How Do I Know If My Prada Purse Is Real

How do i know if my prada purse is real? Today, we will be discussing vintage prada bag authentication, how to make a prada bag serial number check online, and how to spot fake prada nylon bag. Our team has researched and reviewed these products to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying a prada bag.

How Do I Know If My Prada Purse Is Real

vintage prada bag authentication


Start with the logo itself. There should be a slight indent/ notch in the ‘R’ in Prada, located where the right leg conjoins to the the letter. Fakes will often omit it, or make it too sharp or prominent. Also, the top of the right leg in the ‘A’ in Prada overhangs the letter. Check to make sure the logo is consistent throughout the purse, including on the hardware. 

how to authenticate prada logo


There is only one exception to the logo’s general rule and that is Prada’s rope motif. Prada employs a distinctive rope motif often found on the inside lining of purses or packaging, which provides the Prada name written horizontally alternating with the brand’s distinctive rope design and the Prada name should be flipped upside down on every other line. Most often, the rope motif lining is made from embossed jacquard nylon fabric or nappa leather. When the Prada mark is used in context of the rope motif the right leg in the ‘A’ in Prada does not overhang the letter and the ‘R’ in Prada does not have the notch. This is a purposeful distinction to the logo that counterfeiters often mix-up, so be aware! (or beware?!) 😉 

how to authenticate prada purse

Common errors to keep an eye out for: If you see the rope motif whereby the Prada name follows the general rule, then it is fake. Likewise, on the rope motif, if the Prada name isn’t flipped upside down on every other line, then it is fake. Lastly, if the rope motif lining feels like it is made from cheap synthetic material, it is fake.


The inside of the bag will always have a brand marking. Older bag styles display “Prada Milano” on two lines or “Prada Milano Made In Italy” separated on three lines. Newer styles, however, dictate “Prada Made In Italy” on two lines. This is commonly found on a ceramic plaque. Always check the plaque to ensure the background of the plaque matches and/or compliments the bag itself. Occasionally, certain styles will use a leather patch on the interior instead of the typical ceramic plaque, usually (but not always) these are re-edition bags or non-leather bags. Many small bags will simply print the brand marking without using the ceramic plaque or leather patch. If you don’t see “Made In Italy” directly under the Prada logo on the inside brand marking, then check the seams of the interior lining (often in the interior pocket) for a fabric tag that says “Made In Italy” (example below). Keep an eye out for deviations, the label should read “Milano” not “Milan” (which, I’ve seen on counterfeit bags before).

what authentic prada brand tag should look like


Prada uses zippers from the following five factories, which I like to refer to as LORIY: Lampo, Opti, Riri, Ipi and YKK. The factory stamp should be engraved somewhere on the underside of the zipper. 

how to authenticate prada purses


Authentic Prada bags are made from the highest quality leather, often calf or lambskin, which should feel soft and supple to the touch. Fake leather may look real from afar or in photos but it feels rigid and stiff to the touch and sometimes bears a plastic-like smell. Always check to make sure the description of the leather on the Authenticity Card matches what you have in your hand. Prada has a specific naming system for the leather used on its bags, I’ll outline all of them in a separate post. But, for brevity, you should always keep in mind the quality and description of the leather purported on the bag in question!


The topstitching on most Prada bags is slightly angled. Fakes commonly have horizontal top stitching, uneven holes for the seams or use very thin weak thread — all telltale signs of a fake.

how to authenticate prada bag


All Prada purses have a Quality Assurance Tag, also known as a Factory Tag, stitched into the seam of the interior purse pocket. It’s a white tag with 2-3 numbers printed in black, which indicates the purses’s factory number. Note, that Prada wallets and wallet purses (wallets with removable purse strap) do nothave a Quality Assurance Tag.

prada tags to prove authenticity


All Prada purses come with two cards served in a black envelope, namely: (1) the Authenticity Card, and (2) the Product Card. Below is a picture of an authentic set of these two cards. Note, I blurred out the barcode number for security purposes. Duplicates, or omissions, of the Product Card is not conclusive of a fake, but is suspect — the reason is because these cards are handled by sales associates at the store level, giving rise to greater error. The Authenticity Card, on the other hand, is included at the factory level and is not handled again by the sales associates until purchase, therefore, there should only be one — any deviation is a red flag. 

what prada authenticity cards should look like

The Authenticity Card is a white, plastic card that looks like a credit card with the Prada logo and “Authenticity certificate card” printed in English and Italian on the front. On the back, there are two blank spaces for the sales associate to fill in the date and store location where the item was purchased. Don’t worry if these are blank, sometimes sales associates forget to fill these out. If it is filled out, cross reference the information provided. For example, look up the location of the sale — is there a Prada store in that location or another authorized reseller (such as Saks or Neiman Marcus)?  

The Product Tag is a piece of sturdy black cardboard with the Prada logo embossed on the front and a printed sticker adhered to the back. It will provide the following information: (a) Product Name, (b) Art. (short for Article, referring to the product style), (c) Colour (color), (d) Group Name (material), (e) Product Number (Note: the product number always starts with the Article number). Occasionally, you will see the MFSRP (or Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) in the bottom right corner.

Below is a side-by-side example of a real verse fake Prada authenticity cards. As you will see, the fake set came with duplicate cards and messed-up the logo by failing to include the indent in the ‘R’ in Prada. As opposed to the real set of Prada authenticity cards, which correctly provides the brand’s logo and only comes with one set of cards.  

prada real verse fake authenticity cards

Prada is capable of checking valid serial numbers. You can contact their team directly from their online contact page requesting verification. Be sure to include the serial number validation request in the subject line and all relevant information from the authenticity card in the body of the message. 

Hope this helps! Check out our video on how to authenticate Prada purses on our online YouTube channel. & Shop authentic Prada, along with all your other favorite brands, at The Revury

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How to Spot a Fake Prada Purse
Because of the popularity and costliness of a Prada purse, cheap and fake versions have come into the markets. Close examination reveals a fake one and this article tells you how.

Image titled Spot a Fake Prada Purse Step 1
Look at the stitching. Prada stitching is neatly aligned. Its stitches are of small size and there will be no loose ends.
Check the hardware. All Prada hardware is antique brass. If you find hardware that is rusted, old, or worn, then it probably is not a Prada. Check the coloration, the size, and the condition.
Check the logo. The inside lining should have a contrasting black Prada logo with slight projection printed on it. Fake ones have the word “Prada” misspelled or will have any other writing. The size and spacing of the letters should also reveal its authenticity.
Look at the lining. The lining of a Prada bag is black. If there is a pattern, then it is a fake one. The lining material should be of high quality. It will also have the word ‘Prada’ running horizontally across it. All Prada handbags have the unique Prada logo embroidered repeatedly into the lining no matter the material.
Find the metal tag. An original Prada bag will have a metal tag that says “Prada Made in Italy”. If the tag if made of plastic or fabric, then the purse is not original. All Prada handbags have a serial number and tag of authenticity located on them. Misspelled words may also indicate the same.
See if there is a dustbag. Absence of a dustbag may reveal the purse is fake. An original Prada purse will have the Prada logo printed in black on a white dustbag. There should be a label stitched in the dustbag that says “Prada” and “Cotton Made in Italy”.
Find the Authenticity Card. These cards come in a black envelope. Each card has information of the style of the purse and its serial number.
Look closely at the ‘R’. The ‘R’ of the Prada logo has a notch taken out of its right leg. This is an easy identification missed out by manufacturers of fake Prada bags.
Know your stores. This is a quite obvious sign as genuine bags are usually purchased from high-end departmental stores.
Look for other indications. The buttons and zipper should be matching on colour and should have coordination with the bag and its lining. High quality zippers will have smooth zipping.
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How does the “R” look if it’s fake?
wikiHow Contributor
It will not have a notch missing. Look at the “R” where the top connects to the bottom at the right leg of the letter. If there is no notch taken out like in the pictures above, it is a fake.
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Is my purse fake if it cost 100 dollars and had no zippers?
wikiHow Contributor
Unfortunately, yes. Prada bags cost thousands of dollars, and even the extremely run down and well-worn used bags cost more than that.
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Not Helpful 8 Helpful 11
If it says “Made in China,” is it fake?
wikiHow Contributor
Unfortunately yes, all Prada bags are made in Italy. Any “Prada” bag that is made in China is a fake.
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Does a plastic zipper mean the bag is fake?
wikiHow Contributor
Yes. All Prada bags use high-end, metal zippers. The zippers have the manufacturer’s name embossed on the back side of the zipper. If the zipper has no markings and/or is made of plastic, the bag is a fake.
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Is a Prada bag fake if it doesn’t have a metal logo on the inside?
wikiHow Contributor
Not always, some Prada bags have a leather logo with 4 rivets, one on each corner, on the inner lining. The inner Prada label will say “Prada, Made in Italy” on 2 or 3 lines depending on the age of the bag. All Prada bags will have an interior label, so if your bag doesn’t have a label at all, then it is a fake.

How to Spot Real Prada Nylon


In 1984, Prada created something that would change fashion forever. It was a simple, durable, light backpack, a bag that could withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. But it wasn’t its supple leather or mind-blowing shape that appealed to the style set  — it was its ripstop nylon fabric. Prada’s use of tessuto nylon in the realm of luxury was an iconoclastic innovation that paved the way for Phoebe Philo’s normcore at #OldCéline and Demna Gvasalia’s irony at Vetements, all of whom have taken the functional and traditionally uncool to new sartorial heights.
The Italian house originally sourced its nylon from factories producing military parachutes, and has since created totes, clutches, belt bags and even ready-to-wear with the industrial-strength material. But its iconic status has led to counterfeiters attempting to capitalize on Prada’s success. So how can you spot the real thing? Read on for our expert team’s tips on spotting authentic Prada nylon pieces.

Prada Nylon Bag Materials

RealStyle | Authentic Prada Nylon
While Prada’s ripstop nylon was originally made of a light, thin military-grade fabric, it has evolved to a heavier weight. Compared to Prada’s initial versions, the current tessuto nylon is a twill material, and slightly thicker. Every iteration, however, is extremely durable and water-resistant, and the texture should not be crunchy or slippery. Some Prada bags will be unlined, but if there is a jacquard lining, you should be able to feel it through the bag.
RealStyle | Authentic Prada Nylon
The classic jacquard logo lining will feature a coiled rope motif and PRADA repeated throughout. When inspecting the bag’s interior, check how wide or narrow the pitch of the A is on the Prada logo. This use of PRADA will be different than the triangle logo accents, since it’s woven. The As should be a little wide and both As in PRADA should be consistent. If it’s not the correct proportions, that’s a sign that it may be inauthentic. Additional accents such as handles can be made out of a thick web strap, smooth leather or saffiano leather. If there is a web strap, it should be thick and high-quality. If there are signs of unravelling, that’s a big red flag. 

Prada Nylon Bag Construction

RealStyle | Authentic Prada Nylon
The construction of Prada nylon bags will vary depending on the style. Most tessuto and vela bags are unlined and feature bound seams. If there is a lining, it will likely be the jacquard lining mentioned previously.
A common question arises regarding Prada nylon — what’s the difference between Prada tessuto and Prada vela? It comes down to the pieces themselves. The term is widely used interchangeably, but generally Prada’s tessuto nylon pieces will be higher-value bags with more features and components like backpacks and satchels. Vela nylon is a term commonly used for entry-level pieces with minimal trim, such as cosmetics bags and pouches.

Prada Nylon Bag Hardware

RealStyle | Authentic Prada Nylon
Prada’s hardware has changed numerous times over the years. The first generation of zippers were powder-coated and unbranded, with a blank back. On first-generation bags, the color of the zipper teeth and the fabric of the bag should match and zippers will feature a nylon, rectangular zipper pull as opposed to leather. As these bag styles developed further, Prada eventually began to use IPI and Riri or Lampo zippers, which we see on most of Prada’s luxury bags. Zipper pulls evolved as well to feature branding and leather accents, as seen above. Buckles and zipper pulls will say PRADA on most bags, but grommets will not.

Prada Nylon Bag Brand Identifiers

RealStyle | Authentic Prada Nylon
Prada’s enamel triangle logo is perhaps its most iconic. On older Prada bags, the corners of the enamel triangle logo are affixed with rivets, though newer iterations may not include them. The enamel should be smooth and flat, and never bubbly or sloppy. Early triangle logos will be riveted on all three corners, and newer versions will have domed rivets. Many counterfeiters attach the triangle with central brads so it’s loose, and the edges will lift up. If you can manipulate the logo placard and feel the brad itself, that’s a sign of inauthenticity. These placards should never be attached with a central brad.
Prada’s logo placards will say PRADA / MILANO / DAL 1913 and include the brand crest. Pay attention to the font, and specifically the R’s notch and upturned leg. On interior PRADA / MADE IN ITALY logos, the placard should always match the bag’s color. Early placards were made of sterling silver with enamel, and feature 925 and an Italian hallmark. Prada quickly got rid of those, however, so this inclusion is not a sign of a counterfeit — just a very early model.
The format for these interior placards has changed over the years, so depending on the piece you’re looking at, the location and shape should not be cause for concern. Some interior logo placards are rectangular and get thinner as time goes on, but they should all still say “PRADA / MADE IN ITALY.”

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