how to stack bracelets

As always, Koboguide showcases how to layer bracelets, how to wear multiple bracelets and last but not least best stacking bracelets. It can be daunting searching the internet for the latest information but we’ve made life easier for you by compiling and showcasing a range of choices for you to choose from quickly and easily.

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Adding color is a super-easy way to change your stack. Whether you choose a piece with a fun shape or color, a beaded strand, or unique gemstones, make sure to keep your outfit in mind when selecting your color pop. You’ll want to be sure to go with coordinating colors and avoid ones that may clash.

a combo of four different bracelets in all kinds of finishes and a coin bracelet plus a watch

If you’re thinking tried and true or going for a classic look, an all-metal bracelet stack is a go-to look that is easy to achieve. Bonus: you probably already own a few great pieces for this look! Choose your favorite metal like gold, rose gold, silver, or platinum to stack metals you love together, or mix and match metals for a slightly modern look. 

Sizing is a personal preference. We like to see a combination of sizes and textures for the most personalized look. For thicker pieces, stacks of three to five look the best. If you’re going with thinner pieces, stack as many as you’d like! A good rule of thumb is not to cover more than ⅓ of your forearm. Place snugger pieces or your watch at the base of your wrist, near your hand, to help keep wider bracelets or bangles in place behind them.


This piece of advice is our favorite… wear literally anything you’d like with your bracelet stacks. A simple t-shirt and jeans, your little black dress, compliments stacks of bracelets perfectly. Our only advice is to keep your outfit chic and straightforward when stack to keep from going overboard. Avoid statement pieces like big flashy necklaces. Instead, choose smaller, understated necklace and stud earrings. 

a combo of three different bracelets but in the same style and a matching watch for more chic

While an arm full of tiny colorful bracelets has its place (like at a festival), don’t forget that variety is essential when creating that perfect, visually appealing stack. Avoid the temptation of throwing on matching bangles and sets. Toss a couple back into the jewelry box, get creative (even if that means scrolling Pinterest for a few hours minutes), and show the world your personal style. 

a stack fo four bracelets of gold and rose gold, with white cord and black leather cord for a chunky combo

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