igbo traditional marriage attire

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The traditional attire is a very essential component of the wedding ceremony, which if executed properly, will make everyone in attendance to be thrilled.  Traditional attires are usually worn by women during their wedding, but Nigerian tradition is not so strictly adhered to nowadays so we have a mixture of figures when it comes to this. Let’s bridge the gap between you and your groom with our new collection of  Wedding Dresses.

Igbo traditional wedding attire is a circle gown made of lace and colorful fabric like silk, satin and mermaid styled. It is long and has an open back or side. The open back or side shows a part of the body that is rarely seen in public. Traditional marriage accessories are designed to complement the attire of the bride; they include precious ornaments such as necklaces, bangles, earrings, headgear, headbands and hair clips.

igbo Traditional Marriage Attire

traditional wedding dresses

A traditional wedding is known as igbankwu in the ethnic language of the southeastern Nigerian Igbo, and it is a beautiful ceremony filled with traditional customs and elegant pageantry. The wedding guests participate in traditional customs, eat local cuisine, and don native outfits for the ceremony.

During traditional Igbo weddings, amazing high-fashion and customary outfits are worn that are representative of both families and friends. The guests, family members, and bride and groom wear fabrics and designs that complement one another.

The festive celebration is filled with joy, happiness, and fun but is incomplete without the high-fashion outfits worn on these joyous occasions.

Nigerian designers and tailors highlight their creativity with the customary blouses, wrappers, skirts, dresses, and head ties. The styles are brilliant and brightly colored, and there are endless variations, all of which give the men a noble air and flatter the female form.https://4f51838149c48f7a6852f8a2468f0d2b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

The outfits worn by the women are eye-catching, elegant, regal, and thoughtfully designed. At these traditional weddings, there is a dress code and color theme chosen by the bride and groom. In addition, there are many similarities between the modern traditional wedding outfits worn by the Yoruba and Igbo ethnic groups.

Both ethnic groups color-code their ceremonies, blouses, skirts, agbada, and wrappers, and use lots of embroidery and accessories. The major distinctions are in the ceremony and traditional requirements, which are different, yet serve the same purpose.

Image of beautiful Nigerian woman courtesy Nairaland.com
Image of beautiful Nigerian woman courtesy Nairaland.comnairaland.com
Igbo traditional wedding guests often wear the same color code.
Igbo traditional wedding guests often wear the same color code.

The Color Theme

A desire for uniformity and solidarity with the bride and groom dictates that the bride’s family and groom’s family choose the color theme for the event. The colors chosen by the bride’s family might be a different color than those selected by the groom’s family.https://4f51838149c48f7a6852f8a2468f0d2b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

However, each color should represent the color theme for the occasion, such as purple and gold. Even though the bride’s family, friends, and associates might choose to wear purple, the material is the same.

It applies to the groom’s friends and family if they choose gold as their theme color. The same applies to the material selected by the bride for her people, called the Aso-Ebi.

Although Aso-Ebi is the same material and distributed to the family for the traditional wedding, the guests are able to create amazing designs using this uniform material. Sometimes, they use a local fabric called “tie and dye” as a uniform outfit.

Traditional outfits.
Traditional outfits.

Igbo Marriage Dress Code

The dress code should have an ethnic design that complements the rich culture of the geographical area of the bride’s heritage. The traditional outfit worn by the bride is usually a blouse and wrapper or dress.

They have a wide range of choices of material from silk, George, damask, print, machine print, lace, or any other material they’d like.

Beautiful Ibo marriage blouse and skirt.
Beautiful Ibo marriage blouse and skirt.

Women’s Outfits

The Blouse

The top blouse could be sown as a short-sleeve, sleeveless, or long-sleeve blouse. If the color choice is gold and blue, the blouse usually is gold, and the skirt or wrapper is blue.

The blouse comes in various designs with embroideries that add a more dramatic flare. The embroidery can be on the short sleeves, neck region, or the entire blouse, depending on the bride’s taste and preference.

The blouse can have a low or high bust-line or be moderately cut, and it should add to the woman’s beauty. A decorative piece such as a brooch, flower, or rose adds to the beauty of the blouse. If a decorative piece is not part of the blouse, then a beautiful hand fan creates a dramatic effect.

The Wrapper or Skirt

The wrapper is usually a different color than the blouse and might be plain or have folds, frills, embroidery, or overlaps, depending on the woman’s taste. The wrappers are tied waist high, and in modern wrappers, they can be held firm with extensions or rubber bands.

The wrappers can be a single- or double-piece, depending on the choice of the wearer. Therefore, if the color theme is pink and purple, then the blouse is pink and the wrapper is purple. The skirts can be expressive and either long, flowing, knee-length items, or flirtier ones (for a young woman).

The designer can do virtually anything with the skirt, even adding pieces of other materials to add to the dramatic flair. Young women and bridesmaids prefer skirts to wrappers, while married women both young and old prefer the elegant wrappers.

George wrappers are usually the preferred materials for these traditional weddings.

Traditional coral beads on a bride.
Traditional coral beads on a bride.http://tulletales.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/18867_231167958386_512978386_3275957_814984_n.jpg
Coral beads.
Coral beads.http://image0-rubylane.s3.amazonaws.com/shops/816101/gex2053.1L.jpg


The outfit is not complete without accessories to bring it all together; one of the most important accessories is the orange coral beads around the neck. The coral beads are usually large and prominent, giving balance to the whole ensemble.

On her wrist, the bride might choose to wear ivory wristbands, bracelets, bangles, or silver and gold chains. Female guests can choose slightly understated coral beads worn on the neck and wrists or crystal beads and a brooch.

The handbag should be small and match either the blouse or wrapper to give the outfit a uniform appearance. Large bags are not ideal, but they are useful for carrying gifts for the bride and groom. This also applies to footwear, which should match the colors of the outfit, especially the color of the blouse.https://4f51838149c48f7a6852f8a2468f0d2b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Low-heeled shoes are ideal for such occasions because of dancing and other vigorous activities. A heavy brooch is introduced into the coral beads, and a rose can be placed on the blouse’s shoulder for dramatic effect.

Nigerian head wrap.
Nigerian head wrap.

The Head Tie

The head tie is an important part of the outfit and is important when wearing a blouse and wrapper. The head ties in traditional weddings usually match either the blouse or wrapper.

Any combination works as long as the chosen color theme for the event is strictly followed. Head ties are usually made of a lightweight material like silk, polyester, or mono-colored and plain nylon.

Instead of wearing a head tie, the bride sometimes wears a cap made from coral beads. She might choose to braid her hair and wear beads woven into the braid.

Bridal Outfit

ClothesHead wearAccessories
Blouse and skirtHead tieCoral beads
DressHead wrapIvory beads
Blouse and wrapperBeaded hairPrecious stones
Flowy gownCoral capGold bracelets
Bridal makeup.
Bridal makeup.http://www.kemikings.com/wp-content/gallery/bridal/cher.jpg


Makeup is an essential part of the whole process that gives the bride a beautiful, alluring look. A professional makeup artist uses simple tones based on the woman’s facial features. The makeup artist should introduce elements and colors similar to the wedding’s color theme.

In a more native setup, the bride wears short, knee-length skirts, a short blouse, and has her midsection covered in coral beads (known as Gigida). She also wears coral beads on her neck and ivory bangles on both wrists and ankles.

She might also choose to carry a feather hand-fan for effect and to accompany her dancing.

Modern traditional men's outfit.
Modern traditional men’s outfit.http://www.bellanaija.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/Jika-and-Chika-Nwobi-Trad-Wedding-Bella-Naija0001.jpg

Men’s Outfits

The men are part of this fashion melting-pot and are clothed in loose-fitted, knee-length shirts and flabby trousers. The men use only one of the chosen colors or materials, which they sow into any traditional outfit they favor.

A cap is also part of the outfit but does not necessarily have to match the outfit. Therefore, the caps come in red, black, gold, and other colors commonly seen at these weddings. Some prefer suits, regular shirts, and trousers, but donning clothes that match the color theme shows kinship with the couple.https://4f51838149c48f7a6852f8a2468f0d2b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

The groom might add a heavy Agbada with lots of embroidery on top of his native shirt and trousers.

Latest Igbo Blouse Style


Igbo Traditional Wedding Color Combinations

  1. Gold head tie, gold blouse, and blue wrapper.
  2. Silver head ties, silver blouse, and magenta wrapper.
  3. Pink head ties, pink blouse, and purple wrapper.
  4. Gold head tie, gold blouse, and gold and red skirt.
  5. White blouse and magenta skirt/wrapper.
  6. Wedding dresses might have two color designs.
  7. The bride might wear a monochrome colored outfit (dress).
  8. Wine head tie, wine blouse, and blue wrapper.

Interestingly, a recurring color choice for the blouse is gold, and purple wrappers are very popular. Instead of coral beads, beautiful chokers with crystal pendants, including heavy embroidery on the blouse, make a great outfit.

Traditional Igbo wedding outfits are lovely, lively, and a delightful part of the important ceremony.

Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2020

Next year’s bridal fashion verdicts are officially in: prepare to be dazzled by the new line-up of shapes, hemlines, embellishments, layers, colours and accessories. The Wedding Ideas fashion desk has brought together a hotlist of the key wedding dress trends fresh off the catwalks in one handy round-up to help style-conscious brides-to-be in your quest for The One. From feathery feels to Studio 54 glamour and frothy tulle ruffles to tailored suits, read on for next season’s most covetable big-day looks.

80s Nostalgia

Credit: Theia

This big (sleeved) trend sees 80s volume making a huge comeback, but banish those visions of meringue-style dresses that plague your family photo albums. Theia showed us how to do nostalgia right with a modern take on the retro trend at New York Bridal Week 2020.

Corset Wedding Dress Styles

Lihi Hod-corset-wedding-dress-styles
Lihi Hod/New York Bridal Week Fall 2020

The underwear as outerwear trend which first propelled into the fashion pages at the start of this decade is making a comeback as we head into 2020. This time it’s commanding the stage at the bridal shows and we’re loving the corseted trend seen at Hayley Paige, Lihi Hod and and Ines Di Santo in New York.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses 

Sassi Holford, Rosalynd dress

Ever since the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out onto the steps of Westminster Abbey in that stunning Sarah Burton dress back in 2011, long sleeve wedding dresses have continued to grace bridal collections and prove popular with brides around the world.

From high-octane Victoriana, to sleek and simple sheer sleeves, the trend is executing its staying power, thanks to new styles, fabrics and cuts for 2020.


Think jumpsuits, fringing and bohemian ease, the 1970s are officially back!

Dig out that mirrorball and unleash your inner Bianca Jagger: for spring 2020, Studio 54-inspired chic is the way to go if your bridal vibe is boho. This free-spirited trend could be seen in the wild fringing at Oscar de la RentaCharlie Brear and Virgos Lounge, flare-legged jumpsuits at Viktor & Rolf Mariage and Reem Acra and the sequinned maximalism at Naeem Khan and Galvan. Subtler ways to channel the party decade? Drape an embellished kimono over a simple slip, à la Theia.

Lihi Hod-corset-wedding-dress-styles

Pair this fabulous Charlie Brear beaded fringe gown with some chunky metallic heels and feathered earrings to complete the free-spirited and totally elegant 70s look. Groovy baby!

wedding dress trends

This chic lurex dress by Viktor & Rolfe Mariage features a beautiful drape and neck sash and gorgeous 70s style luxe sleeves, complimented by a sexy split at the front and a flirtatious opening at the back.

Check out some more 70s style wedding dresses here

70s Disco Dresses1 of 6  

A sleek and shimmering gown from Galvan
A jumpsuit made for disco dreams from Jesus Peiro
Embrace the glamour with Naeem Khan
Fringing made for twirling in – Oscar de La Renta
Reem Acra understands subtle extravagance
A beaded beauty from Virgos Lounge

Bridal Capes

From full-length lace cover-ups to structured silk jackets, hold something back for the big reveal.

This silk peplum Warhol coat proves that Halfpenny London truly understands the modern bride. Sleek, beautiful and utterly individual this silk jacket fuses vintage inspo with Brit cool for a totally chic cover up.

Check out some more cool cape options here

Bridal Capes1 of 5  

Lavish lace from Zuhair Murad
The prettiest cape veil from Theia
Trains for days from Monique Lhuillier
Bolero jacket vibes from Marylise bridal
A cape fit for a princess from Jesus Peiro

Modest Wedding Dress Trends

Keep necklines high and hemlines low with the modern take on the Victoriana wedding dress style

Following on from 2019’s RTW prairie-chic trend (see The Vampire’s Wife and Rixo), bridal labels such as Zuhair MuradKatya Katya and Eisen Stein have taken the covered-up look one step further, with ruffled Victorian-era necklines, long, fitted sleeves, and even longer, flowing skirts. For extra sartorial points, serve up this demure period-inspired look with sheer layers and lashings of peekaboo lace.

wedding dress trends
Eisen Stein – APRIL 2019 New York Bridal Fashion Week

Though high-necked and floor-length, this graceful Eisen Stein number is figure-hugging, sheer and with lashings of lace and chiffon, is a sexy, modern take on the Victoriana trend.

This extraordinary gown from Phuong My fuses the Victorian trend with a classic ball-gown full tulle skirt. The lace bodice with its high neck and long-sleeves is well-fitted, contemporary and sexy and the heavy, flowing skirt is completely princess-worthy. We’ve got serious dress envy.

Here are some more Victoriana style gowns

Victoriana style gowns1 of 4  

Serious Kate Middleton vibes from Carolina Herrera
Romantic and whimsical from Katya and Katya
Contemporary and victorian combined expertly by Marylise bridal
We can picture Audrey Hepburn in this Zuhair Murad gown – totally My Fair Lady

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Tailored Trousers

Co-ords or clash? You decide. We heart this subversively chic look.

wedding dress trends

These gorgeous Ralph and Russo tailored troos will take you from wedding day, to dancing the night away in the most elegant and modern way possible.

Click here for some more trousers made for dancing in:Tailored Trousers1 of 6  

Lacy dreams in this Danielle Frankel suit
A jumpsuit made for jiving from Carolina Herrera
Float down the aisle in these billowing Braxton Pants from Cathleen Jia
Pretty in pink with Eisen Stein
Gracy Accad have channeled an uber sexy androgynous vibe in this trousers
Pretty and delicate from Lela Rose Bridal

Short Wedding Dresses

Shorter wedding dresses are growing in popularity as more and more brides-to-be choose to step away from tradition. From tea-length wedding dresses and ballerina styles to 50s throwbacks and daring mini-dresses. Check out our edit of the best short wedding dresses here.

Naeem Khan prove that short dresses can be just as glamorous – especially when they have feathers.

Feathered Gowns

Even a simple flourish of this touchy-feely texture adds opulence to classic bridal styles.

Whether you’ve got the chutzpah to rock a full-on, marabou-look midi (see Oscar de la Renta) or prefer to keep the fluffy stuff as a simple cuff trim (Berta) or hemline highlight (Pronovias), there’s no denying that the big-day feathers movement is going nowhere. As the soft-touch embellishments reinforce their place in high-end bridal fashion for next season, they’re becoming more versatile: find them to everything from shoulder straps to mini skirts.

wedding dress trends

Float down the aisle in this fabulous feathered fantasy by Oscar de la Renta. If you’re looking for extravagance and elegance combined, a fluffy look is definitely the way to go.

If you choose the feathered way you can’t do it half-heartedly. Zuhair Murad display this triumphantly in this incredible feathered-ball gown from their 2020 collection. There’s no such thing as too many feathers!

For more fabulously fluffy gowns, check out our gallery:Feathered Gowns1 of 9  

Soft, subtle textures from Alan Hannah
These feathered cuffs by Berta add a glam edge
A swan or a bride? You decide. Gown by Demetrios..
Jenny Packham adds a fluffy neckline for a modern vibe
Show some leg in this fluffy number by Jesus Peiro
Naeem Khan prove that short dresses can be just as glamorous – especially when they have feathers.
A fluffy fishtail from Pronovias
A dress fit for a party with Jay Gatsby in 1929 by Ralph and Russo
Feathers accentuate the heavenly romantic feel with this Virgos Lounge gown

Lace Wedding Dresses

Go dotty for this spotty new lace trend, ideal for low-key overlays and barely-there sleeves

Romantic, whimsical and effortlessly elegant this Eione top and Ephyra skirt combo from Christos Costerellos is a simple and sophisticated option for non-traditional brides.

Check out some more spotty lace options hereSpotty Lace1 of 4  

Pretty polker dot overlay from Marylise Bridal
This spotty unlined skirt from Halfpenny London can be thrown over a simple slip to add a romantic edge
Swishy and spotty from E & W bridal
Delicate dots add drama on this veil from Zuhair Murad

Love the two-piece trend? Here are some more options for super stylish bridal separates.


For ultimate romance and impact, infinite layers of tulle is still the way to go

For serious princess feels, next year’s brides really need to pump up the volume. But what makes 2020’s riff on the ruffle different? It’s all in the texture: tulle is the essential ingredient for spring’s maximalist brides. Whether it’s A-line parachute tiers (as seen at Carolina Herrera and Demetrios), fanned fishtail pleats (perfected at Pronovias) or ballgown skirts of concertined crinkles (runway hits for Atelier Pronovias and Suzanne Neville respectively), the result is sheer perfection.

This immaculate gown by Carolina Herrera has a freshness to it that can only really be achieved by that many ruffles and such a fabulously full skirt. Joyful, graceful and pure, this dress is a true bridal masterpiece.

Provonias’ Serena gown is what mermaid dreams are made of. The ravishingly romantic ruffled fishtail skirt seems to go on forever and the sleek, figure-hugging bodice is sumptuously sexy.

For more ruffle dresses, have a look at our gallery:Ruffled dresses1 of 7  

Ruffle marshmallow dreams from Pronovias
There’s no such thing as too much! Ruffles on everything from Demetrios.
Ballerina vibes from Monique Lhuillier
A ruffled side sweep skirt and delicate beaded bodice are the perfect combination in this Ralph and Russo gown
The ruffles on this Suzanne Neville dress are so delicate they almost look like feathers
When it comes to ruffles Zuhair Murad understand its go big or go home

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Micro-trend: Scalloped necklines

An antidote to last year’s Meghan-inspired boat-neck trend, this subtle decolletage cut flatters feminine curves beautifully.

Suzanne Neville does it again with this scalloped-neckline Heaven gown. Pure bridal beauty, the pretty cut of the neck gorgeously compliments the feminine curves that are shown off in this effortlessly elegant silk gown.

Keen for more scalloped necklines? Check out our gallery of options here:Scalloped Necklines1 of 4  

This lace scalloping from Christos Costerellos is delicate, graceful and utterly romantic
A scalloped neckline over a sheer overlay creates a beautiful illusion, by Jesus Peiro
This gorgeous dress by Oscar de la Renta with a flattering scalloped boat neckline looks like it was made for Grace Kelly
The scalloped neckline on this classic bridal princess gown by Reem Acra adds to the romance

Wedding Dress Styles: Your Ultimate Guide

From ball gown and boho wedding dresses to fishtail wedding dresses, here’s your ultimate guide and everything you need to know about wedding dress styles.

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

The most traditional of the wedding dresses, the ball gown provides the ultimate classic bridal look and a choice shape for brides with a straight body shape – a fuller skirt will give the illusion of wider hips if you have an athletic frame. With layers of fabric descending in a beautiful bell shape and brought together with a tight bodice, this is ‘the’ style for brides picturing the traditional fairytale wedding!

You are guaranteed to make an unforgettable entrance in this timelessly classic haute-couture inspired Demetrios gown from their SS2020 collection. Luxurious, opulent and dazzling this glamorous dress is everything a bridal gown should be.

Ultimate Dress Gallery 2018: 100 Wedding Dress Styles
Reem Acra

Reem Acra‘s signature blend of tradition and trend is perfectly demonstrated in this show-stopping dress. The magnificent full skirt paired with the delicate tight-bodice is truly a fairytale dream come true.

Boho Wedding Dresses

Loose, relaxed, and covered in lace, bohemian style dresses are the new go to style for a lot of summer weddings or weddings overseas. Perfect for creating an effortless, laid back, and free spirited look, bridal names are adapting a new found approach to designing – think white dresses with a touch of bridal!

Totally flattering and easy to wear, these Grace Loves Lace dresses from their new collection are the ultimate in boho chic. Elegant and yet still free and easy, and with a hint of high fashion they are the perfect blend for a laid-back, ultra-stylish bridal look. Would wear again!

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Coloured/Tinted Dresses

A new trend on the block coloured dresses are proving far more popular than we anticipated, offering modern brides the chance to express their individuality for a ultra special occasion without taking away from the most flattering styles. Colour tints in champagne, dusky blue, blush, and even red have graced catwalks of some of the most prestigious bridal designers. You might find this selection a refreshing change from the impracticality of white!

davidsbridal.co.uk Oleg Cassini Collection exclusively for David’s Bridal

This beautiful pink blush number from David’s Bridal offers a refreshing take on a classic ballgown bridal dress. The traditional shape and delicate colour are elegant with just a little bit of extra sass. Perfect for a bride looking for something out of the ordinary.

Why not steer clear of pale colours all together and go for something completely out of the ordinary? This midnight blue beauty from Pronovias is full of drama and still highly romantic.

Column Wedding Dresses

The column fit follows your body’s natural shape, soft fitting and minimalistic for a more casual approach to the bridal look. This type of dress is perfect for petite brides who don’t want to drown in too many bulky layers – you still want your figure to look defined. These styles are often a little more understated but still bang on trend in line with more relaxed boho styles.

This Theia Adrienne column gown from the SS20 collection has Greek Goddess vibes, proving that simplicity can often have the most impact. Flattering and flowing this dress lets you wear it and not the other way around.

True Bride True Curves SS18 TC-Bianca(1)

This gorgeous True Bride gown is refined, classic and yet oh so modern, as well as being flattering on curves without being OTT. Its also bang on the bohemian trend with its romantic lace and pretty train and sleeves.

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Fishtail Wedding Dresses

Fit and flare dresses are a real winner for pear shape silhouettes or the hour glass figure! Something fitted all the way down to just above your knees will hug your curves and highlight the smallest part of your body – your waist. Otherwise known as the mermaid or fishtail dress because of the dramatic whimsical fanned skirt, choose from a wealth of necklines to complement your bust and frame.

This elegant Carolina Herrera fishtail gown fits beautifully in all the right places and makes your legs look as though they go on for days. The delicate illusion neckline with the chiffon overlay is fabulously flattering and sexy.

Donna Salado Caresa No Train 2018 1
Donna Salado Caresa No Train 2018 1

Donna Salado uses beads and chiffon in this wonderfully sophisticated fishtail gown, with pretty buttons down the almost-backless back. The flowing fishtail itself is subtle and gentle but still full of impact.

Embroidered Wedding Dresses

If you find yourself longing for a strapless style or something ultra sexy and a little more daring – illusion dresses have really taken a turn towards this trend in the last few years. Fashion-forward illusional necklines and backs combine with shear yet sophisticated fabrics, layers and overlays. This is where embellishments really come into their own!

Ralph and Russo have combined a classic ball gown with beautiful, romantic flower embroidery, heavenly added textures a chiffon overlay and a sophisticated illusion neckline to create this piece of ultimate bridal beauty. This dress is fit for a queen and we don’t think you’ll ever want to take it off…

This Berta embroidered gown is full of sparkle, pizzaz and illusions. Sultry, sexy and uber glam the daring neckline is full of drama and the double layer skirt adds to the alluring quality of this shimmering fairy-like gown.

igbo traditional wedding attire2018

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