how to make bathing soap in nigeria

We have researched How To Make Bathing Soap In Nigeria. Hence, this article on how to make bar soap in nigeria with pictures. Below, in this article, you will find how to make liquid bathing soap. Read on to discover them.

Soap making is a mega money yielding machine in the sense that soap is a daily used goods that we can not do without. Their are different kinds of soap, but am guiding you on how to produce bathing bar soap because the raw materials needed in this soap making is affordable and readily available and it yields more gain and returns.

how to make bar soap in nigeria with pictures

How To Make Bathing Soap In Nigeria

Soap making is a business you can venture into in this period of reccession, with little capital worth of #2000.

Soap making business is lucrative and offers reliable and constant revenue for business men and women who are producing and those marketing soap wholesale or retail. If you are in doubt, please ask the nearest soap seller on your street how often he or she visits the market to replenish his or her stock.

Different types of soap are produced daily and they include – laundry soap, bathing soap, antiseptic soap, detergent and a host of others. The modes of producing them the chemicals used are slightly different.

Our focus here is on how to produce bathing soap on a small scale. There are various methods of production, but two are outstanding. The hot and cold method. The hot method involves boiling the chemicals in a mixture.

A Oil: the commonly used oil for soap production includes.
Palm kernel oil
Fatty acid
Bleached palm oil (tests raw palm oil and make sure it does not contain common salt by adding little quantity of fermented caustic soda into it. Then mix with stick, if it blends together the oil is okay for use
B Caustic soda: this is the base chemical used in the production of soap. It is whitish in colour and sugar like
C Soda ash: increases the quantity of soap also acts as a foaming agent improves hardness of soap. It is whitish in colour and garri like
D Sodium sulphate: it increases the quantity of soap and increases the durability of soap. it is whitish in colour and in powdery form
E Kaolin or calcium: it acts as a forming agent. it is whitish in colour and in powdery state
G Colourant: this determine the colour of soap, it might liquid or powder
H Perfume: this determine the odour of soap e.g rose, h&R, B&B, Apple, Lemon, Blue Water, passion etc.
I Disinfectants: Examples of this are Lysol or Dettol, Benzyl Benzoate, Igarsan, Trilosan and Chloroxylenol. They are all use for killing Germs

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Re: How To Make Bathing Soap [bar: Antisceptic & Medicated] by awalu24: 11:59am On Dec 12, 2017
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chemicals available are:
soda ash
caustic soda
sulphonic acid
palm kernel oil
foam boosters

we also have chemicals for water treatment also like
chlorine,lime,alum,soda ash,caustic soda ,astra chlorine tablets,water clarifier and so on.

how to make liquid bathing soap

Beyond being a very important opportunity cassava production is a great tool for entrepreneur because it is a basic necessity of life.

Statistics has shown that more than 90 percent of Nigerians use bathing soap on a daily basis and for an entrepreneur that’s a large market.

Of course an opportunity like this will have many patrons but here is the good thing: the business of making bathing soap has endless options.

There are of course some questions that you need to ask yourself:

What brand of soap do you want to focus on: medicated or basic

Do you want to make your bathing soap targeted towards a specific group of people?

Do you intend to produce it locally or do you intend to use modern equipment

Here’s a story of a brand that leveraged on this opportunity to create wealth:

Made from wood ash, local oils and herbs, black soap is used to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin.

Based on its age-long use and proven benefits, a Nigerian entrepreneur decided to ‘package’ this local product into a commercial success and international hot-selling brand.

Molded by hand and made entirely from natural ingredients (like honey, shea butter, palm kernel oil and aloe vera), Dudu Osun markets itself as a 100-percent natural and biodegradable soap that contains no preservatives or artificial colours.

These selling points have attracted Dudu Osun to millions of natural beauty enthusiasts around the world, especially dark-skinned people within and outside Africa.

Today, Dudu Osun (which literally means ‘black soap’ in Yoruba, one of Nigeria’s major languages), is sold on the international market through and several distributors across the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe.

Looking through some of the product reviews on Amazon for Dudu Osun soap, it’s not a surprise why this product has become such a huge commercial success.

People from all over the world, including white-skinned people, share their positive experiences with Dudu Osun. Several satisfied and loyal customers say it “restores damaged skin and helps to heal acne, freckles, dark spots and chronic skin diseases like eczema.”

By using naturally available ingredients, an entrepreneur took the initiative to transform a common and taken-for-granted local soap into an international delight.

So you see, this is really an opportunity for you to create wealth.

Now that you are aware of the opportunities that lies in creating a product like this, the real question is: HOW CAN

You Produce Bathing Soap Or Medicated Soap In Nigeria?

There are some standard steps that anyone who plans on producing a product for business purpose must consider.

Note: I am putting out this information on the presumption that your aim of producing bathing soap is for sake of making money. This should not be interpreted as a fixed norm as it is also possible for anyone to make soap for personal consumption only.

Below are some of the standard procedures that should be considered:

1. Survey The Business Environment

Before you take vital steps in any business venture, you need to know what the consumers want, you need to understand the habit of the consumers and you need to know what is trending in that market.

For example in the production of (once again, this step is based on the assumption that you are producing for the purpose of making money and not for personal use only.)

2. Draw Out A Fool Proof Plan

This step is very important because it eliminates guess work in the process of production and possibly distribution. A good business plan should have the following:

A concise description of the business and what it is all about

A detailed statement of the products: this could be variety of the same product

A marketing plan on how to distribute the product

A well researched statement of the production process

A financial plan on projected expense and income from the business

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Study The Process Of Production And Master The Techniques

The process of producing bathing soap is quite simple-

We are going to consider the process of producing two popular kinds of soaps-bar soaps and medicated soaps

Process To Make Bar Soap In Nigeria


1.  Pko cleansing and Bubbles

2.  Caustic Soda

3.  Sodium silicate

4.  Sodium sulphate

5.  Perfume

6.  Colorant

Procedures To Make Bar Soap In Nigeria

1. Caustic soda is soaked overnight for fermenting.

2. Put a measure of the PKO in a container

3. Pour a mixture of PKO and hardener in another bowl

4. Next pour in the soda solution

5. Then add a color of your choice

6. Also add perfume and sodium silicate

7. Then pour it into a mold and leave to get solid

8. Finally cut and stamp as you please

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How To Make Medicated Soap In Nigeria


1. Pko cleansing and Bubbles

2. Caustic Soda

3. Sodium silicate

4. Sodium sulphate

5. Perfume

6. Colorant

7. Carbolic acid

8. Phenol

9. Pine Oil


Dissolve the caustic soda as for bar soap

Add the right amount of soda solution to PKO (preferably in the ratio 1:2)

Then add phenol, pine oil and carbolic acid

Next add color and perfume

Finally add sodium silicate

Purchase The Materials Needed For The Production Process

Materials Needed To Make Soap In Nigeria




Production chemicals

Nose protector


Funnel for liquid soap

Plastic bottles for packaging


Limos paper or Hydrometer to test acidity



Hand gloves

A strong table

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Produce The Product

Now that you have gotten all the necessary information and materials needed, it is time to get to work on the task of production.

Extra care must be taken to avoid costly mistake and this can be achieved by creating a defined system that is built around the following principles:


Consistency and


Sell or Use

Most likely you will be focused on selling this product and not using it. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you do it right. If your aim is selling though, you must be conscious of the following important factors:

Packaging the product

Devising a selling strategy and

Constant survey of consumers need

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