High bay led lighting prices

High bay light is a fixture hanging to a high ceiling above 20 to 50 feet. LED is the best option because it has longer life span and energy efficiency. If you are going to install the new lights for garage or replacing the fluorescent, halogen or metal halide lights for warehouse, you are getting to a right place. This is because we are going to review the best LED high bay lights. They can be installed to storehouse, grow room, sports facilities and etc. If you want to improve security or enjoy the automatically toggling on/off we can also select the high bay lights with motion sensor! Most fixtures have a very affordable price, so they won’t break your bank even you have a large-scaled replacement & remodeling project. Let’s take a look at my best picks of High bay led lighting prices options.

Best High Bay Lights

1. Hykolity High Bay LED Shop Lights – Best for 400W Metal Halide Replacement

Hykolity is a popular & reliable of LED lighting. This time we are reviewing this top-quality high bay lights. It is basically a 2-ft pendant shop lights. Due to its compact size, it is suitable for home garage or small warehouse. Since there are pendants chains at the ends of fixtures, we can hang the LED lights to high ceiling while maintaining the ample brightness inside the shop.

It is very bright high bay lights, as we can see its lumen output is 21450 lm, which is capable to replace 400 watt metal halide lighting, or other conventional fixtures having 50 to 60 lumens per watt luminous efficacy. Since the power consumption of this LED high bay is 165 watts, we can save a considerable amount of energy and thus electricity bill.

How to replace 400 watt HID high bay lights to LED?

As mentioned, this first step is to compare the lumen outputs of your existing 400W metal halide lights and new LED high bay lights. If you don’t need the illumination to be brighter or dimmer, we can select the new LED fixtures that has similar lumen output of the current lights.

Then, we should take a look at the color temperature because it determines the color of the lights. If you are going to replace the high bay lighting inside warehouse or workshop, we can use the cool white lights. This Hykolity lights has 5000K color temperature, which is like the daylight. It gives a natural light color for maintenance tasks in the workshop or warehouse.

If you are worry about the lights are far brighter than the original setting, we can add a dimmer to this high bay lights. This 400W equivalent LED is dimmable, and supports the common Lutron’s dimmer switches. If you get the top-quality dimmer, you will not see flickering when using the lights.

Before replacing you high bay lights to new LED, we also need to see the beam angle. It is because it determines the extent of light beam spread on the garage floor. This product has the wide beam angle of 110°. The LED should give you the high lighting uniformity if you use it in the high bay setting.

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  • Very bright lights since it uses LED as the light source
  • Affordable price for large-scaled high bay lighting replacement
  • Energy-saving to reduce your electricity bill due to lighting


  • Take times to figure out which dimmer is compatible to this LED high bay

2. Hyperlite 100W UFO LED High Bay Lights

UFO high bay is another common lighting fixture for shop. People sometimes call it “UFO” because it has circular light panel, as well as the smaller driver on top. Anyways, Hyperlite offers this affordable 100W high bay lights. Since it has the 14,000 lumen output, it is best fit for medium-sized warehouse or garage. Similar to earlier product, the color temperature is 5000K, which gives a natural daylight feeling.

Since the UFO high bay has a small U-shaped hook at the top, we can easily hang it on the ceiling. Depending on the height of your workshop, we can add an external pendant chain to lower the fixture if you need brighter and more concentrated lights. However, we will need to buy the chain in other stores because the package does not include it.

Another great feature of this high bay light is that it has a good heat sink design. The heat dissipation is vitally important for maintaining the junction temperature of LED chips in a lower range. The dense fins can provide a large surface area for air flow. If the indoor lights have poor heat sink, it will go off quickly.

How many high bay LED lights do I need?

Many homeowners may wish to know how many high bay lights are required to light up the shop. In fact, it depends on three factors – the brightness needed, floor area, and mounting height.

First, for the general vehicle repair or other DIY works, the basic brightness is around 500 lux. It gives a bright environment for householders & DIYers to complete the precise tasks. Conversely, if the high bays are installed in the storage room, we would only need around 200 lux.

Why do we need to know the lux first? It is because it determines how many lights we need. For a 100 sq. meter (1076 sq. meter) workshop requiring 500 lux, the total lumens of light should be 100 * 500 = 50,000 lumens. Since each UFO high bay has 14,000 lumens, we will need around 50,000 / 14,000 = 3.57 lights. Hence, we can know we can install 4 lights in this case.

If you don’t want to do the above calculation, we can take a look at the height and foot-candle reference provided by Hyperlite. If the mounting height is 16 ft, the high bay light can produce illumination of 23 foot-candle (or 248 lux). However, the limitation of the estimation is that it only gives the brightness of the center area, the spot just below the lights. Nonetheless, it is a quite useful to estimate how many high bay lights for indoor.

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  • High lumen per watt (energy-saving)
  • Special UFO design
  • Easy to install
  • Compact high bay lights
  • Compatible to common dimmer switch


  • Short power cord

3. SUNRAISE LED Grow Lamp – Best High Bay Lights for Growing

If you like cultivating at home, sometimes you may want to speed up the growth of cannabis, or other edible plants such as lettuce, tomatoes and lemons. Adding the high bay grow light is one of the best and effective ways to increase the harvest in a certain period of time. It is because the vegetable leaves or flowers are sensitive to specific wavelength (light color).

a. Connect the high bay lights in a chain

Sunraise offers this top-quality yet cheap grow lights for high bay installation. It has the stainless-steel hooks at the corners. With the use of rope hanger, we can easily install it to the high ceiling. The best part of this growing high bay is that the “daisy chain” power supply design. If you are going to connect dozens of high bay lights in the grow room, we can connect the power cables in series up to 3 grow lights; so, we consume only 1 electrical outlet for 3 lights. This design can save gardener’s lots of installation time and effort.

b. Premier lens for more concentrated grow lights

Compared to other similar products, Sunraise high bay LED lights are equipped with top-quality lens, so the grow light beam is more concentrated. It can reduce light loss and thus improve the efficiency of growing plants.

c. Different LED color combinations for plant growth

Why this high bay light is designed for plant growing? First, it has three light modes for different plant growth stages. The fixture can emit blue and white LED lights for seedling, red and white lights for flowering, as well as red and blue lights for fruiting. We can see this luminaire is so versatile that it has various color combinations. Besides, there are IR LED providing a little thermal effect for growing fruits and vegetables. Thus, it makes indoor planting easier.

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  • Cheap price
  • The high bay LED can be connected in chain to save electrical outlets
  • Bright and energy-efficiency
  • Different grow lighting modes


  • Not waterproof
  • Use cooling fans for heat dissipation

High bay led lighting prices

4. Tuodaw LED High Bay Garage Ceiling Lights with Motion Sensor

Unlike the conventional high bay lights, this product has a built-in motion sensor. The lights will be triggered when it detects the movement of people, garage door or other bulky objects.

a. Why do we need motion sensing high bay lights in garage?

For many car owners, it would be painful to park in a dark garage because we might not be able to identify the edges of parking space. Nonetheless, after installing this motion sensing lights to garage ceiling, the lamp will be automatically on when the garage door opens. The best part is that we don’t need to get off the vehicle to toggle the high bay lights manually; instead, the motion sensor will do the job for you.

Since it is using LED as the light source, this high bay light is fairly energy saving. Although it is just 80W, it has 8000 lumen output, which is ample for 1 to 2 parking spaces. Besides, the LED garage lamp has approx. 50,000 hours life span, so we don’t need to replace the lights frequently.

Another reason of using motion sensing high bay light is that it helps improve the garage security. Since the lights will be turned on when it detects the moving people. It can help deter trespasser and car thieves. Although the lighting fixtures themselves can’t make your car burglar-proof. It does alert you when there is someone wants to steal your auto.

b. Easy high bay lighting replacement

This LED garage light is easy to install because it has E26/E27 medium base. We can regard it as a bulb, and then screw it into the socket. It is quite convenient to replace the old lamps such as fluorescent and halogen bulbs with this LED in the shop.

c. Deformable LED lights for greater flexibility

Another characteristic of this high bay light is that the heads of each individual lamp can be tilted. Therefore, we can point the lights into different directions to optimize the illumination inside garage workshop. This design is particularly useful if the room is in rectangular shape.

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  • Very bright LED high bay
  • Motion sensing function
  • Deformable structure
  • Affordable price
  • Long life span


  • Not designed for outdoor application (not waterproof)

5. Genpar 200W High Bay LED – Best for Warehouse Lighting

If you need to install new lights or replace the existing metal halide or HPS flood lights, this 200W LED high bay would be your better choice. The package includes 4 x 200 watt high bay, which is able to cover around 2000 sq. feet area. However, if you have an extra high ceiling, says over 40 to 50 feet, we will need more sets to generate the equivalent brightness. Similar to other warehouse lighting, it has the UFO design. The LED chips are arranged in a circular disc, which assists providing adequate lighting for storehouse.

Depending on the height of rack and ceiling, we can hang the high bay lights in different height to eliminate the shadows. Each fixture has a hook, so we can add a pendant chain or just directly hang it under the beams of wareroom.

The best thing is that this 200 watt LED can replace 600 watt conventional HID lights. After the warehouse lighting replacement, we can save approx. 66.7% energy if you cut down the power consumption to 1/3 of the original value. This dramatically reduced your electricity bill if you have a large storage unit. Besides, the life span is around 45,000 hours, which is equivalent to 15.4 years if you turn it on for 8 hours per day. The service life of LED high bay is far greater than that of fluorescent tube or other HID lights. By converting your warehouse lighting to LED, we can save a lot of money!

Another excellent feature of LED is that it does not contain mercury, so it is more environmentally friendly.

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  • Bright lighting output
  • Easy to install
  • Best for large warehouse
  • Energy-saving
  • Mercury free


  • May generate buzzing noise if it is not properly wired.

6. Chunnuan 100W Industrial LED Lighting – Best Cheap High Bay Lights

If you want to upgrade the lighting for the entire warehouse or garage but you are in a tight budget, we can consider this LED high bay lights. Compared to other products, this high bay lamp has a very affordable price. You can’t imagine you can get such the bright LED lights with such the cheap price. The 100W LED emits 10,000 lumens. Although the luminous efficacy is not the highest in LED industry, it is more energy-saving than the halogen bulbs, fluorescent tubes or metal halide flood lights. Since it has a large beam angle of 120°, it provides a broad light beam that light up the warehouse or other industrial area uniformly. Bright and uniform lighting can improve the work efficiency and safety or workers.

This LED high bay light supports wall or ceiling mount. Since it has a rotating bracket, we can easily adjust the tilting angle of the high bays when they are mounted to wall. We can easily point the LED light to different direction to get the best illumination. Getting the good quality lighting doesn’t mean that you have to spend over $1,000 to $5,000. In fact, there are many affordable high bay lighting fixtures available on the market. This is one of our best picks.

Like other high-power LED high bay, this product is also equipped with a heat sink, which helps reduce the temperature of LED chips.

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7. Adiding 200W High Bay UFO Lights – Best for Sports Facilities

After building an indoor baseball field, batting cage, basketball court or tennis court at home, we will need to add some lighting fixtures. The Adiding’s high bay lights will be your better choice. First, it has a high power 200W and high lumen output of 26,000 lumens. It is able to provide bright illumination for softball or basketball player. Since this LED has a compact UFO design, the high bay light does not occupy much space in the sports facilities.

Another relevant advantage of using LED high bay for sports is that it is very unlikely to flicker. We all know that flickering lights will greatly affect the vision and thus the performance of athletes. The 5000K color temperature is also better for indoor residential baseball ground because it gives a natural daylight feeling.

There is a hanging ring above the heat sink, so we can easily hang it to the ceiling for your sports venues.

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8. PrimeLights T8 High Bay LED Utility Shop Light Fixture – Best for Garage

PrimeLights is a quite popular brand in garage lighting. This time we are reviewing its T8 utility shop lights. It is designed for high bay application because it generates around 11,400 lumens. With the use of the reflector, the lights coming out from the T8 LED can be brighter and more concentrated. Bright lighting is important for garage because we can see the parts in the cars and engines clearly.

It is best for high bay fluorescent replacement because LED has the higher luminous efficacy and life span, so we can save money in long run. For your information, there are 4 light tubes in the fixture, and each tube produce around 2850 lumens. The color temperature is 5000K, so it is suitable for general maintenance work in the garage.

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9. ZJOJO Linkable LED High Bay Shop Lights

If you are a garage owner, you may probably know it would be quite painful to connect all the lighting fixtures to different electrical outlets. To solve this issue, ZJOJO creates this linkable high bay lights for shop. The idea is that different fixtures can form a chain. The merits of this design are that the power cord can be tidier, and we don’t need to waste the power outlets.

Compared to other UFO high bay, this linkable shop lights have a lower LED power of 42 watts. Despite this, it produces around 4800 lumens. The best thing is that the package also includes the hanging chain, hooks and other accessories. It gives a great flexibility for users for their high bay or low bay lighting installation. We can achieve flush mount or suspended mount by making use of the accessories. It is a good companion for DIYers.

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Best Places to Buy Lighting Fixtures in 2021

Shades of Light

Buy on Shadesoflight.com

From flush mounts to wall sconces, chandeliers and pendant lights, Shades of Light carries a huge variety of figures in just about every style and trend you can think of. You’ll find modern chandeliers that look like stars, Mid-Century Modern drums and brass and glass sconces for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Prices vary, with sconces starting at $21 going up well over $200, and chandeliers starting at $100 and topping out at more than $5,000.

Lamps Plus

Buy on Lampsplus.com

The largest and most egalitarian source for all things lighting, Lamps Plus does indeed carry more than just floor and table lamps. Frequent sales online mean you can often find a great deal on many of its sconces and mini pendants, as well as fun, artful shade wall lamps. We love that you can find a shade pattern you like and shop it in a variety of styles like pendants, sconces, and table lamps. Prices start under $25 and get up into the multiple thousands for major chandeliers.

Home Depot

Buy on Home Depot

Home Depot can be great for all of your home renovation needs, but even if you’re not going through a full gut remodel, you can use its selection of lighting fixtures to spruce up the bathroom, your vanity station, kitchen, and more. Many of Home Depot’s items ship free, or can be picked up in-store, and the prices are some of the lowest and most reasonable, with things like four-light chrome mounted fixtures for under $100 and track lighting fixtures under $150. You can even find chic, industrial chandeliers for less than $200.The 8 Best Closet Lighting Units of 2021


Buy on Lumens.com

Lumens is a great choice if you’re searching for stylish name-brand lighting fixtures from brands and designers like Jonathan Adler, Kartell, Herman Miller, and Knoll. With so many high-end brands, Lumens tends to be on the pricier side. Expect prices to start around $200 and go up from there.


Buy on Lowe’s

Like Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond, Lowe’s is a great resource for practical shoppers who want lighting fixtures that look cool, do their job and don’t cost a fortune. Do-it-yourself home renovators will find all the cabinet lighting, recessed fixtures and track lighting they could dream of, and those who want to play more in the design space will find pendants, chandeliers and wall sconces to fit their vision. Lowe’s has a great online feature as well that allows you to shop by trend inspiration like industrial, vintage and French country.The 8 Best Bedside Lamps of 2021


Buy on Arhaus.com

For exciting, interesting and unusual lighting fixtures, Arhaus should be at the top of your list. Pendant lights with shades woven from rattan or wire, elaborate brass sconces, and cut-crystal flush mount fixtures are all created in partnership with family-run businesses and using centuries-old techniques. Due to the handcrafted nature of their products, prices are on the higher end.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Buy on Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath and Beyond is an amazing brick-and-mortar and online resource for all things home. They offer a great selection of basic lighting fixtures at affordable prices, including wall lighting, sconces and even playful, colorful chandeliers for less than $80. BB&B is a great option all around, some online digging will reveal all kinds of trendy and classic lighting fixture options for much less than some other home retailers.


Buy on Horchow.com

Horchow has some of the most artful and interesting lighting fixtures you’ll find. They have a particularly excellent selection of luxe sconces—sprays of gold metal, crystal waterfall designs, and antique-inspired deco pieces, which run the gamut from about $300 to nearly $2,000.

Vintage Hardware

Buy on Vintagehardware.com

If you’re looking for a piece of truly vintage lighting, Vintage Hardware has a curated collection of fixtures that have been restored from the 1930s, 1960s and more iconic decades. Due to their rare status, these vintage and antique fixtures start at about $350 and go as high as $1,450.

Olde Good Things

Buy on Ogtstore.com

In the market for a 1970s crystal chandelier from the Waldorf Astoria? For $22,000, it can be yours, thanks to one of our favorite “window shopping” sites, Olde Good Things. Of course, you can find tons of more affordable vintage and antique lighting fixtures too, but you should still be prepared to pay for the high-quality and rare status of these pieces.

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