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How does Honor make the size of the phone so large, while maintaining a good grip? The difficulty of this can be imagined. It is necessary to break through the size of the existing giant screen mobile phone and to control the width of the fuselage to ensure a more comfortable grip, but it is an extremely complicated matter, which is not realized by simple hardware stacking. Let’s take a look at the Honor 8x Max Price, and the honor 8x max specs.

Honor 8x Max Price

Currently its simple version Honor 8X selling at geekbuying in just $258.99 (4GB + 64GB ) using the discount code ADIGQKHI, and its (6GB + 64GB) version price is 299.99 after applying this coupon code ABBTZUVP and if you want this Smartphone with extra ROM, so you can get it’s ( 6GB + 128GB) variant for $358.99 by using this coupon code: YETIHPBD.

In addition, for those who are likes large screen Smartphones, so its large screen version Honor 8X Max also available at geekbuying, its (6GB + 64GB) version price is 268.99 after applying this coupon code AJBQYJDS and if you want this large screen Smartphone with extra ROM, so you can buy it’s (4GB + 128GB) variant for $319.99 by using this coupon code: UBXITNIP.

7.12 inch Screen 90% + High Screen Ratio

The Honor 8X Max is equipped with an unprecedented 7.12-inch screen, which realizes the wonderful three sides border-less design. At the same time, the sleek pearl shape design is integrated into the mobile phone, and the screen ratio is as high as 90.05%. The 7.12-inch screen has a resolution of 2244×1080 and a full-field display ratio of 18.7:9. The narrow bezel design complements the further narrowed screen, giving the Honor 8X Max a grip that is only the size of a 6.3-inch phone.

As a giant screen audio and video equipment, Honor 8X Max use a screen, as low as a 2nit screen to make movies more comfortable in low light condition, and in strong sunlight the screen will automatically brighten, making the phone picture brighter and clearer. In order to further enhance the comfort of viewing, Honor 8X Max also added a low blue light filter to effectively filter the harmful blue light that causes eye fatigue, adjust the color temperature and brightness, and prevent visual fatigue. There is more than 4096 brightness adjustment technology, the brightness is more pleasant.

honor 8x max specs

These also make it the world’s first Rhine eye-certified Smartphone series. For the first time, Honor and Rhein applied the low-blue and light bio-safety certification to the Honor 8X series, which gives the device an eye protection model 2.0 that meets the Rhine standard to better protect our eyes. Therefore, reading with Honor 8X Max, the experience is more comfortable, and its reading mode has a paper-like reading experience, quite powerful.

Honor 8X Max is certified by Rhein Eye Care

Honor 8X Max’s 3D composite panel design is quite different from the common glass phone. It has a double-engraved texture stitching design on a single back panel, with a lens broken texture on the back side and a lens texture on the other side.

The texture presents a different light perception that is very special. Its body thickness is only 8.13mm, and the large arc brought by the 3D composite sheet effectively enhances the grip feel, makes the big screen easier to hold, and easily fits into the pocket. In the choice of color, Honor 8X Max release in three colors, such as charm sea blue, magic night black, and charm flame red.

7.12 inches / 6.28 inches / 1.8 inches

In order to show the 7.12-inch giant screen of the Honor 8X Max, we took a 6.28-inch Smartphone (2280×1080) and a 1.8-inch function device (160×128) for comparison. Compared with the 6.28-inch Smartphone, the width of the Honor 8X Max is not too wide, but the length is really long, no wonder the size can be so high. Compared to this 1.8-inch function device, the Honor 8X Max is really a giant.

Dolby panoramic sound dual speaker 5000mAh large power large satisfaction

The Honor 8X Max features high-profile dual speakers, not just louder, it also supports Dolby Atmos! Dolby panoramic sound can combine the content of the film to present a dynamic sound effect, and more realistically create a sound effect from far and near. Achieve 360° omnidirectional sound field surround, showing more sound details and enhancing the audience’s viewing experience. At present, most only use a single speaker, and all the sounds come out from only one mouth, which can not fully display the sound field effects in the movie.

We talk about the immersive audio and video experience. The first is, of course, the huge screen with an immersive experience. The first element is the screen size, and then the screen ratio. Under the premise that the screen can meet our requirements, the sound effect has increasingly become great of mobile phone viewing.

The two speakers have appeared in the Honor flagship Smartphone Honor Note 10, this time finally released to the mid-range, Honor 8X Max benefited from this, even with Dolby panoramic sound dual speakers.

Honor 8X Max Dolby Panoramic Sound Dual Speaker

In the call experience, Honor 8X Max brings an innovation – hands-free dual ring. The principle of hands-free dual-sounding is that the hands-free external sound is sounded by the traditional lower sound chamber, optimized for the current upper and lower dual-pitched sounds. The hands-free calling dual speakers sound at the same time, and the ears in the noisy environment do not need to be close to the speakers and can have a clearer video and voice experience.

The hands-free calling sound position is in the center of the screen, and the user experience is closer to the real state. At the same time, it solves the problem that the sub-MIC and the upper sound chamber are too close when the dual sound is loud, and a large amount of voice is transmitted back to the MIC, resulting in the problem of hands-free echo.

One of the Honor 8X Max dual speakers

When the audio-visual experience made a leap, the time for the friends to watch the film increased a lot. If there is no large-capacity battery, there will be no electricity in minutes! The Honor 8X Max uses 5000mAh of the large battery, and users can also use it for one and a half days. Fully charged to support watching video for 20 hours, playing games for 12 hours, listening to music for 72 hours.

The most important thing is that Honor 8X Max supports 9V/2A fast charge, the highest 18W charging power, can charge 31% in 30 minutes, can be full in 2 hours! It also supports OTG fast reverse charging, supports reverse charging of mobile phone 0.5A, and supports fast reverse charging of rechargeable hardware 1A such as charging treasure. It is very convenient to use it to charge the Honor Band 4.

The Honor 8X Max is available in 2 versions, one with a Snapdragon 660 and one with a Snapdragon 636 in lower-priced. The Snapdragon 636 adopts a 14nm process, 8 core kyro260, and the highest frequency is 1.8Ghz. The Adreno 509 GPU is 10% better than the Adlonno 508 of the Snapdragon 630. Performance is 40% higher than Snapdragon 630. The Snapdragon 660 is equivalent to the enhanced version of the Snapdragon 636. The CPU has a higher frequency and the GPU is upgraded to Adreno 512.

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