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Fragrance Oils for WarmersFragrance Oils for Warmers

We at Natures Garden has some perfect Fragrance Oils for Warmers. So, we figured that we would create a list of them to get them all in one place that is easy to find. These fragrance oils are not the only ones perfect for creating room scents for warmers, but this list contains many of the best selling ones. So, these are many of our most popular scents for warmers. Plus, we chose to add in some different uses of fragrance oils for your warmers. We have a variety of different recipes that create great products for warmers that are sure to work well!

Fragrance Oils for Warmers French Lavender Fragrance Oil

First, we have a very lovely lavender scent. French Lavender Fragrance Oil is a unique floral scent that is well loved by many of our customers. The fragrance carries the scent of true, French lavender flowers that is fresh and beautiful. This sweet floral aroma is a great scent to try out in a wax tart warmer. This scent is sure to leave a lovely aroma in the air.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers
Ginger Lime Fragrance Oil

Another great scent for adding to a warmer is our Ginger Lime Fragrance Oil. This fragrant oil is a bright and zesty lemon-lime blend combined with the warm and comforting notes of honeyed ginger for a sophisticated twist on a refreshingly clean combination. If you enjoy scents that make your home smell fresh and clean, then this is the perfect fragrance oil for you!

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Fruity Rings Fragrance Oil

Next, we have an amazingly sweet, childhood scent! Of course, this delicious scent is the  Fruity Rings Fragrance Oil! This scent is a tasty blend of top notes of lemon rinds, lime, and grapefruit; middle notes of lemongrass, lily, and verbena; and base notes of vanilla sugar. This perfect combination blends to create a scent just like one of the sugary, fruity cereal everyone loves! So, this mouth watering scent is perfect for you to use as a room scent!

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Blueberry Muffin Fragrance Oil

Another great food scent for warmers is the delicious Blueberry Muffin Fragrance Oil. This scent is a perfect bakery aroma as it smells just like a blueberry muffin! This scent uses top notes of juicy tart blueberries with orange zests, middle notes of butter cake, and base notes of vanilla and almond. Not only does this fragrance smell delicious, but the scent is one of the strongest that we carry! Altogether, this makes this fragrance a scent worth using.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Fresh Brewed Coffee – WORLDS BEST Fragrance Oil

Next, we have a scent that is very true to its name, the Fresh Brewed Coffee – WORLDS BEST Fragrance Oil! This fragrance oil is a strong blend of aromas that great the perfect coffee scent. While we coffee fragrances have a heavy chocolate base note, this aroma is more true to the coffee scent. Instead, this scent has wonderful effervescent coffee top notes, and incredible scent throw! Thus, this fragrance is the perfect choice for coffee lovers looking to scent their home.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Chocolate Orchid Fragrance Oil

Natures Garden’s Chocolate Orchid Fragrance Oil is a gorgeous scent that was inspired by pure beauty. This fragrance has the scent of a true Chocolate Orchid, which is a real type of flower. The scent is reminiscent of true chocolate orchids, which smell like a fresh floral with undertones of real chocolate. This is a gorgeous scent that would be perfect for any candle warmer.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Peppermint Fragrance Oil

Also, we have a calming mint scented fragrance oil. The Peppermint Fragrance Oil is a very crisp, clean, true peppermint scent that is perfect for room scenting. The aroma is calming and clean with an added bonus of being perfect as a room scent. This scent is strong enough to scent a room, but it is not overpowering. This aroma is the perfect minty balance.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Fragrance Oil

Next, we have a bubbly scent that is sure to please! The Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Fragrance Oil is a sugary wine aroma that is sweet and lovely. The aroma is of wild grapes enhanced with hints of strawberries and sweet sugary notes with a light alcoholic background. So, this scent is truly the wonderful aroma of red sweet Cabernet wine. Without a doubt, this scent would be perfect for use in wax warmers.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Royal “B” Fragrance Oil

Next, we have the gorgeous scent of Royal “B” Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil is an upscale aroma of Egyptian jasmine and Amazon lily enlightened by juicy citrus and fresh roses petals; sitting on base notes of olibanum and white musk.  This makes this fragrance perfect for creating a room scent that is just as classy as you.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Clean Fresh Cotton Fragrance Oil

Also, we have a very clean scent that is perfectly balanced. This fragrance is the intoxicatingly fresh scent of Clean Fresh Cotton Fragrance Oil. The aroma is a  combination of citrus, powder, and woods.  Natures Garden’s clean fresh cotton fragrance begins with top notes of Kaffir lime and lemon zests; followed by middle notes of baby powder, African violet, and jasmine; sitting on base notes of woods and white musk. So, this is a great scent for those looking for a clean room scent.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Dragon’s Blood Fragrance Oil 

Next, we have a fragrance oil that is exquisite and unique. The  Dragon’s Blood Fragrance Oil has a scent that smells just like the essential oil of the same name.  This aroma is truly a scent all its own compared to other fragrance oils. So, it makes sense to include this aroma in a list of perfect fragrances for warmers.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil 

Also, we have a floral scent that has been perfected by Natures Garden. The Fresh Cut Roses Fragrance Oil has been a long time coming but it is finally perfect! This scent is now a true, fresh-cut rose scent that is the truest fresh cut rose on the market! Plus, this scent would work wonderfully in a warmer for room scenting.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers NG Island Fresh Type Fragrance Oil

Another great scent for warmers is one with a clean, fresh air aroma, such as NG Island Fresh Type Fragrance Oil. This fragrance oil smells just like an ocean breeze on a tropical island with fresh ozony top notes, followed by fresh greenery, lavender, vanilla, rose, jasmine, and melon, with bottom notes of fresh air.  This fragrance is one of the freshest scents we have ever smelled!

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Butt Naked Fragrance Oil

Also, there is a wonderful room scenting fragrance that is a tropical paradise. The Butt Naked Fragrance Oil is a fruity, island scent that would make a perfect scent for warmers. The fragrance is a tantalizing medley of granny smith apples and honeydew melon, strawberries, and pears, with hints of spice.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Black Linen and Amber Fragrance Oil

Next, we have a sexy scent that is unique, unisex, and perfect for scenting rooms. The  Black Linen and Amber Fragrance Oil is a unisex fragrance that begins with top notes of fresh cotton and crisp ozonic notes; followed by middle notes of white blossoms; well rounded with base notes of cashmere, amber, musk, and patchouli.  Overall, this scent is perfect for warmers to create a unique scent that smells fantastic.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Oatmeal Milk Honey Fragrance Oil

The Oatmeal Milk Honey Fragrance Oil is a fresh scent that is soft and lovely. This aroma is a wonderfully fresh blend of hawthorn, with nuances of creamy French vanilla, soy milk and a base note of nutty almond. All of this combines to create a scent that is perfect for warmers, as it would make a delightful room scent.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers The Perfect Man Fragrance Oil 

A perfect masculine scent for room scenting is hands down The Perfect Man Fragrance Oil. This scent captures the aroma of a man who is Confident, Trustworthy, Successful, Romantic, Sexy, Sensual, Daring, and has a great sense of humor. This fragrance uses only the finest, expensive fragrance notes, our perfumist created what we consider to be the best male fragrance we carry at Natures Garden! The Perfect Man fragrance begins with fresh, daring notes of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon; followed by middle notes of peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine notes, and a hint of peppermint; sitting on expensive base notes of natural patchouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, and frankincense.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Pink Sugar Type Fragrance Oil

The Pink Sugar Type Fragrance Oil has a sweet aroma that is perfect for adding to warmers. This scent is a fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks. This sweet aroma would really be a delicious fragrance choice for a room scent!

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil 

Next, we have the enticing scent of Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil! This scent is sweet and perfect for a home scent. The fragrance is an enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries, with middle notes of white floral greenery, and bottom notes of musk and vanilla. Overall, this vanilla scent is perfect for warmers.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Blue Hawaiian Fragrance Oil

Another tropical scent that would work great in your warmer is the Blue Hawaiian Fragrance Oil. This scent is sweet and perfect for creating an island room scent. The aroma begins with mouth-watering top notes of juicy orange, lemon, and maraschino cherries; followed by tangy pineapple, acai berry, and sea spray; well rounded with base notes of sweet coconut, vanilla rum, and fresh ozonic notes.  It has quickly become a favorite fragrance for many of our staff members and hopefully will be one of yours!

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Chai Tea Fragrance Oil

The Chai Tea Fragrance Oil is a very complex aroma by Natures Garden. This scent is fabulous, calming, and perfect for room scenting. The fragrance has an aroma of just the right amount of gourmet tea leaves, rich spices, and vanilla soy milk. Overall, this is a great scent that will be perfect for creating bath and body scents.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Madam President Fragrance Oil 

This would be a room scent perfect for a strong, female leader. This fragrance is a blend of fresh, zesty citrus notes of charisma and charm, balanced out by feminine florals of jasmine, white rose, and freesia. The nuances of brilliant musks and ozonic notes are backed by a respected and humble hint of sweet vanilla; ending with a kind hearted, warm amber base. Truly this is an inspiring scent that is perfect for use in warmers.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Using Scents in Liquid Potpourri

One way to use fragrance oils in warmers if to create a liquid potpourri. This uses a fragrance oil and a carrier oil to create a liquid that is perfect for room scenting. While you may be tempted to simply add the fragrance oil of your choice to the warmer directly, this will not work out as you think. The concentration of our fragrance oils is high, so you need to combine our scents with carrier oils, such as coconut oil, to achieve the scent you will want. So, you would need to create a 50/50 mixture that is half a carrier oil and half a fragrance oil. Alternatively, you can dilute the fragrance oils with DPG, again doing a 50/50 mix. We have a few recipes available that will show you how to create scents for your warmer. If you are interested, then check out the Spicy Liquid Potpourri Recipe or the Vanilla Liquid Potpourri Recipe for more details.

Fragrance Oils for Warmers Using Scents in Wax

Another great way to incorporate fragrances into your warmers is to add them to wax. Not only does wax hold the scent well, but it is easy to create fun wax melts that look cute! For example, you can create the Cupcake Wax Tarts Recipe that makes the wax tart look just like a little cupcake! Alternatively, you can create a recipe like the Pumpkin Delight Clamshell Tarts Recipe that has layers of wax in a clamshell container.  Finally, you can use granulated wax, like in our Autumn Leaves Potpourri Recipe, to create a scoopable wax for your oil burner.

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