how to find out how much a purse is worth

This is arguably one of the most important factors. Each brand has its own unique status and level of desirability on the current market. Specific, iconic models or rare handbags will always fetch high prices. There are some brands which likely retain more than 70% of their original retail value, especially top luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton , Chanel , Hermès or Goyard . This is, however, also heavily dependent on the bag’s condition and year of make. The increasing media impact and popularity amongst influencers, alongside recent revamps of brands like Saint Laurent , Givenchy , Stella McCartneyor Gucci can also raise resale value considerably.

There are some brands which likely retain more than 70% of their original retail value

The material

The material also plays a key role in determining the value of the bag. Leather bags are usually of a higher value than fabric or synthetic leather bags. Exotic leathers tend to be more expensive and rarer than others. For the same model by the same brand but made of a different material, you might be surprised to discover the impact material has on the final selling price. 

LV Alma Monogram Canvas handbag sold for € 300 at auction | LV Alma Monogram Vernis Leather sold for € 660 at auction on Catawiki


Visible signs of wear and tear will have an important impact on the final value. Catawiki, for instance, uses different grades to classify the condition of the bag, in order to give a proper estimate. These grades are as follows.

Catawiki’s grading system for handbag condition (RRP: Recommended Retail Price) 

Handbags by Hermès or Chanel, even in fair condition, can hold a remarkable value on the current market. Thanks to a good a ‘bag spa’, we can always bring back the original splendour of the handbag by investing a reasonable amount of money into restoration.

Look for original accessories

Including complimentary accessories with your handbag can often increase the value when it comes to selling. Accessories can include padlocks and keys, leather name tags, dust bags and any other original add-ons that came with the bag.

Origin & proof of purchase

The original box, receipt, certificate, serial number label or other papers associated with the authenticity of the handbag will always add value to a bag and will make the appraisal and the sale much faster. It’s always good to keep these, especially if you intend to sell your bag in the future.

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