how to power clean your house

how to power clean your homeCan you relate? Even though it looks messy, it doesn’t take long to get it looking tidy again with a few simple steps. Declutter, wipe and vacuum. That’s it!

how to power clean your home


You don’t need a lot of time to power clean your home. You can accomplish a lot in 15, 30 or 60 minutes! Here are the top 3 most important things to accomplish. Don’t worry about getting down and dirty deep cleaning, we are just taking care of the surface. Set a timer for whatever amount of time that you have and see how much you can accomplish. I’ve found that I’m not too old to still play games and power cleaning is a game.


Declutter surfaces by putting things away or in baskets to put away later. I always keep a basket at the bottom of the stairs. I fill it up then have the kids put the items away before bed. If you have more than one load of laundry that needs to be folded, wait to do that until you have a bit more time. Just one load? Get on it! The timer is ticking! Stack mail that needs to be sorted. Put groceries away. Clear the counters and load the dishwasher.


Wipe down surfaces with disinfecting wipes or paper towels and vinegar.


Vacuum main living areas. Don’t worry about the stairs or baseboards right now. Vacuum the front rooms and main living areas.

I promise that if you do these simple steps every day that your house will rarely look like a bomb went off.


  1. Rid your dishwasher of mineral buildup by pouring a half a cup of Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar into the reservoir and running an empty cycle.
  2. Stained refrigerators will shine like new after soaking problem areas in Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar.
  3. Renew sponges and dishrags by placing them in just enough water to cover them. Then add 1/4 cup of Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar. Let them soak overnight.
  4. For cloudy glassware, soak paper towels or a cloth in Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar and wrap around the inside and outside of the glass. Let sit before rinsing clean.
  5. Restore yellowed clothing by soaking garments overnight in a solution of 12 parts warm water to 1 part Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar. Wash them the following morning.
  6. Wool sweater shrink in the dryer? Don’t worry. Boiling the clothing item in Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar for 25 minutes. Let the garment air dry after reshaping.
  7. Give patent leather shoes and bags a better shine by wiping them down with Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar.
  8. Wash fresh vegetables with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar in 1 1/2 quarts of water.
  9. Preserve cut flowers and liven droopy ones by adding 2 tablespoons Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar and 1 teaspoon sugar to a quart of water in a vase.
  10. Sanitize outdoor furniture and picnic tables with a cloth soaked in Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar.
  11. Get rid of the water line in a flower vase by filling it with Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar, or by soaking a paper towel in Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar and stuffing it into the vase so that it is in contact with the water line.
  12. To remove lingering pet odors, cover the problem area with baking soda. Let it stand overnight. The next day vacuum up the baking soda and wash the area with Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar. Rinse and let dry.
  13. Clean up pet accidents by adding Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar to the affected area after you’ve blotted up the mess. Blot the vinegar until it is almost dry. Then sprinkle baking soda over the area and let it dry. Vacuum up the residue the next day.
  14. Get rid of the deposits and water lines that form in aquariums and fish bowls by wiping them down with Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar and following with a good rinse. For stubborn deposits, soak for several hours or overnight.
  15. Give your dog a gleaming coat by spraying or rubbing with Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar. As a bonus, you save the cost of those expensive shine products used on show animals. (Works on horses, too!

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