how to remove dark spots on legs fast naturally

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How To Remove Dark Spots On Legs Fast Naturally

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HOW TO GET RID OF DARK SPOTS ON LEGSYour legs probably won’t stop working because of the dark spots on them; nevertheless, you want to ensure that your legs look their best especially if you are given to wearing shorts. There is no reason for you to continue to dress in a way you don’t particularly like or wish no one was looking at your legs because of the dark spots there. So, how do you get rid of dark spots on legs so that your self- esteem will remain intact as you show off your flawless, spotless legs?

Although having dark spots on legs is a fairly common phenomenon, yet, no one really gets used to seeing these spots on their legs or that of others. Dark spots on the legs are referred to as hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentations are basically harmless and not painful to the body. If the dark spots on your legs cause you any pain or discomfort, that is a sign of some underlying skin or medical condition and you should seek medical professional help.

Causes of Dark Spots on Legs

Dark spots on the legs are caused by varieties of reasons and in some cases, understanding the underlying cause of dark spots on the legs is the key to clearing them. For this reason, here are the common causes of dark spots on the legs;

  • The most common factor responsible for dark spots on legs is aging. As people grow older, melanin is produced in excess, is formed in clusters and appears like brown spots. Melanin is the compound responsible for skin color. People are more susceptible to age spots once they are over 40 years. Spots that occur due to aging are popularly called age spots but also known as liver spots and sun spots.
  • Dark spots can be formed on the legs as a symptom of a disease. For example, diabetic people have light brown or red patches on their legs that become black over time if not immediately treated. This skin condition is termed diabetic dermopathy by The Cleveland Clinic.
  • Exposure to sun is one of what causes dark spots on legs especially among people who live in hot areas. Skincarederm even rates exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun as the major cause of black spots on legs. Solar radiation activates melanocytes that produce more melanin which reveals itself as dark spots on the legs. While aging is a key factor in producing more melanin, the excess melanin is not outwardly expressed in form of dark spots on the legs without the contribution of sunlight.
  • Leg acne is one of the rare causes of dark spots on legs. Leg acne is popularly referred to as Keratosis Piliaris and causes the body to create excess keratin and protein that block skin pores and a bacterial infection that causes bumps on the legs.
  • Dark spots may form on the leg as a form of allergic reaction to some substances in soaps, creams and other regularly used product. In this kind of case, it is only by discontinuation of product use that the dark spot can be cleared.
  • Moles are another way black spots form on legs. Moles are formed when skin cells form in clusters rather than spreading throughout the skin. Moles usually form among teenagers and youths but are benign and don’t require any medical attention except for aesthetic reasons.
  • Genetics is one of the reasons people have dark spots on their legs. If you have a family history that supports this, then you can also expect and prepare to have dark spots and rid yourself of them.
  • Freckles can also occur on the legs in form of dark spots. They may be brown in color and are common among fair skinned people. Freckles are harmless and do not need any attention except for aesthetic reasons.
  • Bug bites are also leading causes of dark spots on legs in some areas as explained by Dr Patricia Yap on Jamaican observer. Bug bites include bites from mosquitoes.

How to treat Dark Spots on Legs

There are several things you can do treat black spots on legs permanently. There are lots of options for treatment and if one doesn’t suit you, another will. However, the choices may seem so overwhelming that you jump from one form of treatment to another without actually studying its effectiveness. This wouldn’t help at all. So far your skin agrees with a form of treatment, give it benefit of the doubt and be patient. Most natural remedies will take awhile before showing any promise and if you only want a quick fix, you’ll be thoroughly discouraged.


This home remedy is very effective for treating dark spots on leg caused primarily by freckles and exposure to sun. It is very rich in vitamin C, peels off the darkness of the skin and calms down on the rate that melanin is produced in the body. Horseradish roots are also good for removing age spots on legs. It yields the best results when it is mixed with honey or ACV. All you have to do is rub the paste on your legs and leave for some minutes before washing off. For this treatment to be effective, apply it three times every day and do so consistently for a period of four weeks, you will see the results afterwards.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar is a very important solution that is applied to various skin problems. ACV contains properties like vitamins and amino acids which aid skin care. When it is applied to black spots on legs, the spots fade and disappear in time. The solution should be diluted in water before application to the legs. If you so desire, you could also dilute with honey or both. ACV is a very concentrated mixture that may irritate your skin. That is why you should mix it with milder substance. Apply the solution to your leg, leave for some minutes and wash off. Do this daily for a period of five weeks and you will begin to notice the black spots rapidly fading away.

Lemon juice

This is very essential due to its bleaching properties. Lemon juice whitens the dark spots and makes it of an even tone with the rest of the skin. Its acidity and vitamin C properties make it a highly effective skin toning substance. In addition to the whitening ability of lemon juice is its exfoliating power. Lemon juice can be harsh on the skin and naturally leads to dry skin and should therefore be regulated or blended with milder substances like honey or rosewater if use will last long. Just apply the juice or the blend to the legs and leave for half an hour before rinsing with water. Do these twice daily for a period of eight weeks and you won’t believe the tone of your legs. Ensure you use fresh lemon to generate optimum effect.

Onion Juice

Onions have bleaching properties and whitening properties because they contain both sulfur and are highly acidic. These characteristics make onions, both red and white highly effective in clearing dark spots on legs. All you have to do is to slice the onions and rub on your legs two to three times every day. To make the juice, just blend the honey and preferably mix with other helpful substances like honey, rub on your legs, leave for about fifteen minutes before washing off. Repeat this two times a day and you will begin to notice changes after some weeks.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is highly effective in treating dark spots on legs and can be combined with other oils like vitamin E oil for maximum impact. The oil is popular as a great healing oil for good reasons. You can either use cotton ball to rub the oil on your legs or you can massage it on your legs. Leave for some minutes before washing off. If you consistently apply castor oil on your legs twice a day ( in the morning and evening) every day for four weeks, you will see wonders; your skin will begin to even out and you will simply love the sight.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is effective for healing many things including dark spots. All you have to do is apply the fresh gel on your legs. Leave the gel on for a period of about 30 minutes before washing off. Repeat this two times every day and you are well set to having even-toned legs that will be the envy of anyone who looks at you. Don’t be deceived by the commonization of this potent plant into taking it for granted. Aloe Vera is a very effective remedy for treating black spot and except your skin adversely reacts to it, it will likely clear your dark spots permanently.


Applying yogurt to the dark spots on your legs is one of the mildest ways to even your skin tone. Yogurt has bleaching properties that whiten your skin and tone it out. Yogurt application not only whitens and evens out your leg skin but also makes it glow and appear healthy. An effective yogurt remedy to clear black spots from your legs will make you want to flaunt it to the world. All you have to do is apply the yogurt to your leg, leave for about 20 minutes and rinse it off with water. Ensure that you use no fat and sugar free yogurt.

Baking Soda

This is also a very common home remedy that you may be quick to ridicule but it does work like magic. Baking soda accurately clears dark spot such that no traces of its existence remain. Another perk to this remedy is that it is relatively cheap and ready to use. All you have to do is create a paste by mixing water with the baking soda powder, and then rub the paste on your legs. Leave for five to ten minutes before washing it off. Doing this once a day is enough and if you do it long enough, you will begin to see changes.


Sandalwood greatly reduces hyperpigmentation and is one of the remedies that can be used preventively. As an anti-aging agent, it also slows down the melanin production rate thereby ridding the legs of dark spots. Mix sandalwood with water and rub on the legs. Leave until it dries off then wash off with water. You can do this as often as you can on a weekly basis until the spots clear off. You can also rub sandalwood oil on the leg to stay overnight before going to bed.


Papaya is a major ingredient in many exfoliating creams so you can imagine what the real deal is about. Papaya contains enzymes and chemicals that will scrape off dead skin cells, bacteria, grime and everything that aids the formation of dark spots on your legs. all you have to do is rub a handful of grated papaya on your legs and leave for about twenty minutes before washing off. Do this twice daily for some weeks until the dark spots clear out.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a major component of most bleaching creams which people resort to as a quick fix to clearing their legs of black spots. While many people buy different chemical products that increase their chance of developing complications, it is just better to buy this solution and mix it with milder substances. That way, you will be playing it safe while getting what you want.

Laser Surgery

If you want more than a quick fix but an immediate fix, you can do laser surgery to get rid of dark spots on your legs. This treatment is expensive but is also effective and can only be carried out by professionals.

Plastic Surgery

This is the last option to get rid of dark spots on legs. Plastic surgery can be used to remove the darkened parts of the skin.

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