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How To Clean A Chanel Bag?


You just bought a brand-new Chanel bag and your are thrilled and happy. There’s nothing on your mind than the desire to carry your bag around and loving it. But most people do not think about cleaning their Chanel bags until it becomes a necessity. To make sure your bag remain young, you need to give it the necessary attention from the moment you start using it.

We want to give our Chanel bag the best of the best. Never use low quality cleaning products, and definitely never experiment products that you are not familiar with. If we are not careful enough, we could make it worse than it is. Chanel’s shopper assistant can give you some good recommendations, but here’s an easy and quick step-by-step instructions on how to clean your Chanel bag.

What is your bag made of?
Is your bag is made from suede, then this post is not for you. You might want to take it to the dry cleaner.

But if your bag is made from leather, then please read on. Usually Chanel classic medium, jumbo, maxi and reissue 2.55 are all made from leathers.

1. Give your Chanel bag a good swipe with a microfiber cloth
There not better way to clean your Chanel bag than with a microfiber cloth. It’s easy, fast and SAFE. Microfiber cloth are sold everywhere, you can even find them in supermarkets like Wallmart. Use the microfiber cloth to swipe superficial dirt from your Chanel bag. Clean it on the inside as well as on the outside. (the inside is the most effective).

2. Use saddle soap for the conditional leather
Not all saddle soap are qualified to clean your handbag. Make sure you are using a transparent saddle soap. Here are couple of quick steps:

A. Take a soft sponge cloth.
B. Dip it in the saddle soap container, just a little bit is enough.
C. Press lightly on the stains
D. Wait 5 minutes for the saddle soap to settle.
E. Gently make small and slow circle motions to wipe the soap out of the stain. Have some patient, after a while the stain starts to disappear.

Make sure you experiment this on a small part of your bag. If it works, you can proceed to clean the other areas.

3. Finish it with a leather shoe conditioner
Apply leather shoe conditioner to your handbag. Make sure the conditioner has the same color of your bag. Shoe conditioner are for protection purposes.

Now you are ready. Your bag should look exactly like you have purchased it.

I hope this article have been useful. Remember to experiment this process on a small sectio of your bag to make sure it works for you.

1. First things first, give your handbag the protection it deserves…

Lambskin is notorious for it’s delicate nature, so it’s essential to use a good handbag leather protector (not one designed for shoes!) Also steer clear of solvent protectors and anything containing oils and waxes.

By using an effective protector, it will help to prevent problems such as liquid staining and dye transfer. This will also make it easier to clean day-to day dirt away, as it won’t have chance to penetrate the leather.

The Handbag Spa recommend using water-based Dermo Protect for the ultimate in lambskin Chanel stain guard. Unlike it’s competitors (many of which contain silicon), Dermo Protect protects the leather, whilst hydrating it at the same time and therefore allowing it to breath. This in turn ensures the leather is kept soft, supple and feeling the way it should.

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2. Use a make up bag

If you carry your makeup essentials around in your handbag, ensure you keep them safely stored away in a makeup bag. This is to prevent any unwanted spillages that could cause damage to the leather on the inside of your Chanel – same goes for pens too (no-one wants ink stains!)

Also whilst we’re on the topic of make-up bags, be sure to clean yours regularly. As research shows that handbags can carry as many germs as a toilet! Use a bacteria killing product, such as The Handbag Spa’s Anti-Bacterial Cleanse, tested by Initial Washroom Hygiene and proven to kill 99% of bacteria (suitable for use on lambskin leather too).

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3. Store in a dustcover

When you’re not out and about showcasing this Chanel beauty, keep it stored in a dust cover at. all. times! This will protect it from potential sunlight damage (which can cause colour fade). It will also help to ensure the bag is kept free from dust & dirt and colour transfer from other items stored near it.

4. Clean your Lambskin Chanel regularly

A quick wipe over with a gentle water based cleaner (again designed for use on handbags and not shoes!) will keep the leather free from any harmful dirt that can cause long lasting damage. The Handbag Spa sells reputable, water-based products that won’t harm your bag like cheaper sprays might.

Everyday 3 in 1 is the wonder product perfect for regular use on Chanel Lambskin bags and purses. It’s a mild cleanser, hydrator & stain guard, all in one easy to use product. This water-based product cleans and offers a light layer of protection, all at the same time.

Remember to always use a protector after cleaning such as Dermo Protect.

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5. Whatever you do avoid home remedies!

If you suddenly realise there is damage on your Lambskin Chanel or you wish to freshen up the colour, do not try this at home! Seek professional advice either from a handbag restoration specialist or the design house themselves.

Here at The Handbag Spa, we pride ourselves as being one of the UK’s most reputable companies for Lambskin Chanel handbag cleaning, repair and restoration.

This beautiful Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap came into the spa looking tired, faded and in need of full colour restoration. The handbag was cleaned inside & out and the colour matched to the original leather found on an unworn area inside the pocket. Using specialist colours and finishes, this Chanel was colour restored whilst retaining it’s soft feel, which is a ke

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