how to keep no show socks from slipping

If you’re tired of your no-show socks slipping off, you’ve come to the right place!

Sheec is a brand DEDICATED to designing & engineering no show socks that never slip off. Since 2012 we have focused all of our resources on researching what causes socks to slip and perfecting our designs to ensure even our lowest cut sock will never fall off your heel. 

No show socks

These are the tips that we’ve found are essential if you want your no-show socks to stay on your feet all day.


Different types of shoes require different types of no-show socks. If you’re wearing a dressy shoe such as a ballet flat, loafer, or high heel you need a snug thin sock with smooth fabric like the Secret 2.0 that will simply glide against the smooth walls of your shoe. This will reduce friction points that can cause slipping.

In a sneaker or casual shoe, you need a sock that will be able to withstand your day-to-day activities. The Active-X that is made of a soft modal fabric and knitted in a way to hug your feet so it can hold up to extra physical activity.

Once you’ve got your right material, you need to make sure you have selected the right amount of coverage! The answer isn’t just find the lowest coverage sock. If a sock is too low in a shoe with more coverage, you leave yourself vulnerable to excess friction and ensure that your socks will bunch up underneath your feet before you walk out your front door. (Not to mention the painful blisters that this will cause!)

Good Fabric For The Win

The slipping down of no show socks highly depend on their fabric. With ballerinas, loafers or heels, it’s best to wear thin socks with a smooth fabric to glide easily inside the footwear. With shoes that have more coverage such as sneakers or casual shoes, wear socks that are woven in a manner to hold your feet well  in order to keep up with your regular physical activities.

Coverage Matters

The first thing you might think before buying a no show sock is to have one with minimum coverage (after all they must be hidden properly inside right?) But, if your socks have extremely low coverage, its tendency to slip down increases.

The idea is to wear the socks according to your shoe type.  Allow better coverage for socks as much as possible. And if you think you can’t find varieties in no-show socks, you need to look again!

Pay Attention To The Size

Size is a factor that needs a check in all kinds of shopping, but when it comes to no show socks, we don’t pay much heed. You must search a little and find socks that fit you properly or are in accordance with your shoe size. And it is most obvious that a perfect fit will slip the least.

Check The Silicone Grips

A no show sock is able to grip your feet with the help of silicone grips. The better the silicone grips, better is the hold on your feet. Hence, it is best to check these certainly when buying new  If, at any point of time, it feels that your socks are not gripping firmly, check whether something is stuck on their silicone grips.

It is also important to keep them clean and dry at all times. Avoid applying a lotion just before wearing your socks as it might lead to slipping off.

Know When It Is Time To Get A New Pair

The harsh truth is, even good quality socks can be worn out after sometime. The fabric might lose its elasticity or the silicone grips might become weak. If you think your socks have started to cluster inside your shoes, it’s time to buy a new one.

Never Settle For Low Quality Socks

Now, when it finally comes to  buying new socks, make sure to take your sweet little time to check the right fabric, size, silicone grips and buy the best quality no show socks in India.

Depending on the booties you’re wearing, your ‘no-show’ socks might still peak out. You can also use Fearless tape to keep your socks hidden. Just use the tape to stick your sock straight onto the inside of the bootie where you want it to sit.

With this neat little hack, you won’t need to worry about your socks messing up your flawless look

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