how to cancel weight watchers through itunes

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A summary of your account can be found in Account Settings. This is where you will find your next billing date and the amount due. Please be aware that you will continue to be billed each month until you contact us to cancel.

Payments for Workshop + Digital will automatically be deducted , and we will continue to deduct payments at the end of each membership month until you contact us to cancel.

how to cancel weight watchers app through itunes

How To Cancel Weight Watchers Through Itunes

1. Click the Profile icon at the top of the My Day dashboard. Scroll down to Settings, then click on Account. For your protection, you must log in again to access your Settings because it contains personal information associated with your account.
2. Click the account status link in the payment and account type box.
3. You will find a detailed profile of your membership status with towards the bottom of the page.

Weight Watchers Digitaland Workshop members may change their payment plan for the next payment period at any time before the next billing date. You will be required to manually change your price plan after each billing if you want to maintain a 3-month billing cycle.

When I signed up I chose the 3-month billing cycle. Why was I charged for one month instead of another 3 when my initial 3-month membership ended?

The three-month billing is an introductory offer. After the offer has run out, your membership will be automatically renewed at the end of your payment plan at the standard monthly rate.

Will my account be automatically billed?

A membership to our site is much like other sites, in that your membership will automatically be renewed and billed each month until you contact us to cancel.

Cancelling your membership

Cancel online

We’ll be really sorry to see you go, but if you’d like to cancel your membership, you can do ithere on, and it will be processed right away. This is the easiest and fastest way to cancel.

Cancel via phone

You can always call us at 1-800-651-6000 and a live agent will be happy to assist you.

Technical troubleshooting

When I enter my access code I am told it is invalid or does not exist.

If your code is coming back as invalid during signup:
1. Please make sure you are entering the code in the correct boxes and that you are not including any additional characters, spaces, hyphens, etc.
2. The code has already been used. Once an access code is used it cannot be used again.
3. You are trying to use a free trial access code for a membership that has already received a free trial. Only new members are eligible to receive a free trial.
4. You are on the wrong signup page.

Workshop + Digital:

Directly above the boxes where you enter the code it should read, “Weight Watchers Access Code.” If it does not say this you are in the wrong place.

If none of the reasons above apply to you, please contact us and provide the code you are using so that we may test it.

I’ve been given login information, but I keep being asked to log in again.

When you choose the “Remember me on this computer” option during the login process, you agree to have your user name and password stored on your computer so that you can be automatically logged in each time you access the site. When you click the “I agree” button, the Automatic Login feature is enabled. Choosing to log out turns off our automated login functionality, and we will no longer remember your user name and password on your computer. The next time you visit our site, you will be required to enter your username and password again.

Can I switch my payment plan to Workshop + Digital without losing money?

Yes! To switch to your account:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on the Profile icon on the upper right hand corner of the My Day Dashboard. Select Settings then click Profile.

3. Click Account Status. Select “Switch payment plan to Monthly Pass.”

If you purchased Workshop + Digital in your Workshop, use the access code from your Starter Voucher to complete the switch online. You’ll receive a refund for the current month (and any future ones) of your existing account. You’ll also get a confirmation email. There may be a one-week delay before you see your refund appear on your account.

I get an error message when trying to switch to Workshop + Digital.

If you received an error when trying to switch to Workshop + Digital, check to see that your billing information is accurate and up-to-date. It is possible that the error is due to an expired expiration date in your profile. To update billing information:

1. Click the Profile icon at the top of the My Day dashboard, then click Account. (You will be asked to log in for security purposes.)
2. Click Contact and billing information in the My Account box (your billing information will be listed towards the bottom of the page.)
3. After you update your information click “Submit.”
4. Review your details to make sure they’re correct and click “Save.”

After you have updated your billing information you should be able to switch without a problem.

I forgot my password/username.

If you click on the  “I forgot my username” link in the login box, it will ask you for your username. Once you supply it, a password reset email will be sent to you from You can use this link to reset your password.
If you don’t know your username, you can click on the forgotten username link on the login page to retrieve it. The only thing you’ll need is the address associated with your account. Once you enter this, your username will be emailed to you.

How can I edit or view my account and plan information?

Click the Profile icon with your initials located at the top right corner of the My Day dashboard, then click Settings. You may be asked to log in again for security purposes.

Once you have accessed the profile page, select from the options provided to begin editing your account and plan information. Be sure to save your changes or they will not take effect.

I can’t log in.

Make sure you’re using the correct username/password combo and that there are no spaces before and after your username and password in the entry fields. If that doesn’t work, clear your cookies.

Why are the pages on the site loading slowly?

Loading speed is based on internet connection, browser configuration, and server issues. Our website does not control loading speed. If you have more than one computer and are connected through a router make sure that you have the most up-to-date driver for the router that you are using. If you or someone with access to the same computer downloads from the internet, (MP3’s, videos, etc) this can also be a factor in increasing load times.


How can I stop receiving text alerts?

Occasionally Weight Watchers will send alerts to our members. If you need help or would like to stop receiving our texts, here’s how:

HELP and STOP instructions:

Text HELP to TRYWW (87999) for help
Text STOP to TRYWW (87999) to cancel

For additional help, send email to or call 1-800-651-6000.

Participating carriers:

AT&T, T-Mobile®, Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Boost Mobile, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, Iowa Wireless, Metro PCS, ACS Wireless, West Central Cellular, Ntelos, Bluegrass, Plateau Wireless, AWCC, Cincinnati Bell, Cellular South, Carolina West Wireless, Immix Wireless/Keystone Wireless, Golden State Cellular, Cellcom, ECIT, GCI/Alaska Digitel, Inland Cellular, Illinois Valley, Nex-Tech, Chat Mobility, NW Missouri Cellular, NE Cellular One of PA, Element Wireless, MTPCS, Thumb Cellular, Viaero Wireless


My Day Dashboard

How do I track my food or activity?

You can track by using Search. This is the rectangular box up at the top of the My Day screen. You can search for any food or activity, and then track it, either using Quick Add or the Calculator.  

Where is the calculator?

To calculate SmartPoints values, go to My Day > Quick Add > Calculator to enter the required nutrients (calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein). These numbers appear on the nutritional information label of most packaged foods. Add the serving size (or your best guess) and name the food. Select Create and Track.

I want to create recipes. How do I do that?

In the My Foods/Recipe section, you can now create a recipe or edit an existing recipe (even a Weight Watchers recipe). The Recipe Builder allows you to select your cooking time, prep time, instructions, and ingredients.


How do I swap FitPoints™ for SmartPoints® values?

We find that most members don’t want or need to swap FitPoints for food, but if you find that you need to swap,  go to the Profile Icon with your initials, then click Settings > Food > Swapping and choose how you want to swap. Your weekly SmartPoints values earned will reset to zero on your weight-tracking day.

How do I change my weight settings?

Go to Settings > Weight to edit your weight settings (such as starting weight and weight goal). 

How do I see how many SmartPoints values I have left?

Your daily SmartPoints Target will appear  in the blue circle under My Day. Beneath that, in the My Activity section, you’ll see how many FitPoints you’ve earned for the day.

How do I connect or disconnect from a wireless scale?

You can connect or disconnect to wireless scales by going to the Profile icon you’re your initials, then click Settings > Weight and selecting your scale.

How do I connect or disconnect my activity tracking devices?

You can connect or disconnect your device by clicking on the Profile icon with your initials in the upper right hand corner of the My Day dashboard. Scroll down to Settings > Activity.

If I’m having trouble with my activity-monitoring device or app, what do I do?

If it’s a technical question, please call your device’s manufacturer. 

What if I have a questions or want to give feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! You can reach out to us any time via 24/7 Expert Chat or use the “Give Feedback” button located at the top of the My Day dashboard

how to cancel weight watchers uk

How to Identify Weight Problem in Kids

Understanding whether your child has weight problems is the first step to a proper plan. This is important because kids grow at different pace. It is best to consult your paediatrician to check the child’s Body Mass Index (BMI), which measures their weight against height, gender and age. Here is a quick guide about what percentile of BMI can indicate that your child has weight problems:

  • BMI between 5th and 84th percentile: Healthy
  • BMI between 85th and 94th percentile: Overweight
  • BMI at the 95th percentile or more: Obese

Weight Loss Tips for Kids

Weight Loss Tips for Kids

Your paediatrician can give your kids advice on how to lose weight as a child. Together, you can draw up a personalised plan that is suitable for your child. Here are the top 10 recommendations:ADVERTISEMENTADVERTISEMENT

1. Calorie Count

You should not eliminate calories from the kid’s diet at random because they give energy and have other essential health benefits. You need to know exactly how much calorie your kid needs for proper growth. Anything more than that will hinder weight loss. The amount of calorie that a child needs varies according to his age, gender, BMI, activity, etc. Don’t stress the child by daily weight checks at home because it deviates on a daily basis are natural.

2. Low-Glycemic Diet

Glycemic Index (GI)- The ability of carbohydrates to raise blood glucose is referred to as GI. Studies suggest that low-glycemic food keeps one full for longer because it takes time to digest or gets digested at a low pace and blood sugar also stays stable. They also have more fibre and are less processed or refined.

You don’t need to totally eliminate carbs from your kid’s diet. All you need to do is select low or medium-glycemic carbs like broccoli, carrots, apples, berries, beans, nuts, peanut butter, yoghurt with honey and fruits, milk, cheese, pineapple, sweet potatoes, banana, dried fruit, pasta, high-fibre cereal, brown rice, and ice cream. Avoid high-glycemic carbs like corn, potatoes, white rice, French fries, chips, juice, jam, sweet and frozen yoghurt, bread, pancakes, waffles, pizza, popcorn, instant oats, and refined forms such as maida. 

3. More Fruits, Veggies

Generally, you can add more vegetables and fruits in many colours to your kid’s diet. Serve whole fruits rather than fruit juices. This is because juices have less fibre compared to whole fruit as it loses its fibre content and addition of sugar if done, adds to more calories, while whole fruits are more filing and fibre-rich that is good for digestion. However, not all fruits and veggies are good for weight loss. Some may be high glycemic, that we have discussed in the point above.

4. More Water

Don’t allow the child to drink juice, energy drink and cold – soft drinks, soda etc. when they are thirsty because they add up to their weight gain. The best thirst-quencher is water.

5. Good Sleep

Ideally, kids need 9 to 11 hours of sleep and teenagers need8 to 10 hours of sleep. Early and good sleep is essential for proper growth and metabolism that helps maintain their body TaboolaPromoted LinksYou May Like8 Drinks & Beverages to Avoid during PregnancyNow You Can Practice Chinese Kung Fu At Homeshine.cnHow to Reduce Breast Size – 10 Simple & Natural RemediesHow to Get Pregnant with Triplets Naturally1 Easy Way to Keep Your Mac Clean. Learn More.MacKeeper

6. Minimise Sugar, Salt

Minimise high sugar content food like candies, sweetened breakfast cereals, flavoured drinks and yoghurt, sweetened beverages, fruit juice, soda drinks, etc. Settle for low-sugar substitutes like home-made fruit puree, fruit ice pops, cookies, pizzas, sandwiches made of whole-wheat, fruit salads, etc. Even salt needs to be minimised. The sodium content of salt makes the body retain water and bloat up. Avoid table salt and canned and frozen food that are high on sodium.ADVERTISEMENT

7. More Protein

Experts recommend that protein stimulates a growth hormone that helps the body break down excess fat into energy. It is also more filling. Therefore, serve eggs, plant protein – such as pulses (all types of dals like red gram, black gram, etc.) and legumes (channa, rajma, horse gram, etc.), fish, and lean meat like chicken. Go for low-fat yoghurt, butter, cheese, non processed cheese, margarine, etc. for milk protein.

8. Meal Plans

Avoid long gaps between meals because an empty stomach for long hours leads to gorging during meals. Studies recommend that three small meals and two small snacks daily is ideal.ADVERTISEMENT

9. Daily Exercises/Sports

Exercise or some sports activity for at least 60 minutes daily is recommended. Start with 15-20 minutes daily and increase the duration gradually. Make it entertaining by including your child’s peers or organising dance and music sessions, running with a pet dog, a family swimming session, etc. This will encourage the child to participate enthusiastically. Some of the good exercises for kids to lose weight are:

  • Gymming
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Running
  • Roller-skating
  • Aerobics
  • Any kind of sports after school

10. Understand Fat Facts

All fats aren’t harmful. Healthy fats are required by the body to create cell membranes. Eliminating fat at random can impact your kid’s immune system, nervous system, and overall health. They need to consume fats like unsaturated oils (olive, canola, soybean, etc.), salmon, anchovy, almonds, seeds of sesame, pumpkin, and flax, etc. Fats also slow down digestion and keep the stomach full for longer hours.ADVERTISEMENT

Dos and Don’ts

There are a few things that you should keep in mind during your kid’s weight loss program:


  • Inculcate habits like daily exercises, not binging on unhealthy foods and not eating meals while watching TV to avoid overeating, etc.
  • Be supportive. Studies suggest that less sugar increases stress hormones and makes the kid cranky. Reward the child for weight loss achievements with a movie show, a toy, etc. However, do not reward them with their favourite food.
  • Add errands to their daily schedule, encourage them to take the stairs rather than the lift, walk to a nearby kid’s activity zone rather than take the car, etc. Make activities fun-filled with boot camps, nature walks, etc.
  • Reduce the food portions; do not eliminate meals. A researcher at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge suggests that it’s not what you eat, but the quantity is what matters when trying to lose weight.
  • Substitute unhealthy foods with healthy home-made snacks like sprouts, salads, baked (not fried) papad, ragi dosa, grilled chicken strips, makhanas, etc. Sliced and diced carrots, cucumber, grapes, strawberries, watermelon etc. can be healthier finger food.


  • Don’t make unrealistic plans. So, if your child likes eating something that is against the weight loss plan, don’t eliminate it totally. That may stress the child and add to his weight. Do it gradually. Also set an attainable weight loss goal. A good, recommended rate is one pound (Approx 0.453592 kg) of weight loss per week.
  • Do not allow kids to watch TV, play video games and couch around for hours. Ideally, restrict it to one to two hours a day.
  • Don’t make a kids-only diet; work as a team. Include family and friends. You can stick to foods that are beneficial to you. Set an example for the child to keep him motivated. You could also throw a birthday party with healthy snacks and set the trend.
  • Don’t give up! Tell the child things won’t change overnight.
  • Don’t rush! Do not go for a fast-track weight loss program. It can do more harm than good.

What Are the Dangers of Fast Weight Loss for Kids?

To begin with, approach the subject of weight loss with care and sensitivity. It should be an open dialogue that addresses weight-related concerns and insecurities of the child. It is seen that many kids, especially girls, try to experiment with weight loss on their own. This could be unscientific and harmful. Watch out for that and educate them.

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