High mast light price

Finding the best High mast light price options and high mast lighting pole price list can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a guide highlighting the top lights in the category.

High mast light price

A high mast light is an area lighting system that is raised high to minimize ground level obstructions and create uniform illumination across a large area. Throwing a controlled flood of light from above 15 meters (18 m – 55 m typically), high mast lighting systems are the functional extension of public lighting infrastructure which provides area and road illumination at pedestrian, urban or vehicle scale from below or at a height of 15 meters. The high mounting height combined with a multiple-luminaire configuration makes high mast lighting the most efficient and effective way of illuminating large areas. High mast lights are also the most heavy duty lighting systems that must possess the strength and resistance required to survive the most challenging outdoor environments.

High Mast Lighting

Advantages of High Mast Lighting

High mast lighting is primarily designed to provide an extended lighting coverage while minimizing shadows that may occur when shorter poles are utilized. Expansive light distribution from a single assembly of luminaires allows large area lighting with minimum poles. Wide pole spacing means less visual clutter and improved visibility. Low pole density creates less physical obstacles and hence leads to improved safety. Increased mounting heights allow far reaching illumination using high power luminaires, therefore high mast poles can be located away from traffic areas and high activity spaces. This results in fewer design conflicts with other elements and allows more efficient space utilization of the area being illuminated. The use of high mast lighting poles for co-location of other high mast equipment such as surveillance cameras and cellular antennas reduces the number of tall structures required in an area.

Typical Applications

The ability to deliver large area illumination with maximum pole spacing lends high mast lighting to a multitude of applications. That being said, high mast lighting is an extremely versatile outdoor lighting solution in that it can provide accurate and comfortable visibility for massive outdoor areas during the nighttime and extend the usability of large-scale outdoor facilities into night. Among various types of outdoor lighting infrastructures, far-field, large area high mast lighting plays an exclusive role in facilitating nighttime travel and transportation, citizen engagement in social gatherings and sports/recreation activities, around-the-clock industrial production, safety and guidance of traffic, and security of commercial, residential and public facilities and properties.

Highways and interchanges

High mast lighting provides a full panoramic view of roadways, intersections, roundabouts and crossworks as well as the areas immediately beyond the roadways. Both foveal and peripheral visions are critical to safe navigation of the road system. The ability to pull the roadside obstacles, fixed structures and approaching objects within the field of view of a driver provides greater visibility and visual comfort to traveling motorists, which translates to enhanced safety and security of road traffic.

Stadiums and athletic fields

High mast systems provide a uniform luminous environment that contributes to the visibility of the playing target, the players and the surrounding backgrounds. There’re a variety of sports held outdoors, which include but not limited to archery, baseball, bicycle racing, golf, motor racing, horse racing, football, soccer, skating, cricket, track and field. Luminaire location is a key consideration in the lighting design of outdoor sports venues. The lighting design is challenged by various factors such as light blockage, light distribution, visual comfort, and television broadcast. High mast lighting is the only way to address these challenges.

Commercial parking lots

A high mounting height for area luminaires assists in reducing shadows between parked vehicles. Highly efficient lighting with minimal obtrusive light for drivers can be provided for very large parking areas by using high mast installations. In environments with multi-pole lighting installations, the area where the candlepower beams of adjacent luminaires meet usually has a low luminance that requires the visual system to adjust to the change in the light level. Wide coverage of light with high mast lights reduces pole density, which means reduced frequency of transient adaptation to different vision states. High mast poles can be placed along perimeters of the parking areas for a minimum of interference.

Airport aprons

The aprons, including commercial aprons, general aviation aprons, cargo aprons and hangar aprons, require adequate illumination to ensure the parked aircraft are safely serviced. High mast lighting which allows a large setback distance of the poles can be easily coordinated with buildings, apron equipment and boarding bridges to avoid conflicts. Optimum visibility, uniformity, and glare control can be achieved by high mast floodlighting from multiple directions.

Freight terminals

High mast lighting can provide effective large-area illumination for outdoor logistics activities in airports, seaports, railroad terminals, and trucking terminals. Freight terminals are often filled up with stacked cargo containers. High piles of stock require a raised light source to provide adequate vertical illuminance and reduce shadows. High mast lighting systems can be located remotely or used in confined spaces with no or minimal interference encroaching on adjacent cargoes or the loading and discharging equipment.

Industrial facilities

Petroleum refineries, chemical plants, drilling rigs, oil depots, open pit mines, and other manufacturing and industrial facilities utilize high mast lighting to illuminate large production areas for around-the-clock operation.





LED High Mast Lighting

Product Specification:

  • Power Supply Meanwell Series
  • Supply Voltage 90-305V/200-480V AC 50/60Hz
  • System Power 500W
  • Lumen (LM) 75000LM
  • Beam Angle 10/24/38/60/90/120

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LED High Mast Light


High mast light provides high illumination for many outdoor areas such as airport, seaport, stadium etc. Led high mast lights are the best high mast luminaire because of its low high mast light cost, high light lumens, convenient for adjust and durability.

Lighting standard:

High mast lighting system should have the best high mast lighting design calculation. According to the Guide of High Mast Lighting, the mounting height of the luminaries is usually at least 30m. Generally speaking, it need about 300 to 500 lux for entertainment sports field, and 50 to 200 lux for airport , seaport and outdoor industrial areas.

Lighting High Mast Need The Uniformity For Better Coverage

The best high mast pole design and high mast lighting system should take the uniformity into consideration. It is the ratio between Emin/Emax. The highest uniformity is 1. However, we seldom meet this dates because of inevitable light scattering and different angle of the luminaries. Lighting uniformity of 0.7 is high because this is also for professional standard.
Why do we need to high uniform illumination? It is because the uneven bright would cause eye fatigue, and it might be dangerous with the lower bright. We high mast lighting manufacturer provide you with free high mast tower design to make sure the best high mast lighting system for you.

LED High Mast Lighting

high mast light led price specification lamp suppliers design calculation list tower flood street lighting system cost manufacturers luminaire fixtures
high mast light led price specification lamp suppliers design calculation list tower flood street lighting system cost manufacturers luminaire fixtures
Model: GL-FL-500W MECREE LED High Mast Light
Power: 500W
Replace traditional MH light: 1300W
MECREE LED high mast light used to extremely large areas such as a highway or entertainment field, high speed railway and so on.
Application reference: high mast lighting in South Africa
1 poles: 35m
Light: 500W LED high mast flood light
Light QTY: 6PCS
Light Average LUX: 40LUX.

Key Features Of LED High Mast Light

1. 500W LED illumination
2. 750,000lumens
3. Smaller size, lighter weight
4. 7075 aviation aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion material design.
5. With superior 4D cooling system provides multiple levels of protection
6. High output, light efficiency up to 160lm/w with advance optical technology.
7. IP67 weather-tight housing&system
8. Intelligent dimming system. 0-10V, 1-10V and DALI dimming models are available.

LED High Mast Light Specification

BEAM ANGLE10/24/38/60/90/120


CCT2700-6500K (Option)
CRI70 80 90 (Option)
DIMMING0-10V/1-10V/DMX/DALI (Option)


PAKAGEPly wood case

high mast light led price specification lamp suppliers design calculation list tower flood street lighting system cost manufacturers luminaire fixtures
MECREE GL-FL series 300W-2000W outdoor lighting are more and more popular in high mast lighting, with high light transmittance and best 4D cooling system. We record the lighting load, the weight of tower, the speed of wind and other environment factors.
If you have any project, feel free to contact us, MECREE team will try best to support you one-stop service.
Popular model: GL-FL-400W/GL-FL-800W

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