW

Guys who prefer their look a little more subdued can still get a dash of interest from the wool texture of this neutral checked tie. 

Solid Silk Tie$80.00SHOP NOW

A classic navy silk tie is the little black dress of the tie world—every well-stocked closet needs one. Manston Check Silk Tie$190.00SHOP NOW

Burberry’s signature check pattern give this tie a dose of dynamism that’s still appealingly classic for the traditionalist. 

5cm Wool Tie$140.00SHOP NOW

The cool knitted texture makes this option a standout from the sea of standard ties. 

Native Herringbone Dusty Rose Tie

The Tie$25.00SHOP NOW

The sleek herringbone pattern of this silk tie will convert even the most pink-skeptical.  

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