how to style natural black hair at home

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How To Style Natural Black Hair At Home

1. Twist Outs

Twist outs are perfect for short hair. In most occasions, twist outs look better on short hair than longer hair.Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl WigsYou can style your twist outs in side-parts, center or in a puff. Here is a simple tutorial on styling your twist out.

2. Bantu Knots 

Bantu Knots are one of the oldest and most trending styles for short hair.

Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl Wigs

Not only does it give a refined look, but it also gives a more African appearance. The Bantu knots are perfect for any occasion if styled rightly. Check out this tutorial video and see a step to step guide on how to style your knots.

3. TWA Two Puffs

Just want something that wouldn’t take so much of your time? Try out the teeny weeny two puffs. Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl Wigs

You can style this hair in less than 15 minutes and you’re ready to go. We have added a simple tutorial on how to style this gorgeous hairstyle.

4. Short haircuts with shaved sides

The days are long gone when short hair was considered boring. Having short hair now means you can do a whole lot more.

Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl Wigs

The short haircut with shaved sides is one of the styles you can rock anywhere and anytime. Here is a transformative video tutorial on styling this classy hair:

5. Flat Twists Updo

The curlier the twist, the more stylish and enchanting. 

Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl Wigs

The flat twists updo is an enchanting style designed for all black girls with short natural hair. If you want to try out this look, here is a short tutorial on getting the best results.

6. Colorful afro

What’s life without colors?

Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl Wigs

This hairstyle is just right for naturalistas who are tired of their black colored hair. It is also the perfect fit for girls who want to try out some newness to their hair. If you want a more dynamic and diverse look, check out this simple tutorial.

7. Half Cornrows

Cornrows on short hair can be boring. However, making a half cornrow can give more details than you can imagine. 

Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl Wigs

The half cornrow is gorgeous; adorning your look like a crown. Try out this beautiful style with this simple tutorial.

8. Buzz Cut

The guys aren’t the only ones who can get the fun in gorgeous hairstyles. 

Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl Wigs

If you’ve been admiring your friend’s or boyfriend’s buzz cut for a while, who says you can’t do it? See this really easy tutorial to try out this sexy style.

9. Finger waves

Inspired by the sea waves, this style easily gives a more retro appearance. 

Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl Wigs

Perfect for dinners or any classy and royal event. Making this style is pretty easy. However, be warned that you will be the most gorgeous person in the hall and so be prepared for it.

10. Fro-Hawk Tapered Cut

We’re drooling over this hairstyle. 

Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl Wigs

With it’s detailed and perfect cut, no wonder it is gaining a lot more grounds in hair salons. Try out this look for a more redefined appearance. Here is a simple youtube tutorial for this hair art.

11. High puff

If you’re on short natural hair and you haven’t tried this style then you’re missing out on a simple yet elegant look. 

Cute Hairstyles for Natural Short Black Hair - Natural Girl Wigs

The high afro puff is more defined and easy to style. This is why it is one of the simplest everyday hairstyles for every short natural hair girl.

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2. Natural hairstyles for short hair
If you’re still growing out your hair or decided to keep it short for other reasons, you should definitely try some short natural hairstyles. Here are the cute natural hairstyles for short hair for you to check out!

Even very short natural hairstyles are possible when you know how to do them right! Look how extremely short hair can be styled into a sleek and professional hairstyle.

Afro hairstyles for black girls can be created on hair of any length, and one of the easy hairstyles for natural hair that is quite short is to wrap your Afro with a thin braid.

How to style natural hair when it’s at the minimal length? Here is an example of how a funky Afro with tapered sides can look fabulous in any situation!

Wondering how to style natural hair after washing when it’s super short? The key for this type of black natural hairstyles is to define your curls using special hair products and create an illusion of trendy tapered sides.

Are you looking for edgy and easy natural hairstyles for beginners? Try this faux-mohawk that is super easy to style and once again features fashionable tapered sides!

3. Natural hairstyles for medium length hair
Ladies with medium length manes have more freedom when choosing their hairstyles for natural hair, but the latest natural hairstyles for medium length also require more work. Here are some mid-length natural hair styles pictures.

A braided crown is one of the most special ways to pack natural hair. You can wear this style to any occasion – it will even look super appropriate for your own wedding!

Out of all protective styles for natural hair, cornrows are the most popular one. Cornrows are easy to wear and look lovely, especially when they’re styled into a cute bob.

Which natural African hairstyles to choose when you want your hair to look special? A low puff is a good choice with its sleek look on top and a wild mane on the bottom.

If you’re searching for easy black hairstyles to do at home, the classic wash’n’go for medium length hair should be your top option! Wash your hair, apply product, scrunch, and you’re good to go.

How to style natural African hair of medium length for a date or other special occasion? Consider the half up, half down style with an adorable top knot.

4. Natural hairstyles for long hair
The choice of black hairstyles is nearly unlimited for ladies who are blessed with long strands. Here are a few styles for you to try.

If you’re wearing your hair in braids, you can spice them up by styling gorgeous Bantu knots. This style is also perfect for concealing the grown out hair roots.

One of the most romantic black hairstyles for long hair is an updo. You can turn it into something even more beautiful by styling a chic loose updo.

There are many different ways to style natural hair into twists, but a single flat twist has got to be the easiest one – plus it looks simply perfect for everyday style.

Perhaps, the most effortless way to style your long natural hair is a half up, half down style with a messy bun on top. Try this style for your next date!

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