how to remove incense smell from clothing


When we wash our clothes and linens, we expect them to emerge from the dryer clean, fluffed, and fresh smelling. We don’t want to be sitting somewhere five hours later, sniffing our clean clothes and wondering, “Is that me?”

To get rid of funky smells that linger in our laundry — and to prevent any unhealthy side effects from contact with our skin — we need to understand where they’re coming from and what’s effective against them.

Here are some common laundry odors, along with some science-supported methods for eliminating them.

Remove Incense Smell from Clothes

hang the affected garment in a well-ventilated area

1 Spray with Fabric Refresher

Give the affected clothing a spritz with some Febreze or another fabric refresher spray. As it dries, it will eliminate the odor from the fabric. If the problem is a minor one, this may be all you need.

2 Spritz with Rubbing Alcohol Solution

Mix up a mild solution of rubbing alcohol and water. Use 1 part rubbing alcohol to 10 parts water. Put it in a spray bottle. Give the clothes a light misting. As they dry, the smell from the incense will leave them. The alcohol will evaporate very quickly.

3 Use an Ozone Generator

Clothing should be deodorized before it is cleaned. Otherwise the incense odor could become set in the fabric. Ozone generators can be rented, or you could choose to buy one. Hang the clothing up in the room place the ozone generator inside and run it for a few hours the machine turns oh zone into oxygen and eliminates the incense smell.

4 Take the Clothes Outside

Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for getting rid of many types of stinky smells, including ones from incense. You can hang up your items outside or place them on a clean sheet in a sunny spot. Leave them outside for several hours. Check them to make sure the smell is gone before taking them inside again.

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