High pressure water jet cleaner price

Industrial are a high pressure reciprocating plunger pump that uses high pressure water jet to remove mold, grime, dust, mud and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete road surfaces. are also known as power pressure washer. So what is the High pressure water jet cleaner price?

High pressure water jet cleaner price

High Pressure Cleaners, also known as High Pressure Washers, are used for hundreds of various cleaning applications in almost all types of industries around the world. Our High Pressure cleaners are designed & manufactured with latest European technologies with superior quality materials. All spares are readily available with us to provide quick & efficient after sales service.High pressure cleaners direct a high Pressure Stream or jet of water against a surface to clean, descale, degrease or prepare a surface.The pumping unit is the pressure generator used to force out the carrier fluid at high velocity. Plunger-type high pressure cleaners pumps are commonly used to generate high pressure water for water jet cleaning and wet or water abrasive blasting for non-abrasive pressure cleaners or rinsing. Crankshaft driven plunger pumps are commonly used for pressure generation. Crankshaft driven plunger pumps may be more efficient in electrical energy costs compared to intensifiers.

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HW Series


Product Specifications

Driver typeElectric motor driven, Diesel engine drivenElectric Motor OptionsFlame Proof Motor, Non-Flame Proof Motor, Hydraulic Motor, Energy Efficient MotorMounting optionTrolley mounted, Skid mountedRPMFor 50 Hz – 1450 RPM and 60 Hz – 1740 RPMPower Supply3 phaseLiquid End materialBrass materialInlet connection1/2″ BSPFInlet pressure1 to 2 BarOutlet connection3/8″ BSPWorking Fluid Temp.60 °C View Catalogue

3D Model

ModelFlow Rate in LPM (GPM)Pressure in bar (PSI)Motor HPSelect
XLT5415IR54 (14.3)150 (2175)25
130 (1885)20
100 (1450)15
70 (1015)10
XLT4017IR40 (10.6)170 (2666)20
140 (2030)15
95 (1378)10
65 (943)7.5
NLT3020IR30 (8)190 (2755)15
155 (2248)12.5
125 (1813)10
90 (1305)7.5


Skid Mounted High Pressure Water Jet System

ModelFlow Rate in
Pressure in
Bar (PSI)
Motor HPSelect
XLT2730IR27 (7.1)290 (4206)20
PX2150IR21 (5.5)500 (7250)30
NMT2120RR21 (5.5)200 (2900)12.5
180 (2610)10
130 (1885)7.5
90 (1305)5
PX1735IR17 (4.5)350 (5000)15


Open Cover High Pressure Water Jet System

ModelFlow Rate in
Pressure in
Bar (PSI)
Motor HPSelect
PX1550IR15 (4.0)500 (7250)19
NPM1525R15 (4.0)250 (3625)10
180 (2610)7.5
NHD1415R14 (3.7)140 (2030)5
NHD1212R12 (3.2)120 (1740)4
90 (1305)3
60 (870)2
30 (435)1

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