how to clean the inside of a leather purse

How to Clean the Inside of a Leather Purse

how to clean the inside of a leather purse
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We have quite a few posts on this site explaining how to clean leather wallets, bags and purses. They include:

All of these posts have one thing in common, they are guides on how to clean the outside of wallets, bags and purses. But the truth of the matter is that the inside of a purse does get dirty too and needs some cleaning every now and then.

It is about time we looked at how to clean the inside of a leather purse, wallet or bag.

It is important to point out that there is no standard way on how to clean the inside of a leather purse. That is because the inside of purses is not the same for all of them. Some have fabric linings and others do not.

Also, you are not dealing with the same kind of stains. The common stains you need to get off the inside of your leather purse include:

  • Lipstick stain
  • Pencil stain
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Nail polish

How to clean the inside of a leather purse that doesn’t have a lining.

You should clean it just the way you do the outside. Use products that are gentle on the leather. The most appropriate cleaner, if you have stubborn stains, is a leather shampoo.

Apply it on the surface then scrub using a clean cloth, sponge or cotton wool. You can apply the leather shampoo as many times as it is necessary to remove the stains.

In the place of shampoo, you may use glass cleaner. You should, however, be very careful with it because it could harm the leather especially if you apply a lot of it and you let it stay on the leather for longer than it is necessar

You could also use warm water and soap. Use a clean piece of cloth, sponge or cotton wool to apply the soap and on the stains and also scrub them off.

You should rinse the soap off the leather as soon as possible and also dry it with a clean piece of cloth, sponge or cotton wool. Water, especially mixed with soap when left too long on leather are known to create very stubborn stains.

After wiping the leather with a dry clean white (colorless) cloth put the bag in an airy location for it to lose the moisture.

How to clean the inside of a leather purse if it has a fabric lining.

Find out if the fabric lining is the type that can be pulled outside the purse. If it is then your process of cleaning it is made easier. You can have the purse held firm in a position then proceed to clean the lining while it sticks out.

You may also use warm water and soap. Apply the water and soap on areas with stains then take a toothbrush and scrub clean those areas. Use a clean cloth to wipe the water off the lining and let it outside to dry.

If the lining is firmly attached to the inside of the purse, then you need to use the water and soap very carefully so that it doesn’t get to the leather.

Apply a small amount of water mixed with soap on a clean piece of cloth, sponge or cotton swab and use it to slowly clean the stains. Repeat the process a few times. Then take another piece of cloth and rinse in clean water, squeeze it until it is mildly damp and use it to wipe the soap from the lining.

Alternatives to water and soap

There are other products you can use to clean the fabric lining of your purse. The most used alternative is nail polish remover. It is even more useful considering the kind of stains you get on the lining of a purse are related to nail polish.

Use a piece of cloth, sponge or cotton swab to apply the nail polish on the stain. You should try not to rub the stain to more areas of the lining. You can change the piece of cloth a few times to capture all the dirt.

In the place of nail polish remover, you could use cleaning alcohol.

After cleaning the inside of your purse you might consider disinfecting it. You could use the normal disinfectant you have at home. You could also use disinfectant wipes. Also effective is vinegar and essential oils, in particular, clove oil.

If you’ve been wondering how now you know how to clean the inside of a leather purse.

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