how to check mobile charger output

We have researched How To Check Mobile Charger Output. This is why we are sharing this post on how to check mobile charger with multimeter and how to check watt of mobile charger. Suppose you want how to calculate watt of mobile charger, then reading this post will help.

Recently I bought a cheap Phone charger running on 4 AAA. One AAA battery is rated at 1.5V. So 4 batteries makes the total voltage: 6 V (1.5 X 4). The smart phone must only be charged using 5V power supply. I thought there should be some electric circuit in the cheap charger that is bringing down 6 Volts to 5 Volts. I needed to test the cheap charger because I did not want to risk frying my phone. Then I had an idea to use my Digital Multimeter (DMM). However, my simple DMM is not equipped with USB test probe.

how to calculate watt of mobile charger

How To Check Mobile Charger Output

Measure Voltage of Phone Charger Using a Simple Basic Digital Multimeter
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This instructable will show:

  • How to turn a USB cable into a USB test probe
  • How to adapt the DMM’s test probe into a the USB test probe
  • How to test the modified DMM

This instructable does not apply to Phone chargers that do NOT have USB receptacle.

Target Users

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Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Gather Tools and Materials
Gather Tools and Materials

Gather the following tools:

  • Wire stripper
  • Screw driver

Gather the following parts:

  • 1 X USB cable with a male ‘A’ plug (See picture)
  • 1 X Digital Multimeter (DMM)
  • 2 X Wire Connector (See picture)

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Step 2: Convert a USB Cable Into a USB Test Probe

Convert a USB Cable Into a USB Test Probe

Do NOT cut off the male ‘A’ plug

Cut the cable close to the other plug and discard it

Strip the cable insulator to expose 4 wires

Strip the insulator of black wire to expose metal conductor

Strip the insulator of red wire to expose metal conductor

Insert the metal conductor of black wire into wire connector

Tightened the connection by screwing.

Insert the metal conductor of red wire into a separate wire connector

Tightened the connection by screwing.

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Step 3: Attach the USB Test Probe to the DMM Test Pin

Attach the USB Test Probe to the DMM Test Pin

Insert the black test pin of DMM into wire connector of black USB wire

Tightened the connector’s screw.

Insert the red test pin of DMM into wire connector of red USB wire

Tightened the connector’s screw.

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Step 4: Test DMM

Test DMM

Use a USB Charger with a output voltage that you know for certain. In my case, I use an official iPhone AC charger.

Set the DMM to measure voltage

Plug the USB test probe of the DMM into the USB socket of power supply.

Switch on AC charger.

Read the meter

In my case, the meter reads 5.07 Volts which is within the specified rating of the iPhone charger.

You now have a DMM that can measure voltage of Smart Phone Chargers.


The cheap portable charger that I mentioned in the beginning measured at 6.2 Volts. It is definitely not a 5 Volts charger typical of smart phone.

How to Test Your Android Phone’s Charging Speed

How to Test Your Android Phone's Charging Speed 1
LG G6 Runnning Ampere

Have you noticed that some chargers seem to charge your smartphone faster than others? Or maybe that some USB cables seem to work better than others? Wondering how fast that USB port on your PC can charge your phone?

Today we’ll be checking out several methods for figuring out just how fast your device is charging as well as the maximum capabilities of your chargers, cables, and devices.

Method 1: Ampere

One of the quickest and easiest ways to measure how fast your smartphone is charging or discharging is by using the Ampere app, which is available free through the Android Play Store.

How to Test Your Android Phone's Charging Speed 2

Once the app is installed, simply fire it up and it should immediately measure the rate of charge. In order to figure out how fast the device is being charged, simply multiply the voltage by the amperage to derive the wattage. In this case, the smartphone is drawing 4.071 Volts * (2,720 Milli-Amps / 1,000) = 11.07 Watts.

As Quick Charge 3.0 allows both voltage and amperage to be dynamically adjusted for optimum charging, it’s not uncommon to see charging speed vary depending on a variety of factors. In ideal conditions (low battery, low CPU load, screen off, etc.) the maximum charging rate should be somewhere near 18 Watts for a device supporting Quick Charge 2.0 or Quick Charge 3.0. For devices that only support standard USB charging such as 5 volt, 1 amp or 5 volt, 2 amps, the charging speed should be somewhere near 5 watts or 10 watts respectively.

Method 2: Power Meter

For those who don’t like to utilize an app, or want a more real time method of measuring charging speed, a USB power meter can be a quick and easy way to accomplish this task. Since our device is USB Type-C we’re using the Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter to measure the amount of power the smartphone is drawing from the battery bank; however, USB Type-A power meters are also available online.

To use the power meter, simply connect the power meter between the USB cable and the smartphone. Information about the charging rate should automatically be displayed.

How to Test Your Android Phone's Charging Speed 3
Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter

Similar to using the Ampere app, to find the amount of wattage being charged into the smartphone, simply multiply voltage by the amperage. In this case, 6.68 Volts * 1.06 Amps = 7.08 Watts. One major benefit of using this method is that it’s much easier to check the amount of power being charged into the device with the screen off. While this makes no difference in older devices, newer devices with support for Quick Charge 3.0 and likely other newer fast charging standards will generally lower voltage and amperage when a device’s screen is on to reduce the amount of heat generated. An added bonus for some power meters is that they also offer the ability to measure the amount of power traveling through the meter which allows for some interesting testing such as figuring out the maximum battery capacity in a power bank for example.

Are Your Chargers Faulty or Slow? Here’s How to Test Them on Android

Not all smartphone chargers put out the same amount of current. The adapter in your car probably charges your phone a lot slower than the one plugged in at your bedside, and if you use wireless charging, it may be a bit slower still.

Even considering the variance in listed amperage among your chargers, some still degrade with time and take longer to complete a charge. This can be due to a faulty or worn cable, or even a bad AC adapter. Finding the root cause of such issues, however, involves a lot of guesswork and is usually quite difficult.

So, developer Braintrapp created an Android app that will allow you to see the exact amperage that a given charger is pumping out. With this information, it will be easy to determine which of your chargers or cables is no longer up to the task.

Step 1Install Ampere

Braintrapp’s app is only compatible with devices running Android Lollipop. If that’s you, head to the Google Play Store and search for Ampere. Alternatively, you can use this link if you’d rather jump straight to the install page.

Step 2Test Your Chargers

When you first launch Ampere, the app will perform a calibration for 5 to 10 seconds. Allow this initial test to run without connecting your phone to a charger, then you’ll see the current battery draw for your device displayed as negative amperage. Take note of this number, because the rate at which your phone is drawing current isn’t factored into the measurements you’ll receive when testing your charger.

(1) Measuring discharge, (2) Discharge rate displayed in mA

To test one of your chargers, start by finding its listed amperage. Most will have this number displayed on the AC adapter, and Qi chargers will have this information on the back of the receiver.

Compare this number to the measurement that you receive from Ampere when you connect your charger. Don’t forget to factor in the rate your phone was discharging, though. For example, if the initial test displayed a discharge rate of -200 mA, add 200 mA to the measurement you receive for your charger and compare the total to your charger’s listed output. Fluctuation of ~100 mA is to be expected, but anything past that could mean you have a faulty charger or cable.

(1) Connected to 1.2 amp AC charger, (2) Connected to 600 mA wireless charger

If an AC adapter seems to be putting out a lower than advertised amperage, try using a different USB cable. These are the most common cause of slow charging, and they’re the cheapest part to replace.

Were any of your chargers cranking out subpar amperage? Let us know in the comments section below, or drop us a line on FacebookGoogle+, or Twitter.

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how to check mobile charger with multimeter

These are two very simple methods to obtain the charging rate for an Android device. Of course, those with more advanced skills can always splice an extra USB cable and tap into the cable using something like a multimeter for more accurate measurements.

What are your favorite methods of finding out how fast your device is capable of charging at? Let us know in the comments below!


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Here are 21 AliExpress Alternatives that you can use to shop online.

  1. LightInTheBox
  2. Wish
  3. Overstock
  4. DealXtreme (DX)
  5. GearBest
  6. BangGood
  7. ChinaBrands
  8. Bonanza
  9. DHGate
  10. TinyDeal
  11. Target
  12. MiniInTheBox
  13. GeekBuying
  14. Jet
  15. TomTop
  16. Target
  17. MadeInChina
  18. American Greenwood
  19. Walmart
  20. eBay
  21. Amazon


AliExpress is amazing but it is always good to have options when you are shopping. So, these are the 21 best sites like AliExpress. If you ever feel like you should look somewhere else, these are some stores that you should visit. You can also use these for your dropshipping business if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. Make sure you have a solid plan before beginning.!5&fsb=1&xpc=2o208G5PDZ&p=https%3A//

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box for any queries or suggestions about anything written here.

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