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How to Buy High Heels for Wide Feet

Sarah Anastasia
by SARAH ANASTASIA 2 years ago in HOW TO

Sick of forcing your feet into shoes that don’t fit?

How to Buy High Heels for Wide Feet

Those among us who are born with wide feet will know the agony caused by many styles of high heels and the many unsuccessful searches for alternative comfortable heels for wide feet.

It’s very common to have wide feet, but recent shoe trends such as sharply pointed pumps have not been designed with wider feet in mind.

Many of us grew up going with our mothers to the shoe store and having our feet measured, trying on several pairs and carefully selecting practical shoes which fitted.

Somehow, as we go from girls to women, the lessons our mothers tried to teach us have gone out the window and many of us buy shoes that don’t fit, because they’re just really cute, sexy, fashionable, or on SALE!

We tell ourselves all kinds of lies to try to justify this practice, we convince ourselves that our feet are swollen because it’s hot, or that these plastic shoes will somehow stretch, or that it doesn’t matter they don’t fit, because they were such a bargain, that no one will notice your pinkie toe doesn’t fit inside your high-heeled sandals with all the other toes…

Many women wear shoes that are too small for them and the results of doing so can be very serious. Medical problems, such as bunions and hammertoes are the result of wearing badly fitted shoes. These foot problems may seem commonplace, as they are seen on shoe lovers worldwide, even on the feet of glamorous celebrities on the red carpet. Although these are common issues, you don’t have to suffer through them for the sake of wearing high heels.

Lots of women have wide feet, in fact, women have wider feet than men, because we have wider hips! Wide feet are often genetic, although your feet can get wider with age, weight gain, pregnancy or if your job requires you to stand for long periods of time.

Feet can also get wider if you’ve already been wearing shoes that were too small and have developed bunions. With so many factors causing wide feet, it’s not hard to realize that most women have wide feet at some point in their lives.

You don’t have to feel like the minority by going to a store and seeking out a special wide foot range. Most ‘normal’ styles are designed just for fashion and are too narrow for the average women resulting in foot issues.

Here are some top tips for buying comfortable heels for wide feet:

Size is Relative to Shape

Never force your foot into a pair of shoes just because it is your ‘usual’ size — your shoe size could vary differently by different styles and shapes.

Never settle for squished toes!

Always Measure Your Feet

Sizes can also change frequently. Feet can get wider as you age or because of factors in your lifestyle. Adult women will not maintain the same shoe size their whole lives so you should measure every time you buy shoes.

Don’t Buy Pointed Toe Shoes

It sounds obvious, but we’ve all been guilty of forcing our wide feet into a pointy style shoe like Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters. We must stop doing this ladies, Prince Charming isn’t worth the bunions.

Choose Leather

Leather is a great choice for ladies with wide feet. Leather allows for a bit of stretch and molds to the shape of the wearer so that it’s perfect for your individual wide feet, especially if your feet sizes are uneven or you have a bunion on just one foot. Remember, a little bit of give in leather does not mean you should buy a size too small.

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