indian online shopping company list

The world is changing. Everything is becoming electronic, even our shopping destinations! Now we can just snuggle up in our beds in our onesies or Disney pyjamas and scroll through the numerous online shopping websites and apps in our phones or laptops. It is online shopping made easier in India for men, women and kids for shoes, clothing, watches, electronics, makeup, etc. From books, games to beauty products, from medicines to fashion; everything is now a ‘click’ away! The list of online retailers in india featured here are very popular, provide quality stuff, offer cash on delivery and usually have a free shipping to add to your shopping experience. To demonstrate what the e-commerce sector in India looks like, we’ve compiled the top 10 performing indian online shopping company list

indian online shopping company list

1. Amazon India

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 322.54 million

American e-commerce giant, Amazon, is said to have an audience reach of 89 percent in India, according to Statista. Since launching in India in 2010, the site now generates an estimated 322.54 million monthly visitors, making it the highest performing site in the country, by a long shot.

True to the overall statistics that the primary e-commerce category in India is electronics, the audience interests in Amazon lean toward this category. However, they also provide a range of other products in categories including Echo and Alexa, Amazon Prime digital media, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, home, grocery, sports, automotive, and more.

2. Flipkart

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 242.62 million

While it may be 100 million monthly visitors behind Amazon, Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce success story, putting up fierce competition against the international heavyweights. Founded in 2007 in India, Flipkart is a purely online variety store that, in 2018, sold 77 percent of itself to Walmart for USD$ 16 billion. 

Following the same trends as Amazon, Flipkart is most popular amongst its customers for goods in the electronics category. However, it also stocks a wide variety of products, including TVs and appliances, fashion, furniture, sports, books, and more. 

3. Alibaba

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 175.95 million globally (4.19 percent in India)

Alibaba is an internationally recognized major player in the e-commerce market, founded in China in 1999. Owned by Alibaba Group Holding, a massive multinational conglomerate holding company that specializes in all things online from e-commerce to online retail, Internet, and technology, Alibaba is a force in the international e-commerce space.

Beat out significantly by its Indian competitor, Flipkart, Alibaba has a similar offering with product categories including home and kitchen, tools and hardware, rubber and plastics, electrical equipment and supplies, vehicles and accessories, toys and hobbies, consumer electronics, apparel, and more. 

4. Snapdeal

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 56.41 million

Another Indian-founded e-commerce giant, Snapdeal is an online variety shopping platform that has garnered much attention from customers and investors alike. Since launching in 2010, Snapdeal has attracted funding from big-name investors Alibaba Group, Softbank, and Foxconn. 

While the largest category shopped from Snapdeal is electronics, the online store also offers other product categories, including home and kitchen, fashion, toys, beauty, health, books, and more. 

5. Myntra

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 48.03 million

Myntra is a pure-play e-commerce site launched out of India in 2007, which has since gone on to become one of the premier fashion, home, and lifestyle e-commerce sites in the country. It’s 2014 sale to Flipkart, in addition to the acquisition of competitor has helped it to grow even further. 

As a fashion retailer, Myntra stocks a range of goods from a wide variety of international and local brands, covering menswear, womenswear, kidswear, and home.

6. IndiaMART

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 47.23 million 

IndiaMART is the largest online business-to-business marketplace in the country, founded in 1999 to connect buyers with suppliers. Today, IndiaMART has around 60 percent market share of the online B2B classifieds sector in India. 

IndiaMART connects manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, allowing them to promote and expose their products to one another via the platform. Covering just about anything you can possibly imagine, IndiaMART has categories including building and construction, industrial machinery, apparel, electronics, and even chemical, dyes, and solvents, to name just a few. 

7. Book My Show

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 43.25 million

BookMyShow India is the number one online ticket vendor in India. Since opening its doors in 2007, it has grown to provide ticketing services in five countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, and Indonesia. 

Covering movies, events, plays, sports, activities, and tickets to monuments, as well as selling fan merchandise, BookMyShow is India’s one-stop-show to book entertainment and look for fan goods. Its major investor is the internationally renowned, TPG Growth.

8. Nykaa

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 20.84 million

Nykaa is another Indian founded brand which bucked the norm beginning as a pure e-commerce platform and then expanding to open a brick and mortar location in the Indira Gandhi International Airport in 2015. 

Founded in 2012, Nykaa started as an online store selling beauty items in categories including makeup, skin, hair, appliances, personal care, fragrance, and LUXE. In more recent years, the brand has expanded its range, bringing on more brands as well as introducing its very own cosmetics and beauty line. 

9. First Cry

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 16.94 million

Founded in 2010, is a pure e-commerce platform that specializes in goods for babies and children up to early teens. Owned by the Mahindra Venture, is the biggest children’s goods e-commerce site in Asia and now has brick and mortar stores across the country. 

Anything one could imagine needing for their little ones can be found on the platform. Its categories include apparel, toys, books, feeding and nursing items, as well as mom and maternity products. 

10. 1mg

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 14.62 million

1mg is an Indian online pharmacy making healthcare accessible, understandable, and affordable for its customers. Not only is the site a platform to purchase medicine and other healthcare products, but it acts as a portal to find information about the medication doctors prescribe them in order to better understand what they are taking. 

Founded in 2015, 1mg provides services including online consultations, lab tests, and medical information, as well as products including fitness and nutrition products and supplements, healthcare devices, personal care, Ayurveda products, and homeopathy items. 

How to buy clothes online (Guide on shopping for clothes online)


Shopping for clothes can be fun but it could also be confusing and sometimes intimidating. When we talk of buying clothes from online stores it can even be more complicated and intimidating than shopping from physical stores. Today I’ll be giving you 5 tips that will make your shopping experience better so you can enjoy the full convenience of buying clothes online.

Tips on buying clothes online

  • Know your measurements and sizes
  • Check the description and reviews
  • Reference the sizing chart of the item
  • Consider your wardrobe
  • Pay attention to the shipping and returns information

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission when you make purchases through the links. Which supports me and keeps the blog running (free for you)

  • Know your measurements and sizes

This is very important and will greatly affect how often you return clothes. Knowing your measurements is not that difficult, you can ask your local tailor to do it or you can get a measuring tape and do it yourself. Take measurements of your chest, back, arm width, arm length, pants length and more (let me know if you’d like me to write on measurements).

measuring tape

You should know if you wear S, M, XL etc. Know your shoe size and your pants size. Have it in mind that different countries/regions have different sizing systems, so know the one you use in your country/region and compare/convert it to that of the clothing you want to purchase.

  • Check the description and reviews

Every piece of clothing should have a description section where you will find things like the materials used, the sizing chart and some additional information. Take the information you find here into consideration before making your purchase.

Unfortunately, some descriptions are not always true and can be misleading. This is why you also need to check the reviews, this is where you’ll find unfiltered information about the clothing, that can be more accurate than the description.

In my opinion, reviews are more important and factual than the description.

  • Reference the sizing chart of the item

If you have taken your measurements and have checked the description, this is when you apply both. Reference the sizing chart in the description with your measurements and figure out what size of the item you should purchase. Different stores can have different sizing systems so, doing this will reduce your chances of buying the wrong size.

  • Consider your wardrobe

When you want to purchase clothing, make sure it’s something you can and will use. Consider the other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe and how well that item can be matched with other items you already own. This will make sure you’re getting value for your money.

 Although if you are buying clothing to experiment with a new style or trend then this may not be applicable.

  • Pay attention to the shipping and returns information

A lot of people don’t do this and may regret it later. Take note of the shipping options and information so you’ll have an idea of how quickly it ships, this might make you rethink if you want to go through with the purchase or not. (You should note that the shipping period may not always be accurate).

package box

The return policies will determine how easy or difficult returning an item will be. You won’t always keep what you buy and so understanding the return policies of the store will make things easier.

When you have bought clothes a couple of times online, it becomes easier as you get used to stores you shop at often and understand their sizing, shipping and other information.

You should understand that you may not be able to buy everything you want online so always check physical stores once in a while. This can even help with the sizing of clothes from online stores if they have physical outlets because they’ll likely sell the same items.

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