how to stretch canvas shoes lengthwise

A new pair of canvas shoes is not only fashionable and stylish but affordable and versatile. The only downside is that these shoes tend to be tight and uncomfortable in the toe area. We’ll show you how to stretch canvas shoes using a few simple techniques so that your feet get the comfort they deserve.

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric made of hemp and is common in shoes because of its durability. The simple canvas shoe generally consists of upper canvas material with a rubber sole. While these shoes are inexpensive and readily available, they often require a period of breaking in to ensure optimal comfort.

Tight shoes are torturous to walk in. Usually, new shoes are broken in by merely walking around in them. Unfortunately, canvas shoes cause sore toes and blisters during the process and require additional stretching for a comfortable fit.

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Ways to Stretch Canvas Shoes

You’ve got yourself a new pair of shoes and can’t wait to wear them in style and comfort, but there are tight areas in your shoes that cause pain while walking. We’ll show you how to stretch shoes made of canvas material by using a variety of stretching techniques and help you achieve the perfect shoe size.

If your shoes are a little dirty, it’s a good idea to take care of the stains and grime before stretching them out. Spot clean your canvas shoes or wash them completely. Can you wash Toms shoes? Yes, of course, you can. Just take a few precautions first so you don’t damage them.

You can clean white canvas shoes a little differently than you do those that are patterned or are a dark color.

How to Stretch Canvas Shoes

If you’d prefer not to take your shoes to a cobbler for stretching, try using a stretching device. Use a Footfitter shoe stretcher or simple DIY methods to stretch the canvas material. This technique, along with a shoe conditioner, also works well for stretching suede and leather shoes.tb1234

Canvas Shoe Stretching

  • Newspaper
  • Pairs of socks
  • Shoe stretcher
  • Stretching spray


There are a couple of types of shoe stretchers. A two way shoe stretcher stretches the entire shoe all at once, while the ball and ring stretcher stretch specific areas of the shoe. This form of stretching is useful on canvas and synthetic shoes and works great if you suffer from bunions.

How to make shoes bigger involves applying shoe stretch spray over the canvas material and placing the stretcher inside your shoe. Align the device correctly according to the instructions and turn the knob of the shoe stretcher one full turn. Allow it to sit for at least eight hours. If you desire more stretching, give it another twist, and wait overnight.

If you do not have a shoe stretcher, substitute wads of newspaper or rolled-up socks to stretch the width of a shoe. Get the canvas wet with water or shoe stretching liquid and stuff as much of the material into the shoes as possible.

Let them sit overnight for the best results. Once you get the perfect shoe fit for your feet, use shoe trees to keep their shape.

How to Stretch Fabric Shoes with a Hairdryer

It’s easy to stretch canvas if you apply a bit of water and heat to the fabric. The heat softens the canvas material, enabling you to extend it to the size of your feet. Here is how to stretch fabric shoes with a blowdryer.tb1234

DIY Hairdryer Shoe Stretching

  • Hairdryer
  • Spray bottle
  • Pair of socks
  • Water


Put on a pair of thick socks and slip-on your shoes. Fill a bottle sprayer with warm water and spritz the surface of your shoes to moisten them. Aim the hair dryer at your shoes for 30 seconds, while moving the heat from section to section.

Wiggle your toes around while you heat them to stretch the material more. Remove the shoes and thick socks and switch to socks you usually wear before replacing the shoes. If they still feel snug, repeat the process once more.

This solution also works to stretch rayon fabric and clothing made from other materials that don’t fit quite right, too.

Using Steam to Stretch Canvas Shoes

If your shoes shrink after washing Vans or another brand of canvas shoe, use steam to stretch the material to its original fit. While it may seem unconventional, hot steam is an excellent tool for stretching canvas shoes wider. The warm moisture allows the fabric fibers to relax for easy stretching.tb1234

Steam Stretching Canvas Shoes

  • Large pot
  • Water
  • Oven mitts


Bring a pot or tea kettle of water to a boil. Put on a pair of oven mitts to protect your hands and forearms from burning. Hold your pair of shoes over the steam for up to five minutes.

Slip your feet into the warm but not hot shoes, and walk around to stretch them out. Repeat the process if they require more stretching.

If you notice an unpleasant odor after using steam to make your shoes bigger, use one of our smelly shoes hacks like baking soda or essential oils.

Stretch Your Canvas Shoes in the Freezer

If your shoes are a half size too small, try using your freezer. When water freezes, it expands, making this an ideal candidate for stretching shoes without any effort on your part.


Ice Stretching Shoes

  • Zip-lock bags
  • Water


Fill zip-lock bags with water and double bag them to ensure the water doesn’t leak into your shoes. Slide the water bags into the toe area of your shoe. Add a second bag behind it if there is room.

Repeat with the other shoe and place them into the freezer. Allow the shoes to freeze overnight. Remove the frozen bags and test out your shoes for comfort. If they are still too snug, freeze the shoes again.

This is also an effective method for stretching leather shoes or boots that may be a little bit too small. You don’t have to worry that you may not be able to stretch cowboy boots or those cute booties you got on sale. Usually, the freezer does a great job.

Quick Way to Stretch Canvas Shoes in the Microwave

The microwave isn’t just for heating and cooking food. It is a handy tool for stretching canvas shoes wider, just as long as there are no metal pieces in the shoe, including the eyelets. The microwave is one of the best ways to stretch canvas shoes in a hurry.

Microwave Shoe Stretching

Place your shoes into the microwave on high for a maximum of 30 seconds. Remove the shoes and put them on immediately. Walk around in your shoes to stretch them while they are warm.

image 656
image 656

Remove your shoes after they cool and place them back into the microwave. This time, heat them for 20 seconds before putting them back on. Repeat this process until you stretch the shoes to comfort.

The whole purpose of a casual shoe is to provide comfort, but walking around in unbearably tight canvas shoes is just about as uncomfortable as spending a day in high heels.

Of course, since it’s possible to stretch shoes to make them bigger, it’s also true that you can learn how to shrink shoes to make them smaller, as well. A little heat can go a long way to helping you make your too-big shoes fit just right.

Getting a comfortable fit in your canvas shoes is a pain-free experience once you know which tools and solutions work best. Use a little bit of heat, stretching spray, and some crumbled newspaper to get the comfort you desire.

Learn how to stretch out a pair of shoes without causing blisters on your poor feet. Stretch canvas shoes with a hair dryer and an extra pair of socks or use your microwave to loosen tight shoes. #stretchcanvasshoes #canvasshoes #howtostretch

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