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In the market for the Hermes Wallet Womens spec? Most women are resigned to using the same old run-of-the-mill, boring, drab wallets. That shouldn’t be the case! If you think about it, we use our wallets more often than most accessories, so shouldn’t it look great and work great? In fact, any women should be just as critical about picking a wallet as she is when she picks her clothes, shoes, or even handbags. Check the hermes kelly wallet below.

The Hermes Wallet Womens is one of the hottest products on the market today. With so many choices for a wallet, it can be hard to cover them all. Nevertheless, I’m going to do my best here to provide you with a full review for the Hermes Wallet Womens and hopefully help you in deciding whether it’s right for you.

Hermes Wallet Womens

We believe that it’s high time for women everywhere to get a wallet that fits her needs and suits her style. Here’s a list of the top 5 women’s wallet brands that we’re sure you’ll love!


The 5 Best Wallet Brands For Women

5. Vera Bradley

If someone tells you that wallets are supposed to be drab, dull, and resemble burnt toast, slap them with your Vera Bradley Wallet. The light and quilted cotton construction probably won’t them hurt that much, but the wallet’s colourful and whimsical patterns might just change their mind about boring wallets.

They currently have 37 active patterns that range from classic to whimsical and takes inspiration from the different seasonal themes. Plus, if you use Vera Bradley, you’ll be in good company. Celebrities like Hilary Duff and Taylor Swift are both big fans of the brand and have been seen with their products multiple times!

Best Product: Iconic RFID Turn-Lock Wallet


Vera Bradley’s RFID Turn-Lock Wallet offers both style and functionality. It features an eight-slot cardholder, a coin purse, an ID holder, and a bill compartment that can easily hold cheque book as well. The easily accessible back zip pocket can be used to hold smaller items like keys. The twist-lock closure makes sure all your items are secure but can be opened up completely thanks to its zip-around design. It also comes with RFID protection, so you’ll be sure you can’t get digitally hacked!

This wallet is made with quilted canvas and is available in over 24 patterns and designs. With its light and spacious construction, the Vera Bradley RFID Turn-Lock Wallet is one of the best wallets for women available.

Get it here for only $AUD 86.00.

4. Status Anxiety

Love Australian street fashion? Then Status Anxiety is your brand! Established in Sydney in 2004, they manufacture “Damn Fine Leather Goods” like bags, wallets, and even watches using only ethically sourced premium leather. Trendy styles paired up with sustainable fashion? Sign us up!

Best Product: Some Type Of Love

Feel a whole lot of love with their Some Type Of Love wallet! Made from genuine soft leather, this wallet has eight card slots that should be enough to carry all your ID and credit cards. The zipped pocket is perfect for bills, spare change, and could even fit your phone! Its bi-fold design makes sure that everything can be accessed easily and secured properly with its magnetic fastening. It’s perfect for a carefree night out!

Status Anxiety – Some Type Of Love $AUD 99.95

3. Herschel Supply Co.

Even if you haven’t heard of Herschel, we can bet you’ve definitely seen their products being used by pretty much everyone!  This iconic hipster brand started off with selling their signature backpacks – the one with the leather straps and old-school American logo. Now, they manufacture a variety of fashion accessories from clothes to laptop sleeves. They’ve also partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands like NBA, Basquiat, and Hello Kitty!

Best Product: Raven Wallet

Savebagginsshoes.comHerschel Raven+ Wallet 600D Poly Quarry/Blueprint1Baggins ShoesHerschel

Don’t be fooled by its small size! The Raven wallet is made to hold a lot despite being half the size of your phone. It features multiple cardholders, a side-access storage sleeve, and the H.S.Co branded money clip. Sure, it can’t hold a cheque book, but in this cashless age, the Raven is the best small women’s wallet available.

Get your own Herschel Supply Co. Raven Wallet here for only $AUD 34.54

2. Hermes

Owning a Hermes is the pinnacle of leather luxury. The French brand is synonymous to quality, style, opulence, and is coveted by celebrities like Kim Kardashian Victoria Beckham. Plus, with over 182 years of being in the leather industry, you can’t expect anything less than the best designer wallets. Women’s accessories have been dominated by this Hermes for decades, and for good reason!

Best Product: Constance Compact Wallet

This is the small package that good things come in. The Constance Compact Wallet is one of their best compact wallets out there. It may look small but deceptively spacious. It has four credit card slots, a zipped purse for your change, two pockets, and an external pocket! On top of that, the Constance Compact Wallet is made from premium calfskin leather. It’s available in a variety of colours and is finished with a palladium plated ‘H’ tab closure.

This is definitely one of the best designer wallets for women. We would love to have this at our overall number one spot if not for its steep price. The Hermes Constance Compact Wallet would set you back $AUD 4,675.00!


Despite being around for only about 32 years – quite young for a wallet brand – ITSLIFE has produced one of the most popular products online and has thousands of raving reviews on Amazon. The brand’s constant four to five-star ratings are a testament to the brand’s quality and style.

Best Product: Itslife Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet Card Holder Organizer Ladies Purse

Saveamzn.toItslife Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Cluth Wallet Ladies Card Holder (Tan RB) at Amazon Women’s Clothing store:1Nakisha WilliamBest Women’s Wallet

Their best product is the ITSLIFE Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet Card Holder Organizer Ladies Purse. It’s quite a mouthful for a product, but funnily enough, it has more compartments than the words in its name: 21 card slots, one ID window, a snap cash pocket, three bill compartments and a zippered phone case. It also employs the latest in RFID blocking technology to make sure all of your 21 cards will be safe and secure. Oh, and did we mention that it’s made with advanced prime grained leather?

With all of these features, you might think that buying this wallet will leave you with no money to place in it! But one of the best things about this is actually its affordability! You can get your own ITSLIFE Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet Card Holder Organizer Ladies Purse for only $AUD 42.07. ITSLIFE is definitely the top of the best women’s wallet brands out there.


Whether you need something to keep your cards organised, or you primarily want your wallet to compliment your outfit, you’ll definitely find a wallet to suit you on this list. The important thing is that you stop thinking of your wallet as just a second-tier accessory, because you’ll be surprised by how much of a difference the right wallet can make in your overall style!

Hermes is a famous brand in the fashion world, and its bags have different series, such as Hermes Kelly, Hermes Birkin, Hermes Lindy, Hermes Constance, Hermes Garden Party, Hermes Evelyne and etc., and Hermes wallets are also popular and hot selling, such as Hermes Dogon wallets, Hermes Constance wallets, Hermes Bearn wallets, Hermes Kelly wallets and etc., and here in this page, has a lot of collections about replica Hermes wallets at affordable price for both men and women who are fond of. Just let’s visit them together.

Most of them are made from genuine leather, leaving people a deep impression when see them at the first sight, since they are almost same as the real version. So you needn’t worry about their quality, each of them have experienced strict technology

You use it every day. It has to be functional, well made and attractive. Every time you open your bag – there it is! – your wallet. Hermès is, of course, famous and beloved for its gorgeous purses, but what you keep inside your purse is just as important, and nothing is more important than your wallet (how else are you going to pay for all of your purchases?!?).

Hermès makes a huge variety of wallets, and each is well-designed and durable. Some are incredibly versatile, doing double-duty as a mini shoulder bag or a clutch. In fact, there are so many varieties of wallets that Hermès makes, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which one is the best for your needs. Here, then, are some great Hermès wallets that you may want to consider the next time you need to add a new little pop of color in your bag.



Measures 3.7″ long x 4.5″ high x 0.4″ deep. Price: $770

The Silk’In Compact Wallet is one of Hermès’ least-expensive wallets, and at that it is a fantastic value. While it doesn’t have the exterior appeal of some of the other wallets, it more than makes up for that in usefulness and durability. The lining is silk, which may be concerning, but it truly stands up to a lot of wear, and the cheerful designs are a fun surprise every time you open it up. Although it has six slots and a zippered coin pocket, it holds far more than six cards; in many cases you can stick two cards in each slot plus more (plus receipts, cash and other small items) in the open areas on either side of the zippered section. This is the perfect day-to-night wallet, as it fits in most of the mini bags, including the Kelly Pochette. The fact that the whole thing zippers shut means that everything in it is very secure, too.


Rose Confetti Epsom Compact Silk’In Wallet, front view


Rose Confetti Epsom Compact Silk’In Wallet, interior view


Unflattering-But-Relatable Photo of Well-Used Rose Confetti Epsom Compact Silk’In Wallet, interior view


Measures 4.7″ long x 3.7″ high x 0.2″ deep. Price $2,225 (epsom)

Very popular, great useful layout and super-flat. Perfect for minimalists.


Bearn Compact Wallet, front view, from TPF member @Yoshi1296


Bearn Compact Wallet, interior view, from TPF member @Yoshi1296


Measures 7.9″ long x 4.9″ high x 0.4″ deep. Price: $1,475 (togo), $1,575 (evercolor)

Slim profile and simple design. Great if you don’t like fiddling around with card slots and sections.


Prune Togo Dogon Compact Wallet, front view, from TPF member @JA_UK


Prune Togo Dogon Compact Wallet, interior view, from TPF member @JA_UK


Measures 4.7″ long x 4.7″ high x 1″ deep. Price: $3,775 (evergrain)

Also slim and very secure, but pricey. Has a loop in the back so it can be worn on a belt.


Black Evercolor 2002 Wallet, front view, courtesy of


Black Evercolor 2002 Wallet, interior view, courtesy of


These two pouch-style wallets are similar in size, with the Jige being a little bit longer. Both have the separate pouch insert. These are both great if you have a lot of papers and other things to carry along with your cards and bills and don’t need the precise organization of the more traditional wallet styles. Each has a different tab-style closure, which is great if you need easy quick access and security is not a concern. Each also has a fairly slim profile if you don’t stuff it too much.


Measures 4.9″ x 7.9″. Price: $2,025 (togo), $2,125 (evercolor), $2,150 (swift)


Etoupe Togo Dogon Wallet, interior view, from TPF member @ka_ying


Measures 8.6″ long x 4.9″ high x 0.4″ deep. Price: $3,725 (swift)


Jige Duo Verso wallet, front/interior view, courtesy of



Measures 6.9″ long x 3.5″ high x 0.2″ deep. Price: $2,625 (epsom)

This is the ultimate classic Hermès wallet. Three long slots for cash and five for cards, plus a long zippered section, this closes simply and elegantly with a tab and slot. The slim design dissuades you from overstuffing it. Secret bonus: that long slot in the back, which was probably originally meant for a checkbook, will accommodate many cell phones. It’s elegant, it’s easy, it’s classic, and it does the job.


Blue Paon Chevre Bearn Wallet, front view


Blue Paon Chevre Bearn Wallet, side view with iPhone inside


Blue Paon Chevre Bearn Wallet, interior view

For a similar option:


(also known as the Kelly Medium)

Measures 6.1″ long x 4.1″ high x 0.6″ deep. Price: $3,375 (epsom), $3,525 (chevre)

The smaller version of the Kelly Classic. Has the iconic turncock closure, but a bit smaller than the Kelly Classic and with less storage.


Blue Electric Chevre Kelly Wallet, front view, courtesy of


Blue Electric Chevre Kelly Wallet, interior view, courtesy of


I am listing these four wallets here together because the size, layout and interior design of these is essentially the same for each, with only minor differences. Any of these is a very practical choice, with at least 12 slots for cards, 2 longer slots for bills or papers, a zippered middle section, and open areas on each side of the zippered sections for other small items. As for those open areas, with the Kelly Wallet I have successfully stored an iPhone, lip liner and/or lip gloss, but if you are storing something that bulky in one area you cant fit anything in the other area if you want to close it.

The differences between these wallets are essentially the exterior design, although with the Silk’In Classic the interior is lined in silk, which is very sturdy and cheerful. This also brings the price down by over $2000, so there is that to consider as well.

The Kelly Classic is the most expensive of these options, and for the extra cost you get the traditional turnlock closure, which is both secure and very visually appealing, although some people find it a bit cumbersome to open and close all the time, and there is the concern that the lock itself may press into and mark other leather items inside your bag. It could possibly be used as a clutch for evening, though some may find that it’s just a touch on the small side visually for that. The Azap and Silk’In classic are very plain on the outside, but both are very secure with the zipper closure. The only other difference is the strap on the Azap Large with Strap, which is great if you are using this as a clutch or wristlet.


Measures 7.8″ long x 4.5″ high x 0.6″ deep. Price: $3,525 (epsom), $3,650 (chevre)


Rose Shocking Chevre Kelly Classic Wallet, front view


Rose Shocking Chevre Kelly Classic Wallet, interior view


Measures 7.9″ long x 4.3″ high x 0.6″ deep. Price: $2,900 (epsom), $3,000 (togo, chevre)


Orange Chevre Azap Classic Wallet, front view, courtesy of


Orange Chevre Azap Classic Wallet, interior view, courtesy of


Measures 7.9″ long x 4.3″ high x 0.6″ deep. Price: $3,250 (epsom)


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