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Warning: once you start using these tools, there’s no going back. Whether they’re designed to speed up your cooking process or to cut down on manual labor, you don’t even know what you’re missing until you try these tools. From juicers and spiralizers to knives and graters, these products make cooking way more fun. You’ll want to add each one to your kitchen—and maybe buy a few for your food-loving friends too.1Sushi Maker Roller MachineHAWORTHSHaworthaamazon.comBUY NOW

New to making sushi at home? It’s no secret getting a tight roll is the hardest part. However, this one-touch machine will make things a little easier.2Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich MakerHAMILTON BEACHHamilton$29.99$23.47 (22% off)BUY NOW

It is the most important meal of the day, afterall. 3Egg Yolk SeparatorPELEG DEISGNPeleg$12.99BUY NOW

This ergonomically designed goldfish tool is hands down the cutest way to separate your egg yolks from your egg whites.4Vacuum$129.99BUY NOW

Tired of throwing out food that’s gone bad before you had a chance to touch it? A vacuum sealer will seriously extend the lifespan of your meals — up to three years for meat!5Smooth Touch Can Opener

Kuhn$19.99BUY NOW

Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this Kuhn Rikon can opener (hence the more than 1,500 five-star reviews). Besides functioning as a traditional can opener, the other end can be used to open tricky metal lids without ruining your nails, twist open stubborn plastic bottles, and pop off glass bottle tops. Plus, the can opener side has a tiny set of tweezers attached so you don’t have to remove lids with your hands.6Cold Brew Coffee Maker$89.99BUY NOW

Stop paying so much for expensive cold brew!! You can make your own at home with KitchenAid’s stainless steel coffee maker. All you have to do is add beans and water or milk and let it sit for 12-24 hours.7Chef-Master Meat Tenderizer ToolMASTERCHEFChef$32.21$24.80 (23% off)BUY NOW

Your next steak dinner is going to taste amazing.8OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer$9.99BUY NOW

Avocado toast lovers, listen up: This gadget makes it easier than ever to chop, pit, and slice an avo.9Apple Slicer and CorerREDBUDredbudamazon.comBUY NOW

Take the work out of apple pie.10Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Scale

image 28
image 28$13.99$10.98 (22% off)BUY NOW

The foolproof way to make sure you’re counting your calories right.11Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener

Hamilton$29.85BUY NOW

This is the easiest way to open a can ever.12Spiralizer$27.99$24.97 (11% off)BUY NOW

Zoodles on repeat!13Prepara Trio-Tri Blade Peeler$9.98BUY NOW

Three blades means you can peel hard skins, soft skins, and julienne, all in one.14Joseph Joseph Square ColanderJOSEPH JOSEPH SQUARE COLANDER,Joseph$34.99BUY NOW

Square corners = a way easier pour.15Breville JuicerBREVILLEBrevilleamazon.comBUY NOW

Because buying those green juices every day seriously adds up16Chef’n StemGem Strawberry HullerBREVILLEChef’$7.95BUY NOW

Remove the leaves and stems without pulling out any of the fruit!17Misto Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer$14.99$9.99 (33% off)BUY NOW

Misting with oil will save you so much clean-up time.18Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker$39.99$24.49 (39% off)BUY NOW

Thanks to the stainless steel, your coffee will stay hot way longer compared to using glass varieties.19Zyliss 5 Way$8.99BUY NOW

Pop open bottle caps, lift soda can pop-tops, unseal bottle caps, remove pull-tabs, and break the seal of jar lids, all in one device.20Sunkuka Premium Garlic Press$6.99BUY NOW

Crush a ton of garlic at once! What could be better??21Chef’n Emulstir 2.0, Salad Dressing Mixer

Chef’$19.95BUY NOW

Skip the store-bought vinaigrettes from now on.22Tea Reusable StrawsAMAZONSOLEADERamazon.comBUY NOW

For those who like to use loose tea leaves, this reusable metal straw lets you enjoy each sip without any stray leaves or pulp.23EZ-Grip Silicone & Porcelain Mortar and PestleAMAZONCooler$21.99BUY NOW

The silicone, non-slip grip makes grinding way easier.24Linden Sweden Flat Wire WhiskLINDEN SWEDENLinden$14.99BUY NOW

Loops force more air into the mix, so you cut whisking time by 80 percent. 25OXO Good Grips Box Grater$19.99BUY NOW

Now you can actually see your progress.26Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Grip 3.5-Inch Paring Knife


Mince and chop, trim and shape, peel and core.27OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner$29.95BUY NOW

Just press down and watch it spin.28Measuring Spoons, Set of$10.99BUY NOW

The narrow shape means they easily fit into small spice jars.29iSi Basics Pro TongsAMAZONiSi North Americaamazon.comBUY NOW

The edges give you total control over all types of food30Universal Lids, Set of 2AMAZONModern$29.99$23.99 (20% off)BUY NOW

Never search for the right lid again with these universal ones, that can fit any pot or pan.31Pancake Batter Dispenser$11.97BUY NOW

Pancake cereal just got easier. 32Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper, Set of 2AMAZONChef’$16.77BUY NOW

Don’t dig corn all up in your teeth? Try this instead.33The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler$13.99BUY NOW

Hardboiled eggs will be way less tedious with this tool. 34Sandwich Cutter and$19.96BUY NOW

Uncrustables, who???????35Angry Mama Microwave$9.99$8.99 (10% off)BUY NOW

Don’t go through the hassle of scrubbing down your microwave, use this instead. She’ll steam clean it and all you have to do is wipe the grime away. 36Taco Stand Holders, Set of 4AMAZONParas$19.95BUY NOW

Soft and hard shell tacos can be stuffed easily with this stainless steel stand.37Watermelon$11.27BUY NOW

Can confirm: Watermelon tastes better when cutting it is a breeze.38Cleaning Sponge$9.99$6.99 (30% off)BUY NOW

These gloves guarantee a good scrub when washing dishes, and you won’t have to worry about any lingering smells on your hands.39Pastry ScraperAMAZONRachael$13.52BUY NOW

This scraper ensures you get your whole pastry off the baking sheet without a struggle.  40Mini Bag Sealer Heat$14.99BUY NOW

Stale chips and treats no more! This handy tool helps you heat seal bags again and again. 41Silicone Utensil RestAMAZONTomorrow’s$7.64BUY NOW

When you’re working on multiple dishes at once, you need a utensil rest that holds more than just one. 42Leaf Herb StripperAMAZONLUCKIPLUSamazon.comBUY NOW

Get the most out of your homegrown herbs with this tool—no stems involved. 43Ice Luge$14.99BUY NOW

Go ahead, be extra AF.44Whisk WiperAMAZONWHISK$16.95BUY NOW

You worked too hard on that homemade batter recipe to not get every last drop…

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